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Plant Manager

Houston, Texas, United States
January 17, 2018

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Houston, TX 77065; Cell: 956-***-****


Highly organized and dedicated service diplomatic bilingual professional leader with extensive experience in personnel management and business development. Demonstrated ability to prioritize, manage tasks, and operate efficiently and effectively in fast-paced, challenging environments. Dexterous and articulate written and verbal communicator with the capacity to listen effectively, resolve conflict, collaborate, and build profitable and productive relationships with team members, clients, and supervisors.


• Servant Leadership • Skilled Communication • Safety Training • Culture Change • Problem Solving • OSHA • DOT • Drug and Alcohol Manager • Lean Implementation • Preventive Maintenance

• HAZMAT • CRM • EHS • Performance Analysis • EPA • Public Adjuster Fire/Auto• Process Improvements • Employee Relations • Training • Detail-Oriented

• Maintenance • TCEQ • Conflict Resolution • Organizational Awareness • Adaptability/Flexibility • Sound Judgment • Leadership Training • Office Manager


• NetSuite Administrator* Xactimate *MS Excel • MS Word • MS Power Point • MS Outlook • MS Access • QuickBooks • SPSS * ACT * IT * MS Suite * SAPHSM * SAP* PLEX*Sales Force* Gold Mine*Act*CRM*ERP*SAT*Enablon


BA - Political Science - Cum Laude - University of Puerto - 1987

Equipment Record and Part Specialist – 1981

Toyota Production System – 1997

Independent Adjuster Auto/Building – 2017

Xactimate - 2017


Plant Manager Polymers (chemical) – 4 years Management & Leadership 25 Years

Plant Manager Operations – 10 Years Polymer, Ferrous– non-ferrous - 22 Years

Management & Leadership - 25 years Injection Molding Manufacturing - 3 years

Project Management – 12 Years Manufacturing – 10 Years

Lean Operations - 7 years Human Resources Generalist - 12 years

Environmental Health & Safety - 15 years Operations Management – 25 Years

Drug and Alcohol Manager – 10 Years Strategic Planning - 17 years

Logistics & Warehousing – 15 Yeas Inventory & Material Audits - 15 years

Maintenance - Safety - 20 years Oil & Gas Sales - 10 Years

Policy Development - 7 years International Sales & Marketing - 15 years

Hazardous Waste Logistics - 13 years Union Relations/Negotiations - 3 years

Training & Coaching 17 Years Industrial Sales - 15 Years

Preventive Maintenance -14 years International Logistics – 15 Years

Consulting Fortune 500 - 7 years LANTAM Operations and Sales – 10 Years

Bilingual: Fluent - Spanish/English – 30 years Electronic Recycling – 7 Years

Refining - 10 years IT - 15 years

Purchasing - 15 years OSHA & DOT - 20 years

Equipment Manufacturing Forging - 7 years Preventive Maintenance - 25 years

Quick Books - 7 years P&L - 10 years

Security - 12 years Material Reclamation - 17 years


EA Renfroe Birmingham, AL Houston Jun 2016 – Present

Catastrophe support services to insurance companies, self-insured corporations and governmental entities during times of disaster or claims overload.

Certified Public Adjuster

Claim Adjuster of Real State Property and Auto for customer like State Farm. Use Xactimate, claim software and MS Office to contact customers, schedule inspections,

estimate property damage and present damage remediation assessment cost to customer. Travel to designated area and review building codes including structural

integrity of property in order to bring the customer back to the initial property loss. Completed Deployment to Alabama, Texas and Florida.

Distribution International, Houston, Texas Jan 2017 - August 2017

Insulation, Metal, CNC and Custom Fabrication Plant based in Houston, TX with $20-25 million in sales. The company produces piping insulation products for use in Oil/Gas/Energy marketplace.

Plant Manager

Recruited by the HR Department to Manage 5 Supervisors, Job Shop with 9 Independent Custom Fabrication Cells, Complex Maintenance Operation as well as the largest Manufacturing Operation for DI International with 100 – 140 employees. Managed warehousing, Safety and Environmental Programs, DOT Drug and Alcohol Management, scheduling, priorities as well as Culture Change.

• Developed Preventive Maintenance Program including reporting, training, and operator level maintenance with active follow up procedures with Maintenance Team.

• Developed Fabrication Hero award program to foster teamwork and ownership in the group as well as “Safety First” attitude.

• Developed Leadership training as well as Manufacturing Modifications to increase production and decrease lead time from 4 days to 1.5 days within 90 days.

