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Engineer Design

Alviso, California, United States
March 18, 2011

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San Jose, CA, 95112



RF/Communication Systems

• Board/system Level prototyping and trouble-shooting with lab equipment.

• Hands-on design of a LNA in Cadence with sub-180nm COMS technology.

• Hands-on design of a Passive delay equalizer (RF filter) in Hspice.

• Simulation of DTV and WCDMA receivers and a WCDMA transmitter in MATLAB.

• RF front-end and digital back-end of wireless transceivers.

• Digital/analog modulation/demodulation strategies, transmission-channel impairments and performance criteria.

• Various design in transistor level for power amplifier, mixer, oscillator and PLL-based synthesizer.

• Multi-rate digital signal processing such as up/down sampling and re-sampling.

• Wireless standards including 2G/3G digital cellular, WiMax, GSM, WCDMA, etc

Mixed-signal IC

• Voltage references and biasing, and elementary amplifier configurations.

• Hands-on design of a high-speed operational amplifier.

• knowledge of designing comparators, transconductors and compensation methods.

Digital hardware

• knowledge of state machine concepts, asynchronous design, bus interfacing and DSP architecture.

• Hands-on programming on various FPGA.

• Combination and sequential logic, digital systems design and design for verification.


• C/C++ program in multimedia data compression, C/C++ socket program in TCP/IP and UDP.

• Cadence, Hspice, and MATLAB for schematics and simulation.

• Various operating systems such as Windows and Unix.


Master Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Southern California ,


Los Angeles, CA, US

GPA 3.74/4.0

Relevant Coursework

• RF frequency and hardware

• RF frequency filter design

• Mixed signal integrated circuit design

• Communication System

• Network and communication

Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering

Simon Fraser University,


Vancouver, Canada

GPA 3.66/4.0


Itron Incorporation (South Carolina, US)

Associate Hardware Design Engineer (4/2008-2/2009)

• Designed various switch power supplies/regulators (12V/3.3V).

• Trouble-shooting and failure analysis of digital/analog electronic circuitry.

• Worked with SW engineers on system integration.

• Reliability testing of new products and maintain engineering documentation.

Broadcom Corporation (Richmond, Canada)

Software Verification Engineer Intern (12/2005-8/2006)

• Testing in Perl for new versions of IP phones, cable modems and gateway.

• Set up automation test environments for software and hardware products


RF frequency and hardware

• Designed low noise amplifier (LNA) with sub-180nm COMS in Cadence, which provides a variable forward gain of 5 - 20dB for 1.5 GHz, 2 GHz and 3 GHz signals from a 2.5 V power supply.

Noise Figure is less than 7dB in all cases. The power consumption is about 90mW.

Communication Systems

• Built two digital receivers in MATLAB to process DTV and WCDMA signals.

• Built WCDMA transmitter in MATLAB, which generates single/multi codes of WCDMA signals.

RF frequency filter design

• Passive delay equalizer in Hspice. Zero Frequency Envelop Delay is 325 pSec with 2% tolerance. Driving Point Input Impedance is 50 Ohms. Magnitude Response Flat to 3 dB through at least 15 GHz.

Mixed-signal IC design

• Design a two stage low power operational Amplifier in Cadence. Voltage gain is 75 dB. Unity gain bandwidth is 100 MHz, slow rate is 50 V/us and output swing is 1.6 V.

Digital system design

• 16 X 16 bit multiplier in VHDL to implement an audio Graphic equalizer on Spartan II FPGA.

• Blackjack game in VHDL on the Altera EPF10KLC84-4 FPGA chip.

Network and communication

• Implemented a C++ program to simulate a race among 4 cellular units to find their way with the help of 2 base stations and reach a target before running out of battery or going out of range. All communications take place over TCP and UDP sockets in client-server architecture.

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