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Project Technical Support

Aurora, Colorado, United States
August 24, 2017

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From: Amano Erbo Beketa

Tel: 720-***-**** Email:,Skype: amanoerbo

***** * ** ** ***, Aurora CO 80011

I am highly interested to apply for the vacant post in your esteemed organization is looking for, I have MPH and over 13 years of progressive experience with Government public health, local NGOs and International NGOs. I have commendable experiences as advisor for RMNCH programs and project management experiences in areas of HIV/AIDs, RH/FP and research DME programs. For over 7 years, I have been working with JSI/L10k in areas of ME & research and technical advisor for RMNCH, IMNC/ICCM and CBNC projects; JSI/l10k has been implementing nationally with funds from BGF, UNICEF and USAID, in collaboration with multiple partners, ingenious grantees and public sectors. Previously, I worked with Save the Children USA, large OVC program /PC3, as design, monitoring and evaluation officer, where I used to support as DME and reporting focal person for prime partner(SC-US) in tried approach ( international, local and CBOs) grantee mechanism. Prior to mentioned, I had also experience of capacity building on PMTCT with Interahealth international and had effectively managed Pathfinder international funded and PACT Ethiopia RH/FP and HID/AIDs integrated projects with two different endogenous NGOs.

In addition to the RMNCH Advisory responsibilities at central L10k office, I have supported as Back stopper for L10K Oromia regional team, as a result, I have helped the establishment of better and functional partnership with ORHB and ZHDs, grantees and other partners working in the region. Besides to this, latter on, I have given responsibilities of leading UINCEF and USAID funded ICCM project in the western part of Oromia through phased based approaches. With overall responsibilities of leading the HR, program, logistics and close work with finance team, and the project has success fully achieved the set millstones, despite delayed expansion compared to other regions of the country. After ensuring required maturity of ICCM in needy areas, I have been supporting community based newborn care nationally in JSI/L10k targeted areas in close collaborations with FMOH.RHBs, UNICEF, USAID and other partners.

As overall project advisor, I have been closely working with finance department for regular budget and program joint plan and review and mentor program and budget utilization progress of projects and grantee partners and ensured targeted millstones accordingly

I have great team workings, communications, facilitations and problem solving skills, which have helped me in successfully accomplishing various responsibilities at different levels. More over the very good knowledge of the various national health polices, strategies and experience of working with range of groups (community groups, public health sectors at various levels,development partners ( endogenous and international) and for different programs, have helped me to gain practical and comprehensive experiences MSIE is looking for. I have also experience in capacity building in documentations, reporting of most significant change(MSC) techniques and have been supporting in writing reporters to the donors (USAID, Bill gates, UNICEF and others) and other stakeholders. With DME, I gained much experience in project cycle approach, designing programs, plan, review and report to multiple donors and bilateral agencies, with well established regular feedback provision systems for result improvements.

During my profession experience I have been supporting in establitioment of Collaborative and strategies partnership with various stakeholders including FMOH, RHB, Donors, international, local NGOs(grantees) and community groups in various regions of Ethiopia . Being the member of MNCH TWGs at Oromia RHB and FMOH : usually involved in the design review and development of National and regional level Health sector strategies and capacity building tools with focus to RMNCH ( Nutrition, IMNCI,ICCM,CBNC, IRTs for HEWs and other health workers at PHCU levels . I have been representing and presenting my organization on multiple occasions, regionally, national and internationally at various events productively. I am well aware of the national and global health developments and published over 3 papers. I have also experience in capacity building in documentations, reporting of most significant change (MSC) techniques and have been supporting in writing of comprehensive project reporters regularly to the donors (USAID, Bill gates, UNICEF) and other stakeholders. Successfully coordinated larger household project surveys and actively involved in the all cycles of study design to generating quality reports. Have been building capacity of project staffs on DME of programs and establishing functional ME systems at various levels. I feel that, with my experience in MERL in various programs including PEPFAR funded large OVC/PC3 program which was implemented by SC, 5 international NGOs and over 20 local grantees; will significantly worthy for the MELA officer, AIHA is requiring