• Decrease material discrepancy report from 2 million to 0 USD within 90 days.

• Developed plans and executed equipment modification to increase production 60 percent in some areas and other areas over 300% within 90 days.

• Saved over $150,000 USD within 90 days in operational changes, equipment repairs and modifications.

• Developed and implemented Lean, Servant Leadership, Six Sigma culture change to gain customers back and change previous “NO” (cannot be done) environment.

• Developed and Organized Fabrication structure that allowed expansion and contraction of labor force per operation’s needs.

• Outperformed previous fabrication managers and gained recognition from Sales Department as the best fabrication shop within 90 days by using whatever it takes approach. Increasing Production average by 30% and some equipment by 300%.

• Increased production from 1.1 million to 2 million during my tenure as Plant Manager.

• Reduced Inventory variance from 2 million to $1,000 USD and inventory discrepancy from 80% to 5%.

• Eliminated HR complaints by maintaining the team informed and creating an environment of respect, dedication and customer service first (internal/external).

• Developed production matrix, capacity, production controls and "it is not about you" in supervisors/leads.

• Saved over $150,000 USD in parts and supplies by using other vendors.

• Developed Bilingual Equipment Manufacturing Operation Procedures and Production Operations Safety program. Modified Equipment to avoid Hazards lead safety meetings/training.

Allied Alloys, Houston, Texas Sept 2015 - March 2016

Metal blending Alloys Plant based in Houston, TX with $250 million in sales. Oil and Gas Alloys for Oil and Gas Industry including Turbines, Cooling towers and pipes.

Operations Manager, EHS, Project Manager

Recruited by the HR Department to manage 5 supervisors using coaching leadership, 100 employees and 3 facilities with 350,000 square foot building and 2 scale houses. EHS, PLEX, Enablon project Manager. Safety of Plasma Cutting Operations and Maintenance Plan- Operations. Responsible for Warehousing operations, DOT Drug and Alcohol Manager/Compliance, Job Shop Blending, Custom alloy mix, Supervisor Training, reporting and Inventory Controls. NetSuite and IT coordinator for Operations.

• Developed Preventive Maintenance Program including reporting, inspections, training, and operator level maintenance, follow up procedures with Maintenance Team. Maintained operations at 99% readiness with equipment on “life support” and limited budget.

• As Environmental Health & Safety Manager trained 70 employees in OSHA requirements. Developed Risk Assessment plan and recommended corrective measures to comply with OSHA. Managed Quality Control and reporting procedures with full staff integration.

• As Project Manager developed the REDA cable project that included manufacturing process, shipping, receiving, reporting and packaging. Achieved over $1.8 million in REDA sales in less than 4 months.

• Maintained Operational 8 Cranes, 2 crushers, 30 forklift, 4 Front End Loaders and 12 skid steers.

• Developed a “Safety First” environment that resulted in 0 accidents.

• Served as primary contact for ISO inquiries, Safety, Fire and environmental audits.

• Maintained Spill controls, Permits and Federal Inspections. Trained 90 employees in Forklift, Fall Prevention, Lock out/Tag out, Equipment Safe operations and Hazardous Material Training.

• Developed Safety Programs, training as well as Operator instructions in Spanish/English environment. (99% of employees used Spanish language)

DCO International – Jackson, MO May 2015 - August 2015

Manufacturer of polymer chemical formulas based in California with manufacturing operations in Jackson, MO. with annual sales of approximately $75 million. Human Resources Manager, NetSuite Administrator, Enablon expert, OSHA, DOT, Rail Bulk Truck Operations, EPA, fabrication, Drug and Alcohol Manager for DOT compliance, equipment purchases, and EHS.

Plant Manager, Safety and Environmental Manager, Human Resources, Project Manager,

• Recruited as Plant Manager to setup all Environmental Health, custom processing, batch operations and Safety Procedures including corrective measures to address company previous $25,000 fine for OSHA Violations.

• Fully implemented SAP Environmental (SAP EHSM 6.0) Software, NetSuite Production Integration, and successfully corrected previous violation in 60 days by establishing OSHA training with active rapport with local OSHA inspector.

• $20 million P&L responsibilities as well as hands on Lean operations, Maintenance, Human Resources, IT, Quality Control and Operations. Developed RFQ and Vendor requirements.

• Responsible for visual inspection, measurement, and testing of molded plastic injection parts. Monitored the equipment used and the procedures followed in the inspection process.

