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Management Development

Leesburg, Virginia, 20175, United States
September 28, 2010

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Pedram (Pete) Amiri


Summary of Qualifications

* Seasoned professional with over 25 years of extensive and broad experience in all aspects of information technology providing strategies roadmaps and operational & tactical solutions, as well as identifying and mitigating risks and issue.

* Exceptional history of leading the turnaround of underperforming IT projects and strategies and in meeting critical software engineering challenges.

* Highly skilled with ability to quickly evaluate organizational, procedural, and technical issues and translating them into innovative solutions.

* Intensive experience in systems architecture and design; developing and implementing large-scale distributed and complex systems, using well-known industry design paradigms, including Service Oriented Architect.

* Highly analytical, innovative and dedicated to using right technology and committed to deliver highest degree of quality, reliability, and to avoid over engineering.

* Solution oriented, and believer in iterative approaches to reduce risks and ensure high quality.

* Highly motivated, task-oriented, self-starter with inquisitive attitude. Tenacious in getting the tasks done, effectual in time management, decision-making, with emphasis on quality.

* Recognized and rewarded repeatedly for innovative design, superb problem solving, timely system delivery, and high quality of workmanship, extremely hands-on with notable strong technical skill base and impressive experience.

* Focus on Agile Methodologies, including agile modeling, domain-driven design (DDD), refactoring, test-driven development (TDD), Customer/client centered with emphasis on high quality and system integrity.

* In-depth experience establishing best practices and guidelines, also for selecting, developing, and implementing information systems within enterprise.

* Acute knowledge of hardware, software, networking, applications, and systems engineering.

* Capable coordinator of off-shore development projects and interfacing with Upper Management CXO and director-level.

Core Competencies

Process & Infrastructure & Enterprise Architecture Framework.

* Certified in Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI),

* Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL),

* SOA AgilePath Quad Model,

* The Open Architect Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF),

* Familiar with DOD Architecture Framework (DoDAF),

* Model Driven Architect (MDA),

* Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) as a Process Authoring and delivery medium.

Case Tools, Modeling and development tools

* UML2.0, Rational Rose, MagicDraw, StarUML, ArgoUML Enterprise Architect.

* BPMN, ESS-Model, Microsoft Visio

Development Methodology

* Rational Unified Process (RUP/UP), & Open Unified Process (OpenUp),

* Agile methodology like eXtreme Programming (XP), Scrum.

* Design By Contract.


* Java (EE/SE), JAX-WS Web Services, JAXB.

* C, C++, IPC, STL, Xlib, Xt, Xview, Motif, Rouge Wave

* UNIX Shell (Bash, Born, Korn), Perl, AWK, and Other Utilities

* Familiar with BEPL (Business Process Execution Language), C# and .Net Technology


* Sybase (DbLib, T-SQL, Replication Server, Open-Server / Open-Client)

* Informix (I4gl, R4gl, ESQL, SE, Online, C-ISAM)

* Oracle (PLSQL)

* Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for none structured data repositories,

* Data Modeling and Embarcadero ER Studio (Data Modeling)

* Informatica Data Conversion and Integration

Development library, frameworks, and Tools

* Eclipse, JDEV, JBuilder, JUnit, Log4J, Jakarta-commons, JDBC, Hibernate, SAX, JDOM, Xerces, JAAS (SSL, TLS).

* ANT, Maven, and CruseControl (Continuous Build and Deployment & Agile Development).

* Familiar with CVS, ClearCase, ClearQuest, RequisitePro,

Application Servers, Web Servers, and ESB

* Weblogic AS (8.X,.9.X, 10.X), AquaLogic ESB, Oracle BPEL (Service Orchestration).

* JBoss AS (4.0)

* Intel SOA Expressway

* Familiar with Geronimo AS, OC4J AS and SoupUI.

* Jakarta Tomcat, Struts Framework, Soap 1.0 , 1.1, Axis

XML Standards

* Familiar with XML, SOAP, WSDL, Namespace, XQuery, XML Schema, XSL, and XPath

* Extensible Business Reporting Language XBRL (ICI and US GAAP Taxonomies)

Networking Protocols

* Extensive Provisioning Protocol XML based (RFC 3730, 3731, 3732, 3733, 3734, 3735)

* Registry-Registrar Protocol (RRP RFC 3375, 2832)

Operating Systems

* Linux (Redhat, Fedora, Suse, Ubunto), UNIX, OSX, UTS, Ultrix, AIX, SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX, Windows

Rule and Workflow Engines

* Familiar with Drools, Also wrote XML Based Rule Engine,

* Familiar with Oracle BPM, JBoss JBPM.

Professional Experience

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) June 2010-Sept 2010

Lead Enterprise Architect

* Working within the CIO office and Lead a Team of enterprise Architects, evaluate the current status of Enterprise Architecture form all Architectural domains namely Business, Data, Application and Technology order to salvage the current available information and its usability, validity and integrity, in order to rapidly increase the productivity and generate value.