In relations to working with volunteers, I had rich experience in coordinating RHAs in implementation of RH/FP projects, community volunteers for OVC in large PC3 program and involved in the design and implementation of innovative nonfinancial incentive mechanisms of L10k MNCH project and HEP community health care workers approaches and HDA strategies being implemented nationally. With Bill and Gates foundations(BGF) funded RMNCH project, I had successfully supported community based scalable innovative RMNH solutions in PCQI(participatory community quality improvement) and CSF( community solution fund, small grantee provided to community groups to solve MNH bottle necks at community level) and CBDDM and NFI( non financial incentives to sustain volunteer community health workers .

Thank you for taking time to review my attached CV; I hope you will get my experiences and skills suitable for your further considerations. Should you have questions, please, don t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Amano Erbo


Telephone:, Mob. :720-***-****

Email:, Skype: amanoerbo

Aurora, CO 80011


1. Summery skills /qualifications:

BSC in public health and MPH, more than 13 years of progressive experience with in Government public health sectors, local and International NGOs, has gained commendable skills and experiences. Some of the major areas the following

Program Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and researches in MNCH and HIV/AIDS

Management and Capacity building in community based RMNCH programs

Capacity building on documentations of success and reporting : Most significant change approach, Community based data for decision making

Project Management/ advisory skills in IMNCI, ICCM & community based new born acre

Rich experience in working community health volunteers ( RHAs,VCWs and CBOs)

RH/FP and HIV/AIDs project management

Capacity building on PMTCT

Organizational capacity assessment (OCA) and capacity building

Training and events organizations and facilitation

Participatory community quality improvement approach(PCQI)

Community solution Fund management

Grantee management at various levels

Leadership skills, team working and communications skills

Establishment of collaborative partnership with stakeholders( public sectors, Donors, bilateral genes, grantees at various levels and community groups)

2. Educational back ground

Masters of Public health (MPH),University of Gondar in collaboration with

Addis Institute of Public Health, Ethiopia: July 2010

BSC in Public Health, CGP: 3.73/4, great distinction, Haromaya University,

Ethiopia July 2001

3. Professional work experience

3.1 July 2012 Present: Project Advisor, JSI R&T institute, ICCM expansion /L10k project and CBNC

Integrated community case management project is funded by UNICEF and USAID and being implemented by JSI/L10k in 94 districts of 6 zones in western Oromia,targeted 2237 HPs 4400 HEWs and 306 Health centers . The goal of the project is to contribute to the reduction of mortality in children under five years old in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goal 4 by 2015 through supporting the scale-up of integrated Community-Case Management of Common Childhood Illnesses. CBNC: community based newborn care is also funded by same donors and being implemented in L10k targeted big 4 regions. With the goal to further reduce new born mortality and morbidity, CBNC was designed to prevent and manage common causes of newborn mortality at the community level by HEWs,with the close support from the PHCUs .

Major responsibility: provide over all Technical leadership and support for the the implementation of Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) of Childhood Illness project. Work closely with JSI/L10k director, FMOH, RHBs and support regional and sub regional project coordination offices in detailed project plan development, excusion of activities and mentoring progress.

Major achievements.

Technical support:

Successfully lunched project through zonal level workshop in collaboration with Oromia RHB

Organized and coordinated 9 session of TOTs as per the national protocol and build capacity of the 219 Heath works and project staffs on ICCM and facilitation of HEWs training with in respective woredas

Lead the capacity building of HEWs on ICCM and 4105(92%) HEWs trained on assessment, classification, treatment and follow up of the sick under 5 children

Ensured quality of the ICCM services provided through conducting post training follow up with 4-6 weeks in 2102HPs(94%) and 20% of all the HEPs has received regular supportive supervision quarterly

