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Infrastructure Engineer III

Norfolk, Virginia, United States
$80/hr On C2C
January 12, 2018

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●12 + Years of Systems Engineering & Virtualization with operational and design experience focusing on VMware Virtualization Technologies for Enterprise plus Environment.

●Automated ESXi backups to reduce host builds and restore networking and storage properties using Esxcli.

●Configuration changes and upgrades on HP C7000 Enclosure connected with HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric (VCEM)

●Storage migration NetApp 3250 to NetApp 8020 Environment.

●Capable to manage ESX/ESXi servers, Create, configure, and manage vNetwork standard Switches and vNetwork distributed switches network connections, and port groups.

●Planed and Supported large deployments ( physical & virtual)

●Create and manage vSphere data stores. Worked on iSCSI, SAN, HBA, RAID levels, and NAS with ESX Servers. With storage teams to share resources across multiple servers.

●Followed ITIL concepts and engaged with client’s established incident, problem and Change Management process procedures.

●Excellent understanding of compliance with IT controls requirements in HIPAA, PCI

●Monitor, troubleshot, and resolve issues involving operating systems in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6

●Create, manage and administer service security on Linux virtual servers.

●Performance management & Process Management from the CLI Linux, CentOS

●Expertise skills to create and manage VMs, Templates, Cloning, and managing Snapshots. Perform VMware vMotion migrations.

●Analyzed Virtual Machine using VMware Guided Consolidation.P2V& V2V, migration using VMware vCenter Converter and Plate Spin 6.8.x.

●Extensive knowledge of Active Directory, GPO, LDAP, SSO integrations

●Manage multiple vCenter Server inventories using VMware vCenter Linked Mode.

●Held several key roles, to Manage ESX/ESXi configuration compliance using Host Profiles, Resource Monitoring, Data Protection, and Scalability.

●Updating host and manage patching and patch compliance using vCenter Update Manager.

●Proficiency in advanced features of VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM), High Availability (HA), Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) and Fault Tolerance (FT).

●Knowledge in Data Center and server farm environment. Worked with x86/x64 Intel, HP, IBM, Dell, CISCO hardware- Tower Servers, Rack-mounted Servers, Desktops, Laptops.

●Strong ability to bridge gaps between technical and business requirements and understand by regularly referring VMTN community to explore new topics of VMware Technology.

●Creating a test Environment in Citrix or VMware for Production Team to test their applications.

●Monitoring and Health Analysis of datacenters to foresight issues during migration of datacenters using VMware Health Analyzer 3.3, Quest vFoglight and vEssentials Bundle.

●Generated reports with Health analyzer giving recommendations and resolving performance and tuning issues in the HA, DRS clusters and virtual Datacenters.

●Analysis of physical server those are eligible for Virtual Conversion Process using vCenter Guided Consolidation.

●Experience and knowledge with designing, installing and implementing VMwareVSphere ESX/ ESXi 4.0/5.X, VMware VCenter, setting up V-Motion, HA, DRS, and related VMware products such as VM Workstation, VMware converter VM Backup products and other products for virtualization.

●In depth working knowledge in HP Hardware and HP Management software.

●Have good Hands on Access Control & Authentication Server, Virtual Port Channel Technology.

●Documentation of new operational processes, in high-availability, Stranded Operation Procedures (SOP).

●Scripting & good communication and team management skills and the documentation, technical manuals, software guides and instructions, executive briefings and presentations.

●Excellent understanding of workflow creation with Integrates with current IT environment for minimal impact on procedures and tools (HPSA,HPOO and vCOPS)

●Self-motivated, quick learner, & hardworking making it easy to handle multiple demands & competing priorities. Interpersonal, organizational, and skills facilitating the ability to work independently as well as a part of a team.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems


Virtualization& Storage: VMware ESX/ESXi vSphere 3.x/4.x/5.0/5.5/6.5, VMware vCenter Server, Virtual Infrastructure. VMware vCD, vCAC vSphere, vCenter, ESX/ESXi, iSCSI and SAN storage,VMware vMotion, Guided consolidation, vCenter Converter, Upgrade Manager, Lab Manager, Site Recovery Manager, Distributed vSwitchs, MS Hyper V, nutanix

Scripting: VMware vSphere PowerCLI/ VMware vSphere CLI / Esxcli/ MS PowerShell 3.0

