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Project Engineer

Cieszyn, Silesian Voivodeship, 43-400, Poland
August 29, 2017

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Dear Sirs,

I would like to apply for this job offer because I am convinced that my experience,

education and skills meet your needs. I’m responsible in the project teams for the integration and development of technologies.

I would encourage you to check out attached information about me. Leslaw Jerzy # Lesław Jerzy


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+48 4 558 849


Cover letter

Dear Sirs,

I would like to apply for this job offer because I am convinced that my experience, education and skills meet your needs. I’m responsible in the project teams for the integration and development of technologies. The following fields of competence guarantee perfect execution of complex and intensive investment projects: broad knowledge of integrated applications and computer science, civil engineering and CAD background, many years’ experience in work with international teams, profound understanding of integrated management systems as well as several essential conceptual studies of investment projects execution, verification of topological correctness and completeness of the design documentation based on permanent presence of industrial surveying and 3D models. Used in new projects Visual LISP adds significantly more capabilities, extends functional possibilities to interface with external objects.

In this moment J&L Consulting author’s team is ready to face technical problems which solutions require iterating access to objects deformation estimated by most advanced surveying instruments and automatically transferred to 3D model and is seeking a strategic partner interested in full-scale implementation along with all the profits of the offered technology. Evaluation of differences between documentation 3D model and registered points cloud owing to automatically generated and chromatically calibrated deviation maps is the key functionality of developed solution.

CV :

Holds numerous specialist licenses including supervision, the implementing powers as well as a comprehensive list of certificates and authorizations for the IT. Throughout his career he held managerial positions, focusing in successive companies on innovative solutions, technology improvement and full scale implementation in the power industry. The dozens of projects that have been completed in last quarter of the century for almost all power plants. Expertise and studies were largely related to the documentation and operation of boilers and flue gas desulphurisation installations; including contract engineer position in RAFAKO’s projects. One of the main streams of activity was the implementations of support systems for boiler maintenance (in power plant Opole, Jaworzno III, Dolna Odra, Bełchatów Many years of experience in the field of logistics of investment processes initially implemented in the MS Project environment was extended in the late 1990s with the philosophy of MRP II systems. As a co-owner and Reengineering Director of NOVA Consulting, he actively participated in the creation of the Polish version of SAP / R3 and led the first implementation of the final PS module

(Project System); at OXO Installation ZAK "Kędzierzyn" and Cement Plant "Górażdże". The current approach and main concepts of ”Global Investment Monitoring Technology” are a crowning achievement of over twenty years effort and currently fully used in J&L Consulting SUW project for Opole Power Plant..

Lecturer in postgraduate studies for engineering and IT specializing in energy-related computer- aided design and object-oriented programming in CAD environments, implementation of integrated management systems, modern topology acquisition technologies, boiler diagnostics and repair and energy audit. The publication portfolio includes more than 100 items mostly related to power engineering, including chapters in monographs and a number of ordered presentations at the plenary sessions of world congresses.

Co-author of several central research and development projects. Their results were always full- scale implementations in the power industry. In recent years, as a President of Eurol Innovative Technology Solutions, consortium member, integrator, and as a stage manager creator of topological feasibility studies concluding the " Advanced Technologies for Energy Generation " strategic research and development programme. The studies were verifying the ability to integrate CCS installations with technical infrastructure in preferred locations.

Lesław Jerzy Kwiatkowski, graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Opole and Didactics of Higher Education at the University of Opole.

PhD in technical disciplines:

• Construction metrology

• Investment process management +48-606-***-***

45-439 Opole, Kalinowa 1, Poland


Employment history:

Development and Implementation Specialist, J&L Consulting Opole, from 2012 Developing and implementation of Global Investment Monitoring Technology President and Development Director,

EUROL Innovative Technology Solutions Gliwice, 2008 – 2016, Implementation of technological solutions to reduce a negative impact of the energy production sector on the natural environment. Marketing and Development Director, OPGK Sp. z o.o. Opolu, 1999-2008, GIS System Implementation, improvement of highway investment monitoring technology Director of Business Process Reengineering, NOVA Consulting, Wroclaw, 1997–98 SAP R3 MRP II System implementation in industry & Project System ( PS ) introduction. Marketing and Development Director,

BUDOREX Computer Systems 1992 – 1996,

CAD Technology implementation in industry and government administration. Computer Added Design Engineer, Walter T. Gorman P.E. P.C., New York USA, 1990–92 Fire Protection Systems designing for office buildings Site Supervisor, PT Process Inc., Princeton NJ USA, 1989 Modernization of residential complex

Senior lecturer and Specialist in Geotechnics, Opole University of Technology; 1979–88 Didactics and the realization of research and development works Commercial Projects

Execution of 40 investment projects which are significant to the national economy. The most important of them:

Developing a technology of oxyfuel combustion, Dolna Odra, 2015 Topological Feasibility Study, project virtualization based on NavisWorks Boilers maintenance and repair, Dolna Odra, 2007-2013 Project Manager, implementation of support system for boilers maintenance Flue Gas Desulphurisation System, B. 3&4, Jaworzno III, 2006-2008 Project Engineer ; Global Investment Monitoring

Flue Gas Desulphurisation System, B. 7&9, Belchatow, 2000-2003 Project Engineer ; Global Investment Monitoring

OXO Alcohol Installation Project, ZAK Kedzierzyn, 1998 -2000 Global Investment Monitoring, Integration of documentation resources Research & Implementation Projects

Key projects.

