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Software engineering, information security, systems.

Redondo Beach, California, United States
January 15, 2018

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I am interested in your open position. I'm self-taught in tech, so everything on the resume I have taught without any schooling up until August 2017. I have a very strong IT background and taught myself as I worked through help desk positions, and brief touches of sysadmin positions. I'm very into programming and information security, and I am also currently putting myself through school so I can formally learn all of this.

My recent background are as follows:

As part of a small team of the engineering firm NV5, I assisted in the design, build, test and implements of our new office and CAD build on Windows 10. I have laid down company software images and personally configured employee laptops before deployment. I assisted in mass migration of data, archiving emails, and merging of servers as NV5 purchased more small businesses to be a part of the company. I checked and maintained security privileges of several network and user access controls, writing PowerShell scripts to add or terminate employees and implementing their configurations. I have done general repairs of company laptops and towers, from replacing hard drives, replacing RAM, tower motherboards, mounting fans, etc. General troubleshooting of Microsoft Office suites 10-16, CAD software, and methodically and researched problems of other software that I was inexperienced with. I worked remotely as well as traveled to locations to assist in new server installations, set ups, and IT management to different offices across California. Worked together as an enthusiastic and cohesive team of about 15 total in supporting nearly a thousand employees.

In Rapid7, I solved a wide variety of troubleshooting and debugging of security applications and implementation of the applications. In my spare time, I researched and took several certifications of the products of Rapid7 (Nexpose, InsightIDR, Metasploit, Nexpose Now, AppSpider) – understand the utilization and imlementing them as a layer of security in an organization. I assisted several security engineers in setting up their security implementations and structure for a vulnerability scanner, social engineering campaigns, and education about vulnerabilities. I also wrote SQL queries to assist in reporting, pulling and organizing information through a vulnerability database of Nexpose’s schema, scripting with Ruby for automation interacting with the API gem of the vulnerability scanner, as well as assisting with advice in network set up, engineering, and security information.

As an employee, I bring enthusiasm and efficiency in my work. With my motivation and passion in my field I have a natural affinity for technology. If there's any of my skillset that could be of any use, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read and review my candidature.


Roya Shams

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