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Sr. buenos system snalyst

Dallas, Texas, United States
110 000 yr
August 30, 2017

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Mercedes S antiago

***** * ****** * *. A ustin, T X 7 8717

(512-*-**-**** H m. 214-***-**** C ell


Seeking a n I nformation-Technology p osition w here r elated e xperience a nd s trong technical/business b ackground c an b e u tilized t o c ontribute t o t he e xpansion o f business d evelopment, p roductivity, i ncreased r evenues, a nd c areer enhancement. T echnical p osition o ffering c hallenge, a ccountability, a nd a n opportunity f or c areer a dvancement a nd p rofessional d evelopment. Summary

Senior t echnical p roblem s olver, w ith e xtensive e xperience i n l arge t o m edium s ize p rojects. Experience i n c oordinated a t ask f orce i n t ransitioning a pplication f rom o ne p latform t o another. R esponsible f or i mplementing, a nd m anaging o f n ew t echnologies f or d omestic a nd international c lients. P rove a bility i n d esign, i mplementation, m aintenance, a nd r etirement o f legacy a pplication. H ands o n e xperience w ith: P roject M anagement, A gile M ethodology, Manufacturing, T echnology T ransition, I nventory M anagement, F inancial, D omestic a nd International C oordination.


Programming L anguages

JSP, X ML, H TML, J 2EE, J PA, W eb-logic, O DBC, J DBC, M aven,GIT, J ava, C, C P L/SQL, Natural 2, A DABAS, C OBOL, C OBOL-II, D B2 S QL, N DM C :D ( Connect D irect), J CL, OS-utilities.

Operating S ystems a nd S oftware

Java7, S nagit, V PN, E clipse, O racle, z /OS, D B2 V ersion 1 0, D B2 T uning/Explain, QMF/SPUF, M VS, T SO, V SAM, I D-CAMS, G eneration D ata S et, I SPF, A bend-Aid, S CLM, Job S can, E xpediter, F ile-Aid w ith D B2, I BM-Studio. Hardware

IBM m ainframe, s erver, n etworks a nd w ork-stations. Productivity T ools

Agile,Scrum, X P, R AD, M S W ord, M S E XCEL, M S P roject, M S O ut-Look, M S P ower-Point, Visio.


Scrum M aster, C onnect D irect, 5 08 C ompliance ( prep c ourees f or c ertification), S ystem Development L ife C ycle

Professional E xperience

Jan-2016 – D ec-2016

G eneral D ynamics I nformation T echnology, D epartment O f I nterior - B SEE N ew O rleans, L a Principal S oftware E ngineer, f unctioning a s s crum m aster a ssigning t ask t o j unior d evelopers. D esign team c o-lead i n c harge o f n ew d evelopment f or t he D epartment O f I nterior - B ureau o f S afety Environment E nforcement, ( DOI-BSEE). A nalyzed, r efined a nd t ranslated u ser r eporting requirements, f unctioning a s s ubject m atter e xpert o n O racles B I P ublisher, c reated c onnection t o facilitate d evelopment o f r eporting. D esigned m ultiple n ew r eports f or d ata a nalysis. Jan-2006 A pr-2015 S r. S ystem A nalyst

Texas G uarantee S tudent L oan C o R ound R ock, T X Responsible t o a nalyze a nd d esign n ew e nhancements a nd r egulatory c hanges t o s upport t he D efault Aversion C laim a nd C ollection S ystem, ( DACCS). Since J anuary 2 011, w orking b oth t he B ack-End a pplications a ccount-management, a ccounting a nd Front-End J 2EE f inancial a pplications. R eview, a nalyst a nd d eveloped J 2EE a pplications i ncluding coding, t esting a nd d ebugging t o s upport c ompany's b usiness r equirements. W orked t hrough v arious server t o w orkstations c onnectivity i ssues. During 2 006 t o 2 011, d evelop n ew f unctional d esigns, t echnical d esigns, t est c ases, t est p lans, deployment a nd i mplementation o f t he R ehabilitation p roject. D esign, c ode a nd i mplement r eports f or the r egulatory c hanges m andated b y t he n ew H igher E ducation R econciliation A ct ( HERA) f or t he Case M anagement s ubsystem. A ssist i n t he d evelopment o f t echnical d esigns f or t he f ront-end o f t he Versatile R outing p roject. D B2 t uning a nd r edesigning S QL u sing e xplain t o e valuate t he c urrent process a long w ith a ssociated c ost w ith t he i ntent o f i mproving p erformance. A ll e xecutable m odules coded i n C OBOL-DB2.