Two research tasks within the framework of National Centre for Research and Development program.

2010-2014 > SP/01/E/1/67484/5050

Technological integration study for oxyfuel combustion pulverized fuel and fluidized-bed furnaces integrated with CO2 capture system.. Task Leader.

2010-2015 > SP/01/E/2/66420/10

Demonstration installation feasibility study for high efficient zero emission coal blocks integrated with CO2 capture from exhaust gases. Task Leader.

Central research and development projects:

2009-2011 > N R06 0001 06/200

Hybrid techniques for measuring the topology migration of boiler systems dedicated to calibration of compensation systems. Autors’ Team Leader. 2006-2008 > R06 013 01 376/R/2/T02/06/01

Object oriented resources integration of boiler pressure part surface degradation and comprehensive diagnostics. Autors’ Team Leader.


CAD team leader specializing in the integration of documentation and 3D modeling of large industrial installations ( project for RAFAKO S.A. was the 2004 winner of the Bentley Empowered Awards of Excellence for 3D Modeling Integration:– Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant). Over 5,000 terrestrial laser scans realized during difficult and complex industrial measurement sessions (Callidus, Trimble 5303, GS200, Trimble FX, Faro 130, Trimble TX8) Complete and comprehensive verification of topological correctness and completeness of the design documentation based on permanent presence of industrial surveying and 3D models. Broad and practical IT knowledge in both hardware and software ( senior lecturer in computer science ).

Computer skills:

Very experienced CAD engineer, developer and senior expert. Deep knowledge about Visual LISP and AutoCAD OOP Programming. 3D scanning application including Autodesk ReCap and Trimble RealWorks Profound understanding of integrated management systems MRP II SAP-R/3 MS Office and MS Project environment

Adobe PhotoShop and Acrobat

Kolor AutoPano Giga and Giga Pixel application .

Language Skills:

English - advanced,

Russian - upper intermediate,

French - elementary,


Doctor of Technical Sciences in Civil Engineering, 2015 PhD with honors, Opole University of Technology

In two technical disciplines:

* Construction metrology

** Investment process management

Didactics of Higher Education, 1984

Postgraduate Studies, University of Opole

Master of Science in Civil Engineering, 1978,

Graduation with Honors, Opole University of Technology PhD. dissertation abstract:




Key words: construction industry, bulk measurements, investment monitoring, software solutions


This dissertation discusses theoretical and practical integration of innovative software and hardware solutions (own and adapted ones) for verifying topological development of a construction site and supporting documentary proof. The innovative background developed by the author developed by the author creates a selection of the latest, often prototypical hardware solutions, which is further elaborated upon the basis of measurement methods and the supporting software dedicated to formalisms of construction industry and specificity of long-term investment projects.

Economic losses resulting from the lack of topological verification of the documentation developed in the course of project implementation are estimated upon the basis of the author’s experience to stand at 4 to 7 % of the project implementation costs. From the point of view of power engineering and chemical systems or highway engineering projects, the costs amount to the sum of hundreds of millions zlotys. Therefore, it is reasoned to have undertaken the effort to reduce typological discrepancies and mitigate their impact on the accuracy of the documentation resource and logistics of the whole implementation process.

The only effective methodology aiming at combating the effects of overlapping design faults and defective implementation is periodical comparison of construction works progress with the bills of quantities and completion of deliveries with the successively developed documentation. The methodology implementation understood in this way requires an evolutionary creation of innovative hardware and software environment. On an ongoing basis, the author monitors and adapts the latest and often prototypical hardware and supporting software systems dedicated to formalisms of construction industry and specificity of implementation of long-term investment projects. A scientific problem has emerged with regard to devising and applying such software and hardware background that would successfully address the economic reality and the level of key competences of the investment project stakeholders. The major advantage of that background has stemmed from the opportunity of effective multi-faceted simulations preceding the subsequent stages of the investment project. Subsequent chapters of the PhD dissertation address the following topical issues: 1. Conditionalities for the dissertation subject matter in juxtaposition with the current state of knowledge.

2. Development of the strategies of integrating documentation and supporting descriptions. 3. Selection and configuration of the hardware and software used to execute the subsequent stages of the investment project and supporting data resources. 4. Evolution of the measurement hardware background and corresponding IT technologies in connection with applications involving the subsequent functional layers. 5. Good practices that demonstrate the evolutionary profile of the research project implementations which were undertaken by the author of the dissertation as the major stakeholder.

The dissertation presents examples of implementations within the framework of multi-million contracts characterized by a range of unique features in terms of:

innovative perception of life cycle priorities,

3D modelling and bulk measurements resources scale,

measuring instruments and application methods,

application of Real Time 4D technology as a framework for integration,

planning maintenance and repair works in relation to the pace of the infrastructure wear-and-tear.

Due to the subject matter of the dissertation, the author has carried out the following tasks:

compiling and reviewing negative performance samples,

creating preferential formal conditions and related control instruments,

taking effective hybrid bulk measurements aiming at acquisition of topological development of the emerging structures and installations,

creating methods used to update design documentation (by means of recording all deviations that exceed acceptable limits).

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