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Senior iOS App Developer

St. Louis, MO
December 27, 2021

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Senior iOS Developer

Professional Summary

** ***** ** ******* ********** in IT, including 6 consecutive years in iOS mobile app development roles creating apps for iOS devices using Xcode and the iOS SDK with Swift, Objective-C, and Cocoa frameworks.

Published apps on Apple Store: 6.

Experience in developing and designing User Interface applications programmatically, including integrating these as part of various database and client-server-based applications while developing iPad/iPhone applications using Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch frameworks, Core Data, MapKit, UIKit, and custom controls.

Proficient in source control using third-party tools such as GitHub, VSCode, SourceTree, etc.

Collaborated with iOS development team members, providing input and learning from others as well.

Knowledge of Object-Oriented Concepts and application of those concepts in building stable, consistent, and re-usable code in iOS mobile app development.

Experience working with mobile in-app purchase tools for the iPhone/iPad along with distinct marketing-based applications.

Experience in the full mobile software development life cycle (SDLC), requirement gathering, and implementing design specifications, following guidelines and standards on iOS development teams.

Experience in following strict TDD principles while testing (Jenkins, TestFlight, XCTest) and conducting maintenance of iOS mobile apps, applying both unit testing using XCTest and scenario testing using TestFlight for Apple iOS development.

Involved in the requirement gathering, project planning, effort estimating for successful product delivery.

Eager team player, that always strives to meet all deadlines and assist others as much as possible; adaptability is also a key trait that allows me to flourish in varied environments.

Participated in Agile development environment with daily scrums and sprints, calls for status reports, and use of Atlassian software JIRA and Confluence.

Knowledgeable of design patterns (builder, observer, factory, etc. as well as architectural patterns (MVC, MVVM).

Experienced in refactoring and reworked legacy code to Swift from Objective C.

Experienced in various iOS platform versions (iOS7 through iOS14), as well as other Apple platforms, ie. iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and supporting different device size classes & various devices (iPhone, iPad).

Have worked with 3rd-party frameworks such as AFNetworking, Alamofire, Lottie, Google API, and several others; versed in using CocoaPods.

Experienced in monitoring that the accessibility framework is implemented and adequately accessible in completed updates to applications.

Technical Skills

iOS Technologies

CocoaPods, UIKit, Foundation, GCD, Operations, PLists, UserDefaults, Keychain, Categories, Interface Builder, Storyboard, CoreData, XCTest, Instruments, PDFKit, MapKit, CoreLocation

Web Technologies

RESTful Web Services, SOAP Web Services, JSON, XML, HTML5


Core Data, SQLite, Realm,

Code & Project Management Tools

Xcode, JIRA, Git, Command Line, Visual Studio Code

Programming Languages

Swift, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Python.

Other Tools

Crashlytics, CocoaPods, Jenkins, AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, CloudKit.


Senior iOS App Developer


Mar 2021 – Current

Assigned to an Agile dev team (3 teams with 3 developers in each) that applied 2-week sprint, 2-week team retro meetings, daily standups, and weekly architectural meetings while working on an online pharmacy built to enhance customer interactions with healthcare providers and their pharmacists.

Worked on four features – App Clip, a collection drawer, AB tests and a half sheet drawer.

Practiced peer programming and all-hands code reviews.

Used XCode, Atom, and Sublime Text as tools to handle code.

Used VIPER architecture and multiple IOS frameworks, including XCTest to write TDD tests.

Used LaunchDarkly to implement ABtests.

Used Adobe Analytics to implement analytics.

Used Alamofire as a base to implement new service calls.

Started migrating some features to SwiftUI. Wrote some SwiftUI code.

Helped build App Clip UIs using UIKit’s interface builder tool kit.

Wrote tests for every story using TDD.

Used Foundation, UIKit and some SwiftUI frameworks to develop software.

Served as Sprint Commander for 3 sprints.

Lead 2 team retro sessions and mentored new developers.

Used Git Repository with SourceTree for iOS code base version control.

Used Jira to track stories, for bug reporting, story creation, and assignment.

Utilized Confluence to document the flow of the features using a flowchart, reference feature & implementation details.

Utilized Postman to debug network calls.

Used KeyChain to secure user sensitive data.

Implemented various security features, including Biometric Authentication, Certificate Pinning and various cryptography methods.

Communicated with the design team via Figma to solve design issues.

Applied MapKit, Core Location, and MKAnnotations for service call map and location information.

Technologies Used XCode, Atom, Sublime Text, XCTest, LaunchDarkly, Adobe Analytics, Alamofire, SwiftUI, UIKit, Git, SourceTree, JIRA, Confluence, Realm, Postman, Keychain, MapKit, CoreLocation, MKAnnotations.

Senior iOS Developer


March 2020 – Mar 2021

Internal Mobile Solutions

Maintained, updated and developed a catalogue of products and applications for store associates across the country.

Custom iOS UIs were designed and developed using XIB files and wireframes from the UX team, these were implemented using auto layout and constraints.

Invoked RESTful web service using third-party frameworks (Alamofire), as well as URLSession integrated with GCD to pull information from web services in regards to item information.

Implemented features in Swift using the Xcode IDE and used XCTest for writing Unit, Integration & End-To-End Tests.

Reworked the user settings page, using AutoLayout or different size classes. Implemented app state restoration using UserDefaults.

