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Nccco Crane Operator Tll,Twr / 10 Hour Osha Card, CDL Class A

Fort Myers, Florida, 33905, United States
$32.00 - $35.00 p[us per diem
April 05, 2012

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Fort Myers, FL 33905

Cell: 239-***-**** Email:




CDL CLASS A F236-732-77-366-0





I’m an experienced crane operator with my certification with NCCCO, OSHA, ASME, ANSI standards for my occupation and the way of safe work ethics. I have been on various turn around job operating Manitowoc,Grove,Terex,LinkBelt,Tadano,Kobelco,Liebherr,ComeDil,Comansa cranes for more than 5 years on all types of cranes & Equipment like Hammer Head tower cranes , lattice crawlers, large hydro, small hydro, RT cranes. The jobs have all been different from new construction high rise buildings,to power plants, bridges ,chemical plants ,steel buildings ,houses, mobile homes ,cell huts, transmition line work with power companies. Knowing how to rigging a load and how it will affect the crane once the crane has the weight of the load. I would like to work for a great company that is well established in the crane industry and help the company in any way possible to completely satisfy the customer and the company. Maintain a safe work place making sure the job was done safely in a productive manner keeping the people and jobs equipment running safe and on a schedule. Also pass on the knowledge to the young generation’s to come.

. Crane operator for 5 years lifting needs up to 300 tons.

. Sales and rentals representative for 12 years.

. Complete daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly inspections.

. Mechanical abilities with equipment and electrical wiring diagrams.

. Completed many different types of lifts like fly tables, fly shear walls big and small, unload steel, and stack tractor truck trailers on top of each other.

. Fly man basket with people in it and know what the regulations and codes are for man basket.

. Crane Training Operator Network.

. Completed NCCCO crane classes at Crane Tech in Tampa FL.

. Rigging experience includes but not limited to industrial needs in the erection of cranes.

. Technical knowledge includes the operating needs for the Hammer head tower crane, lattice boom crawlers, conventional / tower truck, tower mounted large and small hydro, rough terrain and all terrain cranes.

. Able to perform job function very safely.

. Able to work a clean safe work area.

. Know safe rigging of equipment and marterials to meet OSHA and ASME regulations.

. Able to train new members and provide leadership and motivation to them.

. Computer experience with software and hardware.

. Twic Card is a high security clearance for power plants, airports and ship yard ports.

. I received a 5 year safe driving award at UPS.



1360 NW 33RD ST.

Pompano FL, 33064

Ron 1-954-***-**** Tom 1-954-***-****

Hourly 35.00 March 2012

Operator of Comansa Lin 440 Tower Crane building Three story motel in beautiful down town Naples Florida. Some of the picks where unloading steel from trucks and placing the steel in the right area for the crew members to continue with job also had block forks and unloaded trucks of block and put the block inside the build in the right area. Had pallets of wood come in on trucks to form building and along with more materials and tools. Wright now we are waiting for some bids to come in so we can start building more building in this beautiful area Naples Florida. So for now I shear this job with another operator till are bids are singed and approved.


9760 Shepard Rd.

Macedonia, OH 44056

1-440-***-**** 1-407-***-****

Kenneth wood

Hourly $38.00 per Diem $100 daily


I work ful time for Tradesmen in Tampa FL. I operated an 18 ton grove crane rebuilding parts of a bridge some of the work I did was lifting the man basket, pour concrete with bucket, and set steel. Also set concrete railing forms for side of bridge. I keep records of crane maintence and did all maintence for crane.


2723 17th street East

Palmetto, FL. 34221

1-941-***-**** Mr. Blum

July -2010

Hourly $29.50

Crane operator truck driver and loader, skedster operator and some other equipment as needed. This job was a transmition distribution line job. That’s when we replace the hardware, wire and poles . I helped move the equipment around the work area to improve their work environment. I would make shore all the parts where accounted for and in the right area. Did maintenance and operated the equipment to get the job done and also clean up the job area and prepared for next area to be worked on.


4651 Dyer Blvd.

Riviera Beach FL. 33407

1-800-***-**** Mr. Bo

Hourly $32.50 per diem $100 daily

May - 2010

In South Carolina I operated a 50 Ton RT TEREX hydro crane at the federal navy base. Most of the time I was moving the crane around the job to position the crane in the safest area for a lift to be performed .I was lifting brace poles, steel, supplies for the job whatever they needed to prepare for the next tilt walls to be set in place. I did all the maintenance for the crane and made shore all the rigging is in good condition and be looking for any damage to any of it.


