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Programmer Developer

Irving, Texas, United States
January 22, 2018

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Fred L Williams II



Respected leader and highly qualified IT professional with more than 30 years in Applications Development, Software Design, and Systems Analysis.

Boost business performance and user satisfaction by defining and translating business requirements into scalable architectures and system enhancements, partnering with stakeholders, managers, and teams.

Thorough and proven working knowledge of back office systems, including Payroll, Human Resources, Payables, Receivables, Accounting and operations.

Solid knowledge of RPG/400, RPGLE (ILE), RPG FREE, OCL, CL, CLLE, C, TSQL, SSMS, Visual Studio 2008, SEU, SDA, PDM, and i5OS.

Deliver results on time with no business interruption, implementing proven expertise in IT systems administration, troubleshooting, and support.

Lead and support full software development life cycle with demonstrated excellence in coding, testing, and debugging.

Communicate clearly and effectively. Talent for training and mentoring, leveraging natural ability to listen, observe, and patiently convey technical concepts in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments.

Consistently voted Employee of the Month, Employee of the Quarter by group of mid-level managers, recognizing excellence and performance.

Member and daily reader of

Over 30 years of experience in dealing with IBM and OS releases and PTFs

A preference for binding directories, service programs, and /FREE programming


SOAP, XML, EDI, CGI, HTTPAPI, CGIDEV2, Imaging by RealVision Imaging, Very Solid and proven abilities in all levels of IBM iSeries RPGLE, CLLE, including iOS, API usage and C functions within RPGLE, Client Access, along with StarTrak, RVI, Infinium, Aldon, and Add-On Systems OS&D.


Navajo Express, Inc., Denver, CO April 2016 – February 2017

Applications Developer / Systems Analyst – Self Employed

Consultant for Navajo Express. Navajo Express updated their iSeries logistics software from the TMW (ICC) Version R9 to Version R15. I applied all the custom R9 changes into the latest R15 standard version.

Migrated custom physical file changes from R9 into R15 compatible layouts, along with display files and external print layouts.

Recovered sources for RPG, RPGLE, CL, and CLLE source members from many *PGM objects that had no available sources because of improper change management practices in the R9 production version of the logistics software.

Frontier Communications, Richardson, TX January 2016 – March 2016

Applications Developer – Self Employed

Consultant for Nexhire Corporation – File translation for Frontier from Verizon. Frontier acquired assets from Verizon in Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Verizon’s Microsoft Server files were migrated into Frontier’s iSeries environment.

FFE Transportation, Dallas, TX January 2013 – July 2015

Applications Developer / Systems Analyst

Used previously learned technology and techniques with proven iSeries functions to add functionality to existing back office applications such as Payroll and Accounting. Improved customer services, and reliability of daily used functions on the iSeries machines. Added additional functionality with the use of ILE Free Form RPG custom code.

Designed, wrote, and maintained a Warehouse Management System that included the use of handheld scan guns which tracked individual pallet freight from pickup to delivery. This included pallet temperature tracking, online customer inquiries, and back office inventories for 15 service center locations across the United States. This used custom inbound web services consumption and interfaces to outbound web pages for customers

Optimized Imaging, Satellite Reporting, OS&D (cargo claims) systems. Reprogrammed processes into ILE RPG Free, thusly reducing very ineffective legacy RPG III and RPG400 code in these and other miscellaneous areas as directed. Extended operational limitations in legacy code.

Restructured Satellite Truck and Trailer Tracking using inbound/outbound XML traffic through a proprietary web service, eliminating redundant DDS and IFS operations. Cut the runtime of various scheduled jobs by 50 percent or more.

Improved existing and legacy code and also provided extended document imaging capability for iSeries IFS storage into outside server access by customers, truck owners, and employees through the efficient use of proprietary API calls and updated program logic.

Use forums and specific instances of advice, help, and suggestions from Scott Klement, John Paris and Susan Ganter, Robert Cozzi, and many other open source authors along with IBM representatives like Barbara Morris and other online sources.

United Vision Logistics, LA March 1990 - September 2012

Applications Developer / Systems Analyst / Manager, MIS

Worked with the Service and Back Office Organization for Ace and Dynasty Transportation, which did Oilfield Heavy Hauling. UVL Acquired ACE TRANSPORTATION and three other trucking companies in 2008. Annual revenues at or above $650 million.

Completely restructured all Payroll, Human Resource, Accounting, and Receivables legacy code, (RPG II and RPG III) by using advanced knowledge of ILE RPG, IFS C functions, binding directories and service programs that ended up being implemented into a synergistic online environment. These changes reduced the “over 90” percentage in Receivables to less than 7 to 10 percent from over 30 percent. These changes also dramatically improved efficiency in all areas by providing intuitive user interfaces and streamlined processes.

Reduced write-off of uncollectables in Receivables to less than one-quarter of one percent by developing an automated collection system.

Facilitated timely, accurate electronic commerce by designing, writing and installing programs such as online banking, EDI, and a corporate payroll package that included direct deposit, positive pay and ACH.

Enabled management of $2 million oilfield hardware and supply inventory by developing software that included automated billing and management of OTC sales that interfaced with inventory. This reduced the data entry needs to almost nothing being hand entered.

Administered and optimized hardware systems, servers, desktops, and networking. Provided highly responsive user support and training. Played key role in defining and strategically planning IT systems and processes. Built and managed productive vendor relationships.

Streamlined business processes following acquisition and merger of four separate companies by researching, recommending purchase, and implementing new software, enabling seamless transition of legacy system to new platform and data source.

Developed and implemented one-step processing and billing application by interfacing PC based operations applications into AS 400 applications for two companies with more than 100 locations across several Gulf Coast states.

Seamlessly converted AS400 iSeries and Linux-PC environment to MS SQL environment over three-year period. Migrated data from multiple companies and platforms. This included migrating Infinium files and processes into the new software.

Education/ Technical Training

Associate in Electronics, SouthWest Technical Institute; Certificate, Computer Programming, Control Data Institute; Ground Radio Electronics, United States Air Force

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