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Maintenance Manager

Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3Z1, Canada
100,000 dollars
April 24, 2012

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Rizwan Aslam

***-*** ********* ******,

Tel: ****5-97448789 (Kuwait)



Project Management Cost Management Resource Planning Risk Analysis & Planning Manufacturing & Commissioning

Team Development Process Enhancement Material Management Project Leadership Troubleshooting

Client Management Reliability Operations & Maintenance Installation & Testing Training & Development..

Education :-

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore in June 1991.

Professional Trainings :-

• Training with AMF consultants.


• Successful completion of lead auditor course for ISO 22000:2005 FSMS

• Internal Auditor Certified from Bureau Veritas

• SQMS (Supplier Quality Management system) by McDonald’s

• ISO22000:2005 (Food safety Management System) by BV

• ISO 9001-2000 (Quality Management system) by TUV

• YUM food safety system

• YUM food quality Assessment system

Summary of Professional Experience:-

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakery CO, KUWAIT Head of Projects & Maintenance Deptt.

April, 2005 to date

AL- Jadeed Bakery (L.L.C), DUBAI, U.A.E Deputy Manager Technical

April 1999 to March 2005

Be Be Jan Protein Farms Ltd. Lahore ,Pakistan

Projects & Processing Manager

March 1997 TO April 1999

Riaz Bottlers Ltd (Pepsi Cola ) Lahore, Pakistan

Plant Engineer

August 1991 TO February 1997


Member of Pakistan Engineering Council as Professional Engineer.

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakery CO, KUWAIT Head of Projects & Maintenance Deptt.

April, 2005 to date

One of pioneer and largest automatic European food processing Bakery in the Arabian Gulf for the supply of US/ British army, KFC, MacDonald, Burger King, Hardees.


• To ensure the smooth operation of production lines of European bread operation capable to consume 150 tons flour consumption per day.

• To install one new AMF Bun line having capacity of 42,500 pcs/per hour with German Supplier.

• Install AMF bread line 5400 toast / hour with German supplier and Technicians.

• Maintain flour Silo Storage system having 1600 tons capacity.

• Install the New flour conveying /storage system by M/s: AT Silo and M/s: G.BT.

• Install weighing plant for flour and ingredients.

• Install and maintain the Bagger Packs and Bulk Packing machines from M/s: Lematic Bulk Packer, M/s: UBE-U.S.A.

• Install and maintain the horizontal dough Mixers with Glycol chiller system from M/s: Peerless, U.S.A.

• Plan the annual /Preventive maintenance of all production lines having different capacity.

• Maintain & install/ managing of direct & indirect cooling system of Chiller, Cold storage, Blast Freezer having capacity more than 1000tons with good professional staff.

• Spare parts inventory control, planning and procurement of the subject machinery parts by the overseas suppliers, i.e. (M/s: AMF Bakery Co, M/s: G/BT, M/s: Lematic, M/s: Peerless- U.S.A, M/s: W P Spfilderer, M/s: UBE- U.S.A.)

• To conduct the successfully visit of different clients like USA/ British Army, KFC, Hardees, Burger king, Mac Donald.

• Maintenance Planning & control activities follow up the maintenance schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually) of Bakery & Utility Equipments like Air Compressor, Centrifugal Water Pumps, Boilers, Cooling/ Pan conveyors, Mixers, Dough Dividers, Baking Ovens, Proofers, Deepeners, Packing machines).


• Achieved all the targets of installation.

• Successfully commissioned of all expansion work of Engineering section and new line.Successfully implemented the food HAACP system /YUM and other fast food safety Audits.

• By proper planning and scheduling of preventive maintenance at the break down time of machinery.

• Control on expenses.

AL- Jadeed Bakery (L.L.C), DUBAI, U.A.E Deputy Manager Technical

April 1999 to March 2005


• To install the one automatic AMF Bun having capacity 24,000pcs/hr with German supplier and Technician.

• To install one W.P. (Werner & Pfleiderer) Arabic bread line having capacity 10,000pcs/hr with German suppliers & Technicians.

• To look after the civil work.

• Shifting of M/s: ABI- RAMIA MAXIFOUR King size bread plant from one building to another building within the time period.

• Maintenance planning & Control Activities: Following up the maintenance schedules (daily, weekly, monthly & annually) of whole equipment (Mixing, Proofing Machines, Baking Ovens, Cooling conveyors, Pan Conveyors, Packing machines, Bagging machines, Air Compressor, Boilers & Tewimate Machine)

• To maintain the preventive and annual maintenance of C.A.C Chilling system of Bakery having capacity of 125 tons.

