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Technical Program Manager at Amazon

Rockville, MD
June 18, 2022

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Alexios Kotsifakos

***** ******* **., *********, **, 20850, 615-***-****

E-mail:, Website: EDUCATION

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), U.S.A., supervisor V. Athitsos, GPA 4.0, 2011/09 - 2014/04

Thesis: “Online Efficient and Effective Search in Large and Noisy Sequence Databases” M.Sc. “Advanced Information Systems”, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications (DI&T), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Greece, supervisor D. Gunopulos, ranked 1st, GPA 9.74/10, 2007/10 - 2009/10

Thesis: “Comparative Evaluation of In-network Outlier Detection Techniques for WSNs” B.Sc. “Computer Science and Telecommunications”, DI&T, NKUA, Greece, specialization in “Computational Systems and Applications”, supervisor D. Gunopulos, ranked 1st, GPA 8.74/10, 2003/09 - 2007/09 Thesis: “Comparison of Time Series Distance Measures in NN Classification” PROFESSIONAL & ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE

Amazon, New York, U.S.A.

Technical Program Manager in Amazon Advertising Platform, 2020/11 – present

Lead cross-functional teams of 5-15 engineers in a data-driven environment

Coordinate and manage multiple time sensitive projects and activities by prioritizing workload

Create, organize, and manage product backlog with internal Amazon tool resembling JIRA

Lead the development of business critical product initiatives, collecting requirements, getting teams to onboard, and maintain operational excellence

Apply Agile framework as Scrum Master in Sprint Cycle (planning, daily scrum, review, retrospective)

Actively participate in data analysis, technical problem solving, and design and code reviews

Generate reports and communicate effectively and regularly the status of the Infrastructure program and projects at all levels of the organization

Software Engineer, 2015/12 – 2020/10

Developed features and fixed bugs for Amazon Advertising Platform application

Regular Scrum Master for a team of 5-10 engineers

Worked with AWS technologies (EC2, Lambda, Dynamo DB, CloudSearch, S3, CloudWatch, SQS, SNS) Greek Schools Instructor, U.S.A.

1st Grade at St. Sophia, Washington, D.C., 2021/09 – present

1st and 2nd Grades at Sts. Peter & Paul, Frederick, MD, 2021/09 – present

Music and Greek language instructor in 2nd Grade at the Church of our Savior, Rye, NY, 2017/09 – 2018/06 Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, U.S.A.

Software Engineer, 2014/04 – 2015/12

Developed features and fixed bugs for Automation on Microsoft Azure cloud

Developed features and fixed bugs for the Service Manager (SM) product and its Data Warehouse (DW), used for automating business processes

Participated in all steps of SM release – code reviewing, software security, testing, documentation Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), Texas, U.S.A. Teaching assistant, 2011/08 - 2013/12

Computer Architecture II, Fall 2012, 2013

Operating Systems, Spring 2013

Intro to Computers and Programming with Python, Fall 2011 Department of Information and Computer Science, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland Researcher, 2012/06

Conducted research on “Matching Interval-Based Sequences”; publication in Conference SIAM SDM, 2013 Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens (NKUA), Athens, Greece Researcher in “MODAP (Mobility, Data Mining and Privacy), The Future and Emerging Technologies Open Scheme”, 2009/09 – 2013/02


Performed research on data mining issues in mobile data (trajectories) Researcher in “Semantic Sensor Grids for Rapid Application Development for Environmental Management

(SemSorGrid4Env)”, 2008/09 - 2011/02

Integrated data analysis and management techniques in declarative query languages for sensor networks; publication in Conference MDM, 2011

Teaching assistant, 2007/09 - 2011/02

Data Mining Techniques, Fall 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Implementation of Database Systems, Spring 2008, 2010

Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2007

Institutes of Professional Training, Athens, Greece Instructor, 2010/02 - 2011/06

Lectures on Introduction to computers II, Spring 2011

Lectures on Visual Basic and Introduction to computers I, Fall 2010

Lectures on Introduction to PCs II and Word Processing, Spring 2010 COMPUTER SKILLS & LANGUAGES

Operating Systems: MacOS, Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS

Cloud: AWS, Azure Automation

Programming: system (Java, C, nesC, C++, C#, Python, Visual Basic, Fortran, Assembly, Prolog), web

(HTML/CSS, PHP, JSP, JavaScript, JXTA), scripting (Bash/Bourne, CShell), simulation (ModSim, DevSim++, Avrora, TOSSIM), multimedia applications (SMIL), graphics (OpenGL), IDE (IntelliJ, VS, IBM Eclipse, Dev C++), web services

Database Systems: platforms (MySQL, SQL-Lite, SQL-Server)

Data Modeling Languages; semantic web & query languages (RDF/S, OWL, XML, Sparql), logic (FOL), UML

Other S/W: Matlab, SVN, Apache Server, Joomla, Weka, LaTex, ArgoUML, Visio, Edraw Max, Gimp, Protégé, PCSpim, PRO386W, Open Office, MS Office, MathType, Dreamweaver

