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Remote multi specialy coder

Spokane, Washington, United States
August 30, 2017

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Spokane WA *****




To take and build upon my current knowledge base and excel to be the best at whatever it is I am taking on!


I am a C.P.C. (Certified Professional Coder) and as such I maintain 36 ceu’s every other December and renew my license (since 2003)

As a C.P.C. I am able to code all of CPT and ICD9 volumes 1, 2 and 3.

AAPC Certified for ICD10 Daily use of ICD10 for any claims on or after October 1st 2015

My current specialties are Neurology, Oncology/Chemotherapy Infusions, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Vaccinations, Urgent Care, General Surgeries, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Urgent Care, ED, Hematology in office or hospital testing to include cardio tests endoscopies and EEGs

I also keep current on any CPT or ICD10 changes and inform Providers and Staff of them as well as Medicare and Medicaid changes (which are a constant)

Management Skills (over 14 years worth)

Referrals and Pre Authorizations

Benefit Advisories

HCC leveling


Remote Assignments

E/M leveling

Ensure Hipaa laws are maintained

New Provider Orientations

Onsite training for Providers and Staff

Have taken Medical and Legal Terminology as well as Anatomy and use it on an almost daily basis.

Knowledge of Many EMRs and Billing Software to include Epic, Athena, Centricity, I Med, Next gen, AMD, Groupcast, Practiceworks, Meditech 3M and Allscripts to name a few


Fairchild AFB Onsite contract October 11, 2016-current

Only coder/as well as coding supervisor at the 92nd hospital currently coding for 8 different specialties. First literally first coder in the world wide DOD to use help build and iron out issues with what I call Cerner but in the Military it is called MHS Genesis started live 2.6.17 have gone to many seminars to speak on how to better utilize the Software DOD specific…and have trained in 2nd base to “go live” Oak Harbor in on their coding department which consists of 10 coders in and outpatient … use 3M CCE as the militaries NCCI editing tool of choice am very familiar with this one before Genesis go live I was coding on a strictly Military EMR called Ahlta. Now am able as first coder in DOD to use the software help my Providers get what they need out of the program help get rid of all the kinks and fine tune the software to work for us

Rhode Island Hospital and St Marys Regional Hospital Remote

May 2015-February 2016

Oncology, Hematology and Chemotherapy infusions/injections and Behavior Health using Epic and 3M. Maintain my production goals, Ensure all documentation and drug times are verified and support the level of service as well as infusion administrations lumbar punctures blood administration and port flushes. Started using ICD10 October 1,2015

I use a 97 with this client when auditing but can use both a 95 and a 97. Send coding queries to Providers and RNs when documentation is needed or drug times need clarification. Maintain good relationship with onsite coders via web ex emails or phone if it is needed

West Penn Allegheney Health Systems and Hospitals Remote

October 2014-September 2015

Coding for Multi Specialty Providers out of Epic for a large Healthcare Group based in Pennsylvania. Maintain daily production goals, ensure all documentation supports level of service or procedure, testing coded for. Coding for Cardiology, Pulmonary, Neurology, Primary Care (to include E/Ms Annuals Immunotherapy Vaccinations Injections and in Office Procedures) Special cardio testing and colonoscopies and Dermatology (as well as any other specialty work queues that need help in getting production numbers down and claims out the door) HCC leveling as well as Auditing using both 95 and 97 depending on the Provider I’m Auditing. In basket Providers and or MA’s when need documentation clarification or no notes attached to encounter. Stay in contact with onsite Provider Educator as new Providers are added into Epic to give her Spreadsheets on where they could be advised on areas of improvement Ie: wrong E/M levels no modifiers, wrong vaccination or Admin codes, Annuals vs DOTs and what documentation and standards are needed when trying to code for a procedure but Cpt standards are not met.

Yuma District Hospitals

Part time Assignment August 2014-November 2014

Coding remotely for Primary Care physicians. Leveling E/Ms adding modifiers where appropriate. Coding for Office visits procedures endoscopies vaccinations annuals and DOTs. Ensuring all documentation was provided to support CPT and ICD9s that were used. Contacted Providers when needed additional information or there was no note at all. This is a Rural Clinic so in addition to daily coding production also had to verify what type of insurance patient had if any and add Yumas appropriate letter code system to end of CPT to price out at correct levels. During my time with Yuma helping them catch up I utilized Next Gen EMR and Billing software and 95s to Audit with.

