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Sales System

Highland Park, New Jersey, 08904, United States
May 24, 2010

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Twenty plus years of experience in programming, systems analysis & design, databases, accounting, software and hardware, web development. Early experience was in software development with 'Xbase' languages, from Dbase III+ to Foxpro For Windows. Experience as well with Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, Client/Server Development, Crystal Reports, Object Oriented Programming. Have recent and extensive experience with Web Applications, Visual, MS IIS4-6, VB, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP,, HTML and related web technologies. Extensive experience in development of Voice Processing Systems such as IVR, Voice Mail, Auto-Attendant, etc. Solid knowledge of relational database design, multi-user database system design, networking and hardware. Expert in the implementation of Financial/Accounting Information Systems. Solid knowledge of accounting principles and practices. Capable, experienced manager of people and systems. Superb communication skills, excellent writer.


Current: ASP, VB, HTML, MS Transact SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers. Crystal Reports. ASP. net, VB.Net,

Legacy: Clipper, Pascal, C, Cobol, CICS, IBM Assembler, Unix Shell, Access, Foxpro 2x and Visual Foxpro 3x to 9x


Legacy DOS, Windows, UNIX & Mainframe Operating Systems. Win XP, Win 2000 Server, Win 2003 Server. Vista, Windows 2008 Server/R2


All PC platforms and peripherals, Networking hardware, routers, hubs, switches


BA, Philosophy, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, May 1985

GPA 3.8

AAS, Computer Science, Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ, May 1995

GPA 4.0, Winner of Frank Chambers Award For Academic Excellence

Numerous Industry Training Courses and Seminars


Arete Systems, Inc. June 2008 - Present


Analysis, design, coding and implementation management for systems development projects, for large corporate clients, midsize businesses and small business. Manage ERP System implementation projects, primarily with Accountmate Software, a Visual Foxpro based ERP System. Hands on development using VFP, Microsoft SQL Server, .net, Crystal Reports.

Sample projects are listed below. Additional project summaries prior to 1993 available upon request.

A Wholesaler/Manufacturer Of Health/Nutrition Products 12/99 – Present

Implemented the Visual Accountmate/SQL Accounting System for the client’s wholesale business, and built an interface between the client’s website for retail customers. Modified the Accountmate system to accommodate the interface to the website. Participated with the web site implementation vendor in the design of the ‘e-commerce engine’. Design, code, test and rollout enhancements to the sales reporting functionality of the Accountmate system.

A Floral Importing and Distribution Firm 8/99 - Present

Implement major modifications to the client’s Visual Accountmate Accounting System. Implemented sophisticated back order tracking and filling capabilities, inventory substitution capabilities, purchase order enhancements. Support and upgrade the client’s mixed Win NT, Win 9x, Win 2000 network. Development on a dynamic, data driven web site, integrated with the client’s accounting system is underway.

LPS Consulting, Inc. October 2007 – June 2008

Project Director

Manage ERP implementation projects for small to medium size distribution and manufacturing companies. Implementations are with a variety of ERP Systems targeted at the SME market, including MAS90/200, Sage Accpac Pro, Accountmate, SAP Business One. Responsibilities range from software development, testing and deployment to troubleshooting and technical support, proposal generation and client relationship management.

Bowne Marketing & Business Communications, Jersey City, NJ, 9/2002 – 12/2003

Design, coding and implementation for Internal Inventory Control System and customer facing e-commerce system. Technical highlights include:

Worked on a variety of technology platforms including Visual Foxpro, Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server 2000, VB.NET. Internal Inventory Control System was coded in VFP 6. Web reporting with Crystal Reports and database manipulation with MS SQL Server 2000 Transact SQL

Wrote T-SQL stored procedures for Crystal report queries and database updates.

Designed and coded complex algorithms for the Inventory Systems Kit Management Module.

Designed and coded robust batch processing routines to process the companies inbound electronic orders from multiple sources, including web orders and electronic data feeds of various types from the companies customers. Orders from Prudential, Sun Life and UBS and other financial companies were processed.

Large Non-Profit Consulting Group 1/2001 – 9/2001

Designed, coded and implemented an extremely powerful, flexible and generic computerized questionnaire design and administration tool, using VFP 6.0. Interviewers use the system to assess their client’s system and business requirements. Questionnaires are administered in the field, via a laptop, in an in-person interview. Sophisticated program algorithms support a variety of question types, and sophisticated conditional branching patterns. The program is entirely data driven. Questions and Answers are stored in a VFP database. A separate ‘Questionnaire Builder’ application is used to develop custom questionnaires. A highly sophisticated set of custom tailored business recommendations are generated via the tool, based upon the specific answers provided by the respondent.

A robust set of class libraries was developed to implement the question and answer functions. Reporting output is implemented via Crystal Reports 8.0 and Word Automation.

Associated Aviation Underwriters, Inc. (owned by Chubb and CNA) Short Hills, NJ 6/95 – 6/99

Design, coding and implementation for a completely custom, mission critical accounts receivable system, originally in Foxpro 2.6 for Windows, and then ported to Visual Foxpro 5x. Some technical highlights of this project include:

Responsible for about 95% of the system design and coding. Supervise two of the client's Foxpro programmers - help them with debugging, design etc. for other related systems.