Operating Systems: Windows server 2003/2008/2008 R2, Windows 2012 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, Windows Exchanger Server 2007, SQL Server, Ubantu, Linux, Kali Linux, Linux servers &CentOS

Hardware: HP C7000 Enclosure, HP ProLiant Blades G5,G6 & G8,DL380 G4/5, DL360 G3/4/5, ML350 G4, and DL580 G5, Raritan Dominion KX II, Cisco, Owl (OPDS-MP, Ironport,C160,C170,Dell Power Edge Servers, HP ProLiant BL465 C G7, BL465 C G8, DL380p Gen8

Routing/ Networking Protocols: TCP, UDP, VOIP,XvLAN, IPV4/V6, SNMP, FTP, Telnet, and VPN

LAN/WAN Technology: Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, PPP, HDLC, DSL Modems, ISDN

Security Features: Firewall, IPSec, SSL, AAA, Access-lists, and Cryptographic Algorithms: DES, AES.

Backup: Symantec NetBackup, Backup Exec and vRanger Pro.

Miscellaneous: Password recovery, Cisco IOS, TFTP, POP3, SMTP, ARP, NAT, PAT, Tivoli monitoring agent ITAMs 6.x, 7.1

Applications: MS Office and MS Visio,Ethereal,Solar Winds, Win SCP, HP iLO, HP SIM, HP Virtual Connect 4.10, HP UCMDB, HP VCEM,UCS Manager,Thycotic secret Server, Wire shark LAN analyzer &Nagios, TenableAppliance


GE Power & Water, Norfolk, VA Mar 2014 to Till Date

Sr. Systems Engineer-Power Generation Services

●Rebuild & updated ESXi Servers including (HP Update Bundle-using Esxcli), and in resolved associated system outages and other incidents for 10 Clusters, 64 ESXi hosts and 101 vLANs, 1100 VMs & in in vSphere 5.1 environment.

●Deployed,Made changes to the VMWare vCloud environment when setting up different DEV environments

●HP Systems Insight Manager & HP Version Control Repository Manager 7.3 Installation and integration.

●ESX host/cluster validation configurations such as V-motion correctly configured, console IP's on the same VLAN, guest VLAN's presented to all hosts, storage presented to all hosts, test of each function, each ESXi host.

●Rebuild/Upgrade Wintel & ESXi to 4.1.0 (260247) to ESXi 5.1 (799733) in clustered environment.

●Validated VLANs in M&D virtual environment using vSphere PowerCLI.

●Migrated local storage to NetApp FAS 3250 environment

●Resolved issues on Splunk hosted in vCloud environment

●Intergraded third-party tools with vRA,vRO,VERA(similar to hytrust ) and box

●Installed /Configured and Supported Kali Linux 1.0.9 and CentOS as needed

●Converted Physical On-Site Monitor (OSM) to virtual OSMs (P2V) and resolved related issues with virtualization.

●Worked with M&D Engineering team to identify areas of improvement with in the On-Site Monitor (OSM) to eliminate issues with virtualization.

●Assisted, Managed Development team with identifying and resolving issues on Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Active Directory, DNS, Group Policy Objects (GPO)

●Automated ESXi backups to reduce host builds and restores to include passwords, specialized networking and storage properties using Esxcli

●Assisted Development team with identifying and resolving issues on Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Active Directory, DNS, Group Policy Objects (GPO)

●Experience in using Cloud Foundry (CF) CLI for deploying applications and other CF management activities

●Investigated system issues as reported by MSA team and assisted setting up GE Gas Turbines BHM( Blade Health Monitoring ) testing environments

●Resolved encryption and sync issues with access controls, Vera for Box

●On Project Training & Workshops-GE Power Analytics AWS Cram Session

●Storage & Content Delivery

●AWS Managed Services & DB’s

●Deployment & Management

●GE Predix Analytics Platform Review

●AWS Analytics and ML Overview

●Real Time Analytics: Kinesis

●Big Data Analytics Design Patterns


Environment:- Hosts64/Cluster 26/Networks 54/Data Stores 101,VMs 1100 in vSphere 5.1,, Windows 2003/2008//2008 R2/2012,, HP SIM, HP VCRM, ESXi 4.1, ESXi 5.1, Linux, CentOS,Kali Linux 1.0.9,Red hat Enterprise Linux 5/6 vCenter server 5, vSphere 5.1 Enterprise Plus, HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8, DL580G7, HP ProLiant DL360G7, BL465 CG7,NetApp FAS 3250,FAS 3140,Owl (OPDS-MP)

Best Buy, Richfield, MN Sep 2013 to Feb 2014

Systems Engineer-VMware/Wintel-Enterprise Platform Services

●Consulted and re-arranged ESXi clusters to mitigate the impact.

