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SAP Tester

Edison, New Jersey, 08820, United States
May 05, 2010

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Shri Edison, NJ

SAP QA Tester


**+ Years of total SAP R/3 ERP experience including 8 years of experience as a SAP R/3 ERP QA Testing and 2 years of SAP FI functional Experience

• Experience in analyzing business specification documents, developing Test Plans, Test Strategy, Test Scope and defining Test Cases and Automating Test Scripts

• Extensively Testing knowledge in SAP R/3, FI/CO,SD,MM, and HR, MDM and FSCM, SAP CRM IPM Modules

• Proficient in manual and automated Testing Tools such as SAP CATT, Mercury Test suite (QTP 9.2, Quality Center and Test Director 7.6) for testing ERP Applications, Web, and Client/Server

• Hands on experience in Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Interface Testing, Stress and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Integration Testing, System Testing, GUI Testing, Regression Testing

• Extensive Experience on QTP8.2 of object repository, Data sheets, parameterization of data and user defined functions

• Worked on Test Director and QC for Defect Tracking, organizing, managing, planning and executing the Tests

• knowledge of FDA regulations, validation, and SOX, GxP compliance requirements as they relate to testing (installation qualification, operational qualification, performance qualification, and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and Electronic Signatures

• Extensive Experience in String testing, OQPQ, and CRF Testing, DIL ( Day in Life) Testing in pharmaceutical Environment

• Extensive knowledge of Oracle and SQL Server systems, including the ability to run queries, and create SQL procedures/scripts and interpret results.

• Extensive knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), methodologies and test processes and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

• Excellent understanding of Ascendant / ASAP methodologies and gathering business process procedures (BPP) documentation for preparing Test Plan.

• Experience in conducting end user training on various SAP R/3 modules

• Experience in Data Transfers using Batch input methods, Transferred master data from previous system using LSMW SAP Tool

• Extensive experience in Enhancement, Upgrade & post Go Live implementation support

• Good communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to work in a team environment with tight schedules and capable of working efficiently under pressure, manage multiple project


Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, MS DOS

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C++, ABAP/4, AND XML

Databases: Oracle 8i /9i, 10g SQL Server 2000, DB2, MS Access

GUI: Developer 2000, (Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5), Visual basic 5.0

ERP: SAP R/3 4.5, 4.6C, ECC 5.0, 6.0 FI, SD, MM, CRM,FSCM, HR

Scripting: VB Script, 4 Test Language, TSL, UNIX Shell Scripting

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Navigator

Interfaces: ALE, EDI/IDOC, Web Methods

Testing Tools: WinRunner 6.0/7.2,QTP 9.2, Load Runner 8.2,

Reporting Tools: Test Director, QC, PVCS Tracker, Clear Quest, Bugzilla

Experience/Project Work

Warner Bros, Burbank, CA Oct’09- Present

Phase: SAP CRM 7.0 ECC 6.0

Role: SAP Test Lead - CRM, FSCM

Warner Bros. has two leading category distribution units, Domestic Television

Distribution (WBDTD), and International Television Distribution (WBITD), together,

these entities are responsible for the distribution of Warner Bros., Entertainment

and Media. It has thirteen units around the world, and using different legacy systems for Create and Maintain deals. Warner Bros has initiated to implement a single system with SAP CRM IPM 7.0 and ECC 6.0



• Preparation of test plans, which specify testing overview, testing approach, testing strategy, roles & responsibilities and scope of testing

• Developed detailed design and code configuration walkthroughs, creation of test


• Coordinated with Test Analysts to develop Testing scenarios, String testing, UAT

and Functional Testing, Regression Testing, and Interface Testing.

• Uploading the Test Cases, Requirements, Test Plan, Test Data in to Quality Center

• Monitoring Test Progress and communicating status and issues to the Manager

• Reviewed the Test Cases, End to End test Scenarios, and completeness of

Test results

• Assist Functional Team leads , Technical Team leads in coordination of test activities

• Manually tested String testing, Formal testing, and Regression testing, Interface testing.

