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Project Manager

Hermitage, Tennessee, 37076, United States
July 06, 2011

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Tony Volpe


Professional Profile

Information Technology – Implementation & Software Development-Strategic Planning

Business and technology, development with high level and hands-on experience in large Health Care Delivery Systems. Strong record of success in designing and system implementations. Proven ability brings the benefits of IT to solve business issues while managing costs and risks, delivering projects within time-lines and budget. Led development and deployment of applications and integration. Over 15 years of technology and health care experience. Assisted senior management on the strategic direction of technology and operations.

• Architect for health care processes • Staff Management and team building

• Leading Edge Software Development • Strategic Analysis and Internal Consulting

• Organization and Staff development • Off-shore/On-Shore Relationships and Contracting

• Budget, Costs Control and Contract Negotiations

• Project Management(PMP Certified)-PMO

• HIE: Lead Management • eMR: Evaluating and Physician Relationships, Development

Dynamic Management career with strong leadership, problem solving, planning, team building and project management skills. Recruited, developed, motivated, and retained diverse staff, structuring them in teams that deliver results and savings with technology and customer service. Full responsibility for teams and budgets. Proven record of Return on Investment.

Professional Experience

Vanguard Health Systems, Nashville, Tennessee- (09/2007 to Current)

Corp. DirectorApplications/Integration(CIO)

Vanguard is 30 acute hospitals with 2 residency programs across 5 major markets and includes 34,000+ employees, 3 health plans with greater than 200,000 members, and 250+ employed physicians. I currently lead a team of 20 direct reports with 20-50 project reports for integration/databases and applications including McKesson, Meditech, and Siemens. Upon joining Vanguard, primary objective was to evaluate and improve the overall service level of the integration/applications and successfully guide project implementation while facilitating hospital integration business strategy through technology.

• Successfully implemented the Clinical Repository covering. The repository stores and communicates with internal and external eMRs utilizing HL7, CCD/CCR and proprietary messaging.

• Responsible for 5 different Markets/Cities (30 Hospital System) for applications and the delivery of data throughout the organization) with 5 different installations of SeeBeyond’s Engines for this Corporate Capital Budget of $100 Million and Operating Budget of $60 Million, and approximately 10,000 bed hospital system

• Successfully implementation of multi-market HIE implementation-developed 1st phase budget and plan for implementation, including Medicity/Novo and multiple eMrs.

• Successfully migrated 2 MT Boxes from 1 data center to another. Managed migration teams to move the boxes and new support structure.

• Medicity Summit: Successfully presented how to manage interoperability between Hospitals, practices and HIEs.

• Successfully lead organization PMO governance and resource committees to develop policies and procedures.

• Successfully lead the review of Project Management Tools.

• Credited to have excellent administrative and leadership skills at a high level.

• Successfully implement new Engines Implementation: Seebeyond DataGate, Cloverleaf, ICAN 5.0.5, JCAPS 5.12/5.13, And OpenLink: various versions with High Availability Clustering on several different applications and platforms: P770 Unix, Unix, Windows

• Involved in the successful MT Migration of individual hospital instances to a new location.

• Involved in strategizing technology, steering committee technical direction.

• Involved in stimulus meaningful use and, HIE direction and implementations, utilizing different eMRs internal and external.

• Involved in evaluation and contract for Allscripts eMR for practice and ambulatory emrs.

• Successfully implemented new Meditech installation for 2 markets.

• Successfully implemented McKesson Horizon Clinicals and Revenue across 3 markets 16 hospital systems.

• Successfully implemented project management principals and standard methodologies for full cycle implementation, managing 10-50 project resources-Known for quality and timely deliverables.

• Credited with the successful first delivery of clinical data to Dossia’s PHR.

• Lead for staff and set up organizational structures around the teams to centralize applications and integration for the organization.

• Lead the organization integration and applications to create standards and tools to reduce rework and other implementation issues with an overall focus on reducing implementation time and costs.

• Lead Disaster Recovery solutions utilizing MS Cluster High Availability and AIX HACMP.

• Lead the Re-Structuring of budgets and replaced contractors with full time staff reducing overall cost of support and implementations.

• Shared support MS Project Server with SharePoint.

• Applications: MedSeries4, McKesson Star, and Horizon Clinicals, HCI, Metitech, 3MARMS, Cerner, Misys Lab, McKesson Pathways Materials Management, McKesson Portal and, other clinical and financial applications, Medicity/NOVO-Health Information Exchange/external vendor contracted for data delivery to external clinician repositories, Dossia, Athena ASP Model for Pathology billing, CPOE Models, Theadoc, Midas Super Server, eScription.

