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Denver, CO
June 28, 2022

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Robert Covu


CELL 612-***-**** • E-MAIL


10+ years’ experience developing and designing iOS mobile applications.

* **** ********* ** ***** Store.

18+ combined years’ experience in software/IT and iOS.

Expertise in MVC, MVP, MVVM, design architectures.

Hands-on skill applying cocoa design patterns and concepts like Delegation, Protocols, Categories, Notifications, and Blocks.

Strong programming ability with Swift and Objective-C and converting legacy Objective-C to Swift.

Hands-on developing UI/UX interfaces built in alignment with best practices for user friendly operations.

Expertise in testing applications using simulators and real devices to optimize performance.

Demonstrated skill with Core Data and straight SQLite.

Goal-oriented, organized, team player with good interpersonal skills who thrives in team environment as well as individually.

Experience consuming Rest/SOAP web services and APIs.

Create and customize views, table views, tab bars and navigation bars.

Experience implementing frameworks like Core Location, Core Graphics, and MapKit frameworks.

Work all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) process, including requirements analysis, design, implementation, debugging, testing, and fixing and maintaining applications.

Experienced in UX design with demonstrated ability to translate concept designs into user interfaces on mobiles like iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Experience taking a project from scoping requirements through actual launch of application.

Confident working with iOS and other developers to complete detailed projects.

Experience working with onsite and offshore teams.

Excellent leadership and communication skills.

Works well with stakeholders, gathering requirements and creating a project plan.

Practice pair programming.

Conduct code reviews and manage GitHub/Git and project backlog following Scrum processes.

Participate in Sprint Planning and prioritization of sprint tasks with Product Manager.

Expertise in Testing, Writing Test Cases In XCTest, Unit Tests, Test Driven Development, Functional And Beta Tests Working With QA Team

Skilled in use of Continuous Integration Using Jenkins and Travis.


Programming Languages

Swift, Objective-C

C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery, Spring (Desktop, Web & Mobile Applications)



Eclipse, Visual Studio

Continuous Integration


Software Applications

MATLAB, Microsoft Office, Proteus, People-Soft, PIES, Splunk, AWS

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Android


MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL

Project Tools

JIRA, Confluence, Kanban, Trello, Slack

Interface Development

Storyboards, Xibs, AutoLayout, Size Classes


AVFoundation, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to stream content from websites and content delivery services

Services Integration

AlamoFire, AFNetworking,

REST, JSON, SOAP, XML, Reachability,



Apple Push Notification (APNS)

NSUserDefaults, NSNotificationCenter, NSOperationQueue, MessageUI, AddressBook.

Data Persistence

Core Data, SQLite, Keychain, File System, NSCoding / NSKeyedArchiver, PList, NSUserDefaults


CocoaTouch, CocoaPods, RxSwift, RxCocoa AlamoFire, Firebase, UIKit, UIDynamics, CoreLocation, MapKit, CoreBluetooth, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, AVFoundation, CloudKit, CoreData, EventKit


TDD, Unit Testing. XCTest, Automated Testing



Senior iOS Developer

Charter Communications Denver, CO February 2022 – Present

Implemented new features in Swift using the Xcode IDE and used XCTest for writing unit, integration, and end-to-end tests.

Created test app in C#-Xamarin environment that was initially a 2 App testing environment.

Ran Bash scripts to make it easy to test directly from 1 app, while consuming a 3-interdependent API with encrypted 64bit authentication and a token while producing an Exchange Authentication Key.

Programmed some specialized functions in C#.

Added some fields to a consumed payload and passed it out to the tethered router.

Performed various UX design and programming alterations to improve the user experience.

Running un-documented, tightly coupled code multiple times to gain understanding of flow and running operation and identifying bugs and performance issues.

Applied Combine framework.

Utilized Carthage for dependency management.

Utilized JIRA for assigning and tracking tasks.

Utilized Firebase to analyze the application.

Coordinated with designers, business analysts, and backend teams to meet business requirements. Added extra cases to those requirements as they came up.

Senior iOS Mobile Engineer

Dairy Queen Minneapolis, MN June 2019 – February 2022

Utilized Core Data to persist favorited Properties.

Utilized CocoaPods for third-party dependency management.

Participated in Code Reviews to make sure code quality was up to standards.

Wrote unit tests with XCTest framework with TDD as the testing paradigm approach.

Worked with Swift 4-5 on XCode 11-12.

Performed work in alignment with Agile Development with 2-week sprints, daily stand ups, and pre-sprint planning.

Configured CollectionView to create navigation menus to create a UI to make transactions easily accessible.

Utilized RxSwift in coordination with MVVM to bind the model and view so that the view reacts to changes in the model.

Implemented CocoaPods for various third-party frameworks.

Used Accounts framework and Keychain for user accounts, with Core Data for data persistence.

Used Navigation Table and TableView with compound views in the UI.

Optimized Swift UI workflows to provide a more optimized UX as a whole.

Utilized SourceTree and GitHub Desktop for source control and merge conflict resolution.

Used UIKit to build the UI for the screens with both Storyboards and programmatically.

Wrote Unit Tests using XCTest library.

Applied JIRA to create tickets and track tickets.

Verified and debugged the feature and functionalities using NSLog statements, breakpoints, and LLDB statements, and collaborated with QA team about bugs.