2004 – D ec-2005 C ontractor – N atural-DB2 Texas G uarantee S tudent L oan C o R ound R ock, T X Responsible t o s upport t he P rofile M anager P roject f or t he c onversion o f N atural A DABAS d ata t o COBOL/DB2.

Convert d ata c urrently m aintained u nder T exas G uarantee S tudent L oan C o, ( TG’s) P rogram S upport Process S ystem ( PSPS) a nd T G T ables a pplications f rom a n A DABAS m ainframe d atabase t o a D B2 database. P rimary f ocus o f e ngagement i s t he c onversion o f A DABAS d ata t o m eta-data D B2 database, a nalysis a nd d ocumentation o f N atural/ADABAS, t he o n-line p rogram ( PSPS a nd T G Tables s ystems), t o a ssist i n c onversion t o w eb b ased f ront-end a ccess f or b usiness a reas a nd rewrite N atural/ADABAS b atch p rograms i n C OBOL/DB2 S QL a ccess a nd C OBOL/IDMS. C reate functional d esigns t o m eet r equirements. C reate p roject t ask l ists/WBS a nd r esource e stimates. Perform c oding b ased d esign f or o ther p rogrammers. C reate u nit a nd/or s ystem t est p lans. C onduct production m igration, w alk t hrough f or i mplementation. P repare d ocumentation f or a ll p hases o f w ork and s tatus r eports.

1998 – 2 002 I T S pecialist

IBM - L ucent T ech. A ccount D enver, C o

Responsible f or p roject m anagement a nd a pplication s upport, w orked r emotely f or 3 y ears. Project M anager f or t he N MD e limination s ystem. M odifying J CL, P ROCS m embers, a nd t he concatenation o f l ibraries. E limination o f i nput a nd o utput f iles u sed b y N MD s ystems. E nhancing existing C OBOL a nd C OBOLII p rogram t o e liminate t he u sed o f N MD s ystems. T echnical l ead f or conversion t o C onnect:Direct, ( C:D), f rom A FT/FTP, c oordinated i mplementation s trategies a nd coding t echniques f or a pplication d evelopers. C :D i s a cross f unctional p latform s olution f or t he deployment o f h igh-speed f ile t ransfer. M y d evelopers w ere i n I ndia, w e u sed I BM's S EI l evel 3 methodology t o g uild c onversion e fforts. W orking w ith s ystem p rogrammer, i nstalled C :D i nto generally a ccess l ibraries. D eveloped J CL-PROCS, U NIX-SCRIPT s hells a nd N T-Batch f iles u sed b y developers t o i mplement t he C :D s olutions. A ssisted d evelopers w ith t he i mplementation o f C :D b y providing s ample J CL, U NIX-SCRIPT s hells a nd N T-Batch f iles d etailing t he u se o f C :D. M anaged domestic a nd i nternational l ocation ( China, S pain a nd B razil), d uring t he C onnect:Direct implementation. T he C onnect:Direct p roduct w as i mplemented o n d iverse p latforms r anging f rom Mainframe t o N T t o U NIX. P erformed C onnect:Direct t raining f unction t o t he M aintenance s upport group. M aintained a nd e nhanced, f or a n e lectronic m anufacturing p lant, t he O rder E ntry P rocess System, u sed t o e lectronically a ccept o rders f rom d omestic c lients. S ystem w as m aintained i n D B2 / SQL a nd C OBOL, u sed Q MF/SPUFI a nd E xpediter f or t esting. M aintained a nd e nhanced t he i nitial order v alidation s ystem u sed b y f oreign c lient, ( China, B razil, S pain, T aiwan a nd M exico). T he application s crubbed i nputs a nd f eed c lean f iles i nto t he O rder E ntry P rocess S ystem. T he i nitial validation s ystem w as d eveloped i n M icro F ocus C OBOL, S hell s cripts a nd C 1997 – 1 998 I T S pecialist