• Managed development for 18 hospital system practices for Medicity/Novo delivered eMRs: Allscripts HER, GE eHR, NextGen, Practice Partners, MedPlus eHR and others.

• Managed Athena organizational eMR-Athena implementations for this multi-hospital-remote-cities system. Focus was to bring the organizations eMR up to within the top 10 percent of the country’s hospitals that have already reached a high level.

• Involved creation of Timeline and estimates for applications and integration resources for the Presidents Stimulus Package.

• Lead the organizational review of eMPIs from various vendors: SeeBeyond, Initiate and others.

• Managed Java and Web Page creation.

• Successfully built new relationships and contracts for offshore and onshore resources greatly reducing the overall costs for deliverables.

• Lead Medimoble 22 hospital system implementation for physician billing.

• Responsible for review of NHIN (National Health Information Network.

• Involved in presenting to board members clinical integration and application direction to support growth for this multi-facility-city organization.

02/05 – 09/07

Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL


Responsible for the internal integration and outside consulting teams for organization wide integration.

Successfully managed engine product evaluation for Quovadx vs. Sun/SeeBeyond’s JCAPS suite to meet the organization’s strategic direction. I utilized the comparison to setup vendor presentations on key functionality to the CIO.

Successfully managed and secured a new Sun/SeeBeyond JCAPS suite contract with a considerable savings for the organization.

Responsible for Project deliverable time lines and resource allocation for assigned applications and integration.

Managed the Capstone Master Patient Index migration from previous applications for admissions and schedule to support revenue cycle on the new system admission system ($3 Million). Managed and setup eGate, Open Engine and contributor system components utilizing Cerner applications access for data validation.

Created and managed the Capstone migration project plan.

Managed the conversion from other engines to eGate ($750, 000).

Built an entirely new integration team and facilitated team concepts.

Assisted the Application Teams with managing the Revenue Cycle and Clinical implementation, and support. I also assisted with developing project and test plans.

Assisted the PMO office with how to manage projects with main focus on resource pooling and Risk.

Received a letter of recommendation from the PMO Director for assisting with building the PMO office.

Created a training program for the PMO on project management according to PMI with a focus on improving employee morale.

Engineered new Integration and Application Implementation Methodologies and inventory medium. Created for the organization a firsthand user friendly access to documentation such as inventory.

Procured new integration contracts to meet the future needs of this organization. The new contracts gave the organization the additional software needed to support the strategic goals and at a considerable savings.

I designed the integration infrastructure to support the growth for this growing organization. I managed setup for SUN hardware and software for running the organizations integration.

Created and managed new Capital and Operating expense budget to support the organizations growth.

Managed the integration of a new cancer data warehouse to share data internally and external to the organization.

Managed the design of documentation library, application and integration methodology standards.

Presented current and future direction of integration directly to the CIO and staff.

Managed the organization's Cerner Integration through eGate: Lab orders/results, Pharmacy to Pyxis Orders Pocket loads, Adts, results and charges.

Managed and received Cerner Open Engine training. I set up the entire training program with a Consulting firm that yielded a large reduction of cost for to the organization. This was a pre-cursor for migrating Open Engine support to my team. I facilitated a plan for advanced training for my staff with the goal of removing consulting support at a considerable savings for the organization.

Selected as committee lead and managed the migration of a legacy ADT system to Cerner’s Capstone ADT/Scheduling system. Migrated the OR system to SurgiNet.

Created project plan to migrate admission system to Capstone.

Created standard UNIX scripting for Bank AP and Payroll file delivery utilizing PGP encryption process. This was a lingering project for the organization that I managed a time-line to start it and complete it.

03/03 – 02/05 Computer Task Group (CTG) Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Senior Consultant

Responsibilities include project management and technical lead for applications and integration implementations for large multi-facility organizations.

Accomplishments in this position include:

Managed projects complete cycle.

eGate Architect and developer.

Provided direction for software and hardware based on user requirements.

I successfully managed the project to transition from design new and existing applications and their integration to live (8 million).

Provided the client with issue resolution, change control and version control plans.

Designed a documentation library with client-approved templates.

Provided consultation on integration, project management, applications and general hospital business.

eGate assessment: provided insight of their current eGate application to prepare for a planned project kick-offs. Assessment highlighted improvements to run the engine more efficiently including software upgrades and enhancements.

eGate training and mentoring: created a syllabus to provide training for eGate staff in design, internal components, log files and debug flags, coding scripts, GUIs operation, interface builds and overall eGate functionality.

Designed and created eGate scripts to back up log files and a schema export to a dated subdirectory, and delete the dated subdirectory after a configurable amount of days.

