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.net developer

Glen Allen, Virginia, 23294, United States
April 18, 2011

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To obtain a challenging position in Software programming that allows me to learn new technologies while utilizing my skills and experience in C# and .Net technology.


• 6+ years of experience in software development using C# and C++.

• Expertise in C# WinForms. Excellent knowledge of programming language

for creating rich user interface

• 3+ years of experience in leading a development team for .NET

• In depth knowledge of design pattern MVP.

• Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

• Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

• Possess good communication and interpersonal skills.

• Good motivator and posses leadership qualities.

• Highly enthusiastic individual. Ready to learn new tasks and take on new responsibilities


• Languages: C#, C, C++, VC++, VB, HTML, XML, JavaScript

• Technology/Framework: .Net 2.0/3.0, Microsoft UI Automation Framework

• Software: MS Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, MS Office

• Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP,MS-DOS, Unix(basic)


Technical Leader July 2005 - July 2010

3DPLM Software Solutions Limited., India

(A joint venture of Geometric Ltd and Dassault Systems)

Project Name: ReleaseWork

Technologies Used: C#, .Net, C++, XML, HTML, JavaScript

Duration: From September 2005-July 2010

Role: Tech Lead/Developer

ReleaseWork is automation tool for release management process. Release manager need to track development, testing, deploying and support for the release process and significant time is consumed. ReleaseWork is developed to automate this process which results in productivity gain. It executes various command of release management on respective client machines and a collective result is displayed in HTML format on server side.

Responsibilities/Key Contributions:

• Working as Technical Lead for the team.

• Responsible for feasibility study of project requirements and analysis.

• Application development includes Front end Windows forms developed in C# and backend command line utilities developed in C++ language.

• Worked on client-server communication. Created wrapper classes over Socket, TcpClient classes to ease the client server communication through out application.

• Managed server windows service from WinForms using ServiceController.

• Multiple Document interface created to handle many forms in UI.

• Scheduler Utility developed using Schtasks exe provide for windows task scheduler.

• Coded and tested various windows forms created for the application and managing the communication between these forms.

• Extensively worked on XML. All data is stored in XML files. Finalized schema for XML file and created XSD files for same.

• Written derived classes and wrapper classes for form controls like DataGridView, WebBrowser

• Developed zoom-in/zoom-out, drag-drop features on winforms

• Identified critical test cases and automated these tests using Microsoft UI Automation Framework. This helps in testing maximum code before every release.

• Worked on delegates to update UI when a particular event occurs or response comes from server side

• Required to work on multiple threads for displaying message to user while getting server response in another thread

• Analysis and successful implementation of MVP architecture. For managing multiple forms with big files, we decided to use MVC architecture. Analyzed MVC in depth and finalized MVP architecture for this project. Interface was created for every view which helped in automating unit testing for UI application.

• Responsible for developing and maintaining model code, view code and presented code for entire frontend application

• Written separate Data Access Layer to manage manipulation of various files using I/O stream classes

• Performed Code reviews and testing of the application. Done review for documents created for application.

• Monitoring and mentoring development team to achieve team productivity and delivery.

• Delivering task with quality and on schedule which resulted in good confidence built with client.

• Provided support for deployment and usage of tool to various client located in various countries

Development Engineer April 2004 - June 2005

CG-CoreEL Logic Systems Ltd, India

Project: GPS Webber.

Technologies Used: COM, MFC, VB, EVC and EVB.

Duration: 8 Months.

Role: Developer

Responsibilities/Key Contributions:

• Designed DLL, database, and GUI for the application.

• Design of COM-DLL for interfacing with the GPS hardware.

• Design of class modules for converting Latitude and Longitude parameters to the real time coordinate system.

• Designed a simulator to avoid field visits for testing the software.

• Design of GUI in VB and implemented graphical reports for GPS Plot.

Project: Analog/Digital Voice Logger

Technologies used: MFC, COM, VB, MS Access, Install Shield, Crystal Reports.

Duration: 3 Months.

Role: Developer

Responsibilities/Key Contributions:

• Development of new features for this software.

• Server Side Development using VC++.

• Identified the requirements of application based on business requirements of the application.

• GUI Development using VB.

• Development of Installation shield.

• Interacted with the QA team and attended status meetings

Project: Digital Audio Recorder

Technologies Used: - MFC, MS Access.

Duration: 3 Months.

Role: Developer

Responsibilities/Key Contributions:

• Development of modules for wave data analysis and modifications.

• Recording data on multiple ports and saving them in a single stereo file.

• Editing the recorded wave files (Annotation, Cut, Copy, and Paste).

• CD-Writing module.

Academic Project:

Project: Natural Language Processing

Technologies Used: C++, VC++, Lex, Yacc

Duration: 6 Months.

Role: Team Leader.

Responsibilities/Key Contributions:

• Coding Lex and Yacc procedures for natural language compilers.

• Coding the Compiler and designing DLL for the same.

• GUI development


• Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology.

Passed out in Year 2003 with Distinction (69 %)

WIT College, Shivaji University, India

• C++ and .Net training in Geometric Ltd.


I currently have H4 Visa and will require sponsorship to apply for Work Visa in USA.

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