Ranstad Healthcare

Peacehealth Clinics and Hospitals Cardiology

April 2014-October 2014

Cardiology coder remote. Coding and Auditing for a group of 10 Cardiologists in Eugene Oregon. Doing all Hospital consults, ICU, rounds, surgeries and discharges. Worked through an EMR called Imed where the Providers would drop their charges, I would verify in Centricity and then code or add appropriate modifiers then batch to interface into Epic overnight. Also worked out of EPIC in addition to my interface charges in their 3 work queues billing out and leveling E/Ms Provider and facility based as well as EKGs Stress Tests Pacer fittings etc…

Contract ended 10/10/2014

Keystone Medical Management

December 13,2013-March 2014 (started remote from home contract)

Coding and Auditing for 3 Dermatology Clinics (in Bellevue and Yakima) total of 9 Providers as well as Auditing for Childrens Orthopedic Hospital based in Arizona. HCC leveling as well as ICD9 coding to ensure claim coded to greatest specificity Back up Account Rep for all of our clients and their patients to include accounts receivable and over the phone payment collection.

Daily posting of payments and adjustments to two of the clients I code for. Now have working knowledge of AMD and EMA software as well as normal CCI edit sites. Correct claims that don’t go out then first time due to missing insurance ID missing referring Provider NPI etc…

Ensure secondary insurance has proper payment codes and amounts to process properly, or drop to paper if that is what insurance is requesting. Assist Orthopedic coder for proper ICD9s and address any denials for all Providers to ensure handled in a timely matter for prompt payment. Ensured all CPT and ICD9s were appropriate based on documentation.

Northwest Specialty Hospital

June 2013-October 2013 downsized Coding and A/R dept

CPC for 2 Urgent Cares, Oncology and Chemotherapy, front desk greeter, phones, meditech, 3M, ICD10CM and PCS, interacting with both Providers, Clinical Staff and patients on a daily basis.


January 14, 2013 to May 14, 2013

During my time at The Heart Institute, I learned how to code for cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeries as well as Pumps and Cell Savers (for 3 locations )


December 12, 2011 to January 12, 2013

Specialty Coder for Neurology, Oncology, Chemotherapy infusions, basic Cardio, Urgent Cares, ED, Family Practice, Pediatrics and Vaccinations and anywhere else I was needed.

Keeping up with latest CPT and ICD9 codes for our Providers e-slips, making any changes, revisions or deletions. Staying alert on any changes in Medicare Policy. Hospital Charges as well as auditing.

I also worked with our A/R Staff to help correct any missing information or mistakes on claims (depending on insurance) and then re-dropping them.

New Provider Orientations and Onsite Days

Athena Go-Live days

HEALTHPOINT (RENTON 7 LOCATION CLINIC) Remote Coding contract, Accounts Receivable, Auditing, Provider Education (both onsite and via EMR)

November 2011-January 2013

Did a remote coding and A/R clean up for Healthpoint based out of Renon, but 7 locations total. I did their coding and A/R clean up for years 2011-2012. Provider Education both onsite and via EMR (Used Next gen) Auditing using both 95 and 97’s. Ensured all CPT and ICD9 codes were appropriate based on documentation


May 1, 2000 to January 10, 2010

Only C.P.C. on a Staff of 5 Surgeons 3 Locations and an ASC. Did ALL Insurance Contracting. Kept the credentialed and their own Malpractice Insurance current. I redesigned their “Superbill” so the Providers (no matter what location) could mark off what they had done as well as ICD9s and any RXs and billers could then load into software to create claims that would go out electronically the following morning.

Benefit Advisories, Appeals, Treatment Coordinator, (for office, ASC and Hospital cases beginning to end). Made financial and insurance arrangements for patients in advance of treatment to help keep A/R down.

Incentives were set as to give staff additional incentive to keep schedule full, over the counter collections accurate, Claims be worked on a daily basis, those going out and those that needed status checked as well as appeals or re-openings

Kept Providers Credentialed for Insurance and Hospitals, Contracted them with different Medical Insurance Companies to broaden their patient base.

Responsible for A/R South location in particular. We maintained a daily goal of $8000 a monthly goal (per Surgeon) of $176,000 and my running A/R was around 0-90 $56,000

Ran end of day reports and deposits, Monthly and Yearly Reports as well.

Coded for ENT and Endoscopies



Knowledge of many EMRs and Billing Software such as Centricity, Next Gen, AMD, EMA Meditech, Athena, Encoder, Practiceworks, Groupcast<EPIC, Imed, 3M and more


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