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United States
September 27, 2008

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Summary: WWTP PROJECT SUPERINTENDENT, 20 years experience

Project coordinating, planning, scheduling, all sequences of work, earthwork, underground utilities, all phases of construction, concrete, structural steel, masonry work, mechanical, testing and start up. (salary $115k plus package based on cost of living - negotiable)

Experience: 27 years in construction.

Job Title: Estimator *** short term to help learn with cost controls and computers ***

Employer: Conco Cement Company, Fontana, CA ($200 million)

Dates: 1/07 to 3/08

Duties: Take offs and pricing, take offs for poured and placed concrete structures, place, finish, and metal decks, also wrote up proposals. (high-rise, parking garages)

Job Title: Project Superintendent

Employer: W. M. Lyles, Yucaipa, California ($100 million)

Dates: 6/05 to 7/06

Duties: Coordinate all field work consisting of carpenters, laborers, electricians, cement masons, iron workers, earthwork operations, project scheduling and planning, tracking of costs, material and equipment procurement. (water treatment plant)

Job Title: Project Superintendent

Employer: J.F. Shea Inc., Valencia, California ($500 million)

Dates: 6/01 to 2/04

Duties: Project superintendent/Mechanical Superintendent coordinate all underground pipe lines and above ground mechanical equipment and piping, coordinating instillation of all mechanical piping and equipment, plan and implement all plant shut downs and bypasses to facilitate work.

(wastewater treatment plants)

Job Title: Project Superintendent

Employer: J.W. Contracting, Corona, California ($50 million)

Dates: 6/97 to 6/01

Duties: Project superintendent coordinate all field work including all subcontractors, and procurement of all material needed. (water and wastewater treatment plant and pump stations - blower mods)

Job Title: Project Superintendent

Employer: Pascal & Ludwig, Ontario, California ($40 million)

Dates: 9/89 to 5/97

Duties: Project superintendent, coordination of all field work, including subcontractors and procurement of all material and equipment. (water and wastewater treatment plant and pump stations)

Education: Journeyman Carpenter with Union Certificate – 4 year program

CA Drivers

License Class: CM1 (passenger car, Mc.)

Comments: Twenty-seven years in the carpenters union - references see project completion list

Professional References

1. Rick Parker Div. mgn. Conco Cement 310-***-****

2. Dennis Vanderwilt PM WM Lyles 951-***-****

3. Ron Kettel LACSD SR. Plants Superintendent 661-257-4809x6900

4. Rod Rodriguez Civil Superintendent WM Lyles 951-***-****

Turn-Key Project Completion List by Bill French as Project Superintendent

1989- Moorpark WWTP 1.5 Million

Project Outline: Turn Key Project (Existing Plant)

Three vertical turbine pumps and pump station, five acre Lemna Pond with a ten by ten grid system. Drying pad and harvester, concrete splitter box, twenty-four inch piping and pipe line. New aerators at four ponds and control baffles at discharge.

Photos available Contact Metri Mona (District Engineer)

Jack Johnson ( Plant Super )


1990- Las Vergines Water District- Cold Canyon Pump Station $500,000

Project Outline: Turn Key Project

Three vertical turbine pumps (can type) block building, tie ins upstream and downstream, a main line, pave site.

Photos available District Contact

1991- Walnut Water 2.5 Million

Project Outline: Turn Key Project

Four valve vaults with street crossing to tie in the points at main line (Grand Ave),

meter structure at main reservoir site.

Photos available Contacts

1992- Moorpark WWTP Phase Two 2.5 Million

Project Outline: Turn Key Project (New Facility)

Two contact chlorine basins with four hundred foot double channel to discharge underground pipeline connecting ponds to filter structure, and Lemna settling tank, chemical building with containment area and chemical tanks, piping and equipment to open same.

Photos available Contact Metri Mona (District Engineer)

Jack Johnson


1993- City of Downy 1.0 Million

Project Outline: Turn Key Project

Block well building with deep well installed by Beylik- all above ground and below ground piping to tie points in street, project was at Downey City Hall.

Photos available Contact

1993- El Segundo Water Company 1.5 Million

Project Outline: (Isolation valve vaults)

Installed seven valve vaults at seven locations in heavy traffic areas and major thoroughfares, vaults were pre cast, all complete piping and valving, backfill and paving.

