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warehouse/forklift operator/packer

El Paso, Texas, United States
August 31, 2017

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El Paso, TX *****


OBJECTIVE: Warehouse / Logistics


15+ years experience in warehousing and logistics operations including:

Shipping, receiving, inspections and staging

Cross-border operations – U.S. and Mexico

Quality Control

Warehousing for up to 80 docks

Safety training ad compliance

Inventory tracking systems

Warehouse scanners, printers, forklifts, lift beams with swivel-hooks, hoists, elevating platforms; electric and gasoline power trucks, cars, and tractors to transport materials between storage areas; lifting devices for pallets, skids, and boxes

OSHA Certified Fork Lift Operator

Data entry (PDT, mainframe terminal) SAP, IBM touch screen; Emal software (Outlook, Thunderbird)

Bilingual: English and Spanish


Shipping and Receiving, Expeditors International, El Paso, TX Nov 2016 – Feb 2017

(Instaff Agency)

Shipping and receiving of satellite solar panels in boxes; reworking and changing labels; staging; checking for damages; strapping and packaging for shipping; securing load with airbag system

Warehouse Worker, Ryder, El Paso, TX October 2016

Reworks, opened boxes, checked for damages, entered into computer

Penske, El Paso, TX (Manpower Agency) Aug / Sept 2016

Unloaded trailers with merchandise; checked load for count, damages, stage, and destination; loaded empty totes into trailer.

Toro, El Paso, TX (RMP Agency) July 2016

Loaded trucks, prepared loads for shipping with strap and corner board; scanned labels into computer from conveyor into trailer.

Quality Control, Expeditors International, El Paso, TX (Instaff Agency) Mar / Jun 2016

Reworks, opened boxes, checked for damages and missing parts

Warehouse Operator, Bosch, El Paso, TX (Instaff Agency) Jan / Feb 2016

Warehouse Operator, Electrical Components International, El Paso, TX Sept 2015

(Instaff Agency)

Picked up drums from floor, staged, scanned, labeled and shipped

Packer, Stratec Security, El Paso, TX (RMP Agency) June 2014 / Apr 2015

Loaded products into package processing equipment and work areas; entered product, packaging, and order information onto forms and records; inspected materials and products to assure packing specifications were accurate; measured, weighed, and counted products and materials; marked and labeled containers, container tags, and products.

Warehouse Operator, Transload Forwarding, El Paso, TX (MD Dickason) June 2014

Unloaded and loaded trailers of bags of product; pictured and checked for damages; secured load, and tallied for stock into location.

Packer, Tyco Electronics, El Paso, TX (Aerotek) Apr 2013 / Apr 2014

Loaded materials and products into package processing equipment. Cleaned containers, materials, supplies, and work areas, using cleaning solutions and hand tools. Entered product, packaging, and other information onto forms and records. Examined and inspected containers, materials, and products to ensure packing specifications were met.

Shipping and Receiving, Data Entry, Trans Expedite, El Paso, TX Aug 2012 – Oct 2012

(Direct Hire)

Recorded shipment data (weight, charges, space availability, damages, or discrepancies) for reporting, accounting and recordkeeping. Prepared work orders, bills of lading, and shipping orders to route materials. Conferred and corresponded with customer representatives to correct problems with damages, shortages, or nonconformance to specifications. Packed, sealed, labeled, and affixed postage to prepare materials for shipping, using hand tools, power tools, and postage meter.

Warehouse, Assembly Line, Foster Electric, El Paso, TX (Burnett Staffing) May 2012 / Jun 2012

Received, stored, and issued materials, equipment and other items from stockroom, warehouse, and storage yard. Maintained records and compiled stock reports. Moved freight, stock, and other materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles, ships, or containers, by hand or with equipment. Sorted cargo before loading and unloading. Attached identifying tags to containers and marked them with identifying information.

Warehouse Associate, Werner, El Paso, TX (Direct Hire) May 2007 / Mar 2012

Temporary hire through Burnett Agency for three months and then hired as permanent employee

Worked 80 docks

Received and counted stock items and recorded data manually or with scanner. Packed and unpacked items for stocking on shelves in stockrooms, warehouses, and storage yards. Verified inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, investigated discrepancies, and adjusted errors. Stored items in orderly and accessible manner in warehouses, tool rooms, supply rooms, and other areas.

Warehouse Operator, Transmaritime Central, Inc., El Paso, TX Jan 2007 / Feb 2007

(Direct Hire)

Checked incoming trailers into yard, loaded and unloaded merchandise, checked for damage and count, moved containers from and to location for shipping from box trains to storage

Dock Worker, Averitt, El Paso, TX (Direct Hire) Dec 2005 / Mar 2006

Loaded boxes with dolly into trailers from Wrangler; docked, loaded and unloaded various types of merchandise (i.e., televisions).

Warehouse Operations, Claude’s Sauce Co., El Paso, TX June 2005

Examined contents and compared with manifests, invoices, and orders, to verify accuracy of incoming and outgoing shipments. Prepared work orders, bills of lading and shipping orders, to route materials. Recorded shipment data, weight, charges, space availability, damages, and discrepancies for reporting, accounting and recordkeeping purpose. Determined shipping method for materials, using knowledge of shipping procedures, routes, and rates.3

Warehouse Operations, Dynamic Tool Co., El Paso, TX (Direct Hire) 1986 – 2004

Warehouse, forklift, and machine operations

Performed as machine operator

Packed capicitators into boxes

Labels and scale, palletize into pallets

Staged for shipping and did shrink wrap

Machine loaded into trailers


Diploma, Ysleta High School, El Paso, TX

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