Coded eGate scripts to external system specifications.

Provided application support where requested by clients and most recently, the implementation of Misys Lab and Cerner suite of applications.

Managed the Dictaphone Transcription to EPIC CDR Project. Set up product descriptions, scope, execution and corrective action plans to bring this multi-facility live.

Led the e*Gate Group to develop system tools to monitor load, create procedures, train on best design ideas, implement interfaces and, project and test plans

Systems utilized at this site: EPIC (full version), Trantron transcription, Mysis Lab and Rad, Dictaphone, TPA, OMNI, PenRad, WORx and Mediserv

Built EPIC charge interfaces between EPIC, WORX and Mysis systems

I managed the design and build of EPIC Profile Variables for interfaces in/out-bound ADTs, Orders, Results, Charges and Dictaphone Transcription to EPIC CDR.

Resolved and documented Dictaphone template design for Dictaphone Gateway to send templates in their source document format to target systems. Dictaphone template procedures were created to assist the transcription staff to create templates for their gateway engine.

Trained staff on the Dictaphone application procedures managed and programmed eGate components to meet EPIC CDR Specifications.

Designed Monk script schemes to change and add new Dictaphone site numbers to the live program to send to EPIC in a one sight at a time approach.

I managed the procurement of Tamtron Orders/Results interface to deliver data to the EPIC CDR. Set up eGate components and programmed filters and formatting Monk scripts to EPIC specifications.

Worked with the vendors to set up the source and target interfaces. I set up test plans, trained the integration and, application groups on how to work as a team to create and complete our test plan for go-live.

Dictaphone Transcription to EPIC CDR

• Radiology Information System orders to EPIC CDR

• Tamtron Orders and Results to EPIC CDR

• Mediserve Results to EPIC CDR

11/02 – 03/03 First Consulting Group, Long Beach, CA

Senior Consultant

Selected to represent consulting team in new interface implementation project plan meetings

Managed live system preparation for 1st live interface

Programmed and Implemented first live Java Interface – Batch to TCP/IP

Wrote script to back up Batch files

Completed e*Gate interface specification and test documentation matched to interface

Programmed item master and charges interfaces for Siemens Invision, site specific mainframe, Picis, Co-Path and McKesson PHS

Selected for code review team

Set up and created a go-live check list

Responsible for upgrading e*Gate production and test systems to 4.5.3

Responsible for setting up test coordination with the consulting implementation and client personnel teams

11/01 – 11/02 Palmetto Health Alliance Columbia, SC

Senior Consultant

Project Manager/Technical lead for all Palmetto Health eGate implementations.

I was responsible for managing corrective action for their current DataGate integration to reduce rework.

I managed the migration project from initiation to contract closure to their new eGate system (2.5 Million). In addition, responsible for managing the integration team for development and production support of mission critical interfaces for this multi-facility, 1100 bed healthcare delivery system.

I managed the support of 65 interfaces utilizing the SeeBeyond eGate 3.X/4.X platforms, including ADTs, bi-directional order communications, and patient charges. Systems supported include McKesson Star Patient Care, Radiology, Pharmacy, Patient Accounting, Pathways Care Manager, Midas, MRS Mammography, Pyxis-MM/RX, SoftMed, Executone and financial applications. Accomplishments in this position include:

• Development of project plans and successful migration of several interfaces to new UNIX platforms.

• Researched, developed and implemented a migration plans to eGate 4.X platform. Managed and designed system sizing and install. Managed HAMP setups and FIFO solution.

• Implemented Microsoft/NT eGate 4.X FTP interface system replacing an inefficient DOS process of transferring data files.

• Created scripts to stop/re-start eGate 4.X midnight processes, and creation/coping/deletion of dated directories of data and log files.

• Developed pertinent eGate 4.X scripts for turning on and backing up new schemas.

• Change Management Committee: committee member selected to represent the engine group. The committee members make decisions and recommendations for systems and processes that affect the organization. Our goal is to have the most efficient change implementations, limited down times and ultimately minimal impact on the user community.

• Selected for Cerner Millennium implementation team.

07/01 – 11/01 Health First, Inc., Melbourne, FL

Senior Consultant

Independent review, design and implementation of eGate and eWebit engine interfaces, database and applications. I managed the design and creation of project documentation requirements. I supported Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager Implementation Team. I was contracted directly by the CIO.

