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Senior Oracle pl/sql Developer

United States
October 02, 2013

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Burbank, CA 91504



. 17 Years - IT experience

. 17 Years - PL/SQL Programming experience

. 7 Years - Data Modeling experience

. 8 Years - Unix Shell Scripting experience

. 9 Years - Query Optimization and Application Tuning experience

. 8 Years - Oracle Forms 4.5/6i, Reports 4.5/6i experience

. 7 Years - Project Lead experience (1996-2003)

. 3 Years - On-site Coordinator (2004-2007)

. 7 Years - Oracle DBA (1996 - 2003)

. 8 Years - Domain experience in banking and insurance sectors

. 5 Years - Domain experience in Healthcare sector


. Expertise in Data Analysis, Data Extraction, Transformation, Loading,

Performance Tuning of Applications and overall management of mission

critical database related applications

. Excellent team member with trouble shooting and problem solving

capabilities, quick learner, highly motivated, result oriented and an

enthusiastic team player.

. Well experienced in SDLC of projects on Client Server, Web based and

Data warehouse based applications in Oracle 8, 8i, 9i, 10g

. Possess strong analytical, programming and tuning skills, strong

communication and inter personal skills

. Adaptable to perform multi-role activities/projects simultaneously

. Capable of handling deadlines, taking ownership of tasks and multi-


. Ability to stay focused on meeting key deliverables and due dates

while remaining responsive to requests for assistance.

. Expertise in Application Tuning by incorporating query optimization

techniques such as using Bulk SQL, Bulk binding, Collections,

providing hints, table partioning.

. Good experience of On-site Coordinator and effective handling of

offshore team.

Technical Skills

Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle Forms 6i/4.5/3, Reports 6i/3/2.5,

Database Design (Physical and Logical), Database

Modeling, Performance Tuning, Query Optimization,

Export/Import Utilities

Databases Oracle 10g/9i/8i/8.x/7.x

Programming SQL, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 (Forms 6i/4.5, Reports

6i/3), Korn Shell Scripting, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus,

Pro*C, SQR

Environment MS DOS 6.22, Windows 3.x/95/98/2000, Windows NT 4.0,

Red Hat Linux, DOS, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, AIX, Unix

Reporting and BI Informatica, Cognos, Impromptu


Data Modeling Erwin, Toad Data Modeler, Microsoft Visio 2003


Version Control Peregrine, PVCS, Star Team, Subversion 1.6



ADP Camarillo, CA Jun'13

to Sep'13

Senior Developer, Data Modeling

Environment: Oracle, PL/SQL, Unix 10


. Data Migration from Easy Labor Management to Work Force Now and Easy

Labor Management to Time Labor Management

. Part of Development team for Data Migration in Agile Environment and

attending daily Scrum Meetings

. Optimizing the queries and inculcating performance related features

for faster execution of procedures

. Work closely with other team members and client representatives to

meet the system requirements and business objectives of the client

. Identified the areas for improving the performance of Data Migration

. Enforced Bulk Collect features for faster execution

. Added features of Locking and un-locking the client during Data


. Participate in Design and technical meetings

. Created script for Verification of Data after migration from

WorkForceNow2 to WorkForceNow5.

. Designed Workflow tables in TLM5 (Time Labor Management) Schema using

Toad Data Modeler

. Designed Process Flow for migrating clients from Easy Labor Management

to TLM5 (Time Labor Management) (, Glendale, CA Feb '13 to

Jun '13

Senior Database Engineer

Environment: Oracle RAC, PL/SQL, Unix 10


. Production support for Listing Database

. Query Optimization

. Part of UFO Refactoring project team

The existing system contains data that is non-relational and de-

normalized with one record per business listings. Due to increasing

volume, Refactoring has been initiated so as to manage the data

effectively. This has been achieved by moving the columns to its

component tables and each component table being identified either by

yipid or listing id.

Indexer_full table has all the partitions with full set of data for

each partition and indexer_full_today table has the capability to

point to the latest partition and available for exposing to downstream


MAXIMUS, Austin, TX Nov. '10 to Feb '13

Senior Systems Analyst

Environment: Oracle - DB Server, App Server -, PL/SQL,

Sun Solaris Unix 10, Java JDK 1.5, Flex, Microsoft

Visio 2003, Forms 6i


. Perform Production monitoring and Support for MAXeIE System

. Work on enhancements/development of MAXeIE related SR's(Software


. Evaluation of upgrading Oracle 10g to 11g in progress

. Help other developers during development/enhancements by providing

flowcharts and use cases wherever necessary.

. Interaction with different cross-sectional teams - Configuration

Management, DBA and client facing Business Analyst teams for

implementation of enhancements/changes.