P.O. Box 62066

Fort Myers FL, 33906

239-***-**** Supervisor: Mark Proskauer

Salary and Commission

Jan.-09 - Dec.09

Sales rep for LTD4000 Eagle Hoisting Platform Transform Deck. Did alot of searching on the internet for building projects big and small. I would email and talk with company owner’s supervisors contractors,formens, superintendents ect. To present to them the new LTD4000 Eagle Hoisting Platform Transform Deck and how this equipment will save them time and money on new and old buildings.


3980 Fowler St.

Fort Myers, FL. 33901

239-***-**** Supervisor: Dean Snell

Salary and Commission

April 2008 - June 2008

Sales rep responsible for new and used cars sales. Completed in-house sales tranning.


10614 Highway 92 East

Tampa, FL 33610

Supervisor: Robert Suza 1-206-***-****

Hourly $29.00 per Diem $100 daily

Aug-07- Oct 07

Crane operator of various cranes. To name a few the Manitowoc lattice boom crawler triple 777,888,999, Manitowoc 2250,16000 series one configuration was with luffing jib and the other was with jib off set or just working of main boom. One of the jobs was operating the Manitowoc triple 777 with 280' of main boom building the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami fl. The building was made out of precast forms that would come in on trailers daily with anywhere from 1 to 5 pieces on each trailer. There were also crane jobs to like Operating Grove 70 ton RT, 700E, RT 760 E also 70 ton linkbelt hydro operating on the job with the power company seating new poles and removing the old power poles and loading them on a trailer or off to the side in a safe place to be picked up at a later time . I Did trusses for houses and I also worked with the erection crew sometimes I would truck parts of the crane to and from the job. Me and the crew would work most of the day and night putting the crane together or taking it down and moving the crane to the next job.


1212 Shady Oak Lane

Grand Prairie, Texas

Supervisor: Robert Suza 1-206-***-****

Hourly $38.00

January 2007- August 2007

Operator of Tower cranes ComeDil 561/531, Liebherr 200 LC,440 Comansa Lin and lattice boom crawler with luffer or jib on small and large telescopic boom truck cranes. Fly tables, fly shear walls big and small, fly steel, fly man basket, jack pumps for next floor, fly concrete buckets, fly pole shores, precast forms and a lot of other materials for building a high rise up to 33 stores. Also jumped tower crane to next level every couple of monthes. I maintenance the tower cranes mechanical & electrical and oiled as needed. Inspection report daily, weekly , Bi-weekly, monthly and yearly. Managed 30-45 workers in crews from tower crane daily also worked with second tower crane next to me within swing distance so I always had to know where all the cranes where at all times. Some days there were also small & large hydro cranes on the ground .I Keep job site running smooth and safe. Assembled the tower cranes and did all required testing and setting limit switches and buffers. All work was done independently. Always keep a watch at what kind of weather conditions for the day and always keep close with the crew and warn them of conditions so that way where a team and look out for one another.


2535 6th Street West

Lehigh Acres, FL 33907

Supervisor: Alan Johnson 239-***-****

Hourly $ 17.50

June 2005 – December 2005

Truck driver, crane operator, Oiler, Rigger, Mechanic and delivering & assembling crawlers and truck cranes at job site and oiled and did rigging for a lot of different cranes jobs like Power plants, precast forms, communication towers, cell huts, factories, tilt wall ,houses, condos, roads, steel buildings and many more.


2901 Cargo Street

Fort Myers, FL 33901

239-***-**** Supervisor: Bill Cox

Hourly $26.80


Package truck driver delivered packages to local businesses and residential in a timely and professional manner. Other responsibilities included delivering certain packages on time for the service the customer paid for. Pick up costumes packages at a certain time daily with proper paper word. Also loading/unloading, sorting, scanning ,packing packages ,tagging loading or unloading a package truck. In my early years I was one of the tractor trailer shifters going and switching trailers on the dock keeping the sort running smooth.

Airport operations on Saturdays we would go to the airport and sort, load and delivered are Saturday air packages to their customers.

Contract Sales to obtain new customers.

CDL with double and triple endorsements


5150 Buckingham rd.

Fort Myers, FL 33905

1-239-***-**** 6-1995

During summer break back when I was in high school I was a host, server/bus boy at the Hut Restaurant. They would sometimes have wedding ,reunions, private party’s. It was a fast pace and a high class restaurant. What I liked most about it was making people happy and serving good food to the customer and them saying how good the food and service was and say they would love to come back again.


Crane Training Operator Network

Crane Tech Tampa FL courses

OSHA Construction Safety and Health courses

2008 Edison College – basic courses

Riverdale High School, Fort Myers, Florida.

Alva Middle School Fort Myers, Florida

Orange River Elementary

Skills & Licenses

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