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Chemical Engineer

Beaverton, Oregon, 97006, United States
March 12, 2011

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Beaverton, OR, 97006

Phone: 605-***-****



Seeking full time opportunity in the field of chemical and biological engineering


• Two and half years Graduate Research and Graduate Teaching Assistantship

• One year industrial experience as process safety engineer in hazard evaluation lab

• Senior design- Distillation column for acetone-water system

• Proficient with Aspen Plus and DOE (Design of experiments) software

• Good written and presentation skills


• M.S. in Chemical Engineering GPA: 3.7/4.0

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSMT) Dec ‘10

• B.S. in Chemical Engineering GPA: 3.7/4.0

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India May ’07


Biochemical engineering, advanced biochemical engineering lab, microbial processes in engineering and natural sciences, chemical reaction engineering, System analysis applied to chemical engineering, material and energy balance, heat and mass transfer, energy engineering, process dynamics & control, transport phenomena and safety and hazard analysis


Qualitative and quantitative analysis, fermentation, ultra filtration, chromatography (HPLC/GC), YSI sugar analyzer, Vis-spectrophotometer, DNA isolation, PCR, DNA electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, ELISA, BSA protein assay, cell transformation, cell culture, cloning, steam sterilization, media and buffer preparation, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Aspen Plus, Polymath, DOE, COMSOL, FLUENT, C and Microsoft Office tools


Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Chemical Engineering Aug ‘08-Dec ‘10


Topic: Production, characterization and application of thermostable xylanase from the thermophilic microbes isolated from the DUSEL (Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory), Lead, SD

• Standardized cellulase and xylanase enzymes assay

• Examined the effect of environmental parameters (pH and temperature) and nutritional factors (carbon and nitrogen source) for maximum cell growth and xylanase production for DUSELR13 isolate

• Calculated enzyme-kinetic parameters for thermostable xylanase enzyme using birchwood xylan as a substrate

• Observed effect of hydrolysis rates at different temperatures (50, 60 , 70 and 80 degree C) using concentrated xylanase and cellulase enzyme from DUSELR13 strain

Process Safety Engineer, Divis Laboratories Ltd Jun ’07 – Jun ‘08

Hyderabad, India

• Experienced to perform the process safety, optimization and scale-up studies using reaction calorimeter, RC1e, Thermal screening unit, Differential screening unit and Lasentec and other safety / scale-up tools

• Experienced in the preparation of chemical process hazard evaluation report, technical report for new drug and SOP’s

• Familiarized to follow the EHS and cGMP issues

Graduate Teaching Assistant, SDSMT

Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Dept. of Chemistry

Mass transfer and heat transfer Aug ’08 - May ‘09

• Assisted undergraduate students in laboratory experiments and safety issues in mass transfer & heat transfer. Mass transfer lab involving multistage distillation column, MAPS gas absorber, diffusivity measurement, batch and CSTR reactors. Heat transfer lab has double-pipe heat Exchanger, MAPS heat exchanger, rotary dryer, unsteady state conduction in a solid and conduction, natural convection to air and radiation

Microbiology Aug ’09 – May ‘10

• Trained undergraduates in basic laboratory skills necessary for general microbiology. Emphasized techniques of aseptic bacterial transfer, serial dilutions in bacterial cell counts, bacterial staining, and serology

Chemistry Aug ’10 – Dec ‘10

• Survey of chemistry for freshmen introduction to the properties of matter, atomic structure, bonding, stoichiometry, kinetics, equilibrium, states of matter, solutions, and acid-base concepts


• Designed distillation column for acetone- water system. Calculated the number of trays and column diameter using McCabe and Thiele method. Designed condenser & reboiler and also calculated the theoretical numbers of trays for different reflux ratios (Jan ’06 – May ’07)

• Purification and characterization of thermostable xylanase enzyme (Dec ’10 – May ’10)

• Modeling of the reforming reactor and water-gas shift reactor to develop reliable and lightweight fuel processor that converts liquid fuel into hydrogen using Aspen Plus Simulation (Aug ’08 – Dec ’08)

• Evaluation of Langmuir model for purification of proteins on Ion exchange membranes (Dec ’09 – May ’10)

• Wet air oxidation and catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol in a Trickle bed reactor (Aug ’09 – Dec ’09)


• ”Production of thermostable xylanases from a DUSEL isolate” at Center for Bioenergy Research and Development (CBERD), Rapid City, SD, USA

• “Characterization of thermostable xylanase from the thermophilic microbes isolated from the deep subsurface of the Homestake gold mine, Lead, South Dakota” at the 32nd Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, Clearwater Beach, FL, USA

• “Characterization of thermostable xylanase from a DUSEL isolate” at SD Biotech association and CBRD Meeting, Brookings, SD, USA

• “Thermophilic microbes and their thermostable enzymes for lignocellulose conversion” at the 10th American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE), Salt Lake City, UT, USA

• “Synthesis of biodiesel via acid catalysis” at JNTU, AP, India


• Awarded Nelson Graduate Student Fellowship, 2009-2010

• India Club Vice President at SDSMT, 2009-2010


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