• Maintained quality documents and data in compliance with ISO 9002 Quality System requirements including test and inspection reports, audit reports, calibration reports, and material review reports.

• Responsible for Manufacturing, QA, laboratory, Operations, EHS, warehousing, Maintenance, Capital Purchasing, Equipment Installation, Laboratory and Safety. Startup TPS system and Kanban.

• Purchased and installed gas operated dryer and air conveyor system than increased blending operations 300%.

• As Project Manager designed and installed cyclone equipment and duct work to increase production by 30% by purchasing used equipment from a closed plant saving $150,000.

• Managed 35 direct reporting employees, rail operations, tanker logistics and 150,000 sq. facility

• As hands on mechanic, repaired Blending Silo saving over $30,000 and diagnosed problems with boiler/chiller problems with 100% efficiency.

• Developed a “Safety First” environment that resulted in 0 accidents.

• Company closed manufacturing operations due to equipment flaws. Owners decided to outsource manufacturing and continue sales/marketing from their California Operations. ISO 14001, OSHA 18001, ISO 50001

PMCS INC – Alamo, Texas August 2011 - February 2014

Recruited by PMCS INC new owner to help the company survive the loss of 80% of the business. Plant based in Alamo Texas. Managed warehousing, Set up of NetSuite Administrator, Office Administrator, operations, logistics, purchasing of raw materials, maintenance operations, Drug and Alcohol Program Manager for DOT, EHS, EPA, OSHA compliance, preventive maintenance, Lean, Six Sigma,marketing, vendor, customer service, RFQ, inventory controls and logistics operations including DOT.

Plant Manager, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Human Resources, Project Manager

• As Project Manager developed manufacturing operation of Plastic Injection parts and industrial equipment repairs like AC Motors, 480/220 V 3phase..

• Developed Mold/QC and Part Quality Assurance procedures and lean operations.

• Program and troubleshooting Plastic molding operations including maintenance and Safety procedures.

• As Project Manager fully implemented SAP Environmental (SAPEHSM), Enablon, NetSuite Setup/training, and successfully passed state and customer environmental audits. Lead Maintenance, Responsible for 1 Blow molding and 2 Injection molding presses including. Very well versed in the Data Stream 7I Preventative Maintenance program, PLC programming of Siemens and Allen Bradley controllers, QS9000 Facility

• $3 Million P&L responsibility with 35 employees, 44,000 sq. warehouse, Quality Control, Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resources Manager (HR), IT and full operations hands-on manager.

• Planned and led facility Lean operation and manufacturing, keeping company open after losing 80% of the business due to main vendor relocation. Set up Kanban and JIT for warehouse operations.

• Led planning and implementation of Industrial Maintenance programs with customers including part design and CNC fabrication. Managed sales Team as well as developed new accounts like US Customs and City of McAllen, Donna, Pharr, Mission and Alamo .

• Negotiated contract with 5 local Municipalities including US Custom and Border Protection.

• Diversified the company in plastics part fabrication, equipment manufacturing and Heavy/Medium Industrial Preventive Maintenance Services.

• Maintained equipment at 98% readiness with no reportable accidents and 5% employee turn-over. Implemented warehouse Safety Programs as well as Hazmat training.

• Developed a “Safety First” environment that resulted in 0 accidents. Trained Staff in Safety and Environmental Compliance. Modified Equipment to avoid accidents or Hazards.

• Closed the company due to financial burden of losing 80% of Business (Stanley –Black and Decker US Account) company moved to Tennessee.

Colt Refining – Merrimack, NH August 2008 – August 2011

Privately held Industrial Precious Metal Refining Company based in Merrimack, NH.

ISO 14001, OSHA 18001, ISO 50001

Sales International, Project Manager

• Responsible developing international markets, sales, Hazardous Material and Non Hazardous Material logistics, customer training and joint ventures.

• Responsible for account management of over $10 million in annual sales.

• As Project Manager developed and implemented marketing strategy for newly joint ventures in Latin America.

• Primary US sales liaison for customer in Latin America as well as translator for marketing materials and presentation using Power Point.

• Successfully launched $4 million worth of new program business in 3 years.

• Served as contact for ISO inquiries and environmental audits. Project Manager for International Marketing Development.

• Developed Joint Ventures in Spain, Chile, Panama, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

• Served as electroplating, galvanizing and Environmental Health and Safety consultant for customer as well as reclamation advisor.

