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Engineer Design

Grand Blanc, Michigan, 48439, United States
March 23, 2011

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To work with an advanced Studio Engineering Design team using Unigraphics

and Alias Cad tools.


Studio Engineer, The Boeing Company, Everett, Washington


Dreamliner Project Engineering. Design and development responsibilities.

Interior Configuration for all Seating and galley Interior component

designs. To have an advanced understanding of MPD manufacturing process

definition.787 integrated build plan work packages.Design and packaging of

Interior cabin entertainment systems. To design and review system

components for all 787 configurations of interior payloads for final

assembly.UGNX5- Catia V5,r18-50 % Class A-50 % B-side

Attachments,(PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook).PDM-(Enovia-LCA)

Product Design Engineer, Honda R & D. Americas, Raymond, Ohio 2005-2006

Acura Mdx-navigational and non navigational class A show surface visor

design. Inner navigation I/p retainer support attachments for B side

tooling. .Experienced. With 2d drawings for engineering release dates.

Using GSD, Freestyle menus, Plastic Injection molding and complex Class A.

Surfacing-50 % Class A-50 % B-side.Catia V5,r16,(PowerPoint, Excel, Word,

Outlook)Enovia LCA.

Product Design Engineer, Toyota Motor Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2004-


Tundra Truck line; Using GSD, freestyle menus, plastic Injection molding

and complex surfacing. Exp with 2d drawings for engineering purposes.

Verifying design and packaging feasibility by coordinating construction of

properties, mockups and verification models Rear Deck Speaker storage

Interior trim panel design for Tundra B, C and D cabs., Class A. Surfacing,

50 % Class A-50 % B-side.Catia V5,r15,(PowerPoint, Excel, Word,

Outlook)Enovia LCA.

Studio Design Engineer, American Sunroof Company, Southgate, Michigan


Saturn Consoles and Overhead DVD Entertainment Systems Leader. NX support

for Saturn Idea Surface Development for Various Programs .Concept designs

based on 3d sketches from studios renderings. Systems Class A. Surfacing,

Parametric Modeling. 100% Class A. Surfacing, Deviation Gauge, Face

Analysis and Curvature Continuity Checks(PowerPoint, Excel, Word,

Outlook).Enovia LCA-Unigraphics NX-2,

Studio Design Engineer, GM Tech Center, Warren, Michigan 1995-1999

Collaborate with Character Brand Studio Alias Design teams for Class A.

Surface Development Integration.

Team Leader Responsibilities included working with clay model sculpture

teams from Alias Renderings and Unigraphics Photo Screen Pics for Interior

Instrument panels, Door Rendering Designs and all Interior Garnishing. 100%

Class A. Surfacing Deviation Gauge, Face Analysis and Curvature Continuity

Checks.(PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook)

Unigraphics NX.2,3 Alias CAD systems

Product Designer, Cadillac Luxury Car Division, Flint, Michigan 1989-


Interior Trim Design from Point Scan, 3d Sketch and Engineering Drawings.

Responsibilities included Instrument Panel Trim, Interior Garnishing, Door

Trim Component Design.75 % Parametric Modeling-25 % Class A. Surfacing

Parametric (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook)Unigraphics V9-NX1,2 versions.


Automotive; Catia v5, UGNX Certificates, Enovia LCA, MES Aircraft, Multiple

Boeing Aerospace Certificates.

Bachelors of Science Degree, Lawrence Technology University, Mechanical

Engineering 1985

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