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Lafayette, California, United States
February 02, 2018

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Think outside the box: add some gray hair to your team. It’s the color of experience. Creative with a wide-ranging career and a great track record. Whatever the technology, the best results are the product of diligence, insight and imagination (with a dash of panache). These human qualities were used to lead the design and development of package which generated $250 million in revenue for one company, created an application that saved thousands of person-hours every year for another, and helped dozens of clients achieve their business goals. The tools change, but character endures. Put these time-tested skills to work for you.

Technical Skills


Java, SQL, PHP, VBA, JSP, C/C++, Various assemblers, etc.

HTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, JSON


Windows, Android, IBM iSeries, Apache etc.


Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS-Access, SQLite, DB2/400



OOP, OOD, Agile.



Lumetra – Senior Application Developer

Data Dimensions – Managing Principal Consultant

Aldon Computer Group – Product Director, Change Management Systems

Rand Information Systems – Senior Project Manager, Team Lead

Startups -- Developer

Great Playz – Backend Developer

MCLEasy – Co-founder / Web Developer

Rome Solutions – Principal, Consultant


Adobe – SQL Developer

Cellotape – Consultant / Developer

Ellen Wong Music – Web Design and Development

PMI Group – Consultant

Aldon Computer Group – Developer

Sample Accomplishments

LMi (Aldon/CMS):

Lead the design and development of Aldon’s flagship product: LMi.

This commercial software package helps businesses manage their software development. It automates object movement and creation, project tracking, object distribution, release management, security, archiving, and conflict management. Supports a wide variety of development situations: simple cases are handled in a straightforward manner, while elegantly supporting highly complex configurations for those who need it.

LMi has won many awards and has provided the majority of company revenue for the past twenty years.


Conceived, designed, developed and maintained a productivity application which saved Lumetra thousands of person hours every year. Used Oracle, SQL Server and MS-Access data bases on three different servers. VBA, SQL OOD, Agile.

Bachelor’s Degree, Indiana University



Location: Lafayette, CA

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