* Lead the team in two initiatives, one in data Domain, other in Technology and Application Domains information gathering.

* Worked with IT Portfolio Management (ITPfM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), and CPIC/Budget Team to consolidate information regarding the Technology & Application Domain.

* Worked to define Business Segment Objectives, the supportive tasks, in order to create a High Level Service Catalog, as defined by ITSM, to be utilized for budgetary purpose.

* Started to Define Architectural Principals, Charters, Partitioning and Approach, Maturity Assessment, fully compliant with TOGAF Preliminary Phase.

* The Artifacts generated utilizing DoDAF 1.5 RM Framework, OV, SV, AV, using Enterprise Architect.

Compugain Corporation Dec 2009-Marh 2010

Senior/Lead Systems, Solution, & SOA Architect

* As Architect actively and intensely participated in all phases of delivery of troubled project, taking responsibility for project quality and timeliness.

* Facilitates realistic project planning based upon time-boxed delivery of incremental functionality, prioritized by business criticality, and driven by technical and organizational risk.

* Working with team of offshore engineers, overcoming challenges in almost all aspects of project management, including technical, resource planning & motivation, communication, and infrastructure. Defined guidelines to optimize offshore resource utilization.

* As necessary, played hands on role in all aspects as well as working with client in all aspects of project in including the Inception, Architecture and Design, and implementation and delivery phases of projects.

* Resolved issues cross-platform communication like Java base and BizTalk Service calls.

* Technologies utilized are Microsoft BizTalk, C#, XML, XML Schema, XSLT, WSDL, Soap, BPEL, Intel SOExpressway, Informatica, SoupUI, Microsoft, Linux, Visio.

AgilePath Corporations April 2008-Dec 2009

United State Air Force (USAF) SOA Enterprise Architect

* Working as a member of a them instructed by with CTO at USAF, assisted in defining AF IT-LC and DoD 5001.2 acquisition process & its adoption for SOA as part of NETCENTS-II

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) SOA Enterprise Architect

* Served in SOA and IT Governance Team within FAA Enterprise Architect board assisted in defining Governance Policies for both Design time Runtime, Road-maps, Technology Strategies, and Reference Architecture.

* Experience with resolution of politically critical issues involving upper management and external vendors.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) / SOA Enterprise Architect

* Reporting to NGA CIO, as a member of team of seasoned SOA Enterprise Architect, to help NGA in Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) as mandated by Department of Defense, with primarily objective; to examine all NGA IT assets and to identify a roadmap for SOA and retirement of Legacy Systems, also to identify and eliminate redundancies information silos.

* Assisted in definition and implementation of IT / SOA Portfolio Management, SOA Governance Model and SOA Governance Policies.

* Defined a roadmap for ITIL Compliant SOA operations infrastructure.

* Worked with all levels of IT Personnel to fully investigate and identify Service Candidate.

* Working with AgilePath Quad Model, as a framework to define an Enterprise SOA Roadmap.

Corporate Business Development and Revenue Generation

* Team Lead for writing technical proposal for $3M+ SOA Modernization Contracts.

* Team Lead for Reference Implementation of Enterprise SOA Reference Model.

* Heavily participated in Corporate Product Development practices, Business development, Revenue generation, and white papers.

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission EDGAR Systems

Senior/Lead Systems Architect Jan 2007-Feb 2008

* Responsible for overall system functionality, as well as System Modernization Strategies and migration path. Interfacing users, managements, vendors, and international guests (CenterLink).

* Significant role in defining strategic, operational, and tactical roadmaps, worked with management to identify & fine tune the functional requirements, release planning. Also lead high level and low level designs sessions including risks mitigation.

* EDGAR is a mission critical and very complex system with high profile providing information to internal and external entities. It is designed to automate the extraction, processing and dissemination over a millions filings, using over 560 form types.

* Project is composed of two parts, Modernization, and Operation and Maintenance. Responsible to ensuring that both tracks are inline with strategic and tactical enterprise goals.

* Team of 60 engineers, working on over 130 Servers, and over 21 tightly coupled subsystems.

* Involved in defining the overall Disaster Recovery Plan, and oversaw implementation during full power down exercise.

* Directly responsible for various work products including Systems Architect Documents (SAD).

* Assisted in processes definition, improvement, and enforcement as a SQA team member.

* Prototype various implementations for XBRL (ICI and US GAAP Taxonomies) implementations.

* System utilizes Solaris & Trusted Solaris as the standard platform. Implementation utilizing Java, JEE, CORBA, numerous COTS products including XBRL Validators, XFDL / XFORM development tools, and open source technologies, and MagicDraw UML.

America Online AOL March 2006-September 2006

Senior SOA Infrastructure/Platform Architect (Consultant)

* Reporting to Chief Architect and supervised five software architect delivering various specifications, designs, and standards for Business Platform Services (BPS) and Open Business Infrastructure (OBI), the new AOL initiatives to create and consolidate the AOL billing system.

* Enterprise wide SOA based Billing system containing over 85 endpoints, with proprietary Service Registry, Universal Business Directory (UBD) and Role Based Security (ASIF).