• Conducted Defect Meetings, assign prioritization of defects and escalate to Project

Manager, if necessary

• Responsible for monitoring test matrix and communicating status and issues to the

Test Manager

• Executed integration end-to-end testing scripts STARS, UpDoc, CRM IPM, and FI,

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, SAP CRM 7.0 IPM, FSCM, Oracle 9i, EDI,

Quality Center 10, Win NT, JAVA,

Johnson & Johnson May’08-Sep’09

Health Care Systems, NJ,


Role: SAP Tester - SD, MM, and FI

US Region Order-to-Cash (OTC) is a major Johnson & Johnson strategic initiative to integrate 24 separate transactional systems into a single, regional system for 14 participating Medical Devices & Diagnostics companies in the United States, the initiative will create common processes in the “order-to-cash” cycle from the time a customer places an order through delivery of the product and final payment. This includes processes and systems used for Accounts Receivable, Order Management, Warehouse Management and Transportation Management.


• Involved in designing and forming strings in OTC test string environment and prepared test plans, which specify testing overview, testing approach, testing strategy, roles & responsibilities and scope of testing, and creation of test data for testing and uploading in to Quality Center.

• Involved in all stages of Testing, String Testing, OQ/PQ Dry Run and OQ/PQ Formal,

Functional testing, regression testing, and System Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

• Manually tested OQ/PQ Formal, CRF and validated 21 CFR Part11 FDA federal guidelines on documents, and SOX Compliances, electronic records and signatures.

• Login to Quality Center retrieved the data from Test Lab, strings, OQ/PQ dry run, OQ/PQ formal, Regression data and tested manually in SAP Portal

• Manually tested CRM Middleware Delta Download (Synchronization) for changes made in ECC Customer Master.

• Manually tested ability loading of Business partners, Contract persons, Prospects from legacy to SAP CRM System.

• Executed Integration/end to end testing manually from creating sales order (VA01) through billing (VF01), (Order, Delivery, Batch Split, Batch Determination, Shipping, Pick & Pack, GI (Goods Issue) and ASN and Billing)

• Manually tested verify the domestic debit memo accounting document for document type, Reference field, payment reference field, and assignment field and payment terms

• Manually executed International Billing and Invoices with Order Type ZEX and tested Shipping point and route information displayed and recorded

• Manually Tested inbound IDoc with T.Code we02 for shipping notification and segments

• Manually tested No Charge – House order for charitable donation, Patient Assistance, etc/ Route determination scenarios (based on carrier override at sales order entry/ No special Pricing scenario)

• Manually tested Generate Invoice-Basic Material billing through cash processing for basic Material and will enable to validate the account posting (T.code VA03 and VF03 segment ELEDK01, Z1BILLD, E1EDK04, and E1EDK05)

• Verify Components of documents generated via billing process (IDD40/Paper Invoice),

For dropship scenario and check invoice totals, number of line items.( T.Code VF03)

• Executed ability to create a standing order including standard material, eligibility, manual

Hold (CCHold, to prevent conversion to a sales order), copy/not copy pricing, renewal

Indicator and confirm outputs generated (with order type ZLZ)

• Manually tested Replenish Stocks at DC ( Replenishment Order - Receipt) from

Manufacturing Location, Lot managed material, Lot status- restricted (WMS status-


• Manually tested EDI VAN message exchange between OPCOs (Operating Companies)

• Manually tested EDI Messages 204,753, and 754, 990, 850, and 820, 855, 856, 810,

Ensured that the data exchanged is syntactically correct and the information required

properly applied in the internal systems as per requirements.

• Manually tested Order Types like ZOR, ZEX, ZCR, and ZDR whether the output is as per expected results like Standard Order Overview screen is displayed.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, SAP CRM CIC, Oracle 9i, Manual Testing, EDI,

Web methods, Quality Center 9.1, Win NT, and Ascendant Tools

Methodology (IBM)

Avaya, Basking Ridge, NJ Feb’08 – March’08

Phase: Enhancement in 4.6C

Role: SAP Test Lead - SD, FI

Avaya Inc. Design, builds and manages communication networks for more than 1 million

businesses worldwide, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500. Focused on businesses

Large to small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems and communications software applications and services. The automation feature of billing late payment fees has been decommissioned in SAP. Automation will streamline the process of billing late payment fees and bring a consistent experience across Avaya customers. It links to the Avaya goal of “Strong Financial Position”.


