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Software Architect

Cary, North Carolina, United States
120+ K/year or equal rate / hr contract
January 22, 2018

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I am currently a Software Architect and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist doing standards driven development along with test driven development to produce SOLID software. I wrote my first application in LOGO at the age of 9 and have been enjoying development ever since. I have been developing client, server, desktop, mobile &/or web applications professionally for almost 20 years.

• Inventor, developer and founder of a voice activated home automation company HomeAide Pi, Inc.

• I have worked with machine learning platforms and cloud based PaaS to produce AI learning and computer based learning logical blocks running on Intel and ARM processors including Raspberry PI.

• Created flow based (Microsoft Flow), logic based along with API based AI learning and neural mapping in .NET and Python. I have directly contributed to the community for IoT and as a WebSummit Alum have spoken and presented at conferences along with collaborations with Honeywell and other companies looking to branch into the IoT space.

• My experience in software engineering includes .NET 1.0-5.0, C#, VB.NET, VSTS, TFS, WebApi 2, MVC, OAuth2, EF, SSIS, SSRS, HTML-HTML5, Angular-Angular4 & Cli, Bootstrap-Bootstrap4, REACT, NODE, XML, XAML, SAML, AJAX & JQuery, JavaScript, CSS-CSS3, VB4-6, BASIC, COBOL, LOGO

• Visual Studio all the way to VS2017, VSTS, VSO & TFS Full stack. CI - Build and Deploy, Check-in policies and branching strategies, VSTS Work-Item creation & Process Definitions, Build Definitions, Build Configurations, Transforms.

• Database design for various MS SQL Servers including Code First / Database First EF 7 as well as Open Source solutions.

• Created and stewarded RESTful services coding standards, general coding standards, patterns practices and procedures, logging frameworks as well as Security models and implemented OAuth2 providers and consumer standards in conjunction with my own EOI standard.

• Expert with Microsoft Azure Cloud based offerings including WebJobs, WebApps, Application Insights, Blob Storage, Queues, SQL Databases and Servers Virtualizations and web server networking, VPN, and SSL in the cloud.

• Proficient in Test Driven Development using MSTest and Coded UI Tests with NUnit.

• Programmed 100's of software solutions for Medical, Financial, Title, Petroleum, Agricultural or Retail Industries as well as custom devices in home automation not limited to Philips Hue, TPLink, Nest, Kevo, Honeywell just to name a few.

• Created an AR software for custom 3D objects to be overlaid in real time before it was cool for iPhones.

• Cross platform mobile development including UWP.

• Recently wrote a quantum program utilizing qubits to store data in a bell state utilizing quantum mechanics to store data.

• Cognizant on block chain and utilizing the distributed network to store and relay information and contracts of all kinds.

My Goals: To obtain a position with your company that utilizes my strong skills as a .NET Architect, Development Manager or Senior Developer, writing SDD and TDD software products, systems, services and API's, which are my forte and my passion.



November 2015 – Present (2 years 3 months)

Software Architect

Drive the overall architecture with hands-on leadership in ideation, architecture, and implementation design and development.

As the architect, I was responsible for overall methodology, maintaining the solutions performance, scalability, regression testing capabilities with quality and security across all products.

Patterns, practices and procedures were implemented from my experience in professional software development for almost the last 20 years.

Implemented SCRUM and Agile processes and organized and ran the sprint retrospectives, sprint demos, grooming and planning.

Stewarded and trained up, including presentations, on VSTS dashboard, KANBAN board, use of the swim-lanes, how to effectively task, feature, story and epic product backlog items.

Coded integrations using .NET, Microsoft Azure, Angular, Bootstrap, WebApi, OData, OAuth2 along other PAAS and SAAS systems. Managed and coordinated deployments on Microsoft Azure platform, using CI, CD.

With Visual Studio Team Systems created automated build and deployment processes after unit tests of over 80% code coverage pass the gated check-in.

Assist with troubleshooting of the integration platform and debugging where needed.

