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Technical Support Engineer

Vienna, Virginia, 22180, United States
January 16, 2018

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Twenty-five years of self-motivation and history of successful direct contribution of Development, Technical Support and Maintenance in Avionics, Aerospace, Electrical and Electronics industries.

Successful record of accomplishment and expertise in research, management, engineering, operational evaluation, configuration and testing of FAA NextGen (Federal Avionics Administration Next Generations) new aviation technologies, products and procedures.

Broad hands-on experience in wide range of manual and automatic test benches and tools for design, certification, evaluation, repair, maintenance and modification of commercial avionics such as flight management, autopilot, flight control and flight dynamic systems to the system and component level.

Long term of collaboration with AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER and SIKORSKY Engineering and Technical Support Teams.

Proven records of successful work with United Airlines, American Airline, Delta, Jet Blue, Air Canada and Southwest Airlines System Engineers and Quality Control specialists.

Long term of Successful cooperation with US National Transportation System Center, US National Center of Atmospheric Research and US and Canada National Weather Centers in NextGen improvement programs.

Excellent technical and analytical capabilities.

Ability to work in multi-disciplined environment dealing with numerous inside and outside organizations.

Above average level of personal responsibility and well developed sense of urgency.

High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others, individually and in teams.

Professional knowledge and skills:

Project Lead Engineering

Avionics System Engineering

Strategic and benchmarking

Debugging on a systems and component level

Budgeting and Investment

Engineering Specification

Technical investigation

Design, modification, testing, troubleshooting and calibrating

Reporting and forecasting

Training and Presentation

Six Sigma and 6S principles

ISO procedure and documentarian

Environmental and stress testing

Aerospace standards: AS9000, AS9100, AS9102, AS9120

SAP software

Strategic and benchmarking

Optimization process

Quality control

Technical skills:

Aircraft Electrical systems

Flight management systems

Radar and satellite systems

Avionics computers and devises

Communication systems

Instrumental and Microwaves Landing systems

Flight Control systems

Flight Display/Indicator systems

Electrical Spoiler systems

Logical and Spectrum analyzers

Automatic and Manual test benches and tools

IRF technology

ARINC 429, 575, 653 and 1553

RS232, 422 and 485 protocols

Digital and Analog electronics


Instrumentation, Built In Test Electronics

Radio Altimeters and VHF radio

Computer and other Skills

MS Office and all supported applications

MS Project management

ATLAS, C, Unix, Linux, Windows

Agile methodology


FAA WJHTC Technical Center - Basic Commerce and Industrial, Inc., NJ May 2014 – present

Project Engineer with responsibilities of Operational, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Provides analysis of current concept technology. Engages and manages subject matter experts. Assesses stakeholder cost and schedule issues. Assesses availability, application and integration of new technologies and / or algorithms. Develops approach to Concept Maturity and Technology Demonstrations.

Lead Engineering in product research, specification, development, product development / debug, testing and certification of Automated Surface Observation Systems by utilizing RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP protocols.

Developed mathematical algorithms for evaluation data measurement from testing equipment and transmitted final decision through the interface to the Air Traffic Control team and to the Aircraft by utilizing ARINC 429 protocol.

Provided hardware and software debug engineering support to the FAA, Manufactures and Airport users for establishing high level of reliability and performance of ASOS (Automated Surface Observation System), AWOS (Automated Weather Observation Systems) and CSS-Wx Systems.

Developed test stands, testing interfaces and test specifications / procedures for FAA NextGen equipment.

Performed monitoring of experimental testing sites and equipment through the Optical fiber cables and WiMAX network, and provided on-call operational support to the Technical-Testing teams as required.

Implemented NSOC (New System Operation Control) interface for development, testing, and maintenance and troubleshooting of both ASOS (Automated Surface Observation System) and AWOS (Automated Weather Observation Systems).

Provided technical and engineering support to Honeywell, Vaisala, Belford, Lufft, Optical Scientific, Campbell vendors and manufactories by providing specifications, recommendations, technical letters and parameters databases for airports weather station equipment.

Developed test plans, procedures and reports during experimental testing of four distinct air domain surveillance systems (MSV-05XP) to utilize Phase Array Radar capability in variety FAA mission and research areas.