Service utilizations by the community and quality improved over period with PRCMMs( and integration of ICCM with community based L10k CMNCH projects to generate demand

the PRCMM guide line reviewed with focus on demand generations

ICCM service were initiated in all the targeted HPs

HPs were supplied with necessary service initiation kits

ICCM training materials were reviewed and translated to local languages

capacity of heath workers built on IMNCI and supportive supervision skills

supported project work plans review and amendments made with UNICEF and USAID

supported Oromia region Health bureau by training Health workers on community based new born care

ICCM reporting mechanisms improved as result of tools introduced at end of each training sessions

Accelerated the ICCM expansion in the project control woredas of Jimma zone with short period of time. TOTs, basic trainings, post trainings follow ups and performance review meetings were conducted

Quality of care provided by HEWs and HW was insured through post training follow up to mentor and coach, review services registers and provide onsft feedback and datas complied and analyzed to make sure care providers correctly assessed, classified, treated and provided follow up care services as per guide and national protocols. As a result quality of services were found to outstanding and more than 80 % in all aspects all most all HPs.Quality of diarrhea management improved as a result support provided of ORT corners established with in all HPs

Mentoring, reporting:

Regular planning and reporting system established at with regional and sub regional levels

reviewed regularly monthly and quarterly reports and plan and provided feed backs timely

Quality of the case management improved over period which has been ensued through data analysis from Supportive supervisions and PRCMMs

produced quarterly project progress reports to UNICEF and USAID

Project administration

Lead establishment of two sub regional and 5 zonal cluster project coordination offices

Successfully leaded the recruitment and deployment of 17 project technical staffs

proved close mentoring, supervision of the technical staffs and conducted performance appraisal as per the JSI regulations

Facilitated the administrative,financial and logistics needs and coordinated along with other L10k team at central and regional level

Administrative and HR managing experience: lead the ICCM/CBNC Oromia regional team: recruitment and deployment of over 20 technical and admistratives staffs and established 6 zonal project offices and two sub regional branches. In close collaboration with UNICEF, FMOH and PFSA, essential drugs and supplies ensured planning and distributed to over 2000 HPs as start up kits and regularly along building the HEW capacity on ICCM /CBNC and establishing strong PHCU system to sustain interventions through performance review and clinical mentoring meetings and regular supportive supervisions

Partnership and coordination

Partnership with Regional health bureaus and respective zonal health departments improved

Created smooth communications and relationship with UNICEF and USAID which witnessed in improved supply and support for the project

Regional and national level MNCH annual/biannual review meetings were supported and project lessons shared and ownership has increased over period

involved in the regional and national level MNCH TWs and have supporting

Donors relationship : smooth and effective relationship established and maintained ( both UNICEF and USAID) and functional partnership has been established with FMOH and ORHB, ZHD and other actors operating with in similar thematic areas

Over all, regardless of the many challenges and delayed expansion to the western part of the region, the project had progressed and matured well with in short period of time compared to other areas of the country where the same project was started two years ahead.

CBNC responsibilities and major accomplishments

CBNC was designed to be implemented as continuation ICCM in the same targeted woredas, HCs and HPs through phased approaches. As project technical advisor, supported in the project document write up, development of training materials

Project work plan development based on the donors requirements

Project sensitization and Lunching of project with respective regions/ zones

Supported in the national, regional and zonal level TOTs

Incollboration with FMOH,RHBs and UNICEF supported in the supply of necessary CBNC training materials including essential drugs

Rollout trainings were conducted in respective regions both in the phase I and phase II areas. Quality of trainings were ensured through national standards

Post training follow ups and regular supportive supervisions were also conducted in more than 80% of the HPs

Performance review guidelines were reviewed and shared to the respective teams

Performance review meeting I and PRCMM II were also conducted in all phase I woredas.