Cross-functional training and presentations with Marketing, Quality Assurance and Operations. Design and development marketing materials with graphics helping illustrate the concepts for the new product.

Wrote and compiled blog topics for the corporate website. Drive and aligned integration strategies with all other product lines.

Served as technical evangelist in communicating across technical and non-technical personnel at all levels.

Communicated successfully, the various concepts and guidelines to the integration development team.

Oversaw progress of development team to ensure consistency with initial design Adapted quickly and efficiently to changes in priorities and coordinate with the developers as needed.

Hands-on development of proof of concepts, and evaluate modern technologies.

Mentored, not dictated, with the various technical implementation teams for the other products Approve final data concierge and future integrations before launch.

Senior Software Engineer - Lead

Maintain and Extend clinical IRT systems, data transfer and database systems to support Bio Life Science companies and the Clinicians, Scientists and other Support Systems of Pharmaceutical system trial and testing.

Azure expert and Agile Coach

The company was using in house servers and a single data center before giving me opportunities to demonstrate my proficiency in Azure PaaS and SaaS offerings. Implementing Azure containers of all various functions and sizes allowed me to grow a products scalability, system reliability, ability for troubleshooting and maintenance while reducing costs, burden and slowness associated with the previous network topology.

In addition to being an Azure expert and proof of concepting all their cloud software platforming, I was the Agile coach and ushered in Agile, use of SCRUM and KANBAN boards, how to organize sprints, resources, estimating, efforting, grooming, planning, retrospective and demos.

Acumen Physician Solutions

February 2014 - October 2015 (1 year 9 months)

Senior Web Application Developer

Main contributor and Team coordinator tasked with creating REST Services and also an overarching coding standard as it applies to the company in terms of Microsoft development, web services, WebApi, REST and Security. I have organized Architectural Standards two years in a row writing over 100 pages spanning 4 Standards documents. From naming convention, coding styling, in addition to direction, patterns and focus on creating Standards based Service Oriented Architectures using the M.S. WebApi 2 framework; and how Standards based Logging, Exception Handling, Authentication & Authorization can allow for sustained and manageable growth as a Medical software & hardware solutions company. I encourage higher levels of cross-functional development, and usher in a homogeneously growing product line that can be consumed or used across several media delivery platforms as a Software as a Service. Following the completing of the coding standards and between project work. I created a proof of concept, working prototype then lead development of our Security Services. It allows consumers of our internal resources to benefit from an improved security model offered by a two-legged authentication standard implemented in combination with E.O.I standards and delivered using a WebApi 2.0 framework. Using modern patterns, practices and development tools & methodologies I create homogenously growing, cross functional middleware software as a service that is scalable, forward and backward compatible and has millisecond response times in combination with two-legged authentication. I am now currently serving as Senior Web Application Developer on the Mobile Development Team and am responsible for the Security Model Service, Common Services for Mobile & as well as Common Services for the EHR platform.

Investors Title Company and Affiliates

February 2013 - January 2014 (1 year)

Production Engineer

Mainly support of Legacy Microsoft Development Projects and Methodologies Implement new business requirements and compliance items into several outdated Legacy Microsoft Development Languages, Technologies and Software Methodologies. Produce Audit Level Detail for back-end SQL Server systems for Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Audits. Write primarily in MS T-SQL, VB.NET for ASP.NET 4.0, HTML & JavaScript / CSS. Primarily support a 7000+ line JavaScript file that is used for Rate calculations and Form actions in one of the companies biggest financial transaction producers. Implemented Work Instruction Standards to have consistent documentation of repetitive support tasks. Implemented SQL Helper Script Standards to aid Infrastructure with ad-hoc support tasks & maint. Participate as a contributor and owner of tasks for the companies multi-year software upgrade initiative. Updating hiring documentation to include SQL structure questions to improve screening of candidates in particular for SQL language knowledge and troubleshooting. Participated in 1st call evaluation of candidates, holding phone reviews and notations for mgmt. Participated in Database Standard Review Process as well as Upgrade Project Planning meetings. Demonstrated effectiveness in holding peer reviews as well as moderating individual SCRUM, status and planning meetings. Organized Productivity Tools Presentations and implementations for Visual Studio and MS SQL Server. Actively Participated in classroom activities for the "Software Project Survival Guide" ISBN:1-57231-621-7 Coordinated the survey & results then organized a successful Cultural Activity referred to as the "Breakfast Day Club". One week a year a person brings in breakfast for the office and its rotating round robin schedule provides breakfast for everyone in the office on the 1st and Last Tuesday of every month.