PMCS INC - Mission, Texas September 2004 - August 2008

Created a company to manufacture component parts sold to Bissell and Black and Decker/Dewalt in Mission, Texas. Responsible for $7 million P&L. HR Manager, Office Administrator and EHS Manager.

Plant Manager, EHS, HR, Project Manager

Developed the Environmental Health and Safety Program from ground zero including permitting, OSHA Compliance, Drug and Alcohol Manager/DOT, DOT Compliance and training. Passed several Environmental inspections with flying colors as well as developed excellent communication with the Texas Environmental Quality Commission (TCEQ).

• As Purchasing Manager developed vendors, budgeting, purchasing procedures, RFQ, raw materials and capital expenditures.

• As Project Manager developed startup-PMCS INC, I hired 35 employees and trained employees in manufacturing using Toyota process/ Total Quality Management TQM. Develop Audit, sales, compliance, training, accounting, proposals, presentations, marketing, local permits and general operations.

• Closed contracts with Bissell and Black and Decker/Dewalt with sales over $7 million per year. Project Manager for purchasing and Installation of Equipment.

• Developed all Human Resources Operations including Payroll, compliance and OSHA requirements. Passed TCEQ, Money Laundering and OSHA inspections.

• Developed all Marketing, Sales, and Financial/Accounting operations. Develop and supervise administration procedures including Tax reporting.

• Managed and developed all warehousing and manufacturing operations. Developed Policies, Forms, Procedures and Supervisor Training.

• Developed a “Safety First” environment that resulted in 0 accidents. Developed Maintenance Plan as well as Preventive Maintenance Program.

• Set up and Installation of Industrial Equipment, Blue Prints and industrial equipment repairs like AC Motors, 110v/480/220 V 3phase.

Sold the PMCS INC at a Profit on 2008.

Fortune Plastics and Metals – McAllen, Texas / Mexico October 2002 – August 2004

Fortune Plastics & Metals Recycling Company based in McAllen, TX with plants in China and USA with sales over $60 Million. Responsible for developing international markets, sales, logistics, environmental recovery services, plastics, metals, waste, customer training and joint ventures. ISO 14001, OSHA 18001, ISO 50001

Sales Manager, EHS

• As Project Manager developed maquiladora market in Mexico, sales, forms, proposals, customs logistics, pricing, Spanish/English presentations, take back programs and general customer service for the operation. Project Manager for International Customer Development. Territory Manager.

• Increased sales by 100% in a two-year period. Managed warehouse operations and logistics.

• Served as contact for ISO inquiries and environmental audits. OSHA, DOT and TCEQ operations compliance.

• Closed accounts with Motorola, Nokia, GE, Alcom Electronics, Fujitsu 10, Panasonic, Lexmark, Eaton, Emerson, Jabil, TRW Electronics, TRW Seat Belts, Dam Draexlmeir Automotive, Ammex, TI Group, Wells Manufacturera de Mexico, Celestica, Datacom, Beachmold de Mexico, Delphi Delco Electronics and LG Electronics, Telcel, PEMEX.

United Refining and Smelting Company – Franklin Park, IL September 1997 - October 2002

Recruited as Account Executive for Latin America/Environmental Health & Safety Consultant for a privately held Precious Metal Refining and Recycling Plant in Franklin Park, IL. – $50 Million sales per year. ISO 14001, ISO 14001

Account Executive (Sales) – Internationa, Project Manager & EHS,

• Project Manager responsible for developing and managing international market, sales, Spanish/English presentations, marketing materials, take back program, logistics, forms, quotes, pricing, import/export/customs and general customer service for the operation including EPA logistic compliance.

• Provided environmental logistics and hazardous material compliance training.

• Increased sales by 200% in a 5-year period.

• Closed accounts with Motorola Puerto Rico, Nokia, GE Puerto Rico, HP, Lexmark, Eaton, Intel, Celestica, Pemex, Telcel, Telmex, Zales, TRW, HP Mexico, and Avon.

• As Project Manager developed Joint Ventures in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

• Developed ISO 14001 Certification Program and served as contact for ISO inquiries and environmental audits.

Avis Rent A Car Systems – San Juan, PR and Florida August 1994 - August 1997

Airport Manager – Fleet Manager, Operations Manager,

• Responsible for morale union relations/negotiations, Bus Service, Drug and Alcohol Manger for DOT Bus Compliance, scheduling, maintenance, 80 employees, 5 sub stations, fleet operations as well as day to day rental. Responsible for Fleet Preventive Maintenance and revenue per day.