Involved in the CBNC qualitative research conducted by independent firm

Maintained smooth working partnership at various levels

Based on the monthly and quarterly project reports from the regional teams reviewed and provided timely feedback

Complied and subitit quarterly project progress reports to the director for sharing with donors and other stakeholders

Along with M&E team, regularly analyses data from the supportive supervision (data base) to ensure implementations millstones achieved and qualities of care are to the required standard. Progress usually reported based on project monitoring indicators and included in the donor reports.

3.2 January 2010- June 2012, MNCH Technical Advisor, JSI R&T

Institute, INC L10k/RMCH project

Last 10 kilometers (L10K): what it takes to improve health out come in rural Ethiopia. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by JSI Research and Training Institute in collaboration with FMOH, RHBs and endogenous civil society organizations. The goal of the project is to strengthen the bridge between Ethiopian families, communities, the HEP and the formal health care system to achieve sustainable RMNCH improvements, at scale in 4 big regions and 115 districts.

Major responsibilities

Provide technical support in community maternal, newborn and child health interventions design and implementation.

Participate in the design of implementation approaches, tools, guides and mechanisms as part of the technical team.

As part of the technical team, identify and adapt scalable innovative approaches to improve household and community MNCH practices and improve quality and utilization of these services.

Actively participate in the HEWs, their supervisors and grantee staff capacity building through provision on trainings on MNH

Provide technical backstop for Oromia regional team and ensure effective partnership with Oromia Regional Health Bureau, public and other sectors in the in the region. Provide regular update about the progress in the region to the L10k management and channel communications to regional team and grantees.

Work closely with the Technical Director, the M&E and Technical Teams to regularly monitor Community Solution Fund implementation review approaches and experiences for better results.

Represent the project to regional partners, donors, sister organizations, working groups and task forces and ensuring effective and collaborative work relationship with all stakeholders and agencies mainly in the area of CMNCH.

Assist in the preparation of quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports to HQ, donors, and other relevant bodies as required. Revise partners report and provided timely feed back

Assist with synthesizing and disseminating lessons learned and best practices. Ensure the documentation of the lessons and process in relation to CSF in all regions and provide technical support in application of most significant change (MSC) technique to identify results seen with in the project targeted communities.

Major accomplishments

Supported and facilitated meeting and Refresher training on CMNCH in Amhara, SNNPR and Oromia regions.

Facilitated action plan development based on the findings of JMV and Midterm survey.

Reviewed the grantee quarterly reports and provided timely feedback.

Establishment of L10k- grantee Quarterly progress updates meetings in Oromia and conducted twice. Documented actions points and shared with both and l10k team.

Supported in HEWs IRT material development translation into Afan Oromo (FHC and other guidelines).

Participated in MNCH technical working groups in ORHB

Follow up of the CSF progress in the 4 regions. Review progress and provided written feedback.

Developed CSF progress follow up checklist and shared with all Regional offices to support in documentation of Changes happening.

Managed to produce comprehensive CSF final report by region and documented MSC stories in some targeted kebeles

Provided back up to the Oromia regional L10k team: regular up date to the L10k central office team; regular meeting with regional team to share up dates and way forwards indicated from central L10k management and technical team.

Assisted in the preparation of quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports to HQ, donors, and other relevant bodies as required. Revise partners report and provided timely feed back

Assisted with synthesizing and disseminating lessons learned and best practices. Ensure the documentation of the lessons and process in relation to CSF in all regions and provide technical support in application of most significant change (MSC) technique to identify results seen with in the project targeted communities

4.3 July 10, 2008- June 30, 2010: Region Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

for JSI. inc- RMNCH Project:

Being Region Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Oromia region, I, with the project team have accomplished and contributed in the following major achievements

1.Project start up & lunching

Involved in the initial start up of the project: participated in the initial regional Planning and L10klunching workshop and reviewed the regional work plan, which was cornerstone for the project in the region

parciapted in the selection of the regional grantees and project target woredas

Supported in the project proposal development. Reviewed the proposals, which were final accepted and approved

Facilitated Experinacesharing visits of the grantee staff to other zones and organized project briefing meeting

