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Engineer Support

Norcross, Georgia, United States
May 31, 2017

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Technical skills applied towards analyzing an organization’s network infrastructure dealing with data

transmissions, operating systems and applications. The ability to work with diverse proprietary software

and hardware platforms. I’ve acquired experience in the Information Systems, Information Technologies,

and Telecommunications markets. Work ethics displays professionalism, efficiency, punctuality, dignity,

integrity, creativity, self-motivation and team leadership. Whether short-term or long-term, applying these

credentials towards meeting an organization’s objectives, goals and deadlines is my primary goal.


Professional Skills Experience

Technical Tier II[Data Center/NOC] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8 years

System Analyst[Enterprise Applications] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 years

Database Analyst[MySQL/Microsoft SQL] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 years

Network Analyst[LAN/WAN] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5 years

UNIX/Linux Administrator[HP-UX/Red Hat]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4 years




Company: CAN Capital

Location: Kennesaw, GA

Duration: October `16 to March `17 - [internal web/email support]

Application/OS Platforms: Windows: Server 12’; MS Dynamics/CRM; Mendix; EIS/AWS; Latitude; Partners Portal

Occupation Titles: Production Support Administrator

Occupation Description: {A Production Support Administrator supporting proprietary applications: EIS/AWS and

Partners Portal and other infrastructure platforms: MS Dynamics/CRM, Latitude, Mendix

and Interactive Intelligence’s i3/CaaS. A hired employee to document and provide support

of front-end and back-end of enterprise applications during an ongoing transitions from an

older Legacy systems integrations to a newer middleware and cloud-base systems.}

1)Daily(1rst shift) other responsibilities were attending and taking notes in MIS/Executive Management weekly morning

meetings as well as afternoon scheduled CAB/Release meetings concerning both daily operations of business and

new software or hardware updates to IS/IT infrastructure.

2)Attending and taking notes in scheduled meetings with various departments/groups perspective to their daily

operations within CAN Capital’s financial business module whether to gather information upon improvement of

changing/modifying existing out-dated processes or just informing team leads of the ongoing changes from a

technical standpoint and how these new changes will impact their daily operations over time.

3)Monitoring alerts and updating processing procedures for receiving encrypted batch file transactions for ACH and

PFE data-transfer platforms being received through SFTP delivery methodologies.

4)Monitoring production systems and network events through New Relic configured alerts/tramps sent as email

notifications of internal bugs/errors or process failures and/or service interruptions from 3rd Parties and their system

interactions with CAN Capital’s corporate network.

5)Documenting and defining new monitoring tactics to obtain the details of alert system failures and faster ways to

notify the appropriate technical teams/resources to begin investigation as well as defining better tracking methods of

documented RCAs of recent or past of reported incidents/outages and each type of resolution that fixed the one-time

and/or re-occurring issue(s).

6)Updating and maintaining IS/IT policies, procedures and documentations within Service Now’s KB and online MS 365

Sharepoint Wiki as well as keeping track of metrics/statistics of ticket requests versus reported incidents then send

attached report(s) through email to management for review.

Company: CiOX Health

Location: Alpharetta, GA

Duration: December `15 to August `16 - [external client web/email support]

Application/OS Platforms: RHES 6.0; Windows: Server 03’/08’/12’; TOAD/MySQL; MirthConnect 2.0/2.1/2.2



Occupation Titles: Production Support Analyst [Intuit on Linux Redhat~Microsoft Windows~MySQL/PostGresSQL]

Occupation Description: {A Production Support Analyst supporting proprietary applications: CorpWeb; eSmartLog;

FieldOnline; HealthPort Connect; Lawson HR; eDelivery; HCA View; Reli and others

during the ongoing integrations. A hired employee that provided support for applications;

databases; interface delivery methodologies, while daily duties were trouble-shooting

WorkFlows[WFM EDS Prism MoveIT], transferring/moving files; testing PDPs[QA] for

DEV/SWAT and resolving LANDesk cases/tickets by web or email or phone call.}

1)Daily(1rst shift) other responsibilities were running ad-hoc reports, monthly billing, creating/escalating JIRA

case/tickets to appropriate development teams.

2)Reviewing/reading KBs or internal postings in Confluence about SmartIndexing; SFTP/FTP WorkFlows; HIT/HIE data

formats such as HL7, X12, CCR, CCD, CCDA, and Custom/Tab Delimited[CSV/TIFF]; helping QA projects before

role-outs from DEV-to-PROD.