Medimpact Healthcare Systems Inc., San Diego, CA

Jul '07 to Oct. '10

Software Engineer

Environment: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Unix, SQR, Oracle Forms, Java, J2EE, Korn

shell scripting


. Responsible for all the enhancements/maintenance work relating to

Prior Authorization Reports/Letters and MedPreferred Application.

. Designed and developed Screen Programs in forms 6i

. Developed back end interfaces using PL/SQL stored packages,

procedures, functions, Collections, Object Types, DB triggers, Indexes

and Collections.

. Performing data analysis and generate ad-hoc reports for the queries

by the business users and business analysts relating to Claims

processing and Prior Authorization Modules.

. Providing technical assistance to other team members who are in need

of help.

. Voluntarily performing application tuning by increasing the

performance of different processes by optimizing the queries,

incorporating Bulk SQL and Bulk Binds and using Explain Plan.

. Creating Run Books for application support team to understand the

application and providing solutions for the expected problems.

Fiserv (formerly InsureWorx), Denver, CO Oct '06 -

July ''07

On-Site Coordinator/Oracle Consultant

Environment: Unix, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Power Builder 7


. Managing offshore development team and doing code review.

. In charge of gathering Business Specifications directly from the

Clients and converting the Specifications into technical documents for

offshore team.

. Holding Client meetings on a weekly basis to collect requirements and

suggested modifications.

. Code Review, Verification and Testing of the Code before delivery

. Performing Application tuning to increase the performance using

Explain Plan.

. Holding teleconference calls with offshore team at nights to explain

the requirements and providing technical guidance.

ABN AMRO Mortgage Inc., Ann Arbor, MI Apr.' 05 to Oct.


Oracle Consultant

Environment: Unix, Perl, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 Forms 6i,

Reports 6i, Shell Scripts, SQR


. Gathering Requirements, Analyzing, Designing and Developing GUI -

Forms 6i and Reports 6i by creating Libraries, Program Units, Menu

items, etc.

. Major contribution on HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) Project in

Forms designing and coding.

. Performing Performance tuning on Hedge Accounting System project by

using Explain Plan.

. Developed Perl scripts and used PL/SQL to code database objects.

. Took up additional responsibility of creating RFC's, helping SCM in bi-

weekly production releases.

. Working on multiple projects simultaneously - PreClose and WholeSale

Minors (MUPIT, MOAI Applications).

. Performing application level performance tuning using Explain Plan.

GE-Aircraft Engines, U.S. May '03 to Mar.


Lead Developer

Environment: Unix, Perl, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Developer 2000 Forms 6i,

Cognos, Informatica


. Designing and developing Forms 6i, Reports 6i, writing PL/SQL code for

DB objects - Packages, Procedures, Functions and triggers.

. Managing the entire SDLC of one project single handedly.

. Materialized Views creation

. Performing Query optimization on materialized views and queries in

packages and procedures.

. Holding client meetings and interviewing the users during requirement


. Documenting the requirements, creating technical specs. and assigning

work to the offshore team

. Handling the roles of On-site Coordinator at onsite and Project Leader

at offshore.

. Doing code review, creating test plans and testing.

. Creating reports using Cognos reporting tool.

. Creating Database triggers to incorporate the business logic.

. Taking additional responsibility of mentoring and providing training

on query optimization and performance tuning using Explain Plan to

different teams.

New India Assurance Company Ltd, Mumbai, India Nov.'01 to

May '03

Project Leader, Oracle DBA

Payroll and HRMS System

Environment: Unix, Oracle 9i, Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Reports 7.0


. Project Lead and solely responsible for implementing this project at

Head office and coordinating with other 26 regional offices (located

across India) for implementing and then providing post implementation


. Requirement gathering and client interaction throughout the SDLC of

the Project.

. Designing and Developing of Income Tax module and also incorporating

application level tuning principles for payroll process optimization.

. Performing Data extraction from the old system, validating the

extracted data, applying Business rules to this data and then loading

the data into the new system.

. Performing Oracle DBA activities - Database creation, importing of

data, Performing Backup on regular basis and Recovering of database

during DB crash.

. Assigning tasks and doing code-review of other team members.

. Developing DB objects - Packages, Procedures and Functions using


. Writing Unix shell scripts.

. Suggesting lot of enhancements to the Payroll system during

maintenance phase and thereby bringing more revenue to my employer.

. Incorporating new changes as per Indian Tax laws for the new financial


. Preparing User guide for this application.

Unit Trust of India Investor Services Limited (UTIISL), Mumbai, India Jul.