2. HEWs and partners staff capacity building: on RMNH

Coordinated and facilitated HEWs TOT in the targeted Zones and woredas

Involved in the review and translation of the training documents and guide line( TOT guide, HEWs handbook, FHC)

Bulit the capacity of grantee staff and woreda and zonal health staff in facilitation of the HEWs training

Coordinated and facilitated 1st and 2nd HEWs Review meeting s in the various project woredas and zones in the region. reviewed and translated ( in Afan Oromo) the RM facilitations guides and other important documents

Reviewed and translated the MNH card and introduced to the HEWs and partners

Provided technical support in the post training follow-up of the HEWs and VCHWs

3. Monitoring and Evaluation related contributions

with M&E team, involved in the development of the project M,E &R frame work and supported partners in developing their respective project M&E framework

Developed and shared JMV guide line, follow up checklists

Provided orientations and ongoing technical support to partners as a result grantee staffs and supervisors at different levels have been conduct supportive follow ups to HEWs, VCHWs and communities.

Developed and introduced/shared comprehensive project implementation guide with clear description of what, when, why and How to do.

provided ongoing technical support to grantee ( tier I & tier II) on reporting and documenting project progress and Reviewed and provided feedback timely based on performance

Successfully coordinated and facilitated regional annual consultative meeting with different stakeholders. Documented and shared action points of the consultative meeting

Organizational capacity building assessment: participated and facilitated OCA process to L10k grantees in different regions

Successful Coordination of L10k Baseline survey in Oromia region

Actively participated and contributed in the development of the survey questioners

Trained data collectors and supervisors for the survey and coordinated the process of data collection.

involved in the result disseminations workshops and facilitated planning sessions with respective regional grantees

CBDDM (community based data for decision making)

With other M&E team members, involved in the design and implementation of CBDDM

Lead the implementation of CBDDM in Oromia region. Reviewed and translated guide and other necessary materials. organized and facilitated CBDDM trainings in the targeted woredas

Facilitated woreda level review meeting and documented lessons

As a result: Positive contribution of CBDDM have recognized by regional government and other partners. Different stakeholders are interested to scale it up. Functional partnership (WoHO- HEWs- VCHWs community) created. Latter on CBDDM was adopted by FMOH and ingrated in the IRTs of HEWs nationally

Most Significant Change (MSC)

Took lead in introducing MSC approach in the project

adopted MSC training and implementation guidelines

With other M&E team organized and facilitated MSC training for L10k project staffs and grantee represented participants

Organized and provided training to grantee staff and HEWs supervisors

As a result: Grantee staff have started reporting of MSC with in respective project areas on quarterly bases and selected MSC stories have been shared to Donors as part of quarterly reports. Change stories were also used to monitor results and usually selected stories shared to project staffs during regular program performance review meetings

3.3 July 18/2005-July 9, 2008 Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for PC3 (OVC), 20 Million USD PEPFAR funded Program, Save the Children USA, Ethiopia Country Office,

Major Duties & Responsibilities accomplished

Responsible for ensuring proper Monitoring and evaluation systems are in place, acts as liaison and point of contact between lead M&E agency and chief of party, build M&E capacity of partners (tier I, II & II) community based programs

Demonstrated effective team building and communication skills to maintain harmony and work effectively in the PC3 M&E team;

Build capacity of the Save the children country national staffs on Design, Monitoring and evaluations and USAID result frame work

supported in establishment of the M&E system at national and sub national offices

capacity building on the project cycle approach

Worked with consultants and coordinated PC3 baseline survey conducted in all big regional towns and follow-up data collection, analysis and report

Ensured accurate and up-to-date data is included in the project document, plan and reports

supported in the compilations of quarterly, biannually and annual reports submitted to USAID

Developed appropriate and participatory, monitoring and evaluation systems for activities of the PC3 program

Establishments of the program quality measurements, CSI( child status index) was introduced to asseses the quality of the services provided to OVC

worked with M&E team and established computerized data base management systems,which helped in to avoid double counting, the number of the OVC reached by various services

Build the capacity of national program staffs, tier I, tier II and community groups on documentations, planning and reporting of progress

Supported in organization, coordination and facilitations of the regular progress review meetings with partners and joint monitoring visits to the various project areas.

