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Android Developer

Irving, TX
January 10, 2023

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Professional Summary

• Building Android Mobile Software solutions for 6 years with 5 apps on Play Store.

• Skilled with Java and Kotlin programming languages.

• Experience with Android third-party libraries like Retrofit, Picasso, Glide, Location API, Google Maps, Stripe, PayPal, Dagger, Android Annotations

• Well versed in newest patterns like reactive programming with RxJava and Dependency Injection.

• Skill at building mobile applications use various technologies in the consumption of web services (REST, OkHTTP, XML, SOAP, JSON, Retrofit, RxJava).

• Able to effectively prioritize the technical architecture and technical debt of the Android app.

• Worked with backend developers to design APIs.

• Use of Twitter API to implement social media login and embedded tweets.

• Expertise in Bluetooth Classic HID core stack and firmware testing

• Worked with Linux Android kernel to track performance of memory and power management.

• Created and implemented custom SDKs. To communicate to different services and different hardware.

• Passionate about best UI/UX best practices implementing fragments, diverse layouts, animations, Material Design, Compound Views and Custom Views.

• Experience with Mockito, MockK, Junit, Espresso and simulated design patterns to test and develop applications using TDD approach.

• Expertise in Development Testing of Bluetooth, LE Tools

• Worked with BLE, GATT, beacons and connected devices

• Validated performance of the Android application using Android profiler and LeakCanary

• Hands-on experience with debugging and profiling Android applications.

• Handle dependency injection using tools like Hilt, Dagger, and Koin.

• Strong understanding of OOP, software design patterns, and SOLID design principles.

• Work well in Agile project development/delivery environments and contributing to Scrums and Sprints.

• Hand-on experience utilizing different debug and troubleshooting tools such as, CharlesProxy, Android ADB, Android profiler, Android application inspector, Facebook Stetho.

• Experienced working with different Android jetpack components.

• Ability to understand and interpret business requirements and effectively translate them to high quality, scalable implementations.

• Worked with the application support team and external vendors to ensure all applications are supported according to their Service Level Agreements.

• Experienced with Source Control technologies such as Git, GitHub, SVN, BitBucket, etc.

• Experience working with Android SDK versions 5 and above in Android mobile app development.

• Experienced with Google coding and design standards and works well with UI/UX designers to accurately implement designs using specifications and wireframes.

• Experience with Bluetooth technologies.

Technical Skills

• Android Development: Dependency Injection, GCM, Push Notifications, JUnit, Retrofit, SSL, Mixpanel, Mockito, Material Dialogs, Google Places, Glide, ProGuard, Bluetooth Low Energy, Butter Knife, Services, Google Analytics, Volley, RecyclerView Animator, Firebase, XMLPullParser, GSON, CoordinatorLayout, Multi-Window, SOAP, Volley, JobScheduler, Content Providers, Parceler, SQLCipher, ZXing, Cipher, Dagger, RxJava, Facebook SDK, Google Custom Search, Gradle, FloatingActionButton, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Picasso, Fresco, LeakCanary, Android-Job, ORMLite, Logger, Handlers, Doze Mode, VideoView, Espresso, Parse, animations, Loaders, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), Hilt, Jetpack, Kotlin Coroutines, Android Profiler, CharlesProxy, ADB, Crashlytics

• Programming Languages: Kotlin, Java

• Scripting: JavaScript, jQuery

• Software Development: Software Architecture and Design, MVC, MVP, MVVM, Observer, Builder, Abstract Factory, Singleton, etc.

• Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Hudson

• Project Methodologies/Tools: Test-Driven Development, Agile/Scrum. JIRA, Kanban, BitBucket, Git, GitHub, SourceTree

• Databases: DB2, MySQL, SQL Server, Room DB

• Standards, Guidelines, Requirements: Material Design, HIPPA, Google Play Store app submission requirements

• Data Transfer: XML, JSON, GSON

• IDEs: Android Studio, Visual Studio, XCode

Professional Android Projects Experience

Senior Android Developer

Chuck E. Cheese, Irving, TX 07 2021 to Present

Chuck E. Cheese is the number one family entertainment venue, and now we are bringing all that fun and entertainment to your mobile device with our brand new app! With the new Chuck E. Cheese app, you’ll be able to join Chuck E. Cheese Rewards to get special offers, unlock exciting prizes and more.

• Programmed app modules in Kotlin.

• Generated app build on MVVM app architecture.

• Assisted with the programming of the payment module to Create a Payment and Process the Order using OAuth2 tokens, the Client Metadata ID, and PayPal's API.

• Implemented Google Maps for location search with the Google Location APIs.

• Applied Mockito and Espresso for testing.

• Analyzed the application with Android profiler and CharlesProxy to find memory leaks and network issues.

• Utilized LeakCanary to detect and remove all memory leaks.

• Created Material Design layouts with different animations for optimized user experience.

• Integrated Hilt dependency injection.

• Used Atlassian Bamboo as continuous integration system.

• Migrated to Jetpack Compose by adding compose to an existing screen built using Android views and managed state in composable functions.

• Fixed issues for security scans such as SSL, encryption, loopholes and profiled the application using the APK analyzer.

• Worked with Splunk analytics and Firebase crashlytics to debug issues in production environment.

• Implemented Google Maps for location search with the Google Location APIs.