Collaborated with vendors and manufactures to increase development activities and eliminated reliability issues with new air traffic management equipment, such as aircraft Flight Management System, Weather Transition system, L-band Digital Aeronautical Communication System (LDACS), Satellite-based communication system and Airborne Collision Avoidance System X (ACAS X).

Supported the FAA Programs regarding procurement and acquisition deliverable of different Network and IT equipment.

Provide operational and engineering support for installation and testing FAA NextGen Avionics equipment at laboratory, airport, and field locations.

Provided hardware and software debug engineering support to the FAA, Manufactures and Airport users for establishing high level of reliability and performance of ASOS (Automated Surface Observation System) and AWOS (Automated Weather Observation Systems).

Organized “WiMAX” (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and “Serial to Ethernet”, “Fiber to Ethernet”, “I/O Connectivity” and “Device Networking Hardware Systems” technical trainings to the end users by utilizing simulators, demonstration stands and training materials.

Supported post-deployment engineering, test and evaluation activities for Air Traffic Control Integration Weather systems as required.

Provide Engineering support to National Transportation Safety Administration regarding implementation and development of Testing fields, Labs, Stands and Network systems.

Provided life-cycle management for monitoring team operational and budgeting activities during development and deploying to operators the Automated Surface Observation System.

THALES Avionics and Aerospace Division Inc., Piscataway, NJ September 2004 – February 2014

Project Lead Engineer/ Industrial Engineer/ Technical support Avionics Engineer

As a Project Lead Engineer/ Industrial Engineer/ Technical support Avionics Engineer, supported the development of engineering activities in design and deployment new processes, and test benches. Warranty and Vendor repair optimization processes affected of total $500K and $1.8M savings per year accordingly.

Develop best practices and lean concepts with intent to improve reliability and increase productions and repair margins. Reduced time process per one Work order in SAP from 8 hours to 6.7 hours that brought $1,872K total savings per year.

Managed and supported Test engineering team during installation, set up and debugging of new Spherea, Thales, Safran, Carat and other testing applications, manual and automatic test benches to test the principal avionics equipment of both the Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft families.

Developed best practices and lean concepts with intent to improve reliability and increase productions and repair margins of Airbus, Boing, Bombardier, Learjet, Dassault Falcon and Sikorsky electrical and electronics control and management on-board avionic equipment.

Performed root cause failure analysis for avionics and electrical aircraft equipment, and presented debugging maps on a system and component level to increase time of MRBR (Mean Time Between Repairs) and MTBUR (Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal).

Performed an investigation of “Chronic units”, removed from Aircraft and Helicopters more than 3 times during the calendar year, by analyzing information from PFR (Post Flight Report), BITE (Build –In Test Equipment) and Test results from ATEC (Automatic Test Equipment Commercial), CASS (Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Systems), JTEG (Joint Technology Exchange Group), MB-40, BONG (Burning Test Bench) and other test benches and equipment.

Implemented new technical documentation to ensure full compliance of production, retrofits, repairs, modifications, maintenance and testing in accordance with FAA Airworthiness Directives and Regulations (Part 21 and Part 145 certified FAA repair station).

Organized industrial engineering, quality assurance, shop management and supply chain team collaboration to review, develop and implement 240 new technical documents to ensure full compliance of retrofits, repairs, modifications, maintenance and testing in accordance with FAA airworthiness directives and regulations.

Utilized SAP software application to support supply chain management with forecasting and replenishment.

Prepared various technical and economic reports / presentations, forecasts, benchmarking analysis.

Managed processes, methods, and tools improvements by utilizing Microsoft Project, lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Development, specification procurement, calibration and maintenance of Automatic Test Equipment ATEC-5 and ATEC-6 by utilizing Self-Test interfaces and executive ATLAS software commands.

Introduced, designed and modified new type of equipment in repair processes, by utilizing combination of ATEC software and Visual ATEC application for better test coverage and fault isolation optimization.

Completed Radio Navigation test-bench development project with budget of $200K.

Executed 52 technical training courses for shop technicians and customer teams with emphasis on aircraft system functionality to improve repair time / efficiency, quality, and lower repair cost.

Managed new service-operational capability and retrofit programs with adhering to technical and compliance documentations in according with ISO, FAA, ICAO and DOD documentation and best practice procedures.

In 2013 organized process to obtain repair capability and certification from FAA and OEM for 47 new avionics equipment that increased profitability of the company on a $4.3 M.