• Reviewed existing Business Process Procedures and requirement analysis, Test Plan,

Test Scope, and Test strategy, Work plan, Test Environment, Test Design and Execution

of Testing Tools.

• Created Test Data for Auto Cash functional testing three different payment types (Lockbox, EDI, and Credit Cards)

• Created new payers with T.Code XD01 and assigned selection rule to the payer in the company code data payments transaction screen

• Created debit memos with T.Code VA01 and tested accounting document show debit to

A/R at the payer, credit to Revenue, and credit to sales tax payable.

• Created txt.file and executed FTP in Unix to simulate receipt of the lockbox file from the


• Executed program RESINB00 using T.Code SE38 configure the variant LOCKBOX TEST to generate IDoc with logical message type ZSR524 created.

• Performed force start autosys job SAP_SR524_LOCKBOX which will spawn background job and executed program RBDAPP01 with variant LOCKBOX.

• Tested IDoc status is changed to as per requirement number when executed the program RBDAPP01 and accounting document is clear the receivable with a credit to external A/R account, offset debit to Unapplied A/R account. Using FBL5, the payer’s account list shows the invoice as cleared.

• Tested all scenarios as per functional requirements selection rule on the customer master. If paid amount matches the invoice, an overpayment clear the invoice residual open (DZ15), and if an underpayment clear the invoice but put residual in open (doc type DZ, Posting Key 06)

• Configured Prototype Creation for Late Payment fees Dunning Procedures as per business requirements.

• Created and Tested several FB70 invoices for the customer using payment terms of due

Immediately, tested that the Invoices show up on the FBL5 transaction.

• Executed and tested that F.2A program selecting appropriate output report and appropriate Document type DI was posted against the customer record that when execute FBL5.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6c, Oracle 9i, UNIX, Manual Testing, Excel Sheet, QC 9.1,

Ascendant Tools Methodology (IBM)

Johnson & Johnson, NJ Dec’07- Feb’08

Phase: Enhancements in ECC 6.0

Role: SAP Tester – SD, MM, FI, BW

Johnson & Johnson is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly-based manufacturer

of health care products as well as a provider of related services for the consumer,

Pharmaceutical, and professional markets. Johnson & Johnson has more than 700 operating companies, through out the globe which manufacture and market thousands of products in hundreds of categories. J&J is reengineering certain intercompany billing processes to improve efficiencies across its affiliates. This project includes the implementation of limited FI, SD and MM enhancements in SAP Financials and the deployment of new processes.


• Involved in the preparation of test plans, which specify testing overview, testing approach, Testing strategy, roles & responsibilities and scope of testing

• Involved in finalize of UAT test scripts for pre-approval and post- approval process for

WINGS Cycle 1 to 4

• Involved in to develop Business Events, Prerequisites, and Conditions for UAT Fictional

Testing Business Process

• Manually performed UAT Functional Testing of SD Module consisting of IC Sales Order (VA01), creating SO from existing Sales Order, Display Sales Order (VA03)

• Manually performed UAT Functional Testing of MM Module consisting of review and release IC Purchase Order (ME29N), Display released PO(/nME29N), Block, Change

PO, Reject/Lock/No Release. Cancel PO Reject/Trash. Release Or Lock/No Release

• Manually Performed UAT Functional Testing of SD Cancel SO, Change SO Decrease

$ No Re-Approval and Increase $ with Re-Approval

• Manually Tested Functionality of Credit Sales Order, Display Sales Order, and Sales

Order from existing Sales Order.

• Manually Performed Functional testing of Customized T.Code ZIC_INVOICE. Match

and post all Non-Lynx Biller/Lynx Payer SO/PO Combination.

