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State University Data

North Richland Hills, Texas, United States
January 21, 2018

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Shahrzad Amoozegar

Address: **** **** ***** ****, ***** Richland Hills, TX

Cell Phone: 248-***-****





- Object-Oriented Programming

- Agent-based and discrete event Simulation

- Statistical analysis and Data Analytics

- Machine Learning

- Optimization


Master of Science - Industrial Engineering Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2017 Wayne State University - Detroit, MI

Selected courses: Deterministic Optimization, Stochastic Processes, Database Management Systems, Introduction to Machine Learning

Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering Sep. 2010 - Jun. 2015 Sharif University of Technology – Tehran, Iran

Selected courses: Operations Research, Fundamentals of Computer Simulation Certification – Data Analyst Nanodegree Nov. 2016 - Jun. 2017 Udacity– Online


BNSF Railway – Fort Worth, TX

Intern-Fellow (Operations Research) Sep. 2017 - Current

• Agent-based simulation modeling to provide insights for the business section of the company

- Developed and implemented different algorithms to improve the assignment of the tasks to the assets in the intermodal hub

- Developed and Implemented routing algorithm for the automated assets

- Created reports and visualizations of results for upper management presentation.

- Used JAVA to implement the algorithms in AnyLogic Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

Graduate Research Assistant Jan. 2016 - May 2016

• Developing a website for presenting water quality data for Southeast Michigan

- Used C#.NET and SQL Server database to develop the platform

- Created reports and visualizations to provide insights to the researchers using PivotTable 2

Wayne State University – Detroit, MI

Graduate Research Assistant Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2015

• Determining the optimal location of the electric vehicle charging stations

- Developed a 0-1 integer linear programming model to locate the electric vehicle charging stations in a network considering the capacity of the vehicles and the distance between the potential nodes

- Built a heuristic algorithm to solve the large-scale problems using MATLAB ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Identifying fraud from Enron email Spring 2017

• Predicted people who may have been involved in Enron Corporation fraud using several machine learning algorithms including Naïve Bayes, SVM, Decision Tree, and Random Forest Designing an A/B test - Spring 2017

• Made design decisions for “Udacity” website A/B test

• Statistically analyzed the results of the test to recommend a course of action Wrangling OpenStreetMap data - Winter 2017

• Implemented data munging techniques to clean the XML file of OpenStreetMap data for the city of Ann-Arbor

• Explored the data using SQLite

Visualization with D3.js - Winter 2017

• Created an interactive visualization for the baseball players dataset showing the relationship between the performance of the players and their weight using D3.js Nurse Scheduling Fall 2013

• Developed an integer programming model and a genetic algorithm for Scheduling nurses in hospitals with availability restrictions and preferences to minimize deviations from the rules considering nurses’ preferences.

• Solved the small-scale mathematical model using CPLEX Discrete-Event System Simulation Fall 2013

• Accomplished simulation study on the queuing system in a fast food restaurant using C#

• Used different metrics to evaluate the system


Xu, L., Amoozegar, S., Miller, C., “Huron-to-Erie Water Quality Data Platform,” Big Data and Business Analytics Symposium, 2017.


• Programming Languages: Java, Python, MATLAB, C#, SQL Server

• Specialized Software: CPLEX, Minitab

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