Greek (native), English (fluent - Certificates of both Michigan and Cambridge Proficiencies), French

(conversational – Certificate of Elementaire)


Enhanced Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantship at UTA, 2011-2016

SIAM Student Travel Award to attend SDM 2013 and 2014

NSF scholar awards to attend Doctoral Consortiums of PETRAE 2012 and 2013

Fellowship “Heraclitus ΙΙ – Strengthening human research through doctorate research in Universities” of Operational Program for Education and Life Long Learning, 2010-2013, grade 9/10

VLDB Travel Fellowship Program to attend VLDB 2009

Ranked 1st in both M.Sc. (GPA 9.74/10) and B.Sc. (GPA 8.74/10)

Scholarship from the National Scholarships Foundation for being ranked 1st in B.Sc. for the academic years 2003-2004, 2004-2005, and 2006-2007, and 3rd for 2005-2006

B.Sc. thesis included in the book of the best theses of DI&T for 2007

Ranked 1st at high-school (GPA 18.77/20) in Pan-Hellenic Student Final Exams, honored by Eurobank, 2003 PUBLICATIONS - ARTICLES

“Embedding-based Subsequence Matching with Gaps-Range-Tolerances: a Query-By-Humming application”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, V. Athitsos, D. Gunopulos, VLDB Journal, 2015

“DRESS: Dimensionality Reduction for Efficient Sequence Search”, A. Kotsifakos, A. Stefan, V. Athitsos, G. Das, P. Papapetrou, DAMI Journal, 2015

“Query-sensitive Distance Measure Selection for Time Series Nearest Neighbor Classification”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, V. Athitsos, IDA Journal, 2014 (to appear)

“Model-based Time Series Classification”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, IDA, 2014

“Case Study: Model-based vs Distance-based Search in Time Series Databases”, A. Kotsifakos, SDM EDA Workshop, 2014

“Genre Classification of Symbolic Music with SMBGT”, A. Kotsifakos, E. E. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, V. Athitsos, PETRAE, 2013

“IBSM: Interval-Based Sequence Matching”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, V. Athitsos, SDM, 2013

“Hum-a-song: A Subsequence Matching with Gaps-Range-Tolerances Query-By-Humming System”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, J. Hollmen, D. Gunopulos, V. Athitsos, G. Kollios, PVLDB, 2012

“A Survey of Query-By-Humming Similarity Methods”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, J. Hollmen, D. Gunopulos, V. Athitsos, PETRAE, 2012


“A Subsequence Matching with Gaps-Range-Tolerances Framework: A Query-By-Humming Application”, A. Kotsifakos, P. Papapetrou, J. Hollmen, D. Gunopulos, PVLDB, 2011. Presented also in HDMS, 2012

“Model-Based Search in Large Time Series Databases”, A. Kotsifakos, V. Athitsos, P. Papapetrou, J. Hollmen, D. Gunopulos, PETRAE, 2011

“Deploying In-Network Data Analysis Techniques in Sensor Networks”, G. Valkanas, A. Kotsifakos, D. Gunopulos, I. Galpin, A. Gray, A. A. Fernandes, N. W. Paton, MDM, 2011

Article about privacy and identification in mobile data in Newsletter of MODAP, Vol. 1, Issue 6, Sep.-Oct. 2010.

“OWASP: Security in Web Applications”, Greek Linux Format magazine, Vol. Jul.-Aug. 2008, co-authors: K. Papapanagiotou, M. Kanduas. Open-source Web Vulnerability Scanner available through SourceForge PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

Vision-Learning-Mining (VLM) Research Lab, CSE, UTA (

Management of Data & Information Knowledge Group, DI&T, NKUA (

Program Committee member in Conferences KDDA, and Ph.D. Forum of ECML PKDD 2015

External reviewer for Conferences SIGMOD, ICDE, ICDM, ECML PKDD, Discovery Science, and Journals EURASIP, Sensors, and Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics OTHER SKILLS - INTERESTS

Diploma in the Violin with honors, grade 10/10, 2007

Diploma in the Harmony of Music with honors, grade 10/10, 2001

3rd prize in the Violin in the Pan-Hellenic Students Musical Competition, 1998

Piano (7 years of studies – high level), Byzantine Music (3 years of studies)

Member of the Choir of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Dallas, 2012 - 2013

Member of the Children-Youth Symphony Orchestra of ERT, “Emmelia” (conductor N. Patrikidou), appearing in “Herodion”, The Athens Concert Hall “Megaron”, the Greek Parliament, and many festivals, 1995-2000

Leading actor in "The Small Prince" - A.S. Exupery, 1995

Leading dancer - member of a dancing group of Greek traditional dances, 1994 - 1997

I play the guitar, drums, piano, violin, and I sing. I have recorded 5 CDs at home, and 7 CDs at studios with Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Ballads


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