• Manually Performed Functional Testing of T. Code MIRO, invoice verification process

Match and approve in Accounts Payable

• Negative testing of ZIC_INVOICE Create SO with Reference (CWR) and those that

Were create one – off (COO)

• Manually performed functional testing of AP and AR Sub ledger Reports in order to

Review Biller/Vendor and Payer/Customer relationship Open, Cleared and All AP/AR

Sub ledger entries with /nS_ALR_87012083 and /nS_ALR_87012173.

• Performed Functional testing of T.Code FBRA/ and F-32 and FBRA/ and F-44, reset the

Clearing document using FBRA and Reassign the payment to another payer/customer

(F-32, F-44)

• Tested functionality of Sales Order Upload using ZSOUPLOAD, Release the PO through

The Deemed Acceptance batch job, confirm the creation of PO and Invoice with T.Code


• Tested ERROR Analysis, Correction and Re-Testing using T.Code(ZVA05) and Re-Testing for upload SO Using ZSOUPLOAD.

• Manually Tested Functionality of BW Report of General Ledger like set up activity

of Bex/BW toolbar, Roles, and Variant, Work book functionality.

• Manually Tested Functionality of Reconciliation, BW Output G/L report and G/L Report

in SAP and both reports sync with each other and reporting the same totals

• Monitor testing progress and influence the timely completion of testing and analyze

and report testing results.

• Conducted training and developed documentation for end-users for UAT testing.

Environment: SAP R/3 6.0, SAP BW, Oracle 9i, UNIX, Manual Testing, Excel Sheet,

Quality Center 9.1, Ascendant Tools Methodology (IBM)

BASF Chemical Company, NJ Feb’06 – Nov’07

Phase: Upgrade 4.6c-ECC 6.0

Role: SAP Test Lead – FICO

Multi-national chemicals manufacturing corporation, active in fiber intermediates, nylon and

Melamine fibers, resins and plastics, performance products and agricultural products and

fine chemicals to crude oil and natural gas. BASF aimed at migrating from 4.6c R/3 system

to SAP ECC 6.0 environment.


• Involved in the preparation of test plans, which specify testing overview, testing approach, Testing strategy, roles & responsibilities and scope of testing

• Analyzed Business Process Procedures(BPP) Document and Prepared Test Scenarios,

Test scripts

• Involved in testing of Unicode conversion from 4.6c to ECC 6.0

• Developed Test scripts and Executed, test Results uploaded in to HP Quality Center

• Performed testing Screen formats, navigation and functionality of Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable and Treasury modules as per BPP

• Manually performed end-to-end testing of AR module consisting of Customer Master Records, Customer Groups, Terms of Payment, Interest Calculation, Cash Discounts and Credit management, Over/Under Payments, Dunning Procedures as per business requirement.

• Manually performed testing of AP module consisting of Vendor Groups, Vendors Master data, Dunning Procedures, Parking Document, Posting Park Document, Payment Program Configuration- company code data, paying company code data, country payment methods, company code payment methods, bank selection

• Manually performed integration end-to-end testing based on BPP requirements

Of Treasury (TR) module consisting of House banks, Lock Box, Lock Box file formats,

Cash Management (CM), Cash Forecasting (CF), Cash Concentration (CC), EBS

(Electronic Bank Statement)

• Manually performed integration testing controlling area and operating concern.

• Manually executed integration testing Automatic Cost Element Creation, and Manual

Cost Element Creation

• Manually performed integration testing cross-company order settlement CO to FI


• Documented and reported the defects and interacted with developers to follow up on


• Manually tested interface programs, scheduling jobs as default, as running as per set up in the system

• Performed Functional and Regression testing with automation tool QTP

• Conducted training and developed documentation for end-users for UAT testing

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, Oracle 9i, UNIX, Manual Testing, Quality Center 9.1,


Nielsen Media, NY Dec’03 - Jan’06

Phase: Enhancements

Role: SAP QA Tester- FICO

The Nielsen company, formerly known as VNU Group B.V., is global information and media company with leading market positions and recognized brands in marketing information,

(ACNielsen), media information (Nielsen Media Research), business publications (Billboard,

The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek) and trade shows, The privately held company is active in

More than 100 countries, with headquarters in Harlem, Netherlands, and New York.