Photos available Contact

1993- Metropolitan Water District 1.0 Million

Project Outline: Jenson Filtration Plant (Existing Plant)

Time sensitive project- new block building, pipe tunnel to tie into existing gallery, evaporators and chlorinators and all piping and electrical for a working facility.

Photos available Contact: Terry Wallace ( MWD inspector )


1993-1994- Burbank Water Company 3.5 Million

Project Outline: Burbank Chlorinization and Ammonia Building

Block and poured in place concrete structure. Have two rooms with chlorination equipment and other with ammonia equipment. Also had laboratory, conference room. Retrofit existing three million gallon reservoir, new discharging pipe at inlet to reservoir, retrofit existing pump station, new pumps, pipe and seismic retrofit to concrete structure. Tie into street.

Photos available District Contact: Peter Frankle

1995-1996- Metropolitan Water District 3.5 Million

Project Outline: Diemier Filtration Plant (Existing Plant)

New block building, five truck chlorine unloading dock, building has four evaporators and sixteen chlorinators, including fourteen thousand feet plus or minus of vacuum tested PVC in gallery to eighteen injector points.

Photos not available Contact: Steve Kobbzeff (MWD Inspector)


1997- Newport Beach Water Company 2.5 Million

Project Outline: Two Turn-Key Pump Stations

Two turn-key pump stations at two locations, both are block buildings with metal roofs, wells installed by Beylic, and all piping to complete both pump stations.

Photos available Contact: Michael Sinacori PM,NB

1998-1999- Palmdale Water District 6.5 Million

Project Outline: Turn-Key Six Million Gallon Clear well Project (New Facility)

Project consisted of:

Installed one six million gallon storage reservoir with baffles for chlorination contact time. All underground plant feed and discharge, 36”, 48”, 30”, overflow pond with rip rap can type pump station with six vertical turbine pumps, high and low pressure. Block building, surge tank structure is concrete. Back fill block generator station, pave entire site, and fence all.

Photos available Contact: John Purnewla

2000- Twenty-Nine Palms Water District 3.0 Million

Project Outline: Fluoride Removal New Facilities- Three Locations Turn-Key Plant

Location One- Two cast in place, two million gallon reservoirs. One metal building with lab, office, emergency generator, compressor, air stripping tower in concrete basin in building.

Location Two- Well site pump (1). Built up site- block matt protection, pipeline to main site, and one hundred year flood burm covered with articulated block matt.

Location Three- Booster pump station with three can type booster pumps, block building.

Photos available Contact: Mike Wright

District Superintendent

2000-2001- EMWD- Moreno Valley 500,000

Project Outline: Turn-Key Blower Upgrade Design Build

Remove one blower system complete, remove and re pour portion of inertia block, (V12 caterpillar rebuilt by district ) to allow new blower and transmission modification, re pipe all systems, installed three systems, two running on natural gas and one was on methane.

Photos available Contact: Inspector Jeff Golherer


2001-2003- L.A. County Sanitation District, Valencia Plant $ 40 Million

Project Outline: Turn-Key Existing Plant

Installed structures as follows: Add on to chlorine contact tank, excavate for six new primary tanks, six new aeration tanks, two filtrate tanks, nine final tanks, new blower building, two new digesters, one new truck loading facility approximately 11,000’ of electric duct banks, 13,000’ of underground pipeline ranging in size four inches to forty-eight inches. This project had approximately twelve major shutdowns, also had temporary bypass systems to do the work.

Photos available Contact: Plant Superintendent Ron Kettle

661-***-**** x6900

1995-Lombardi Well, Pasadena Water District $600,000

Project Outline: Turn-Key Existing Well Site


Install new deep well with Packard assembly, nitrogen system, hypo chloride system

New sand settler, (C.I.P.), tie in new pipelines from well to city water system, chlorinate all.

Note: I was involved with several other projects that ranged in value from ten million to thirty million dollars, they are as listed:

Scholl Canyon Pump Station-LASTD, 2.5 MILL.

LA Glendale Bar Screen Building Renovation-City of LA/DWP, 3 MILL.

San Jacinto Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion EMWD, 6 MILL.

Temecula Valley Water Treatment Plant Expansion, EMWD, 20 MILL.

Santa Paula Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion, 1.5 MILL.

Thousand Oaks Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion, 25 MILL.

Yucaipa Water Treatment Plant New Facility 30 MILL.

Lytle Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant 14 MILL.

These projects I started but did not complete due to being moved to other projects (usually more difficult) per my employer at the time. Bill French

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