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Java (Applet, Swing, JavaFx, JDBC, RMI, Servlet, JSP), Python(machine)

Chicago, Illinois, United States
May 31, 2017

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Harshit Singh

Mobile: +1-312-***-**** E-mail:, EDUCATION

Illinois Institute of Technology,

Chicago, IL Spring 2017

Masters in Computer Science

Amity Institute of Engineering and

Technology, India

Bachelor of Technology Spring 2015

Major in Computer Science


Programming Languages:

Java (Applet, Swing, JavaFx, JDBC,

RMI, Servlet, JSP),

Python (scikit-learn, networkx,

matplotlib, nltk, pandas, Numpy,


SQL, JSON, Bash Script, C/C++,

java script, MATLAB.

IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse,

Oracle, MySQL Workbench,

Cisco packet tracer (IOS)

Database: AWS Dynamo

DB(NoSQL), mongoDB, MySQL

Distributed Tools: Hadoop,

Spark, Amazon SQS, Amazon

S3, Heroku


Amity Linux Assistance

Sapience club (ALiAS) – Learned

to work with Linux, Raspberry pi

and Embedded systems.

IEEE club – Amity University,



Machine Learning,

Cloud Computing,

Android Application Development,

Social Network Analysis,

Software Architecture,

Information Security,


E-soft Connect, Lucknow, India, Network Engineer (May 2014 - July 2014) Learned Cisco packet Trace and Cisco IOS, practical implementation on router and severs in real time environment.

Trainedge, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Java Developer (May 2013 - July 2013) Worked on Core and Advance Java (Swing Programming, Applet viewer, RMI, JDBC, Servlet, JSP), MySQL workbench.


Analysis Presidential candidates 2016 using Twitter API Technology used – Twitter API, Python, Machine Learning/Data Analysis

(scikit-learn, nltk, Numpy, SciPy), REST API

The aim of the project was to find the similarity and traits between each candidate by collecting relevant tweets from twitter and analyzing them using NLTK and using various classifiers in Scikit learn library to predict, who can make better potential president by learning from past presidents, their traits and policies.

Implemented CloudKon

Technology used – Java, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SQS, DynamoDB) Implemented a distributed task execution framework like CloudKon 2014 Paper:

( Used EC2 d2.xlarge instances to run the framework. Our framework was separated into two components, client and workers. SQS was used to handle the queue of request and distributed across multiple worker’s and DynamoDB was used to removed duplicate tasks. Extended the project to generate a 60-sec video clip and store it on S3 using Animoto API.

Tourist Guide Android Application

Technology used – Android, Java, Yelp API, Google API The project for a person who visits or plans to visit a city can see the categorized place in the city all the tourist spots, museums, restaurants in the city etc. and can know details of the places, user rating for the place, and direction to the place if person is in the city and can mark the favorite places.

Terasort on Hadoop/Spark on Amazone EC2 cloud instance Technology used – Java, Collection Framework, EC2, S3, Hadoop, Spark platforms. The project was to build a multi-threaded application which can sort 1 Terabyte of data (data cannot be kept in memory) on normal system and on Hadoop and Spark cluster 1 node and 16 nodes cluster of d2.xlarge instance on Amazon EC2 cloud environment.

Benchmark tool

Technology used – Java (Multi-threading, Socket Programming), Amazon EC2 The project calculates number of Gigaflops and Instruction per cycle executed by CPU, read/write operations, sequential and random access of the data on the disk, network latency and speed for TCP and UDP protocols.

Distributed Computing over Raspberry Pi

Technology used – Python, Putty, Raspbean OS, Routing, Used 4 Raspberry pi’s to perform the and merge sort and 1 raspberry pi as the load balancer to manage the data. Established connection and gave access control with the help of ssh key to maintain security.

Library Management System

Technology used – Java (Swing) (30+ Classes), SQL (5 Tables) The application was total GUI (Graphic User interface) implemented on swing. The programming was done implementing MVC architecture, Observer pattern, Strategy pattern, Singleton and state pattern. Product development life cycle was considered by going through all phases: Requirement, Analysis, System Design, Documentation, Coding, Testing. Database management and database design was also considered in this project.

ATM and Banking System - Java (55 Classes), SQL (8 Tables) Implemented Module Driven Architecture and various other patterns (State pattern, Strategy pattern and Abstract factory pattern, Factory Pattern). SDLC phases were considered while making this project. Patterns were used for Scalability, Product Extensions and Maintenance.

Infrastructure Management e.Soft Connect

Technology used – Cisco packet Tracer, Command Line Interface Used Cisco Packet Tracer to make network infrastructure for a company using Command Line Interface. Implemented protocol like RIP, EIGRP and NAT and other protocols. Applied authorization checks and restricts the accessibility of employees for specific domains and security purposes.

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