Performed various UX design and programming alterations to improve the user experience.

iOS Mobile Developer

Frontier Airlines Denver, CO November 2017 – June 2019

Developed app in Xcode Design Core Data structure.

Applied MVVM architectural model and various design patterns (Singleton, Delegation).

Utilized Cocoa Touch framework on UIKit.

Used Storyboard to design the UI wireframes of the application and implement UI views.

Recommended several design elements that added value to the application and improved the UX.

Designed and developed custom alert views and custom TabBar.

Used UIViewControllers, UITableViewControllers, custom ITableViewCell with Interface Builder to design and develop user interface.

Completed UI and Application design with NIB files programmatically and used Interface Builder.

Developed UI elements programmatically and through XIBs per design documentation.

Navigated between UIViewControllers using both modal presentations and push/popping UIViewControllers onto the navigation stack with UINavigationControllers.

Applied localization to the application.

Stored codebase in Git repository using Jenkins Continuous Integration.

Worked with a hybrid code base: Objective-C and Swift and began to transition legacy code from Objective-C to Swift.

Implemented the Bluetooth connection that integrates with the hardware for stabilization.

Utilized Core Data to persist and retrieve user information.

Refactored execution management of orders to be handled in the background without locking up the main thread and UI using GCD; NSOperations also leveraged for more complicated concurrency concerns

Debugged feature/functionality implementations and enhancements in the application using a combination of NSLog statements, Breakpoints, and LLDB statements per QA Teams feedback.

Senior iOS Mobile Developer Menlo Park, CA January 2016 to November 2017

Assigned to an Agile team that applied Scrums and Sprints throughout the software development lifecycle.

Performed technical work in an XCode development environment.

Researched and evaluated technologies to improve the development process and workflow.

Worked closely with design and product teams to design and architect improvements to UI/UX by simplifying layouts, revising navigation workflows and more.

Created the app interface with Xibs and Storyboards using Interface Builder, with some programmatic work as well.

Managed code base review and recommended improvements.

Transitioned from Objective-C to Swift, and from MVC to MVVM with RxSwift.

Used private GitHub, Jenkins for continuous integration, and JIRA for tracking.

Integrated various plugins to access and customize native iPhone and Android features.

Developed improvements using CoreAnimation and CoreGraphics.

Worked on secured RESTful web services and tested them on client.

Implemented and tested functionality for collecting data via Bluetooth.

Worked on third party API integrations for consuming web services and display to User.

Used Core Data to manage local storage of receipts and travel data and optimized requests.

Used keychain and two-step authentication for secure login.

iOS Developer

Nextdoor San Francisco, CA March 2014 to December 2015

Implemented Unit test using XCTest framework to ensure correct functioning of core logic within the app.

Used tools like Jira, Slack and Hangouts to collaborate with the team and keep track of the project.

Programmed application using Objective-C language.

Assigned POC project to investigate viability of using Swift after it was released inside the project, including weighing pros and cons of doing so.

Implemented redesign of profiles, including use of networking layer and NSURLSession to modify current network calls and support new functionality.

Re-worked profile section to support full editing capabilities within the app itself.

Worked with team to develop new polling feature to enable surveys with your neighbors.

Established new view flow to show previous activity on profile page implemented with subclasses of UITableViev and UITableViewCell.

Developed search functionality with new network calls, model objects, and JSON parsing to allow searching of posts from your neighborhood.

Participated in peer code reviews to ensure bug free code base that aligned with best practices, code style, and security standards.

Fixed bugs and implemented unit tests to check edge cases and prevent future bugs.

iOS Mobile Application Developer

Berkshire Hathaway/HSF Affiliates Irvine, CA December 2011 to March 2014

Worked in a highly collaborative environment with a development team that applied an Agile project management approach that included the use of Scrums and Sprints.

Developed app using a MVM architecture.

Programmed in Objective-C and Swift with Bridging Headers.

Fixed memory issues with Instruments, most notably using the Allocations and Time Profiler tools.

Performed code reviews to ensure efficiency, readability, and maintainability.

Used SVN for version control.

Installed frameworks and tracked dependencies using CocoaPods.

Sent push notifications to APNS.

Used NSUser Defaults to store user information and save data locally.

Customized UIElements, UIActionsheet, UIAlertView, UItableView, UICollectionView,

UIScrollView to build user interface of the application.

Used Instruments for performance profiling, memory and power management and optimizations.

Implemented cross-departmental Innovation Meetings to engage employees to explore new avenues of revenue-generating or cost-saving ideas.

Consumed RESTful API services with SwiftyJSON to have real-time data from the backend.

Used TestFairy for scenario testing and worked with QA to make sure all issues were logged and resolved.

Utilized JIRA for task assignment/tracking.

Software Developer

BBDO New York, NY April 2004 to December 2011

Coding with Java and C++

Automated workflows that generate monthly reports using Windows Task Scheduler.

Maintained the company website and updated the website content as needed.

Created documentation to provide instructions to set up a Scala development environment.

Assisted other junior software developers.

Worked on projects to create Address Book using Java and Payment Processing using C++

Designed software utilizing Use Case Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Life Cycle Model, and Critical Path Analysis

Worked on web development using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL

Created algorithms to output specific sequences

Debugged scripts

Worked on projects to fix errors in existing scripts.


Master of Science - Information Systems, Web and Application Development - Touro College

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