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Technical Support Systems

Saratoga County, New York, United States
August 29, 2017

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Jamil Hossain

** ******** ****, ******* ****, NY 12065

Phone: 518-***-**** (Home), 518-***-**** (Cell)



Seeking a fulltime permanent position in one of the following areas in which I have a broad range of hands on experience:

Ø UNIX/Linux/Windows Systems Engineering\Administration

Ø VMWare administration with vSphere

Ø WebApplication Administration with Apache, Tomcat, UNIX Shell Scripting

Ø Data & Statistical Analysis using various analytical tools

Ø User Support and Training on Modern Computer Hardware/Software packages

Hands on WebApplications and Systems Engineering\Administration Experience:

1. Web Administration: Apache httpd and apache Tomcat servers

2. Windows OS: Server 2012, 2008, 2003

3. LINUX OS: SUSE, Red Hat Enterprise, OpenSUSE, CentOS

4. UNIX/Solaris OS: Sun/Oracle SPARC & Open ( x86_64) Solaris

5. Desktop: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, MAC OS

6. VMware: VMware vSphere/ESX/ESXi 4.x, 5.x: Powerful Server Virtualization tools

Technical Certifications:

1. Sun/Oracle Solaris System Administration Level II – top level System administration.

2. Network Administration in Sun/Oracle Solaris (SPARC and x86_64) Environment.

3. PC (DOS/Windows and Mac) Hardware repair certificate

4. System Performance Tuning using SarCheck System performance analysis tools

Other Certifications

1. Six Sigma Green Belt

2. Fundamentals of Puppet tools to manage an infrastructure

Technical Experience

Tata Consultancy Services, USA: Lead.GE Digital (Formerly known as Global Research)

Deployed at General Electric (GE), Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY, USA (11/2013 - 8/2017), 3 years 10 months.

Project Work:

1. Lead - Global Support: Applications and Web Operations:

Lead and Manage the Web Operations Support team providing services for GE Global Research Worldwide

Install, configure, manage and maintain Web Servers such as httpd, Apache Tomcat and IIS in Linux and Windows environments

Troubleshoot and resolve Web Operations issues reported by GE businesses around the World

Facilitate all contacts between Customers, Application owners and Global Web Operations support team

Install, configure Siteminder, SAML, Shibboleth WebAgents in Linux & Windows OE for Single Sign-On authentication as part of Application Security.

Administer and maintain application source codes in UNIX/Linux and Windows environments

Provide technical help for application owners and developers in UNIX/Linux/Windows OE

Develop and maintain shell scripts to automate Application functions

Develop and maintain detailed documentations of all the servers and applications hosted on them

Develop and enforce strict policies and procedures for Servers and application retirement

2. Administer Alfresco: Document Management System Administration and Support

Administer, Maintain and Manage Alfresco Document management Systems at GE Global Research (both US and India)

Administer and Manage automated document loading system from LDAP to Alfresco database

Provide technical support for Global user community of Alfresco Production environment

Write technical documentations for Alfresco user community at GE Global Research

Train Alfresco users on how to utilize Alfresco features currently made available

Research and enhance various features of Alfresco Enterprise System

Maintain and Manage technical relationship between software manufacturer and GE GRC

Document all features of Alfresco in use at GE Global Research Center

Lead OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM/Livelink) Administration:

Create and Administer Livelink user accounts in GE Livelink Global Enterprise environment

Create, manage and maintain Livelink Organizations, Groups and Distribution Lists

Administer and maintain GE Global Livelink and LDAP/Active Directory Synchronization process

Maintain and manage GE Global Livelink Enterprise Contens Servers

Provide technical support for Global user community of ECM (Livelink)

Administer and support planned and unplanned Livelink outages, upgrades and patching

3. Lead Replace OpenText ECM v10.x with Alfresco Enterprise 5.x:

(i) Provide Server Administrator function for Alfresco Developer team for:

Installation and configuration of the application - Alfresco in Linux OE

Install and configure MySql Databse environment in Linux OE

Migrate Livelink contents from Windows hosted environment to Alfresco

Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication on access to Alfresco application