3.5 November, 2004-March, 2005 : Master PMTCT Trainer, (Short term Contract) Intera health International& Beth zeta health Services Major Duties & Responsibilities

Provided decentralized on Job training on PMTCT (Prevention mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS) in the governmental health --centers for 6 weeks after being trained (TOT).

Demonstrate to the trainers practically what they have learnt theoretically.

Successfully Conducted stakeholders sensitization workshops with in respective woredas.

Prepare training materials, communicate with concerned bodies and did comprehensive report about the training.

3.6 April, 2003-August, 2004: Overall project coordinator For RH/FP and HIV/AIDS Integrated, Path Finder international funded Project: African development Aid Association (ADAA), Local NGO

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Coordinated of the overall project implementation: supported project lunching with respective zones,

Capacity building of the project staffs, supervisors and Community based reproductive health agents (CBRHAs) and regularly conducted monitoring visits to the project areas.

Prepared proposals in the areas of RH/FP, HIV/AIDS prevention and control and HTPs to

Submitted for various donors and helped in gets funds for implementation

Supported in development of budget plan and programmatic plan and reports

Organized public awareness raising events on FP, polygamy, FGM in districts where theses HTPs were highly prevalent. these events were very successful as positive deviance and modeling for better changes

Produced different IEC materials in areas of RH/FP, HIV/AIDS, and HTPs.

Established and supported in and out school Adolescents RH clubs in urban and semi urban areas of project districts

3.7 : November 2002-March 2003 Coordinator for adolescent RH and HIV /AIDS, PACT international funded project: Development Action for Oromiya Organization, Local NGO

Major accomplishments

Coordinated project implementation activities Plan, monitor and evaluate project activates.

Supported Coordination of Adolescent RH&FP; HIV/AIDS in/out of school and youth friendly centers.

Involved in production of Different IEC material.

Organized and Conduct community mobilization and sensitization workshops. with FBO,CBO, youths

Helped in Project proposals and project work plan development and complication of regular reports to be shared the concerned stakeholders.

3.7 August 2001-October 2002: clinician in the Ginnir hospital and head of the health center for Dodola HC: Oromia Health Bureau, Bale zone

Major responsibilities accomplished

Work as clinician at OPD and wards.

Plan, monitor and manage the over all activities of the health center,

Well Coordinated outreach activities for EPI and other campaign with in the community

Work with and Communicate with concerned bodies to enhance accomplishments

Managed the resources of the Health center effectively and efficiently

supervised about 15 health workers at the health centers

4. Major capacity building trainings organized and facilitated

ICCM/IMNCI regional level TOTs

HEWs basic ICCM role out trainings and IMNCI trainings to health professionals

Community based new born care(CBNC) regional level TOT to partners staffs, ORHB and ZHD experts

Most significant change technique, to Government and NGO partners

Community based data for decision making to partner staffs

Design,Monitoring and Evaluation to Save the children USA partner organizations and Food for Hunger (FHI) various project staffs

Participatory Community quality Improvement (PCQI) trainings to JSI-L10k grantees

Integrated community case management (ICCM) TOT for woreda and Zonal health department staffs

HEWs Community based Integrated TOT in various regions

PMTCT,TOT for Health workers in Addis Ababa and Afar region

5. Major TRANINGS and workshops attended (when& where)

TOT on Community based new born care: trained and facilitated regional level TOT in collaboration with Regional Health bureaus and UNICEF

Ethiopian Child survival strategy review workshop organized by FMOH,WHO and UNICEF

Joint planning workshop on ICCM by UNICEF home office : Tanzania

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