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San Francisco, CA
June 28, 2022

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Knowledgeable about Android development, Kotlin and Java and Object-Oriented Programming, along with Google Material Design Guidelines, Android Best Practices, and Android UI/UX implementation.

Knowledgeable about architectural patterns and design patterns. Able to architect Android applications in MVVM, MVC and MVP.

Experienced team lead, mentoring Android developers, working with cross-functional teams, and off-site Android team members, and off-site cross-functional teams.

Utilize Espresso, JUnit, Mockito and simulated design patterns to test and develop applications.

Experience using cloud integration tools (e.g., Firebase, Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services).

Application of Material Design guidelines and user experience guidelines and best practices to Android application development.

Experience working on Agile development teams using Scrum processes.

Used knowledge of design patterns in Android development, employing development tools such as Android Studio and Eclipse.

Use of continuous integration tools like Jenkins or Travis CI and automated testing frameworks such as Espresso, Mockito, Robotium, etc.

Experience with embedded local storage solutions such as SQLite.

Implementation of Material Design guidelines, Fragments, Layouts, Animations, Compound Views, Custom Views, ListView and RecyclerView in Android development.

Implement the latest Material Design guidelines, animations and UX optimization, Fragments, Layouts, Animations, Compound Views, Custom Views, ListView and RecyclerView.

Implement RESTful data consumption using Retrofit with an OkHttp client, GSON and Jackson converters and a custom interceptor.

Skilled in consumption of web services (REST, HTTP-based, XML, SOAP, JSON, etc.) in building mobile applications.

Use Android frameworks and APIs to efficiently load data and update databases: Loaders, AsyncTaskLoader and SyncAdapters.

Well versed in Android third-party libraries such as Volley, Retrofit, Picasso, YouTube, Location API, Maps View, Google View, Google Maps, PayPal, Stripe, Android pay, QR Droid, Butterknife, Dagger, Google Wallet payments, Android Annotations.

Pro-active fast learner, self-motivated, proficient in programming logic and easily adaptable to new technologies.



Architectures: MVP, MVC, MVVM

Programming: Java, Kotlin

Scripting: jQuery, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit

IDE/Dev: Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ

Design Platforms and Standards: Android Studio, Eclipse, Material Design

Project Tools/Methods: Agile, Scrum, Sprint, TDD, JIRA, Continuous Integration, Kanban

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Firebase DB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, Android OS Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, Oreo

Version Control: Git, GitHub, SVN, Bitbucket, SourceTree, GitLab

Integration/Content Service: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, GSON, Retrofit

Threading: Loopers, Loaders, AsyncTask, Intent Service, RxJava

Android Tools: Schematic, Smart TV,, Certificate Pinning, MonkeyRunner, Bluetooth Low Energy, ExoPlayer, SyncAdapters, Volley, IcePick, Circle-CI, Samsung SDK, Glide, VidEffects, JUnit, Ion, GSON, ORMLite, Push Notifications, Kickflip, SpongyCastle, Parse, Flurry, Twitter, FloatingActionButton,, Espresso, Fresco, Moshi, Jenkins, UIAutomator, Parceler, Dependency Injection, EventBus,, Dagger, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, Material Dialogs, RxCache, Retrofit, Marshmallow, Loaders, Jitpack, JobScheduler, ParallaxPager, XmlPullParser, Google Cloud Messaging, LeakCanary


Credit Karma San Francisco, CA February 2022 to Current

Senior Android Software Engineer

Understand your financial position and learn how to improve it. Here’s what you’ll get – all free, always. Your credit score and full credit report, updated weekly. Understand what’s impacting your score and how to improve it. Stay on top of your finances – get alerts whenever something changes on your report.

Utilized Android Studio for app development.

Worked with a small team that practiced Scrums and Sprints as part of an Agile project development/delivery approach.

Participated in code reviews strategies to ensure and establish best practices and enforce code quality for new developers.

Using Android Studio with Kotlin codebase following MVVM architecture.

Performed unit testing and debugging of applications to ensure quality, responsiveness and efficiency of the delivered requirements and overall health of the system.

Planned, executed, and managed integration of new applications with existing systems and software and the implementation of new application integration technology.

Worked on unit tests extensively following TDD best practices, using Junit, Mockito and Espresso for UI testing in the development process.