Establish regular backup and recovery process for Alfresco enterprise

Role over to Alfresco and disable OpenText ECM enterprise

Document the entire process for future reference

Perform Alfresco/LDAP sychronization when required

Administer Alfresco user accounts, user Groups and Distribution Lists

Administer and maintain technical relationship between GE-GRC and Alfresco vendor

(ii) Provide total application Administration for Alfresco Enterprise System

Develop User Manual for Alfresco users

Provide individual and group training for Alfresco user community

Provide Core technical support for Alfresco and its other entities (TISCAT & GE-GRC Library)

Provide Day to day operational and user support for Alfresco system

Maintain Alfresco usage log at all levels

Monitor and Administer usage of highly sensitive materials within Alfresco Enterprise

4. Administrative Support for the ERP Packages:

Prepare new UNIX/Linux and Windows servers to host ERP packages for GE Global businesses

Facilitate Installation, Configuration of 3rd party ERP packages on GE hosted servers

Install and Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication process for all supported applications

Facilitate & Provide technical support for automation of ERP package functions

Provide Systems Administration help for ERP application owners and 3rd party software vendors

Develop and maintain detailed technical documentaion of each ERP package administered

5. Systems Administration Support for Corporate Data Center and OneAD infrastructures:

Upgrade all Windows 2003 servers to Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 before July 14, 2015

Migrate applications hosted in Windows 2003 environments to Windows 2012 by end of 2015

Migrate all GE non-Export control servers from legacy domains into Corporate OneAD domain

Migrate all GE Export Controlled servers into the GE Corporate Restricted Domain (RD)

Help UNIX/Linux and Windows Server teams during upgrade, patching, data and OS migration

Help UNIX/Linux and Windows Server teams during planned and unplanned IT Site outages

Help Network and Security teams during planned and unplanned outages, upgrade & maintenance

Help Backup and Storage team during planned and unplanned outages, upgrade and patching

5. Cloud Computing Administration in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and GE Corporate Cloud environments:

Facilitate VM hosts creation in AWS Cloud for Web hosting GE Applications

Facilitate VM hosts creation in Corporate Data Center Cloud for Web hosting GE Applications

Administer WebOps Cloud VMs (Linux, Windows) in the Cloud environments

Install and configure Web Applications in Cloud hosts utilizing GitHub repos

Install WebAgents on Cloud (Linux & Windows) hosts for Single Sign-On authentication

Provide technical support for Web applications in Cloud environments

Systems Administrator Senior: 5/2013 – 9/2013: Northwestern University, Evanston IL ((4 month)

Last completed projects:

1. Avalon Library Media Systems: Built a RedHat Enterprise 6 Linux server in VMware vCenter environment. Installed and configured the Avalon Library Media test System that will be used for production library technology services.

Note: Avalon is a freely available open source software system to enable academic libraries and archives to easily provide online access to their video and audio collections.

2. Built several RedHat Enterprise 6 x86_64 virtual servers in Cloud environment to test various Linux application installations and configurations.

3. Troubleshooting problems and providing user support as a member of the Systems Admin team.

4. Implemented simple Puppet scripts to puppetize (Automate Administration) Cloud based Linux Systems .

5. As a Systems Admin team member, monitor Storage capacity utilization on key systems.

Systems Administrator: Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, 8/1996 - 4/2013 (17 years)

Last completed projects (as of 4/2013):

1. Completed Evaluation of Red Hat Enterprise LINUX version 6.x for deployment in current cluster

2. Configured a SuSe Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 VM as a “SFTP only” server for the enterprise

3. Configured one VMware SuSe Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 and a physical SLES 11 SP2 servers to install and configure four different freeware packages for Record Linkage test (such as DeDupe, Febrl, MTB and RELAIS). Record Linkage test process is in progress. The goal is to avoid buying expensive commercial software packages for Record Linkage.

4. Maintaining and monitoring Storage Capacity utilization on several key servers within Chapin Hall's Enterprise Systems.

5. VMware vCenter Server Standard : Configured one physical server with “VMware vCenter Server Standard” software suit, two physical and three virtual SuSE Linux 11 Enterprise servers utilizing NFS file systems to achieve the following goals:

- Large scale management of VMware vSphere deployments

- Rapid provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, and control of a large number of VMs.