IBM - L ucent T ech. A ccount M esquite, T X Responsible f or S upporting F inancial S ystem P rojects. Developed t he i nventory s ystem u sing C, C OBOL2 a nd J CL. T he I nventory s ystem w as c reated t o comply w ith a udit a nd A MAPS m anufacture p rocess. T he A pplication w as u sed b y t he M esquite, Texas a nd M atamoros, M exico P lants. D eveloped a nd m aintained e nd-of-Year Y ear r oll-out, m et a nd exceeded q uotas a nd a ccomplished d elegated o bjectives. M aintained a nd c reated e nhancements f or Cost A ccounting S ystem ( CAS), w ritten i n C OBOL2, I MS, J CL a nd D B2. P erformed u sers s upport r ole for t he C AS a pplication a fter r oll-out o f a pplication. C oordinated t he l ocal a nd i nternational, ( Mexico), teams g iving e xtensive s upport o f m anufacturing c ontrol o f t he A MAPS m anufacture p rocess. C reated daily, w eekly, m onthly, q uarterly r eports f or C ost A ccounting g roup. 1996 - 1 996 P rogrammer A nalyst

Burlington R esources F ort W orth, T X

Consultant; R esponsible f or m aintaining J CL a nd b atch p rograms. Support t he E stimated V olume S ystem ( EVS). P erformed m aintenance o f E VS u sing N ATURAL2 a nd ADABAS d atabase a nd D B2 t ables w ith e mbedded S QL c ommand. A nalysis a nd p rogram d esign using N ATURAL2 w ith e mbedded S QL u sed t o a ccess D B2, t o c reate d ata f eeds t o t he d ata Warehouse S ystems. S upport e nd-user f or 5 r egions o n t he E VS s ystem. O n-call s upport w as 2 4/7. 1993 - 1 996 P rogrammer A nalyst

Texas D epartment o f T ransportation A ustin, T X Project L eader f or t he I nsurance a nd H uman R esources I nformation S ystems a t T exas D epartment o f Transportation, ( TXDOT),State g overnment a gency. I mplemented s tate R egulatory. Responsibilities i ncluded d esigning a nd m aintaining p rograms f or t he b atch p rocess a nd o n-line u sers. Support o f t he p ayroll s ystem a s i t i mpacted t he H uman R esources S ystems. F or t he P ayroll a nd Employee b enefits f or t he S tate A gency, d eveloped n ew r eporting a nd r efined e xisting f ormula a s mandated b y t he s tate l egislature. M aintained t he p ayroll a pplication s ystems, s upported e nd-users requirement c reating C VS f iles u sing C OBOL2 a nd J CL, d esigning u ser r eports, a nd r esearching issues. S upport t he Y 2K a pplication c ertification a nd p erformed a m igration f rom C OBOL t o C OBOLII for t he T exas D epartment o f T ransportation. P erformed a m igration f rom N atural1 t o N atural2 f or Insurance a nd H uman R esources I nformation S ystems. E nhanced J CL t o a llow t he e xecution o f t he NATURAL2 p rograms.

1986 - 1 993 C omputer P rogramming - L evel 1 2, D PA Navy A rmy S tation C orpus C hristi, T X

Consultant, w ith p rimary r esponsibility i n d atabase m aintenance a nd o perations s upport. Supported b atch ( JCL, C OBOL) a nd o n-line s ystems w ritten i n C OBOL a ccessing V SAM, t o s upport the h elicopter r eliability c enter m aintenance, ( RCM), f or t he N avy A rmy S tation i n C orpus C hristi, T X. Helicopter f light m aintenance a pplication w as u sed b y t he m ilitary t o d etermine t he r eliability o f platforms f or c ombat. T hese i nclude s upport t o “ Just C ause”, “ Desert S torm” a nd “ Desert S hield”. Generated d ata u sing C OBOL a nd J CL t o c reated a nd d elivered p resentations o f t he R CM d atabase to t he M ilitary C ommand, G eneral E lectric, a nd M artin M arietta E nergy S ystem. P resentations w ere created u sing E nter-graphic a nd p lotters t o g enerate d eliverables. W orked e xtensively o n m ainframe to P C d ownload o f d ata ( 3270 E mulation). Education

1993 B .S., C . S .

Corpus C hristi – A &M C ampus C orpus C hristi, T X 1986 A .A., C omputer P rogramming

Del M ar C ollege C orpus C hristi, T X

Escuela N ormal S uperior – M athematics

Ateneo F uente d e S altillo – P rep H igh s chool

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