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security officer

Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401, United States
$9-10 an hour
January 15, 2012

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Dear Sir

I am intrested in the possible opportunities within your organization. I think my background and experiences may help any organization or corporation. my resume is enclosed for your review. I am a college graduate having more than ten years experience

in the security field including managing & watching big estates. I am a certified armed and unarmed security officer.Thanks.

yours truly

chander khanna chander khanna 154 S. bellvue Ave Atlantic city NJ


Phone #609 *** ****


Qualification: Bachelor degree in economics, basic knowledge of computer, security

guard and loss prevention certification from state of NY, armed and

unarmed security certification from state of Tx (level three from security


Status: US citizen having valid driving licence.

Experience: I have more than ten years experience as security officer in us multi-

million company which is as follows:

Harrah’s hotels and casino 777 harrahs’ blvd, Atlantic city NJ 08401

from may 1990 to November 2000. Phone # 609 *** ****. supervisor

Miss Ann. Resigned due to sudden demise of my dad overseas. Ending

salary $10.01 an hour.

Duties: Duties to include checking all floors, parking lots on foot and as car

rover, secure outside areas, escort money to and from main bank and to

other cash booths, checking in-coming and out-going vehicles and

workers, greet and give proper directions to guests and try to help

them on the spot as far as possible, keep an eye on the casino floor

especially on persons of doubtful integrity, take sick guests to hospital and

bring them back etc etc,.

Great Bay hotels, brighten and park street, Atlantic city NJ 08401 From

April 2002 to may 2005 phone # 609 *** **** Resigned due to serious sic-

ness of my only son ( muscular dystrophy). Supervisor Mr. white. Ending

salary $10.25 an hour.

Duties: Duties to include checking all floors, parking lots on foot and as car rover,

secure outside as well as inside areas, escort money from and to main bank

and to other different cashier booths, checking in-coming & out-going

vehicles and emloyees, greet guests and give them proper directions, secure

casino floor, keep an eye on persons of doubtful integrity, take care of

sick guests, perform CPR, if necessary, take them to hospital and bring

them back etc, etc,

wakenhut corporation hwy 365 suite 540 netherland, Beaumont Tx

77627 from June 2005 to may 2008 phone 281 *** ****/ 409 *** **** supervisor miss monica.and capt. danny resigned due to self

sickness,treatment overseas salary$10.50 an hour working 12 hour shift


Duties: duties to include checking all in-coming and out-going employees and

vehicles, check and watch gates, write reports and do other assigned

paper work, make round of specified areas, call seniors immediately

in case of emergency and make sure no employee take company tools

when leaving premises and watch that every employee punch in and

punch out etc,etc,


Patriot security armed and unarmed security officer ( pt. time) 1824

netherlands avenue Beaumont Tx 77624 phone 409 *** ****/

729 7455/ 1 800 *** **** from july 2006 to march 2008 resigned becouse

my only young son died overseas and I had to perform certain rituals

and do other social things.

. supervisor mr david. ending salary $8.50.

Duties: duties to include watch specified gates at the port and inform the base

about in-coming and out-going traffic especially about any suspicious

activity witnessed on walkie-talkie, write reports of all incidents at night

time,. make round around specified area and gates, make half houly

rounds at the designated gates and areas carrying fire arm, entertain guests,

answer their querris, attend telephones, do paper work, make enteries in the

files etc. etc,.

I did not work from 2000 to 2002 since I had to perform rituals & do other social things of my dad overseas.From June 2008 to Nov.2009 I worked as manager in Austin hotel suites 8300 NH 35 Austin Tx 78753 phone # 512-***-****. I did not work since then because I had to take care of two very small kids of my late young son but now since

my sister has come to take care of them, I can go for work.

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