- Distribute a large amount of storage space within the VMware cluster via NFS mount points.

- Avoid buying expensive hardware packages to build a SAN

This proved to be a time saver in Systems and Network administration tasks! This has also helped Chapin Hall avoid buying expensive SAN hardware package for storage.

6. Configured 12 VMware hosts using ESXi 4.x and 5.x. Built a total of 37 new Virtual servers, including:

- One Windows 2003 server,

- Four Windows 2008 servers

- Two Windows XP Virtual Workstations

- A total of 25 Virtual SuSE Enterprise 11 Linux servers.

- Five Virtual Solaris (SPARC and Open Solaris x86-64 v10 and v11) servers, mainly for development & test

- Two Networked HP multifunction Laser Printers

7. Re-engineered an existing SAN foundation (original description below) built on two Sun StorEdge 6120 arrays. The SAN is now used on a network of two 64 bit SPARC and Open Solaris (x86_64) physical servers utilizing NIS/NFS, Container and ZFS features.

8. Configured one new Windows 2008 R2 server with a 3.7 TB GPT Volume to replace an older Active Directory file server currently deployed.

The original SAN Engineering project at Chapin Hall, University of Chicago:

Initially developed a SAN architecture in a Sun Solaris 10 network environment. The goal was to achieve the highest-level of systems performance, dedicated, secure and easily accessible data storage, and to centralize management of the enterprise. Following is the technical summary of the completed project:

Ø SunFire V880 server: Installed and configured 64 bit SPARC Solaris 10 Operating System on this server to work as the NIS and NFS master server

Ø Sun StorEdge 6120 Arrays: Installed and configured two StorEdge 6120 arrays in a 2x2 configuration with RAID-5 capabilities

Ø Fibre Optic HBA: Installed and configured two single port 2 GB/s PCI 64-bit JNI Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters

Ø Sun StorEdge 6k family: Installed and configured Sun StorEdge 6000 family installation software kit

Ø SAN Foundation: Installed and configured Solaris SAN Foundation kit 4.4.2 to communicate with the RAID-5 volumes on 6120 arrays

Ø VERITAS Volume manager: Installed and configured VERITAS Volume manager 3.5 to manage the RAID-5 volumes/LUNs and to centralize management of the Enterprise.

Ø VERITAS ASL: Installed and configured VERITAS Array Support Library 1.2 to maintain Dynamic Multi Pathing between the server and the StorEdge 6120 arrays.

Ø VERITAS NetBackup: Installed and configured VERITAS NetBackup 4.5 for automated backup of the Enterprise for Disaster Recovery.

Ø UNIX tools: Installed more than 25 different applications, including SAS v9.x and many third party applications for data analysis work on the server.

Responsibilities in UNIX, LINUX, Mac & Windows Systems Administration:

Ø Install and configure VMware Virtual physical hosts to host Virtual guests/servers on them

Ø Install and configure VMware virtual guests/servers using various operating systems on the VMware hosts

Ø Utilize VMware vSphere, VMware Workstation and vCenter to manage and maintain existing servers

Ø Utilize Snapshots feature in VMware clients to manage and maintain versions of Virtual servers

Ø Install, Configure and maintain new and existing physical Servers to run in Solaris and Linux environments.

Ø Administer network of 2 UNIX servers running in Sun Solaris SPARC 10 and Solaris 10 x86 OE.

Ø Administer a total of 50 SUSE LINUX servers including RDBMS and Web application hosts.

Ø Administer 11 Windows 2003/2008 servers one of them serving as the VERITAS Backup Exec media server.

Ø Monitor UNIX and Linux production servers at the system level to identify performance bottleneck.

Ø Maintain and monitor daily performance of SAN (Sun StorEdge 6120) via automated UNIX script

Ø Perform system related troubleshooting on production servers on both hardware and software levels

Ø Utilize SarCheck analysis tools to analyze and tune up performance bottlenecks on UNIX/Linux servers.