• Developed training programs for the sales staff of 36 sales agents and 3 managers to maximize customer service and sales efforts to meet our projections.

• Never had any union grievances or complaints in 3 years.

• Exceeded sales competition by 40%. $40 Million P&L responsibility.

• Maintained dollar/day use of 1,600 to 6,500 car fleet in Miami, Tampa, San Juan and Orlando Florida.

• Zero accidents or Union grievances under my watch as Airport or Station Manager.

• Exceeded corporate surprise Quality Assurance inspections requirements with a score of 95%

• Recruited out of the Army to Join Avis Rent A Car with training in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, New York and Quebec Canada.

U.S. ARMY – CAPTAIN – Air Defense Artillery – USA and Europe June 1987 - June 1994

Graduated from the US Army’s Basic and Advance Air Defense School, Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Program

Bronze Star recipient during the Persian Gulf War Campaign.

Project Manager for Standard Army Training System (software) – XVIII Airborne Corps

Project Manager Training – United States Army Basic and Advance School – Ft Bliss Texas

Duties and responsibilities were: Assistant S-3 (Training Group) – Airborne - Commander - Personnel Officer – Drug and Alcohol Program Officer 10 Years ( 6 active Duty and 4 National Guard)

(S-1) - Executive Officer – Platoon Leader – 1st Lieutenant – 2nd Lieutenant – Puerto Rico Army National Guard 2ND Lieutenant Infantry

Platoon Leader/ Part Specialist/ Maintenance Juana Diaz &- Mayaguez, Puerto Rico - USA 1981-1987


PMCS (preventive maintenance check and services) problems, Culture Change, Strategic Thinking, Planning, Project Management, excellent interpersonal skills and an energetic attitude, extreme flexibility, strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit to accommodate a high level of responsibility and multiple, changing priorities, ability to prioritize tasks and meet strict deadlines, ability to identify problems and proactively find solutions, ability to lead a group and provide constructive and instructive feedback to a team, proven written and verbal communication skills, strong organizational and planning skills, strong ethics and a determination to maintain a safe environment, resourceful, thrifty attitude, Net Suite, MS Office, Gold Mine, CRM, ADP, EVERIFY, REM, SAP, SAT, PLEX, Quick Books, Accounting, Plastics, Manufacturing, Refining, Maintenance Inspector, Recycling, Relationship Selling, Hazardous Waste, Industrial Equipment Refurbishing, Inside/outside Sales, Drug and Alcohol Programs, PC Repair, Data Entry 50 wpm, Scheduling, Administration, Smelting, QC, Proposals, Mexican EPA, US EPA, TCEQ, International Travel, Customs, Import/Export, Precious Metals, Customer Service, Support, Electroplating, TQM, Train the Trainer Program, Fire Arms, Physical Security, Fleet Operations, Purchasing, Cost Estimates, Office Management, Staff Development, Staff Integration, Parts Support, Earth Moving Equipment, Plant Design, Work Cells, Staff Development, Leadership training, Inventory Management, Graphic Design, Business Plan, B2B sales, Fleet Management, Non Ferrous, Ferrous, Precious Metals Logistics, KRONOS, Time Cards, Startup Operations, Accident Reporting, 941/Payroll, IRS reporting, State Tax Reporting, Equipment Inventory, Purchasing, Logic, Latin America Travel, Fire and Safety Programs, General Mechanic, EPA Permitting, Site Environmental Reporting (Air/Water/Waste) and compliance & Risk Assessment and 24 x 7 operations.


State Farm Fire & Auto Adjuster Course, Xactimate - 2017

Precious Metal Reclamation and Hazardous Waste Regulation – Chicago, IL - 1997

Avis Rent A Car Station Manager Course - Car Rental Operations – Miami, FL - 1995

Avis Rent A Car Manager Program and Rental Sales Agent Course – Miami, FL- 1994

Fundamentals of Real State Florida - 1994

Total Quality Management TQM and KANBAN - 1994

U.S. Army Airborne School - Leadership – Ft Bragg, NC - 1993

Air Defense Advance an Basic Officer Course - Leadership – Ft Bliss, TX – 1990 & 1987

US Army - Nuclear Chemical and Biological Protection Course - Salinas, P.R. - 1986

University of Puerto Rico - Reserve Officer Training Course – Mayaguez, P.R. - 1985

United States Army – Equal Opportunity Supervisory Course (EOS) – Salinas, P.R.- 1984

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