• Planning for new or supplementary equipment and machinery for the plant.

• Optimizing the machinery availability to the Production department.

• Spare parts inventory control, planning and procurement of identifying the subject parts could buy locally or fabricated or by the oversee machines suppliers i.e. WERNER SPFILDERER (the main suppliers of Flour plant, Rose Fore grove, M/s: Abi Ramia Maxi flour, Hornaic)

• Follow up the contactors (Fire alarm, Generators, Lift, weighing scales, cold storage and dealing with municipality, civil defense and environment control department)

• Assigning the jobs on daily basis to workers.

• To plan the annual/preventive maintenance of seven production lines having different capacities.


• Achieved all the targets of installation and shifting of production line.

• Successfully commissioned all machinery within budgeted time.

• Smooth operation.

• By proper planning and scheduling of preventive maintenance at the break down time of machinery.

Be Be Jan Protein Farms Ltd. Lahore ,Pakistan

Projects & Processing Manager

March 1997 TO April 1999


• To install the Machinery of Poultry Processing unit with foreign technicians.

• Planning and scheduling of Project and supervision during installation of Plant.

• Equipment includes processing machines Stork Holland; Ref. Compressors Reciprocating semi sealed Copland USA, Rendering machines Stork Holland, Boiler, Air Compressor, Poultry Conveyors, Cooling pads and all Pipelines for the above equipment.

• Preventive and annual maintenance of above mentioned machinery.

• Planning & scheduling of preventive/annual maintenance of Cold store equipment

• (Reciprocating Copland U.S.A, evaporators)

• Managing annual/ preventive maintenance of waste water treatment system (Aqua Holland)

• Processing, production scheduling.

• Maintaining quality as per KFC standards.

• Development of different types of frozen chicken to meet the consumer’s demand.

• Preparation and presentation weekly/monthly production & dispatch reports.

• (Production, stock dispatching, packing material and rendering, maintenance, spare parts, store, boiler, on-line quality, log sheet of cold store and electrical monthly machine performance).

• Preparation of monthly expenditure and purchase reports regarding plant.

• Allocation of manpower in different department.

• Managing of electrical dept, which includes five generators (each of 300 KVA).

• Supervising chicken farms.


• Achieved all the targets of installation.

• Successfully commissioned all machinery within allocated time.

• Smooth operation.

• Riaz Bottlers Ltd (Pepsi Cola ) Lahore, Pakistan

• Plant Manager • August 1991 TO February 1997

• Completed the erection of a new line within the allocated time and resources.

• Designed and fabricated all the bottle conveyors in the factory workshop.

• Planned the annual/ preventive maintenance of water treatment plant having capacity 60,000 liters per day.

• Designed & manufactured conveyors to take dirty bottles outside the Production hall.

• Utilized of In-house workshop facility to manufacture the required spare parts.

• Introduced the Inventory system for spare parts etc.

• Increased the efficiency of Boiler while reducing its running cost.

• Reduce the break down time during successive years.

• Modified one – litre washer into standards washer on as and when required basis.

• Increased the capacity of existing plant from 40000 cases per day to 60000 cases per day.


• Managed the expansion/ modification of plants.

• Managed annual maintenance of plants & machinery.

• Maximized the productivity while maintaining Pepsi cola international quality standards.

• Planned preventive /Annual Maintenance of whole equipment (Ammonia and Air compressor/ Evaporators, Pumps, Gearboxes, Boilers, CO2, Generation plant, Conveyors, Heat Exchanger and Main filling lines.)

• Directing three shift maintenance supervisors and their maintenance staff

• Reviewing maintenance staff schedules to ensure adequate coverage and planning.

• Working with all departments developing Safety, Environmental, and Plant Goals

• Administrating Plant Preventive Maintenance program.

• Maintaining records for the Pay for Skills maintenance training program

• Maintaining records of compliance relating to refrigeration equipment repair and service.

• Assisting Engineering manager with Capital project bringing them to completion within budget on time.

• Directing outside contractors who are maintaining facility support equipment. Organizing repair windows and project scope.

• modification of existing equipment, and controls to improve operation and reliability of that equipment.

• Supports reviews and/or develops maintenance procedures, standards and policies adhering to union collective bargaining agreements, safety standards and BBU best practices.

• Reviews and analyzes break down reports, accident reports and work order. Provides leadership and direction for the Maintenance Department towards achieving the Operating plan. Direct focus on down time, yield loss, and preventive maintenance using Main smart data to identify key improvement opportunities.

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