XS, Inc.

July 2011 - February 2013 (1 year 8 months)

Programmer / Analyst

Develop in a SCRUM team as well as SCRUM-BAN for over 6 months as an I.T. developer working closely with Product Owners, Business Analysts & Team Leads to create scalable reports and interfaces for an industry leader in Agricultural Data Aggregation.

Using mainly Visual Studio for user interfaces, Visual Studio for SSIS, SSRS & SQL for CRUD & object/schema creation over several server environments and several database instances per server environment.

Supported the business and operations through efforts in managing large databases using custom handwritten SQL 2008 scripts and VB.NET console app processes to assist with the management of the growing data infrastructure & underlying reporting mechanisms.

Have worked on several cross functional teams at XS including new development work defined by operations & our clients (in scope user stories) as well as providing maintenance & support for the already burgeoning reporting platform.

As a knowledgeable member of the IT staff my experience has led to several time & effort saving measurements through either my custom C# OOP TFS time & task management application or through my proposals for improvements & enhancements to existing technology by way of the excel export standards improvements.

Upgrade main VB.NET 4.0 GFP application used to process most of the bulk data received from clients in either XML, Flat File or FMT formatted.

Helped aid in the adoption of in-house coding standards for both SSMS & Visual Studio. I created my own C# TFS applications for time tracking & task management and passed it on for others to benefit from the automation & metric gathering abilities of Team Foundation.

I have created standalone VB.NET console applications to parse & collate information based on defined structures to leverage .NET namespaces to facilitate tedious tasks & reduce dev time.

I.T. Developer

Ability to consistently produce clean, efficient code based on client specifications.

Ability to integrate software components and third-party programs to meet specifications

Reliability and proficiency in verifying and deploying programs and systems

Ability to troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software

Excellent communication skills needed to gather and evaluate user feedback

Collaborative mindset and willingness to recommend and execute improvements

Commitment to optimization and accountability evident in creating technical documentation for reference and reporting

The Pantry

May 2008 - August 2011 (3 years 4 months)

Programmer / Analyst

Interacts with end users to maintain ongoing end user support. Writes application specifications, test plans, and other user documentation. 2. Designs, develops, trouble-shoots, debugs and implements software code for internal developments. Assesses risk and impact to the existing system that may arise due to user requirements or functional changes; derives and modifies procedures and interfaces to solve problems requiring integration of application and databases. 3. Performs functional testing to ensure the accuracy of code and effectiveness of user interfaces; follows company coding standards for all applications and source code maintenance; ensures that all documentation, including compliance related e.g. 404 (Sarbanes-Oxley), is completed in a timely manner.4. Proactively provides ideas and solutions to improve the system by being a key technical contributor on projects; within the functional area, shows understanding of Retail industry, electronic data interchange, report design, and database design. 5. Understands business processes and knowledge of how systems and data are used in the enterprise to accomplish work and collaborate with others. 6. Takes specific, appropriate actions on a daily basis which lead to effective completion of assigned tasks and expected progress toward goals; provides effort estimates and prioritizes tasks.