• Reviewed Business Process Procedures and Blue Print and did requirement analysis

and Developed Test Plan, Test Scope, and Test strategy, designed.

• Documented Test cases corresponding to business rules and other operation condition.

• Involved in all stages of testing process functional testing, regression testing, and integration testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

• Execution of Test Case manually to verity actual results against expected results.

• Identified and documented all issues and defects to ensure application software functionality

• Manually tested Lockbox Configuration like Lockboxes (OB10), Lockbox Control Parameters,(OBAY), Lockbox Posting data (OBAX) verified the output results with Business Requirements

• Manually tested Liquidity Forecast, Cash Management, and Cash Concentration and

It Source Symbols (OT05), Planning Levels (OT14), and Planning Groups (OT13)

Internal MM and SD Transactions to Planning Levels (OT47), Treasury Groupings (OT17),

• Treasury Grouping Headers (OT18), and Treasury Updates (OT29), validated and verified GUI process meeting with as expected results.

• Manually tested G/L master records, retained earnings, line items layouts, data transfer

rules, field status groups, and posting keys and it functionality is as per BPPs

• Manually Tested Functionality of Asset Accounting and its Account Determination is as

per BPPs like Asset master data, Asset Classes, Chart of Depreciation, and Depreciation Areas, Depreciation keys, Depreciation Postings, and Depreciation Calculation methods.

• Reported Defects and maintained test results using TestDirector.

• Performed Regression testing and Integration testing using QTP automation tool for

Application Testing.

• Participated in strategy and status meetings to report issues. Communicated developers, Functional consultants through all phases of testing prioritize bug resolution.

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC5.0, Oracle 8.7, Windows NT, Manual Testing, TestDirector,

QTP 8.2

Energy East, Portland, ME Oct’02 - Nov’03

Phase: Full Life Cycle

Role: SAP QA Tester – HR

Energy East, The utility holding company distributes electricity and natural gas in four northeastern states through subsidiaries Berkshire Gas, Central Maine Power, Connecticut Natural Gas, Maine Natural Gas, New York State Electric & Gas, Rochester Gas and Electric, and Southern Connecticut Gas. Overall, Energy East serves 1.8 million electricity customers as well as 900,000 natural gas customers.


• Involved in the preparation of test plans, which specify testing overview, testing approach, Testing strategy, roles & responsibilities and scope of testing

• Documented Test cases corresponding to business rules and other operation condition

• Involved in to develop Business Events, Prerequisites, and Conditions Manually performed functional testing for UAT Fictional Testing Business Process

• Created Test Data sheets for Recruitment, Gross Payroll, Net Payroll, Time Management, and Benefits, Compensation Management for functional testing

• Recruitment–Manually performed functional testing Vacancies, Advertisements, Recruitment Instruments/Media, Recording applicant Data, Optical Archiving Applicant Documents, Applicant Administration, Administration of the Selection Procedure, Applicant Selection for Vacancies and Applicant Hiring and bug tickets uploaded in to TD (TestDirector)

• Gross Payroll – Manually performed functional testing of Wage Types, Processing Time Data, Payments and Deductions, Schemas, Functions, Calculation Rules, Internal Tables, Factoring, Cumulating and Storage bug tickets uploaded in to TestDirectory

• Net Payroll – Manually performed functional testing Deductions,Taxes,and Benefits/Payroll Integration, Garnishments, Bank Transfers/Direct Deposits, General Ledger, Third Party Remittance,

• Time Management – Manually performed functional testing Work Schedules PT01,PT02 and PT03 Time Recording (Substitutions, Absences, Absence Counting, Absence Quotas, Leave Entitlement, FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Workbench, Overtime, Availability, Reaction to overlapping time info types - Collision Checks), and Time Evaluation, CATS and ESS,MSS, Time Manager's Workplace (SAP Enterprise, Version 4.7) and bugs uploaded in to TD