Responsible to identify, capture and support cash saving opportunities throughout all operational axis by optimization production and repair process and increase productivity by utilizing 6S, Six Sigma and Agile methodology.

Recommended and validated investments as per SBP2 (Strategic Business Plan) budget.

Managed Technical Investigations team of seven people directly and 35 people indirectly to improve efficiency and airworthiness of problematic units with total $539.4K savings per year.

Facilitated minor building requests and improvements. As part of the team, implemented real estate strategy for start-up, and e-commerce property improvement during relocation of Seattle WA division to Piscataway NJ.

Center of Radio & Aviation Electronic Equipment, Kharkov, Ukraine August 1987 – December 1999

Project Manager/ NAVAIDs Engineer

As a Project Manager/ NAVAIDs Engineer designed, developed, and maintained NAVAIDs (Navigation Aid System) and Air Traffic Control Communication systems.

Managed Engineering and Technical team of 60 people to Maintain Airport Power, Navigational aids, Data processing, Radio, Telecommunications, Emergency lighting, Emergency shutdown, ESD, Signaling, Instrumentation and process control Infrastructure.

Assisted in product and test equipment development, design, and maintenance.

Prepared engineering sketches and specifications for airport management and network infrastructures.

Managed installation, maintenance and modification of high/ Very High/ Ultra High Frequency ground to ground, ground to air, Giant Voice, and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) communications systems.

Provided Technical support, configuration and maintenance of Radio Navigation, Radio and Satellite Communication Systems, and Telephone systems.

Additional work experience

Technical Spectrum, Keyport, NJ August 2003 – September 2004


As a Consultant, designed architecture and block diagram of "Course Wizard" for Schools that enables students to browse and search course information: class dates, times, and locations; course descriptions; instructor names; book requirements; syllabi; exam dates; etc.

Circuit City, Hicksville, NY September 1999 – March 2003

Technical support technician

As a Technical support technician, provided technical support in the Testing, Repairing and Calibrating Desktop PCs, Notebooks, TVs, Audio, Video, Camcorders and other consumer electronics devises by utilizing Oscilloscope, Power meter, RCL circuit meters and others test equipment.


National Aerospace University, Kharkov, Ukraine 1982 - 1987

Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering Technology

(Evaluated by American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, Association of International Educators)

Globe Institute of Technology, New York, NY 1999 - 2001

Computer Science Course

Certifications & Licenses:

Lean and Six Sigma principals.

OEM Certificates workshop levels on the following Aircraft computers and equipment: FMGC (Flight Management Guidance Computer), FMGEC (Flight Management Guidance Envelope Computer), FAC (Flight Augmentation Computer) family, SEC (Spoiler Elevator Computer), ELAC (Elevator and Aileron Computer), FCD - 66 (Flight Control Division), FCD-55 (Flight Control Division), SCCU (Spoiler & Stabilization Control Unit), FCU (Flight Control Unit), SPC (Stall Protection Computer), SDCU (Smoke Detector Control Unit), AEVC (Avionics Equipment Ventilation Computer), CFDIU (Centralize Fault Display Interface Unit), FCMC (Fuel Control and Monitoring Computer), FCSC (Flight Control Secondary Computer), MDU (Map Display Unit), PHC (Probe Heat Computer, BCL (Battery Charge Limiter), EIU (Engine Interface Unit), FCC (Radio-altimeter Transceiver), EFCU (Electric Flight Control Unit), TCC (Trust Control Computer), CGCC (Centralize Gravity Control Computer), FCDC (Flight Control Data Concentrator), FQIC (Fuel Quantity Indicator Computer), RMP (Radio Management Panel), MMR (Multimode Receiver), EVR (VHF Data Radio), ADU (Air Data Unit), ADM (Air Data. Modules), VEMD (vehicle and engine management display), EIED (Engine Indicating Electronic Display), TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System).

Professional Training:

Multiple Airbus and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) trainings for Airbus FMS (Flight Management System) and Navigation system, Debugging for automatic testing tools

AIRBUS A320 ATA (Air Transport Association aircraft documentation), Maintenance certifying technicians-mechanical-avionics.

PMP training at Stockton University

SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in data processing) software.

Business Management.

New Strategic in Selling.

Analyzes of Financial Statements.


Engineer of the month, several times. Customer 4 life, Customer satisfaction Award Nomination – 10 times.

Life activities:




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