Ø Write up technical manuals for applications running in UNIX/Linux environment to help system users.

Ø Perform regular UNIX/Linux systems upgrade tasks to apply Recommended and special OS patches.

Ø Configure and administer a network of TCP/IP, NIS, DNS, and NFS in a client Server architecture

Ø Administer Operating Systems and file systems usage by all users within the UNIX/Linux environment

Ø Install, Configure, maintain, troubleshoot and tune up Web servers in UNIX/Linux/Mac OS environment

Ø Implement software and hardware solutions using Sun Solaris (Solstice) Disk Suite and VERITAS Volume Manager (v3.2) utility and ZFS tools

Ø Develop UNIX/LINUX shell script and cron job utilities for automatic, off duty system monitoring

Ø Write and maintain UNIX shell and C programs to automate UNIX password aging in Solaris NIS environment

Ø Install and configure PC to UNIX/Solaris remote connectivity using X-Windows, CRT, UltraEdit, FTP/WS_FTP and Telnet applications

Ø Install, configure and administer SSH (Secure Shell) servers/clients to provide security within UNIX/Linux environments.

Ø Install, configure and administer commercial 3rd party software utilities on UNIX/Linux servers.

Ø Install, configure, troubleshoot, upgrade, maintain and support Sybase (15.x), Oracle (10g, 11g), MySQL and MS-SQL Relational Database Servers.

Ø Perform Database Administration tasks as backup Database Administrator

Ø Perform Systems backups of Solaris and Relational Database Systems for disaster recovery using VERITAS NetBackup Business Server 4.5 for Solaris and Backup Exec 13.x for Windows 2003.

Programming Responsibilities:

q Write and maintain programs in (Automatch) Automatic Record Linkage Application

q Write and maintain programs in (Autostan) Automatic data/records Standardization Application

q Run Automatch and Geocoding processes utilizing Automatch and Autostan programs to generate reports of probabilistic statistical analysis

q Write C (ANSI)/C++ programs in UNIX/Solaris environment to automate user password administration

q Analyze the reports from Automatch and Geocoding processes, perform further statistical analysis on the results to validate the reports generated from Automatch and Geocoding

q Develop in-house tools and scripts to facilitate extraction, conversion, translation and manipulation of legacy and modern system data

q Write UNIX Shell Scripts for large sets of data analysis in UNIX environment

q Write SAS programs to manipulate flat ASCII data files to and from Sybase relational database tables

q Supervise and facilitate further Data Normalization Process and data migration to relational databases

q Administer Statistical Analysis on Normalized Data for Quality Control Reports using tools such as UNIX shell scripts and SAS programs

q Administer in house and on-line organizational data warehouse.

q Administer in house and on-line organizational data warehouse security

Novell Netware Mac & Windows environments Systems Administrator’s Responsibilities:

q Install, configure, troubleshoot and administer Windows Operating Systems on user workstations

q Install, configure and administer Novell Netware Clients on user workstations

q Create, Modify and delete user accounts for Netware and GroupWise email servers

q Administer user accounts, groups, distribution lists and space usage in the Active Directory environment

q Administer workstations and servers running in Mac OS environment for various organizational tasks

q Write up technical manuals for applications running in Windows environment to connect to UNIX servers

q Perform System backup in Novell Netware environment for Disaster Recovery, using VERITAS Backup Exec

q Provide technical support to remote and local users connecting to and utilizing UNIX servers from Windows workstations.

Part time Instructor - North Eastern Illinois University, Chicago, 1/2000 – 12/2000:

Taught an introductory Computer Science course to provide the students with a general

introduction to computers and their usage in today's society. Topics included are: History of

Computing, Computer hardware, Application Software and beginning level Programming.

Store Support Representative - Software Specialist: ELEK-TEK, Inc. 11/94 -8/96 (2 years)

Supervise all activities within the store service department. Install, Configure, Troubleshoot, Repair most PC computers; advise users with software applications questions. Provide hardware and software technical support in-store and on the phone.

CD-ROM Library Assistant: Library, DePaul University-Loop Center, Chicago, 1/94 - 9/96 (2 years)

Provide assistance to users doing research in CD-ROM automated reference center.

