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Customer Service Assistant

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
May 19, 2017

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Mohammed Jiban Ali

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(+44) 079********

Personal Profile

Resilient, bilingual Sixth Form student at Grace Academy with experience in adapting to challenging situations. I have demonstrated leadership and effective public speaking in my role as an Islamic studies tutor. I am seeking to carve out a career in the world of business with a particular interest in finance and accounting. I have been consistently selected for leadership positions throughout my academic career and I have won many awards, and I am looking for the opportunity to supplement my studies with a work experience in an office environment. I also have many experiences relevant to a finance position e.g. my role as treasurer/director of my team in the NCS Challenge. I am fluent in English and Bengali while studying Arabic and Urdu alongside my A Level studies of Business and Maths.

Education - Grace Academy Darlaston, 2012- 2017

GCSE Exam Results (From 2012 – 2014)

Subjects Level Overall



English Language GCSE C June 2015

Bengali GCSE A June 2015

Mathematics GCSE – Higher tier B June 2014

Principle of Applied


BTEC Level 1/2 M2 (B) July 2014

Application of Science BTEC Level 1/2 P2 (C) July 2014 Currently studying at Grace Academy sixth form, 2014- Present (2017) Subjects Qualifications Dates Grades

Maths A-Level 2017 Pending

Bengali A-Level 2017 Pending



BTEC – Level 3 2017 Pending

Science BTEC – Level 3 2017 Pending

ICT AS-Level 2015 E


Team Director – Over the summer of 2015, I took part in NCS (National Citizen Service). The programme was seven weeks long, during which I was selected to take the position of Team Director. My role was to plan, organise and carryout activities as part of my team. I had to attend regular meetings with the senior mentors to give an account of the previous day and get ideas of what needed to be included in the day ahead. I also had the responsibility of taking care of the finances as a treasurer, which means I had to take the responsibility of accountancy too. This experience was really useful as I could Page 1 of 3

apply it to my own life. I’ve learned how to act in certain situations and how to deal with problems as they occur.

Head Prefect – In year September 2015, I applied to take the position of Head Prefect at my school. My application was successful and I began my role. This also gave me a wide range of experience and responsibilities. Since I had to work with the Head of sixth form and make appropriate decisions in terms of assigning roles for the other team members, taking into account of their strengths and weaknesses.

Barclays Bank – During my week long work experience at Barclays Bank, I worked mainly as a customer service assistant. My duties included helping the customers with their banking. I have gained a lot of self-confidence, as I was directly communicating with the customers in order to help with their queries.

Restaurant – I currently work in the restaurant sector. I have worked there since 2015 mainly on the weekends and holidays. Initially, I started as a kitchen porter where my job was to work closely with the chef and help where required. While I was working with the chef, I gained some experience in the preparation and cooking of speciality dishes. Thereafter, I have been promoted to the frontline to work as a waiter. As a waiter, I work closely with the customers. My responsibility is to attend the customers, serve them when the food is ready, and take order and phone calls, taking card/cash payments, as well dealing with complaints.

Nominations: (Awards or Achievements)

Outstanding Academic Progress in Mathematics

100% attendance

Good Progress in Learning

NCS Program Completion Certificate

Team Director (acknowledgment certificate from NCS) About me:

I was born in Bangladesh. In December 2011, I migrated to England and joined Grace Academy Darlaston. When I first came to England, my English was poor. I did my best to change this, I attended enrichment sessions after school and aimed towards a better education and I achieved my GCSE grades. I am currently studying level 3 courses in Maths, Science, and Business.

Hobbies & Interests

I am really interested in world history. The fact that someone or something has affected the way we live today fascinates me. I love reading factual books, the real stories are very interesting.

Additional Information

Confident with a range of IT packages:

1. MS Word – used it to produce reports for Science, Business and ICT Work.

2. MS Excel/Access – used it in ICT and Business to present numerical data into a suitable format

3. MS PowerPoint – used it to produce numerous presentations for business, ICT, and Science

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4. Photoshop - used it in Business, and ICT to create varies resources, such as: book cover, magazine, newsletter, leaflet, flyer, banner etc.

5. Dreamweaver – used it in ICT to create a website where I learned HTML and CSS coding for simple website.

6. Internet/E-mail – email and internet is used to communicate and researches

Fluent in Bengali and Urdu

Planned and organised

Aware of rules and responsibilities


Miss A Hanson

Curriculum Lead: Sociology and


Grace Academy Darlaston

Herbert’s Park Road


WS10 8QJ

Tel: (+44) 012********

Mrs S Bhachu


Grace Academy Darlaston

Herberts Park Road


WS10 8QJ

Tel:(+44) 012********


Mrs A More

Curriculum Lead Maths

Grace Academy Darlaston

Herberts Park Road


WS10 8QJ

Tel:(+44) 012********


Mr J Douglas-Jones

Business Facilitator

Grace Academy Darlaston

Herberts Park Road


WS10 8QJ

Tel:(+44) 012********


Mrs L Hobson

Assistant Principal

Grace Academy Darlaston

Herberts Park Road


WS10 8QJ

Tel: (+44) 012********


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