Reworked system/database design developed by previous programming team. Strategies, techniques used in design include:

ER modeling, normalization to 3rd normal form, enforce referential, entity, primary key and domain integrity

Highly sophisticated record and file locking strategy, assures maximum amount of concurrency in Novell network environment

Mix standard Xbase procedural code with SQL as necessary

Use Microsoft's published guidelines for Windows user interface design

Make extensive use of Foxpro 'Power Tools' such as screen builder, menu builder, and report writer

Solid knowledge of Foxpro 2.6 - Windows event model utilized in system design

Use Win list - a 3rd party custom list object - works with Genscrnx - to overcome limitations of Foxpro browse and list objects and integrating browse and read

Ported/Redesigned System to Take Advantage of Object Orientation/Functionality of Visual Foxpro 5

Unisys/ For A New York State Government Agency, 9/96-1/97

Prepared analysis and design documents to assist the agency in improving/redeploying their implementation of SBT Accounting Systems, as a fund accounting solution. Used structured analysis and design techniques. Developed logical and physical data flow diagrams, physical and logical data models, structured interviewing techniques.

Major Incentive and Promotion firm, North Brunswick, NJ 4/91 - 10/94

Designed, coded and implemented 'incentive program' tracking systems. Managed 20 station Novell Netware 3.11 network. Provided hardware and software installation, support, and training. Supported users on WordPerfect 5.1, Open Systems Accounting, SBT Accounting, custom database systems, miscellaneous PC packages. Wrote proposals, developed project specifications for incentive programs. Worked directly with high level management at Fortune 500 accounts.

Internet & ERP System Integration Project

ChefsMarketPlace, Inc 3/1998 – 3/2003

Installation, setup and training for Visual Accountmate/SQL Accounting System. Perform modifications to the Visual Accountmate system. Design, analysis, coding and implementation for the web site and integration with Visual Accountmate/SQL. Directed a team of two programmers. The web application was built using Microsoft Web Tools and Technologies such as Visual Interdev, Microsoft IIS4, VBScript, JavaScript, Active Server Pages and COM. The site is tightly integrated with Visual Accountmate. The system reads and writes directly to the Accountmate SQL Server 7 database. Inventory data is available/used in real-time, and web orders are written directly to the Accountmate Sales Order Tables.

A Major Broker Of Paper Products, 11/93 – 11/97

Installed, configured SBT Series 7 - all modules. Installed SBT Fax Communication Server and Contact Manager. Provide ongoing training/consulting/support. Act as management consultant for principals and controller. Made major modifications to AR/SO/PO/AP/GL modules. The modifications provide greatly enhanced functionality, including:

Inventory unit of measure conversions, multiple pricing methods, 4 decimal unit costing and pricing

Developed procedures, methods and item ID coding standards for a sophisticated inventory control system. Continued enhancements to the inventory control system are in progress.

Implemented modifications to SO/PO system that allow the user to enter the actual cost of merchandise sold on a sales order line item - and thereby allow for posting cost of goods sold to general ledger on the basis of actual cost - instead of SBT's default of average cost.

Implemented major changes to the month end closing/posting procedures in AR/AP. Modifications allow for 'date sensitive' posting to GL as opposed to SBT's 'batch oriented' closing process.

Numerous enhanced reports

Unisys/The State Of New York, Workers Compensation Board 9/96-1/97

Prepared analysis and design documents to assist the board in improving/redeploying their implementation of SBT Accounting Systems, as a fund accounting solution. Used structured analysis and design techniques. Developed logical and physical data flow diagrams, physical and logical data models, structured interviewing techniques.

A Major Ceramic Tile Distributor and Retailer, 6/94 - 9/94

Installed SBT Professional Series 2.5 Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Modules (Windows Platform). Wrote conversion routines to convert accounting data from an IBM System 36 Accounting System to the Pro Series. Implemented modifications to customize IC/SO/AR system for the tile industry.

Micro Central Inc. (computer distributor), South River, NJ 4/90 - 9/90

Designed/coded a 'Dealer Locator Interactive Voice Response System'. System users would dial into the system and then 'touch tone' their zip code and a manufacturers code for a computer product they were interested in buying. The system would locate the closest dealer for the manufacturer in question. The system used the Natural Microsystems VBX-400 multi line voice processing board, and ran under IBM OS2 Version 1.0. It was coded using 'VScript', a specialized voice processing language. Foxbase+ was used in the OS2 'DOS BOX' for data entry and reporting.

For a Fortune 500 Electronics Products Manufacturer

Implemented SBT Accounting System's Foxpro based Professional Series 2.5 System to manage order entry and order fulfillment for a nationwide compact disc promotion. Wrote custom reports, modified sales order and inventory control modules to allow for more streamlined order entry and shipment processing.

For A Major European Auto Manufacturer

Designed/coded system that tracked parts sales and points earned by sales personnel nationwide. System tracked merchandise redeemed, points checks issued and redeemed. Provided extensive reports to top level management at auto manufacturer. Written primarily in Foxpro, parts in Clipper.

Designed/coded two multi-tasking/real time IVR 'product knowledge testing systems'. Sales and service personnel nationwide dial into the system and take a multiple choice test by using their touch tone phone. Enrollment, test and dealer records are looked up/added in real time. System was coded with the Codebase C library for Dbase/Xbase functions and the 'Multi-Voice' C library / Dialogic board toolkit. Managed 4 C programmers who wrote portions of the code.

Designed/coded multi-user system to track accessories sales at dealerships nationwide. System generates reimbursement checks to dealerships that have doled out cash awards to sales personnel. Interfaces with Open Systems Accounting Software. Written in Foxpro 2.0. System has a sophisticated user interface: pull down menus, scrollable popups, context sensitive help.


Worked with Novell Reseller to upgrade network from Netware 2.15 to Netware 3.11, DOS 3.3 to 5.0. Installed Desqview, Desqview/x, QEMM for each user on network.

Installed, configured, customized Dialogic based Voice Mail/Auto Attendant system. Worked with PBX vendor to achieve integration of PBX/Auto Attendant.

Developed specifications for accounting system modifications in conjunction with Open Systems/Business Basic Consultant/Programmer and users. Developed interfaces between incentive program systems and accounting systems.

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