3)Joining conference calls per releases/updates or patching/configuring systematic changes within databases or

networks architectures.

4)Remoting onto Windows or Linux servers to check services/processes are running; error logs; stopping or restarting

them per CCs/CRs.

5)Executing SQL statements within various databases: ROIPROD; SMARTLOG; LAWSON; LOCKBOX; ERDEV;

XPRO12 and many more.

6)Running approved SQL scripts for DBAs; Developers; Program Managers, etc. and assisting Engineering Support

with testing VMs/VDIs.

Company: WellCentive

Location: Roswell, GA

Duration: April `12 to November `15 - [external client phone/web/email support]

Application/OS Platforms: RHES 6.0; Ubuntu 12.04; MySQL WorkBench 5.2; Mirth Connect 2.2.3; Sun Java

Occupation Titles: Interface/Application Analyst/Linux~MySQL Technician [MacBook Pro Laptop Mac OS X 10.6]

Occupation Description: {An Interface Consultant/Application Analyst and a Linux~MySQL Technician supporting

proprietary applications: EHRMU Registry/PQRS and DataManager/Data Quality GUI tools.

A consultant/contractor employed by KForce to provide application database and interface

development testing/Quality Assurance as well as technical phone/web support.}

1)Daily(1rst shift) responsibilities are to open, solve, resolve and escalate thru ticketing applications: ZenDesk, JIRA,

Confluence and FishEye. Familiar with HIT/HIE data formats: HL7, X12, CCR, CCD, CCDA, and Custom Delimited.

2)Moderator for Conference Calls participation for Implementation(Go-Live) projects and Client database customization

code quick ‘fixes’ or ‘hacks’ for Java applications and testing SOAP/API UI. Work with foreign Ukrainians developers.

Company: IBM

Location: Atlanta, GA

Duration: May`10 to March `12 - [internal client phone/email support]

Application/OS Platforms: Windows: 03’; XP; AIX/UNIX; IBM Java; Sun Java; Solaris 10 on Zeta File System(ZSF)

Occupation Titles: CareerFramework Application Analyst/SambaCentra Administrator

Occupation Description: {A CareerFramework Application Analyst and a SambaCentra Administrator on the Career

Learning Development(CLD) for IBM’s eLearning Solutions which is a Human Resource

Division. A contractor employed by Insight Global to provide technical support through

Sametime(chat), NetMeeting, Ayudame(remote), Lotus Notes (email) and Conference

Calls for CareerFramework(CF) a proprietary application used by IBM employees(IBMers)

for certification/recertification within each required professions.}

1)Nightly(3rd shift) responsibilities are to open, solve, resolve and escalate Case Management Tool(CMT) tickets for

IBMers needing assistance with navigation, process manual adjustments and error root cause/resolution analysis

with their validation and/or revalidation submitted packages within LAN/WAN secured networking environment.

2)Trouble-shooting, escalating, sending email notifications and initiating SEV-1 chat communications amongst the

different technology groups within IBM's global organizations concerning Development Teams: Developers,

Architects, Engineers and System Administrators. All escalations are created in Development ticketing system,

Rational Team Concert(RTC).

3)Monitoring, trouble-shooting and resolving Atlanta Hosting platforms issues which are AIX: Lotus Notes Domino

server-based architecture within Global Business Solutions(GBS) LAN/WAN secured networking environment.

4)Assisting with minimal code modifications, Quality Assurance/Testing, minimal database configuration in regards to

servers(AGE01/DOM01/DOM03) and remoting to IBMer's Desktop/PC or Laptop to correct Lotus Notes(7.0; 7.5; 8.0

& 8.5) synchronization issues concerning out of sync replication, and retarting processes/agents so that appropriate

synchronization occurs within CF Navigator(Master) and Capability(Slave) databases/servers and TCP/IP protocols.

5)Additional duties and responsibilities are: (1)monitoring and restarting UI_process agents within CF PDF Print Server,

(2)creating ad-hoc reports for CC ADMINs/Level III Application Analysts and (3)conducting conference calls as the lead

moderator amongst: Development teams, Project Managers, Executives, Subject Matter Experts(SME) and Career

Framework(CF) Analysts in regards to code fix/release or server/database data migration or schedule maintenance.