* Supervising five functional architects, defining the Service Contracts, Data Model, & Standards.

* Working with other Chief Architects; to create cross-organization data model and data definitions.

* Technologies utilized are CMMI 5, Weblogic Application Server, AquaLogic Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), JEE (1.4), MagicDraw UML, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JUnit, Log4J, MagicDraw UML, ER/Studio, Visio.

NeuStar Inc. June 2005 – Feb 2006

Senior Systems Architect

* Responsible for defining and delivery of various Functional Specifications, and high level design for Night-Fire Clearinghouse system utilizing Service Oriented / Component base Architect.

* Deliverable entailed of design and definition of all components, functions/processes, interfaces, and Data definitions.

* Interfacing Marketing and Business team to assist in defining and fine tuning of product definition and Functional Requirements gaining extensive and in-depth knowledge in Telecomm Industries and transferring the knowledge to one the three offshore organizations.

* Worked with Product Management teams to identify and fine tune the product definitions.

* Led a team for load/performance testing to ensure system will meet the SLA.

* Assisted in processes definition, improvement, and enforcement as a SQA team member.

* Assisted in early stages of conversion from Waterfalls to RUP utilizing iterative methodology for development of Product Definition, Specification, and development Cycles.

* Sub-System worked on are; ASR, ESR, LSR (Pre-Order components) CSR, PPV, AV.

* Familiar with Standards from Order and Billing Standards (OBF), e.g. ASOG 32 and LSOG 9

* Assisted in re-design of the CORBA/RMI based architect, using Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

* Technologies utilized are JAVA JEE, JSE, Enterprise Architect UML, Oracle AS, OC4J, Struts, Oracle BPEL, Oracle.

Federal Bureau of Investigation September 1992-June 1993

Senior Consultant

* Assisted in development of Carjacking and DRUGFIRE, utilizing Evolutionary Methodology.

* System performed record correlation with advanced search and predictive capabilities.

* Develop conceptual, logical and physical data models with supporting application objects.

* Technologies utilized are Advanced C/C++, UNIX, SYBASE SQL Server, T-SQL, SRV-lib, DB-lib, and Unix Shell.

AT&T July 1990- September 1992

Senior Consultant / Tech Lead

* Served in Both Inbound (800,900) and Outbound (Business & Residential). Also served as a member of design, development, and implementation team for Alternate Number Translation, Worked to Architect and provide customer approved solutions.

* Lead a team to designed, development, and implementation of comprehensive Executive Information System (EIS). System was the front-end to a Very Large Scale Database, generating and analyzing data regarding the performances of cost centers, regions, and nationwide.

* Involved in large-scale system reengineering of Mechanized Service Request (MSR).

* Technologies utilized are C/C++ on UNIX, Informix (ESQL 4.0), Extensive UNIX Shell, UNIX 3B2 Amdahl and Pyramid.

Sealy Furniture of Maryland November 1989 - July 1990

Software / System Engineer

* Involved in Enterprise-Level legacy system conversion & modernization (Hardware/Software) from COBOL to custom coded distributed C/Unix based system, with low latency, high availability and various build-in redundancies.

* Designed and implemented Logical and Physical Database also Normalized data

* Performed System / Data Storage Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning.

* Technologies utilized are C (and associated tools; e.g. Make, lint, etc), Informix (ESQL and 4GL), UNIX Shell Script, and Advanced UNIX Programming including IPC, Barcode.

Data Management Systems Inc. (DMS) August 1985 - November 1989

Software / Lead Engineer

* Involved in full life cycle development and management of various client/server applications using Waterfall development methodology.

* Led a team for analysis, design, development and implementations of Task Tracking and Task Management and Billing System. System provided detailed information regarding deliverables, and billings.

* Performed routine UNIX system administration and hardware/software upgrades, Database administration and development.

* Business Intelligence (BI) & Decision Support System (DSS) for resource performance management, utilization, and customer patronage.

* Also served as System and Database Administrator and Tier 3 Production Support, and Release / Configuration Management.

* Technologies utilized are; Extensive C UNIX Programming (IPC Semaphores and Shared Memory, BSD Sockets, Threads), Advanced UNIX Shell Scripts. Xview, Xlib, Xt, X11, Motif, Informix database (4GLE, ESQL), AWK, SED.


B.S. Degree in Management Information Systems from University Of Baltimore

Work Status

US Citizen


Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) Certificate

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Training

Kean Project Risk Analysis and Management (PRAM)

Oracle Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

JAVA internal corporate training J2EE (SLSB, SFSB, CMP, BMP, JMS)

JAVA CBT training (intermediate, advance, networking, securities)

DNS VeriSign Corporate Training

Intermediate C++ Programming internal corporate Training

Advanced C++ Programming internal corporate Training

Certification in Load Runner (Load Testing)

CSC-Crystal, System Development Methodology

ISPP (EDS), System Development Methodology

Digital Systems, System Development Methodology and Software Lifecycle

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