Used GitHub private repositories with standard workflows for version control.

Worked with Jenkins CI server for continuous integration and followed Test-Driven Development (TDD) methods.

Reviewed Kotlin code and made multiple changes to code functions.

Encrypted and decrypted the shared preference data with the AndroidX Security Library.

Firehouse Subs Jacksonville, FL November 2019 to February 2022

Senior Android Developer

Welcome to Firehouse Subs! Use our app to earn food rewards on your purchases, order from Firehouse, find locations, and more!

Involved in all phases of software development life cycle, including planning, architecture, development.

Worked on an Agile/Scrum team and made recommendations for project efficiency and quality during Scrum meetings (planning, retrospective) and discussions.

Assisted with project planning, and ensured deadlines were met.

Worked in Android Studio with coding in Kotlin.

Developed modules in Kotlin using MVVM app architecture for ease of maintainability and extensibility, as well as improved quality testing.

Utilized design patterns such as Abstract Factory, Builder, Observer, and Singleton.

Worked closely with UI/UX designers and interacted with stakeholders, product managers and business units to gather requirements and ensure final product matched needs.

Refactored codebase to make it more readable, usable, and modular.

Designed/developed app using API/SDK and business embedded logic to achieve mobile app’s desired functionality.

Used Data Binding for decoupled UI updating.

Created and ran unit and integration tests with Espresso, Mockito, and Roboelectric.

Built the application to support multiple screen sizes over various Android devices through qualifiers and fragments.

Configured private GitHub as a code repository for the Android development team.

Configured the continuous integration process with a Jenkins instance hosted on a private server.

Connected the app to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, by integrating their SDKs.

Contributed to the technical documentation to increase the maintainability.

Implemented Google Maps for location search with the Google Location APIs.

Implemented Android Bluetooth and Location Connectivity components.

Used JIRA platform to track productivity and tasks provided to accomplish the project

Credit Sesame, Inc. Mountain View, CA November 2017 to November 2019

Senior Android Developer

Get your free credit score, monitor your credit, get personalized tips for improving your score, and enjoy zero-fee mobile banking with Credit Sesame. Our mission is to empower you to achieve your financial goals. With our credit monitoring app we’ve helped millions of people get on a path to better credit. Now, with Sesame Cash, we’re providing the first mobile banking app that helps you grow your cash and credit in one place.

Built features using the MVP architecture to follow SOLID design principles.

Migrated majority of Java code to Kotlin.

Programmed new features/functions Kotlin as the programming language.

Applied multi-tier web architecture and OOP design patterns and concepts to the Android app development.

Used RxKotlin in conjunction with RxAndroid and RxBinding libraries to make app multithreaded and perform asynchronous operations.

Closely collaborated with UI/UX developers to create look and feel similar in multiple cross-over platforms.

Created Custom Views and Compound views to follow seamless UI/UX.

Worked on paid product flavor using Kotlin Default and named arguments, model classes, delegates, Smart cast, Data class and Extension functions.

Made multiple changes to the UI covering text colors and fonts.

Worked in a Test-Driven Development environment using GitHub repository for version control and Jira for continuous integration.

Performed tests using Mockito and Espresso.

Uncovered defects found during testing, conducted root-cause analysis to understood causes, and fixed the problems.

Created proper documentation in refactored functions classes and properties with new Kotlin language implementation.

Worked with Jenkins CI server for continuous integration and followed Test-Driven Development (TDD) methods.

Worked on Starva Bluetooth BLE SDK to design module to pair with Bluetooth devices and transmit large bytes of attributes.

PNC Mobile Pittsburgh, PA September 2016 to November 2017

Use the PNC app to check balances and recent transactions, see current account activity for your checking, savings, credit card and loan accounts, protect your accounts by setting up fingerprint or Face Authentication, reset you password, send money with Zelle®, transfer funds, make deposits, pay bills, and more.

Used Android Studio to develop the screens for the application using architectural design pattern.

Followed Agile methodology and Scrum processes, participating in bi-weekly sprint planning, daily scrums, and kept the project leader aware of all progress, blocks, and opportunities.

Worked with senior developers to get pull requests approved.

Defined UI transitions after reading API configuration from background implementation.

Programmed codebase using Java under an MVP architecture design pattern and created contracts and implementations to isolate layers between components.