Company: McKesson Technology Solutions

Location: Alpharetta, GA

Duration: February `09 to March `10 - [internal/external client phone/web/email support]

Application/OS Platforms: Windows: Server 03’; UNIX/Linux: HP-UX 10.0/11.0 & RHES 6.0 & 7.0; Solaris 10

Occupation Titles: CareBridge Analyst II/Drohan Remote Engineer

Occupation Description: {A CareBridge Analyst II/Drohan Remote Engineer on the Managed Sources

Outsource(MSO) for CareBridge’s network solutions. A contractor employed by Insight

Global to provide technical phone support for various McKesson’s medical applications,

MySQL databases and Windows or UNIX/AIX/Linux platforms.}

1)Daily(2nd shift) responsibilities are to open, solve, resolve and escalate SAP CRM service orders/cases for various

Medical facilities[CIDs/VAN IDs] in regards to proprietary medical applications operating within MSSQL or Oracle

SQL databases running either on Windows or UNIX/AIX/Linux platforms at multiple remote locations.

2)Escalating, paging-out/notifying and communicating with different technology groups within the organization such as

HPF/RDBA_NT, RSA/OSA, Oracle RAC, CareBridge, EIG, T&I, etc. in order to help determine the root cause of

problem affecting or impacting customer’s productivity within various regions, divisions, organizations and

departments/units of small-to-medium or medium-to-large medical facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada

connected to McKesson’s secured CareBridge network and trouble-shoot TCP/IP protocols within Drohan’s

LAN/WAN networking topologies as well as Cloverleaf’s interface/integration engines.

3)Monitoring and trouble-shooting clustered system’s CPU spikes, heartbeat failures, system reboots, down dameons,

stop services/processes, file system above thresholds, network outages and other technical problems with BMC

Patrol(6.0v) and WhatsUpGold(14.0v) in regards to customer’s servers or network nodes.

4)Testing and resetting VPN connection endpoints between McKesson and client/customer to work with third-party

vendors/ISPs, such as AT&T, to identify, isolate and repair other MDNS, MPLS or EVPN data delivery technologies

on T1 or T3 circuits.

5)Additional duties and responsibilities are: (1)utilizing Tumbleweed Mail Administration to white-list/black-list email

addresses per customer request sent to instant mail queue, (2)completing NSD forms per

customer request in regards to changing, adding or deleting external/internal Host Names/Aliases or IPs within

CareBridge’s MS Access database and (3)installing and configuring Permeo Agent(5.0v) for internal employees

requests so that the SAM’s Radius Authentication is working properly to allow application analysts, system

administrators and implementation engineers in order for an individual to gain remote access to server(s) or

network device(s) at customer’s site(s) to perform application or system maintenance.

6)Interacting and communicating with SystemCare Management in regards to help define and determine what types of

contractual coverage does a customer have in relations to software or hardware support. Once determined then a

RMA ticket/case can be created with third-party vendors, such as Motorola, in behalf of client/customer so that a

dispatch can be set for software upgrades/patching or hardware repairs/replacement onsite.

Company: CHICO’s FAS, Inc.

Location: Winder, GA

Duration: April `08 to February `09 - [internal/external client phone/web support]

Hosting/Application Platforms: Windows: 03’ & XP; Java Runtime Environment(JRE); Java Server Pages(JSP)

Occupation Titles: NOC Engineer Tier II/POS EDI Analyst

Occupation Description: {An employee hired as a NOC Engineer Tier II/POS EDI Analyst for Chico’s DC/NOC to

support Windows/IBM AS400 platforms for the Winder, GA [BDC].}

1)Nightly(3rd shift) responsibilities were to open, solve, resolve and escalate Track-IT tickets for corporate’s MIS and

retail brands, Chico’s/Soma/White House & Black Market. Supported and trouble-shooted customer problems at all

their stores located throughout the U.S., Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

2)Escalated and notified appropriate MIS teams during a critical customer impacting system outage concerning web

hosting applications, clustered primary/secondary servers and network nodes. During an outage, I opened and

updated MIS/Corp-To-Business SEV-1s Notifications as well as contacted the on-call MIS contact(s) and set up

and maintained conference call bridges during the outage until all systems were back up in a normal status.

3)Monitored and trouble-shooted customer/corporate network problems with ipMonitor(7.0v) and investigated server

alerts within Microsoft’s MOM to determine TCP/IP protocols within LAN/WAN secured networking environment.