●Rebuild & updated and ESXi Servers including (HP Update Bundle-using Esxcli) patches and updates, and in resolving associated system outages and other incidents for 26 Clusters, 252 ESXi hosts and 268 vLANs environment for the Holiday Readiness Project.

●HP CMDB and VMware vCenter integration.

●Updated Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server Software Bundle

●Follow organization guidelines to DR plans

●Interacted with Linux Performance management & Process Management.

●Tested and Configured SNMP Traps for Production ESXi Servers using VMware vSphere CLI

●ESX host/cluster validation configurations such as V-motion correctly configured, console IP's on the same VLAN, guest VLAN's presented to all hosts, storage presented to all hosts, test of each function, each ESXi host.

●Rebuild/Upgrade ESXi to 5.0 (639867)to ESXi 5.0 Update 2 (923238)Updated HP Blade firmware

●VLAN validation HP chassis layer

●Assisted Issues with Nutanix Test Cluster

●VLAN validation ESX & standard name using vSphere PowerCLI

●Sever profile created and validated on HP Virtual Connect 4.10

Environment:- Hosts252/Cluster 26/Networks 268/Data Stores 718 in vSphere 5.0, Hyper-V, Windows 2003/2008//2008 R2/2012, Cisco UCS 5108, nutanix HP Blade C7000 and C3000, HP SIM, HP CMDB, ESXi 5.0, Linux, CentOS,,Redhat Enterprise Linux 5/6 vCenter server 4.1, Citrix, HP Proliant DL580G7, HP Proliant DL360G7, BL465 CG7, BL465 C G8 Blades Servers

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc, Salt Lake City, UT Mar 2013 to Aug 2013

Production & Operations-VMWare/Windows Engineer

●Subject Matter Expert (SME) for transitional process (VMware, Citrix, Windows, and Storage & Backup).

●Configure, build, implement, administer ESX/ESXi Servers including patches updates, and assist in resolving system outages other incidents for 9 Clusters, 35 ESXi hosts and 623 VM’s Enterprise Plus Environment.

●Upgrade VMs, hardware components according vSphere requirement.

●Research on emerging technologies in support of systems development efforts, and recommend technologies that will increase cost effectiveness and systems flexibility. (Cost avoidance).

●Worked with senior productions and Operations engineers and architectural team for capacity planning for New Employee On boarding Project

●Resolved issued with Commvault and/or Avamar Backup

●Implemented best practices for the enterprise backup and disaster recovery architecture with VEEAM and Commvault.

●Monitor and troubleshoot Nagios running on CentOS

●Performance management & Process Management from SSH for Linux telco servers.

●Experience HP c7000 blade administration and configuration.

●Implementation and upgrade services for ECC.

●Resolved issued with Commvault and/or Avamar Backup

●Implemented best practices for the enterprise backup and disaster recovery architecture with VEEAM and Commvault.

●Upgrading VM tools, VM hardware versions and Datastores upgrade to VMFS 5.

●Creating Protection Groups and Recovery Plans using SRM 5.0 and VMware best practices.

●Testing of different recovery plans in SRM to ensure recovery of failover VM’s.

●VM migration & supported for Wintel servers.

●Planed migration strategies, DR plans with SAN and NAS data.

●Administration on VM clones and snapshots.

●Responsible for Virtual Environment maintain and well-organizing.

●Managed Windows 2008-2003 Active Directory Administration & configuration of DNS/DHCP services.

●Involved in building, configuring and hardware upgrades of Windows servers.

●Worked on Performance Analysis Tuning/Optimization Operations, VM creation, cloning, configurations.

●Involved in maintaining and managing servers on backup and restore systems as a part of the company’s disaster recovery plan.

●Worked on Windows Server 2008 and worked on failover configurations on windows Scheduled and unscheduled Outages.