Used Dagger 2 for dependency injection and RxJava for high performance with multithreading.

Worked with multiple layouts and designs, followed closely directions from supervisors and designers to apply UI mocks.

Worked on user story to displays accounts on the Accounts Summary screen.

Coded CustomViews to build custom search and filter user-story and display dynamic graphs and rounded ImageView.

Contributed with Zelle API implementation to offer multiple options to transfer to different accounts.

Applied best practices to resources and layouts facilitating the contribution to locale interaction.

Elaborated unit test and instrumented test to contributed on a code coverage percentage.

Write Unit test cases using Mockito and DaggerMock library for inject and Presenter layers.

Used custom Threads and Handlers to work with multithreading.

Implemented Bluetooth Kit and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLW) to manage the connection with the device.

Used GIT version to merge the source code into GitHub.

Used Atlassian Bamboo as Continuous integration system to track released versions with all of fixes de-tailed in a changelog and code backup.

VideoLabs San Jose, CA July 2015 to September 2016

Android App Developer

PowerDirector is the best full-featured video editor and video maker. Add music, transitions, motion titles, effects, emoji, background, filters, etc. With a large selection of powerful editing tools that are updated monthly and a simple, intuitive app interface, you’ll find yourself creating perfect videos that’ll even amaze yourself. Use the built-in stock library to add photos, music, sound effects and share on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Snapchat to become the next vlog star.

Assigned to an Agile development team that designed, developed, and delivered an app that met client specifications for features and functionalities.

Collaborated with software engineers for the design and development of back-end services.

Utilized Eclipse IDE to develop and code the application.

Implemented the app in MVP architectural pattern with Singleton, Façade, Builder, Command, Interpreter and Proxy design patterns.

Programmed application in Java using Android Studio.

Used RxJava to facilitate multi-threading to handle requests in the background.

Analyzed and determine the time and effort needed to perform a user story

Developed custom and compound views to match UI/UX specifications.

Integrated JUnit to complete all test cases.

Used the JIRA bug tracking tool for quality control.

Eliminated the use of external libraries by consolidating the use of OK HTTP and GSON.

Ensured software created and released conforms to quality requirements by accurately writing and executing test plans.

Utilized a Tabs and Navigation Drawers to switch quickly between application Activities and Fragments.

Introduced Push Notifications to keep the user engaged with Parse.

Used Mixpanel and Flurry to generate customized events in the Analytics retrieval.

Managed web services consumption with Retrofit and Moshi.

Customized ExoPlayer decoding and buffering algorithms with an OkHTTP client to efficiently cache upon network conditions.

Fixed Bugs to improve navigation speed integrate of new sections and refined and troubleshot existing bugs in the application.

Implemented transition between activities.

Coordinated with the testing team during the testing phase to resolve issues.

Created several customs and compound UI components.

BabyCenter San Francisco, CA July 2013 – July 2015

Android Programmer

BabyCenter’s pregnancy app and baby tracker guides you through pregnancy and beyond with daily pregnancy updates and week by week baby development information.

Liaised with Design / UX teams to adapt an iOS specification for Android.

Ensured the apps followed Android design guidelines and worked in both screen orientations on devices with various display configurations.

Created compelling device specific user interfaces.

Pair programmed to work on Daily Baby Calendar and Baby Growth Tracker user-story.

Used JSoup Java library for working with real-world HTML, extracting and manipulating data in a supportive community page.

Performed Automatic scheduling of network requests with transparent disk and memory response caching with standard HTTP Volley and Picasso library.

Used Android content providers for implementing features like sending E-mails, sharing using Facebook, Email, Twitter, SMS, etc., from the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.

Worked on JUnit testing framework for testing network modules and API.

Added 9-patch images for the icons and images into a drawable folder.

Performed the functional testing, performance testing, stress testing, and user-acceptance UI testing using advanced automated testing tools.

Followed documentation to integrate Facebook and Twitter for app-sharing, indexing and authentication.

Used nested Fragments to handle the navigation over with using the ChildFragmentManager to improve the modularity and reusability of the UI.

Incorporated CameraKit library for automatic preview scaling, multiple capture method and pinch to zoom of image view in pregnancy tools UI.


Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Stevens-Henager College

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