04/99 – 7/01 Eclipsys Corporation, Delray Beach, FL

Senior Integration Consultant

Responsible for the managing the design, development, and documentation of healthcare applications, databases and interfaces utilizing the STC Datagate/eGate (OpenHub) and Eclipsys e-Link interface engine platforms. Experienced with multiple database platforms (Oracle, SQL Server), operating systems (Microsoft/NT, AIX), and web development and integration tools. Successful client integration engagements included the development of Health Level 7 interfaces for mission/Discharge/Transfers (ADTs), Orders and Results, Transcription, Materials Management and Inventory, Charge Capture, and Patient Surgery Scheduling.

Assumed technical project management responsibilities for all applications, databases standard interface developed and marketed for the Sunrise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of applications. I developed database conversion tools, standard interfaces, interface test sequences and client documentation for the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Materials Management, and Surgery Manager modules. I also successfully completed integration projects for the Sunrise ERP suite at multiple healthcare integrated delivery systems.

I completed several client Y2K assessments for applications, STC Datagate interface engine and IBM AIX operating system. Developed documentation and client action plans for interfaces requiring modification for Y2K compliance.

10/97 – 04/99 (CTG Inc.) ELUMEN SOLUTIONS, INC., Cincinnati, OH

Senior Integration Consultant

Responsible for the project management of all applications and integration projects for healthcare clients. Reporting to the Vice President, Implementation Services, provided support for applications and integration services marketing efforts, and interface engine implementations including system evaluations, contract negotiations, interface specification development, interface development and testing, technical documentation, troubleshooting procedure development, system administration and client education. Significant engagements for several large Integrated Delivery Systems included the use of the STC Datagate solution to develop interfaces for HBOC Star and Series ADTs,

Orders/Results, Pathways Laboratory, Care Manager, Scheduling Manager, Health Network Server (HNS), and SMS Invision Order Communications applications. I developed an Integration Services Business Unit that will provide ongoing outsourced support for healthcare client production interfaces.

3/94 – 10/97 HEALTH FIRST, INC., Melbourne, FL

Interface Analyst

Responsible for all system integration activity for this $950 million multi-hospital integrated delivery system. I implemented numerous custom and HL7 interfaces between the HBOC Star Version 13.1 and 15.1, First Data Corporation, and SMS Unity Hospital Information Systems and departmental systems. Interfaces developed include ADTs, Patient Charges, and Orders/Results. Implemented STC Datagate Interface Engine Version 2.5 and managed several version upgrades to the 3.X versions. Developed interface specification standards including HL7 requirements for the organization.

Systems Analyst

I supported the implementation and support for several systems including HBOC Star systems, Medical Records, MRS Tumor Registry, Health Club Management System, Transcription System, 3M Coding System, Dietary Management System, HBOC Trendstar Decision Support System, SDC Physician Answering Service System and Infection Control System. I received several awards for successful project implementations and outstanding customer service before being promoted to Interface Analyst.

EDUCATION: Masters in Project Management

Currently Enrolled: University of Management & Technology-5 classes remaining

Arlington, VA 22209

B.S. Business/Management Information Systems, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, December, 1993

A.S. Business Administration, Brevard Community College, Melbourne, FL, December, 1989

AFFILIATIONS: Project Management Institute Member and local chapters:

• Space Coast Florida,Central Florida,Tampa Florida

Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

Health Level 7 – Presented upon request at Annual Meetings

VOLUNTEER: Congressional Offices, Ascension Catholic Church Usher

Kiwanis Club High School Holiday Basketball Tournament Chairman, VITA – Volunteer Senior Citizen Income Tax Assistance/IRS


Project Management (PM): Presentation to many organizations on PM Processes and Methodologies.

PMI Nashville: Presentation on PM in Health Care

Trainer at Devry University for PMP Training.

Interface Engines – e*Gate SeeBeyond, Cloverleaf, Eclipsys e-Link, OpenHub, Cerner Open Engine

Databases: SQL and Oracle.

Applications: EPIC, Meditech, Mysis, Cerner, McKesson Star/Series – Horizon-Patient Care, Radiology, Pharmacy, Patient Accounting, Pathways Care Manager McKesson Star, Horizon Clinicals, Pathways Materials Management. Eclipsys - Sunrise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of applications, Galvanon, SoftMed.

Other Healthcare Systems – GE EchoPacs, AmCom, Lawson, Emageon, GE Pacs, GE-Centricity, TeleTrack, Tissue Tracker, , MRS Tumor Registry, Health Club Management System, Transcription System, 3M Coding System, Theradoc. Cerner Appache, MedSeries4, HCI, Metatech, 3MARMS, Misys Lab, McKesson, McKesson Portal and other web applications, NOVO-external vendor for external eMR data delivery, Dossia, Athena ASP Model for eMR & Pathology billing, CPOE Models.

Hardware and Software: SUN, IBM Models & P770 Series, MS Windows, MS Servers

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