'01 to Oct. '01

Oracle DBA, Data Modeler, Lead Developer

UTIISL Call Center System

Environment: Linux 7.1, Web Server: Apache 1.3.19, Application Server:


Database Server: Oracle 8i Development Tool: Java 2, Database Design Tool:

ER-Win 3.51


. Gathering requirements from users and Data Modeling using Er-Win.

. Performing the roles of Oracle DBA and implementing the new system at

the client site.

. Extracting of data from the existing databases and uploading into the

new system after performing necessary validations.

. Creating database objects - Database triggers, Packages, Procedures

and functions using Pl/SQL.

. Implementing the new system at the client site.

Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, India Apr. '00 to Jul.


Oracle DBA, Project Leader, Data Modeler

RBI - Master Office File system

Environment: Oracle 8i, Developer 2000, Forms 6.0, Reports 6.0, SQL*Loader


. Designing and developing most of the Forms, Reports and various

backend objects.

. Performing Oracle DBA activities.

. Implementing the system at the client location and providing post

implementation support.

. Performing data extraction from existing system and loading data into

the new system after data verification

. Involving in the entire SDLC of the project.

. Providing Form access security in all the screen programs.

. Optimizing all the procedures by incorporating PL/SQL tables and

other optimizing techniques.

. Independent handling of two modules - Census Updation and Bank


. Implementing the system at the client location and providing post

implementation support.

. Creating Control files for SQL *Loader to load and validate the data

in interface tables.

. Extracting the data from existing system and after data verification,

loading into the new system.

. Preparing user manual and steps to be taken for regular backup and

recovery of the system.

Laffarge Cement, Jamshedpur, India Jan. '99 to

Dec. '99

Project Leader, Data Modeler, Oracle DBA

Payroll system

Environment: IBM RS-6000, Oracle 8i, Developer 2000 - Forms 4.5, Reports

2.5, ERwin


. Designing and developing forms to capture data relating to employee

details, leaves, loans & savings.

. Incorporating master detail relationship in the forms wherever

necessary, so as to ensure proper insertion & updation of data in

different tables and to maintain the integrity of data.

. Developing reports of attendance ledger, muster roll, pay slip, Bank &

LIC statements.

. Performing performance tuning by applying optimization techniques.

. Getting associated with the entire SDLC of the project.

. Doing code mapping of various allowances and deductions in payroll

system- Assigning new codes to the existing codes in different

systems/ locations.

. Attending client meetings and designing the system using data modeling

tool - Er-Win.

. Assigning work to other team members and providing technical

assistance when needed.

. Incorporating security features at the application level to restrict

or permit users for accessing information/forms/reports depending upon

his or her authorization level.

. Incorporating Professional Tax logic to the employees working at


Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, India Jan. '98 to

Dec. '98

Lead Developer, Oracle DBA, Data Modeler

Equipment Maintenance System

Environment: Oracle 8, Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), ERwin


. Requirement gathering, designing and developing screen programs for

equipment details, complaint handling, Annual maintenance contract

details, rectification details and spares changed.

. Extracting the required data from different databases and uploading

into the new database after performing validations using SQL*LOADER.

. Extracting the required data from different databases and uploading

the same into the new database after performing validations.

TISCO Collieries, Dhanbad, India Nov. '96 to Oct.


Lead Developer, Oracle DBA, Data Modeler

Computer Aided Weightment System

Environment: Unix, Oracle 8, Developer 2000 (Forms 4.5, Reports

2.5), Er-win


. Gathering requirements from the client and feasibility study.

. Designing the tables using Er-Win.

. Coding Screen programs - Forms, Reports and different database objects

in Pl/SQL.

. Writing Unix Shell Scripts to capture the weight from the weightment

system and inserting in database table.

. Creating test plans, performing unit and integration testing.

. Implementing the System at the client site and providing post

implementation support.


Completed M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications) from National Institute

of Technology, (Formerly R.I.T) Jamshedpur, India in 1996.

Studied Masters (Master of Science) in Physics with Laser and their

Applications as a major in the years 1991-1993 at National Institute of

Technology, (Formerly R.I.T) Jamshedpur, India.

Awards/ Achievements/ Publications

Awarded a letter of appreciation by

1. TISCO (client) for developing Computer Aided Weightment System, July


2. NIACL for Development, Implementation and Production

Support/Enhancements of the Payroll Module across all regional offices and

increasing the performance of Salary and Income Tax processes,

September 2002

3."Fresnel's Biprism as an interferometer" - Communications in

Instrumentation, Praveen S and Ananda Rao S., C.S.I.O., Chandigarh, India.

6:1, pp 34-39(1998).

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