4)Supported and resolved phone-based corporate helpdesk calls in regards to Microsoft Office Suite or Exchange mail

application, MS Outlook, as well as phone-based customer POS calls in regards to proprietary retail store application,

M.A.R.S., and phone issues which concerned Avaya.

5)Analyzed, altered and executed performance reports in regards to corporate daily/weekly/monthly operations within

the following applications: SmartLook SQL Query Designer/Report Designer, NSB Connected Retailer, MarketWorks

Sales Audit in which reports could be analyzed then converted either into MS Excel or Adobe [.pdf] formats. Reports

could be monitored within USM/EAI Server Manager.

6)Monitored and executed sales data within databases applications, Opalis and Pipeline as well as logged onto AS400

Jacada Mozart [FTM] or PKMS [WDR] to verify jobs and backups were completed successfully at schedule times.

7)Created and reset passwords for user accounts within Windows Active Directory and AS400.

8)Accessed and resolved servers issues through Windows Remote Desktop Connections, store registers through

RAdmin, PCs/laptops through Go-To-Assist as well as set-up or configured PDAs such as Blackberry Trios.




Location: Atlanta, GA

Duration: January `06 to April `08 - [external client phone/web/email support]

Hosting Platforms: UNIX/Linux: HP-UX 10/11; Solaris 2.5.1; RHES 6.0 & 7.0; Windows: 00’, 03’, XP; Sun Java

Occupation Titles: Logistics Operations Analyst/NOC Tier II

Occupation Description: {An employee hired as a Logistics Operation Analyst/NOC Tier II that assist upper

management with daily operations amongst the various platforms within Peer1’s data

centers located in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL.}

1)Nightly(3rd shift) responsibilities were to read and edit change controls sent from upper management to be initiated

on various platforms. I assisted Sr. System Administrators/Engineers with server consolidations, data migrations,

data restores/backups and other technical requirements making sure procedures and policies are being followed

and executed within maintenance window. Participated in the 101 Operations project, Legacy/Shared Web

Server Consolidations, which involved reducing 1600 servers to 1100 within Peer1’s data center.

2)Monitored and trouble-shooted customer/corporate network problems with NetCool, Snitch, DeepMetrix/ipMonitor

(6.1v) and Reveal with limited access to log onto legacy(UNIX/Linux) and BlueHALO/NuHALO(Windows) platforms.

Restarted daemons/services, reviewed error logs, killed processes reaching thresholds, deleted data over quotas

and resolved other small technical problems within LAN/WAN secured networking environment.

3)Escalated and notified appropriate teams(101/180 OPS/SEs) during a critical customer impacting system

outage and opened or updated Global Alert(s) and Tech Support Notification(s) on website as well as set up and

maintained conference call bridges during the outage until all systems were back up in a normal status.

4)Analyzed, altered and executed performance reports in regards to corporate daily operations with MS Excel, Avaya

CMS Supervisor(12.0v) and Report Manager Server Summary. Reports sent were reviewed by upper management.

Company: Internet Security Systems

Location: Atlanta, GA

Duration: June `05 to October `05 - [internal client phone/web/email support]

Application Platforms: Sun Microsystems: Sun Java 1.4.2(J2EE); Windows: XP(Corporate Edition)

Occupation Titles: Software Consultant/Technical Writer/Document Editor

Occupation Description: {An IRC Consultant hired for a temporary assignment(s) at this IBM account.}

1)Mini-G Project in which I assembled Shuttle XPC G5 hardware, loaded new operating system and configured

network card[NIC]. Next phase, I implemented and integrated mini-G on QA’s network segment with the assistance

of network administrators in regards to configuring Cisco switches within company’s vLAN and adding new host

name and IP to the DNS server. Last phase, I loaded new software dev builds onto mini-G in order for the Technical

Documentation Team[TDT] to login into mini-G to look at new changes made within Proventia Manager.

2)Interacted and communicated with TDT, QA, Dev and Project/Product Management teams in order to gather

correct data and document the right information according to company’s SOPs, guidelines and bylaws.

3)Installed and utilized the following softwares on Dell Latitude(laptop): Adobe Acrobat(6.0v), Adobe Distiller(6.0v),

Adobe Frame Maker(6.0v), Adobe Type Manager(6.0v), MS Visio 2003, MS Project 2003, Jasc Paint Shop Pro(6.0v),

SnapShot Magic(3.0v) and Borland’s StarTeam Client(6.0v) in which I used to access Wake G’s project folder to look

at CRs and I provided learning documentation on Cisco’s TCP/IP protocol stack/suite and LAN/WAN topologies.