Intel Pentium Processor Airport Tour Staff: Intel's Pentium* Show, O'Hare Airport, July, 1994:

Demonstrated first Pentium Processor-based IBM compatible PCs highlighting its processor performances as well as software application features such as video conferencing, digital communications.

Programming Experiences:

UNIX Shell, SAS, PERL Automatch, Autostan, CGI, HTML, JAVA, CORBA, MS-Visual C/C++, SQL for ORACLE and Sybase.

Software Proficiency:

Operating Systems: VMware vSphere 5.x, Windows 2012, 2008, 2007, 2010, UNIX Sun Solaris (2.3-2.10, 11), SuSe Linux (9x, 11x), Red Hat 6.x, CentOS 6.x, Novell Netware 4-6.x, Mac (OS 7.x - X).

Word Processing & Spreadsheet: All features of MS-Office 16, WordPerfect for Windows, Harvard Graphics, Lotus 123, First Publisher, MS-PageMaker.

Database Systems and Servers: ORACLE 8i, 9i 10g, 11g, MySQL, MS-SQL 2008, 2012, Sybase 10.x-15.x, dBase IV, FileMaker Pro (3.x-5.x), MS-Access 9x-2010

Web/Internet Packages: MS-Internet Explorer, Netscape/Firefox Mozilla, Netscape Communicator, Google Chrome Google Earth

E-mail Systems: Novell GroupWise, MS-Exchange/Outlook, and Lotus Notes.

Presentation/ Case Tools: MS-PowerPoint, Visio, ProKit, MacDraw, Mac A&E, MathCAD.

Data/Systems Security Packages: SarCheck for Solaris and Linux, SSH, for UNIX and Windows, X-Win32, WinSCP, WS_FTP, Better Telnet, eXodus.

Hardware Experience:

All IBM/Intel Compatible Processor based systems and 802**-***** PC. Sun Micro System's SPARC Work Stations and Enterprise Servers, Storage Arrays 5k and 6k family. Familiar with Modern Network Firewalls, Switches, Network Cards, DNS/DHCP Servers, Network Hubs and HBAs.

Special Courses Taken:

Operating Systems (Kernel, RAM, ROM), Systems Analysis &; Design, UNIX Operating Systems, Network Management, Systems Documentation & Technical Writing, Linear Programming, Numerical Analysis, Managing in the Legal environment, Financial &; Managerial Accounting, Data Communications, Basic Telecommunications, Group Decision Support Systems, Distributed Computing, Information Systems Engineering, Legal Aspect of Data Processing.

Application Software Development Project:

In a team of four, we followed the most modern Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology to design and develop a fully automated (menu driven) Database system in dBase IV for Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Fully documented the new system and trained all end-users.


Master of Science Degree, June 1999

School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems

DePaul University, Chicago, U. S. A.

Major: Information Systems (IS).

Bachelor of Science Degree, May 1993

University Of Wisconsin Stevens Point, U.S.A.

Major: Computer Information Systems (CIS), Emphasis in: Technical Support

Minor: Mathematics.

Academic Honors and awards:

Chancellor's Leadership Award 1993,

National Deans List 1992,

University Leadership Award 1991.

Volunteer Activities: active involvements in:

Bangladesh Association of Chicagoland (BAC), Chicago Sybase Users Group (CSUG), NAFSA Leadership Programs at UWSP 1993, Students Orientation Leader for new students 1992, Summer Special Olympics of Wisconsin 1991, Local Hunger Cleanup Programs 1990, Students Advising at UWSP, Multi Ethnic Festivals Coordinator at UWSP 1990.

Leadership Skills: Achieved the following leadership titles:

Treasurer – OBAC (Organization of Bangladeshi American Community in Capital Region), 2017, President- South Asia Society UWSP 1990-1992, Host Family Program Coordinator UWSP 1993, Advisor - Student Advisory Team UWSP 1992, Member- Computer Science Association UWSP 1993, Master of Ceremonies for Ethnic Festivals 1993.

Interests: Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Music, Cooking, and Reading novel.

References: Available upon request.

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