Android Developer

Pitt Mobile, Pittsburgh, PA 08 2020 to 07 2021

Pitt Mobile is the official app of the University of Pittsburgh and delivers an enhanced Pitt Experience right to your mobile device. Easily access your schedule, grades, and assignments. Use the Campus Guide to help you navigate University services. Quickly access the resources you use most by favoriting them. Plan out your day by adding events to your in-app personal calendar. Stay informed using the Campus Community, and connect with your friends with private messaging.

• Connected the app to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, by integrating their SDKs.

• Implemented Picasso for downloads the image and show in UI.

• Collaborated with Material Design UI/UX implementations with CardViews, RecyclerView and TabLayout navigation.

• Programmed application features and modules in Kotlin.

• Developed the Login Module using various tools for secure authentication.

• Used Jenkins CI for continuous integration and testing.

• Incorporated Retrofit and GSON to retrieve information from an internally programmed API in Android development.

• Used Git for version control for managing and integrating source code with other team members.

• Applied pair-programming as part of development methodology.

• Applied TDD approach for development to ensure maintainable and reliable code.

• Created unit testing for all the code implementation using Mockk as a means of TDD.

• Implemented Android UI test using Espresso for critical functionality.

• Applied different troubleshooting techniques in the app to fix and analyze root causes.

• Worked with Jenkins Continuous Integration server and used it to test on real devices.

• Utilized Crashlytics to identify problematic parts of the application and fix common crashes.

Android Developer

East West Bank, Pasadena, CA 08 2019 to 08 2020

From managing your bank accounts to transferring funds between accounts to initiating wire transfers, you can manage your banking needs on the go.

• Implemented Android Architecture lifecycle aware components and use LiveData to build data objects that notify views when the underlying database changes.

• Migrated to Jetpack Compose by adding compose to an existing screen built using Android views and managed state in composable functions.

• Created a payment arrangement feature that allows customers to promise to make a payment on overdue balances in Kotlin language.

• Implemented the UI and integrated custom analytics and security SDKs for new features and initiatives, working closely with iOS developers and backend services.

• Communicated with Create Credit SOAP API service to Invoke the Create Credit Request.

• Made sure Room DB persisted to disk is transparently encrypted and decrypted with standard AES-256 encryption Pair program to work on the feature `Transfer money between accounts in a TDD way.

• Created Android Notification channels and background limits for account Alerts and set notification preferences to keep tabs on your account activity.

• Improved Android Keystore program to store cryptographic keys in a container and protect key material from unauthorized use.

• Created Repository layer that implementd core banking RESTful services, Executors/JobIntentServices for multithreading.

• Used RxPS, RxJavaPriorityScheduler, RxAndroid library in Reactive environment to parse multiple streams of data concurrently for Account API, Balances API and Nearest Banks API.

• Wrote test cases for list of acceptance criteria in Business layer using Mockito and on presentation layer using Espresso (UI).

• Use CharlesProxy API to determine if SSL Pinning was functioning correctly (as part of Secure Coding Practices) so that man in the middle attacks would not be possible.

• Interacted with the whole Jetpack library.

Android Developer

Loren Cook Company, Springfield, MO 03 2018 to 08 2019

The Engineering Cookbook is a convenient reference guide for mechanical designers. It provides "fingertip" access to frequently needed information, including Fan Basics, System Design, Duct Design, Motors and Drives, and more.

• Added value encryption in SharedPreferences using AES 128 with the Secure-preferences Library.

• Applied OO design experience.

• Performed build work on an MVP architecture base.

• Programmed in Java and Kotlin and began the shift from Java to Kotlin.

• Used Dagger 2 and Hilt for dependency injection.

• Applied Roboelectric, Mockito, and Espresso for testing.

• Interfaced with multiple web services SOAP and RESTFul from data providers.

• Worked in Android Studio IDE.

• Used Jenkins for continuous integration.

• Used Git and BitBucket for code repository/version control.

• Implemented Flurry and Google for traffic and usage analytics.

• Participated in Agile meetings such as daily scrum standup meetings, biweekly gut checks, biweekly retrospectives, biweekly sprint planning and weekly Android backlog refinement meetings.

• Used Git as a version control for managing and integrating source code with other team members.

Android App Developer

Wegmans, Rochester, NY 11 2016 to 03 2018

Make grocery shopping easier with the Wegmans app! We offer delivery, curbside pickup and in-store shopping for all the ways you shop.

Build your shopping list, easily find items by aisle in your local store, browse hundreds of delicious recipes, and get personal recommendations for meals and products based on what you purchase most. Plus, save on items across the store with your Shoppers Club digital coupons!

• Used Google Maps API and Google Location server to ping the coordinates of the user and get feedback using the application.

• Integrated new features into the Android app using Kotlin in modules built on MVVM architecture with Data Binding using JetPack.

• Used RxJava with Retrofit for RESTful web service requests and responses.

• Actively worked with the back-end team to improve the RESTful API to include new features.

• Applied fragments to minimize the activity count and simplify the navigation.

• Incorporated ZXing barcode scanner for in-store bar code scanning feature.

• Worked with the Android SDK and implemented Android Bluetooth and Location Connectivity components.

• Utilized SQLite to cache the data received from the RESTful web services.

• Worked on SSL certificate pinning and store credentials in Keystone.

• Modularized the existing customer payment authentication flow and integrated/implemented an additional external SDK which helps authenticate customer’s payment details when placing an order.

• Implemented Push Notifications to notify the users about price updates.

• Utilized Hilt ViewModel and used qualifiers to provide multiple bindings and removed Dagger related code.


Buffalo State College - Bachelors (Computer Information Systems)

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