• Benefits: Manually performed functional testing Benefit Areas, Enrollments (PA90), Health Plans, Insurance Plans, Savings Plans, Spending Accounts, Credit Plans, Eligibility, Termination, COBRA (PA89), Reports( PA96), Mapping Documents, Inbound and Outbound Interfaces and Payroll Integration with Treasury and bugs uploaded in to TD (TestDirector)

• Manually performed positive and negative testing in the all segments

• Monitor testing progress and influence the timely completion of testing and analyze

and report testing results.

• Conducted training and developed documentation for end-users for UAT testing over the conference call

• Reported Defects and maintained test results using TestDirectory.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, Oracle 8.7, Windows NT, Manual Testing, TestDirectory,

Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Feb’01 - Sep’02

Bridgewater, NJ

Role: SAP Tester-SD, MM, FI

Aventis U.S., based in Bridgewater, NJ, and leading global pharmaceutical company

that discovers, develops, produces and market innovative therapies that enhance

People’s lives. Aventis research and development efforts are focused on health care

challenges in cardiology, oncology and internal medicine, as well as metabolic diseases.

Aventis initiated to implement full life cycle from legacy system to SAP R/3 system


• Testing of Client/Server environment in SAP FI, MM, SD modules using manual as well as automated tools

• Involved in documenting Test Plan, Test Cases and Test Procedure using Business requirements document and Functional requirements document of the system

• Conducted entry validation tests on all the online Applications - both positive and negative Tests

• Identification of Test data and validation of Test environment

• Involved in Integration testing (end-to-end Cross-Functional process chain)

• Recording of various tests and stored in the database for reusability

• Reporting of bugs using custom-made bug tracking tool developed in MS Excel

• Monitored the status of bugs until they were sorted out. Made summarized and detailed test reports

• As QA Analyst involved in Documentation of Integration, Regression and Security testing

• Involved in creation of Virtual Users using Load Runner

• Involved in creation of low, medium, and Peak load scenarios

• Involved in writing scripts for the load tests as per the requirements

• Involved in creating the Scenarios for single and Multi-Vuser test

• Performed User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Functionality Testing and Integration Testing

• Involved in Data Migration testing i.e. used old data and checked the validity of the data

• Prepared training documents for end users of application

Environment: SAP 4.6B, Oracle 8i, CATT, Manual Testing, Load runner, SD, MM, and


BMS, NJ Nov’99 - Jan’01

Phase: Enhancements

Environment: R/3 4.0

Role: SAP Consultant – FI


• Configuration expertise focusing in areas of Asset Accounting (AA), Genera ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR).

• Involved in collecting business blue print documentation, customization, and configuration and in depth understanding of business process relating to SAP Finance, Integration with SD, MM modules.

• Configured FI Enterprise Structure includes Company Code, Business Areas, Function Areas and Fiscal year Variant.

• Conducted unit testing, integration testing, uat testing, and user training

• Configured General Ledger include chart of accounts, G/L accounts, Sample accounts, Field status groups, Posting Key and Sales/use tax assignment, Automatic Account Determination.

• Configured Document Type, Tolerance groups, Number ranges and Financial Statement versions

• Configured ALE/IDOC setting for Inbound and outbound Idocs, Message Handling

• Configured Accounts Payable includes Vendor Master Data, Vendor Groups, House Banks, Payment Program and Recurring entries, Credit memos, and Special GL.

• Configured Accounts Receivable including Customer Master Data, Customer Groups, Terms of Payment, Interest Calculation, billing, and Dunning, Incoming Payments, and Cash Discounts.

• Asset Accounting (AA) including Asset master data, Asset Classes, Chart of Depreciation, Depreciation areas, Depreciation keys, Depreciation postings, Depreciation Calculation methods


Masters in Business Administration,

PG Diploma in Computer Application,

Diploma in Client/Server Technology,

Status: EAD

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