January 2007 - May 2008 (1 year 5 months)

Complete design, development and implementation of a Photo album maker that includes over 100 custom features from photo finding, collating, capturing of video, images/ scanned documents/ web url video/ web url images while keeping the UI design slim with snap-able windows, reflective buttons, color gradient header panels and over 50 custom photo filters to alter/ fix your photo or layer. The system has integrated photo printing as in professional studio as well as CD burning to allow this version some sharing functionality to share albums. Database design on an Open Source SQL relational database (MySQL) with helper functions for setup, first time usage and restoration functions to clean restore a healthy database. Main web site design and updated postings for feature additions, bug fixes or news on usage or upcoming releases. Designed and implemented a web portal tie in site for collaboration of users that features dashboard gadgets that are hosted by various sources as XML, RSS, REST and other Web 2.0 live services. System testing, modeling, scaling and feature additions with a focus on completeness and reliability / usability. Installation publications to allow users to subscribe to a version of the system as well as getting new updates when they become available with a single click. Forum groups and BETA testing rollout with an additional pay-pal site for donations.

The late Pyi Htun, MD

Principal Developer

January 2007 - May 2008 (1 year 5 months)

Complete design, development and implementation of an .NET 3.0 Online Institute that allows "Teachers" to upload course videos that they themselves create and teach "Student" who enroll and learn from a course oriented online classroom. "Smart-Client" design approach allows a user a seamless environment to interact with a teacher, but in a connected or disconnected state. The system communicates over the web using web services for data transmission. When changes are needed they simply connect and changes are received and/or posted. Administrators can also participate by login in and maintaining the institute from an administrator's point of view. Complete with all mechanisms for course creation, video upload, teacher/student/admin user creation, chat and messaging sub-systems Web site tie-in which is built on ASP.NET that allows for online payments with pay-pal integrated with the same web services to have a central administrative point for available courses, students, teachers, administrators

Arc Consulting Group

Developer, Support and Technical Consultant

February 2006 - February 2008 (2 years)

Designed a conversion from a legacy Open Source dental system to a later more modern version. Designed a custom reports module & management system to give dental providers & admin statistics. Expanded the scalability of the system by implementing .NET publishing for automatic updates. Expanded the usability of the system and improved the user interface by making it friendly and functional.

Smart Data Systems

Chief Solutions Provider, Training Supervisor & Technical Support

January 2001 - January 2006 (5 years 1 month)

Designed and developed a VB 6 completely paperless physician practice management system. Designed and maintained a MS SQL Server relational database consisting 100's of items. This system has integrated scheduling, check-in, nursing, physician, pharmaceutical, laboratory, billing and archival recording. The system has over 1000 features and is designed to run a doctor's office while being HIPAA compliant and 100% paperless. Integrated the Smart-card portable medical record (Smart-Record) into the practice management system. This included a patient Kiosk system and update mechanism. Integrated laboratory testing equipment, fax documents and EDI files with both systems. Implemented training material/courses for our recruits or users, managers & physicians. Designed and developed a completely paperless physician practice management system. Integrated the Smart-card portable medical record into the practice management system. Integrated laboratory testing equipment, fax documents and EDI files with both systems. Implemented training material/courses for our recruits or users, managers & physicians.

Developer and Webmaster

October 2000 - January 2001 (4 months)

Increased scalability and usability of a Smart-card based portable patient medical record. Designed and implemented a Smart-card page file partition defragmenter for long term usage. Developed modern interfaces with user assistance wizards for kiosk based systems.

Cape Fear Valley Health System

August 1999 - October 2000 (1 year 3 months)

EKG Monitor Tech / Secretary

Monitor patient’s EKG values and report findings to clinicians in an inpatient hospital environment. Enter hospital charges into the electronic system and provide feedback and operations support to patients through intercom.


Fayetteville Technical Community College

2001 – 2002

(1 year)

Some College, Computer Programming,

Lake Park High School

1995 – 1999

(4 years)

High School Diploma, Computer Science,

Activities and Societies: Tennis



MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications

September 2012

License: 9255794


MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional

August 2012

License: 9255794

Hands on Technology Transfer

Advanced .NET Programming

August 2008


Computer Programmer & Analyst Aptitude

march 2003


Mastery in Computer Fundamentals

march 2003

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