Company: Solvay Pharmaceuticals

Location: Marietta, GA

Duration: July `02 to September `05 - [internal/external client phone/email support]

Hosting/Application Platforms: UNIX: HP-UX 10.0/11.0; Windows: 98’, 00’, 03’, & XP; Sun Java

Occupation Titles: Data Center Engineer/NOC Tier II

Occupation Description: {Data Center Engineer/NOC Tier II for Solvay’s DC/NOC. An employee hired by Getronics

to provide the IT IS services for this account.}

1)Nightly(3rd shift) responsibilities were to read and edit change controls sent from Systems Management/Operations

to be initiated on various platforms. I assisted System Administrators/Engineers with server consolidations,

data migrations, data restores/backups and other technical requirements making sure procedures and policies

are being followed and executed within maintenance window. Participated in the EMC2 data migration of

Symmetrix/Connectrix nodes over to a Clariion disk array which involved migrating all HP-UX and Windows

servers to new storage node which was done to improve disk space/usage and to improve performance data

transfer on Veritas Netbackup.

2)Monitored and trouble-shooted network problems with WhatsUpGold(web interface) dealing with Cisco Catalyst

routers(6500), HP production servers(3000/9000), Dell PowerEdge servers(1550/2550) and Marietta FiberNet fiber

optical switch(FDDI) within LAN/WAN secured networking environment.

3)Pinged, traced and tested network TCP/IP protocols and connectivity with Window cmd.exe prompt and accessed all

devices through Raritan KVM switches. Other duties, I analyzed and executed validation scripts for Windows servers

that were running 98/2000/2003/XP and stopped/restarted various services on Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange,

VAX, Citrix, Oracle and Veritas Netbackup. Accessed all devices through VNC Viewer or VMware.



4)Loaded DDS/DLT tapes into HP tape drives(E-20 Sure & L180) and executed back ups(B~ups) in regards to data

compression of daily activities(Incremental/Full B~ups).

5)Created user accounts through Windows Active Directory on the PDC/BDC and UNIX user accounts through HP

Security Accounts Manager[SAM] on the CARS/BDIS domains.

6)Escalated, opened, solved and resolved Vantive tickets for operating systems, networking or application problems.




Programming Operating Systems Network Protocols

C/C+/ASP/.NET[4yrs] Windows 00’; 03’/00’; 03’ Server[8yrs] TCP/IP(Internet)[ 7yrs]

JAVA/HTML/XML/API[6yrs] HP-UX 10.2/11.0/Linux RH 6.0/7.0[5yrs] Cisco RIP/OSPF/BGP[4yrs]




1)Adobe Acrobat(4.0v; 6.0v)[2yrs] 2)Adobe Photo Shop(5.0v; 6.0v)[6yrs] 3)Adobe Photo Deluxe(4.0v)[4yrs]

4)Adobe Frame Maker(6.0v)[2yrs] 5)Lotus Notes(IBM Replication)[4yrs] 6)MS Share Point(00’; 03’)[2yrs]

7)MS Visio(98’; 00’; 03’)[8yrs] 8)MS Photo Editor(4.0v)[7yrs] 9)MS Power Point(98’; 00’; 03’)[8yrs]

10)MS Project(00’; 03’)[ 2yrs] 11)MS Excel(98’; 00’; 03’)[7yrs] 12)MS Word(95’; 98’; 00’; 03’)[10yrs]

13)Macromedia Flash[2yrs] 14)Macromedia Dream Weaver[2yrs] 15)Macromedia Robo Help[2yrs]

16)SFTP/FTP[7yrs] 17)VNC Viewer/VMware[6yrs] 18)Netcracker Designer(3.0v)[2yrs]




College: DeVry University, Alpharetta, GA

Major: B.S. Telecommunications Management

Graduation: February 2003; G.P.A. 3.7;

Honorary: Magna Cum Laude

College: Valencia Community College, Orlando, FL

Major: A.S. Computer Programming System Analyst

Graduation: July 1995; G.P.A. 3.2

High School: HillHouse, New Haven, CT

Graduation: August 1990; G.P.A. 3.9;

Honorary: National Honors Society




03’ DeVry Dean’s List; honorary with certificates; academic honors Magna Cum Laude.


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