Environment:-vSphere 5.0, Hyper-V, Windows 2008/2003/2008 R2, Cisco UCS 5108, HP Blade C7000 and C3000, HP SIM, Dell PowerEdge Servers, Citrix Xenapp and SQL.ESX 4.1,ESXi 5.1, VCenter server 4.1, Windows 2003/2008/2008 R2 server, RHEl 4.8,5.5,5.6, Team Track, Tivoli Storage Manager 6.X, Net IQ 7.X, Linux, CentOS,Redhat Enterprise Linux 5/6, EMC Clarion, VNX, Symantec Endpoint,Citrix, HP Proliant DL580G7, HP Proliant DL360G7, BL465 CG7, BL465 C G8 Blades Servers

City University of New York, NY (Jan 2008–Aug 2010)

Systems Administrator

●Installation and Configuration of new server hardware

●Backup and restore systems, user data as a part of the Campus disaster recovery plan.

●Upgraded VMware ESX 3.5 servers to ESX 4.0

●Provided technical assistance to the faculty and to the staff

●Build Windows 2008/2003 Servers on standalone and blade servers based on application design

●Upgraded VMware ESX 3.5 servers to ESX 4.0

●Administrating production servers/network infrastructure that includes Windows administration of Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP, Exchange 2003/2010 Mail Servers, NAS, File and print Servers, and Terminal Servers on Windows 2003/2008/2010

●Working experience on Microsoft exchange 2010; configured and maintained server roles on the exchange 2010 environment.

●Coordinated and facilitated all planned and unplanned power outages for all environments.

Maintained various infrastructure hardware platforms which included IBM Standard Servers and Blade Centers, HP/Compaq Servers and Dell servers including disaster recovery servers.

●Setup, installed, maintained and troubleshoot over 2,500 computers and printers campus wide

●Assessed the need for repairs of desktop and network printers.

●Managed and maintained faculty and staff computers and other related equipment

●Performed back up of users data to and from network drives, hard disk to hard disk.

●Maintained a log of any software or hardware problems detected

●Responded to questions from various client groups regarding the use of systems and networks.

●Assisted in the disposal of computer systems and removal from inventory.

Environment: VMware vSphere 4, ESX server 3.5/4, ESXi 4/4.1,5.0 Windows 2008R2/2008/2003,SQL Server 2000, IIS 6.0, Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft WSUS, Windows XP, Open filer, Dell NAS, Zywall and SonicWal lFirewall, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004, Citrix, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows NT Server, Windows XP.

Orient Financial Services Corporation Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Jul 03 – Aug 07)

Systems Administrator

●Served in computer maintenance, performed all types of hardware, software maintenance and engineering in addition to systems selection, backup and technical support.

●Installing, configuring Windows 2003\Wintel servers of DHCP, FTP, WSUS, Web Server and SQL Database Server.

●Creating and managing the users, groups, GPO in the Active Directory.

●Implemented and managed Symantec Antivirus Enterprise edition and clients for LAN security

●Responsible & managing Online Trading applications, Servers & Connectivity with stock exchanges, providing remote support to end clients and branch users.

●Build up backup and disaster recovery strategies (DR & BCP)

●Installation and Configuration of networks, router configuration and wireless access point/router with security, TCP/IP, VPN, Content Filtering, Access Control Lists on router/switches, VLANs (port mapping, naming etc.), and routing IP address in both LAN/WAN and wireless networks.)

●LAN Cabling, RJ-45crimping, Labeling, Patch Panel, PC Junction boxes and Rack set-up.

●Investigated user problems, determined possible solutions, oversaw software, installation and upgrades.

●Creating a backup job and also took backup of data centre on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

●Planned and coordinated with major vendors like ISP and V-SATs service providers for installation/Down Calls of branches.

Environment: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004, Citrix, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows NT Server, Windows XP.

Ansell Health Care Inc, Biyagama (BEPZ) Sri Lanka (Nov 1999– May 2003)

PC/LAN Technician (Nov 1999–2000. IT Executive 2000– May 2003)

●Installed, configured and maintained personal computers, Novell Netware4.2/5.0,file servers, Ethernet networks, and network cabling.

●Hardware and software support for user base over 1500 users.

●Worked as a AS/400 System Operator

●Maintained Lotus Notes User Accounts & Internet Connections (Dial up & Proxy)

●Software troubleshooting

●Conducted users training on latest packages.

Environment: Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows NT Server, Novell Netware4.2/5.0Lotus Notes

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