Implemented iOS backend communications, parsed into model objects using JSONSerialization, codable and custom initialization.

Used RestKit library to make connections to server, and to handle iOS app authentication challenges. Implemented OAuth protocol for custom authentication.

Core Data was used to store the user’s preferences, latest open categories, recent selected items, favorite departments, etc.

Codebases stored in GitHub repository linked to Looper for continuous integration testing and deployment.

Projects managed using Agile methodology by conducting two-week sprints, daily standups and weekly syncs.

Implemented many OOP patterns, like MVC, KVO and Singleton.

Implemented new menu design and functionality for an improved user experience.

Implemented Firebase to gather usage data of the applications, Crashlytics.

Technologies Used iOS, Wireframes, MVC, MVVM, Delegation, Agile, Jira, Jenkins, PDFKit, Firebase, Crashlytics

Senior iOS Developer


December 2018 – March 2020

Noteworth Inc.

Worked in Xcode with Swift in various parts of the application.

Worked with MVVM architectural pattern with Delegation, Observer, and Singleton design patterns using Notifications and KVC.

Worked with Core Data to prepopulate UI with persisted data received in prior web service calls.

Utilized multithreading APIs, GCD/NSOperations, for downloading images on background thread as to not lock up the UI and ongoing animations.

Regularly performed code reviews to ensure efficiency, readability, and maintainability.

Participated in review meetings and took the initiative to meet the QA testing targets.

Achieved source version control using Git and GitHub.

Invoked RESTful webservices using Alamofire networking framework and parsed JSON responses using Codable protocol.

Analyzed existing code for improvements and optimizations.

Analyzed the production defects and fixed them in time for each release

Refactored code to improve size and scalability of the iOS app.

Technologies Used Swift, Xcode, Git, Alamofire, MVVM, GCD, Core Location, Geo Coder, MapKit.

iOS Mobile Developer

LOUNGEKEY Parsippany, NJ

October 2017 – December 2018

Lounge Key Ltd

Worked on refactoring and translating Objective-C legacy codebase into modern Swift.

Used Swift to implement the application and worked with some Objective-C legacy code in a hybrid codebase.

Responsible for implementing all web communications that are performed in background threads in order to enhance performance and the user experience.

Fixed bugs when found by QA and documented in Jira.

Implemented push notifications using Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

Key contributor to brainstorming sessions for iOS app enhancements, features, and fixes.

Analyzed and optimized the UI and the backend interface code for efficiency and performance.

Added animation between UIViews and custom scene transitions for better user experience.

The iOS app is using MVVM architectural pattern and I also made use of various design patterns (Singleton, Delegation).

Integrated MapKit, CoreLocation, and CLLocationManager for in-store locator and nearby directions for map display features.

Worked both independently and with the iOS development team and cross-functional teams.

Built parts of the data access layer and service access layer.

Active in leading and mentoring other team members.

Technologies Used Jira, Swift, Xcode, Jenkins, MapKit, CoreLocation, APNS

iOS Developer


December 2016 – October 2017

Wyndham Rewards

Utilized Xcode, Swift and Objective-C in troubleshooting, development and feature implementation.

Implemented logic to connect to server in order to download document data using GCD.

MapKit, CoreLocation and MKAnnotations used to make UI tweaks on the map view and enhance functionality.

Resolved numerous bugs and crash scenarios using NSLogs, Breakpoints, Instruments and LLDB statements.

Implemented AFNetworking for back-end network communications to improve performance and asynchronous communications.

Created View Controllers both programmatically and with Storyboards using Interface Builder.

Worked with Objective-C and Swift hybrid codebase; practical experience working with bridging header files and minor issues with a dual language code base

Implemented Localization to attract a wider audience of customers based on languages.

Designed UI and Application flow created using UIKit and Core Graphics, with fully programmatic UI.

Implemented Push Notifications with APNS to send messages and alerts to users.

Beta testing of the application via TestFlight and HockeyApp.

Installed frameworks and tracked dependencies using CocoaPods.

Technologies Used Swift, Xcode, Jenkins, TestFlight, MapKit, CoreLocation, Core Graphics, CocoaPods

iOS Developer

7-Eleven, Inc. Dallas, TX December 2015 – December 2016

iOS Mobile App Developer

Assigned to an iOS dev team that cross-collaborated with and API team and an Android team to ensure consistency across platforms and usability of RESTful API for each team.

Upgraded JSON parsing from using NSJSONSerialization in Objective-C to Swift to extract information into dictionaries and construct model classes.

Updated UI with new design and user experience using Storyboards and Xibs.

Customized all the UI elements using programmatic statements, including Buttons, Labels, and TableViews.

Worked with Git to checkout codebase, manage merges and commits, and update the codebase changes.

Handled continuous integration with Jenkins.

Worked with CocoaPods dependencies for necessary 3rd party abilities.

Configured navigation between views using Segues and directly accessing the Navigation Controller to push views.

Leveraged CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks to pull up and display locations nearby locations and get directions.

Coded functionality to implement access to Passbook (7-Eleven member barcode) and make it accessible on Apple Watch for ease of checkout and collecting rewards.

Made use of best practices and handled information with security standards such as using Keychain Services when storing sensitive information like user credentials.

Worked on the rewards feature, communicating to the server to sync points, registration, log in, etc.

Technologies Used NSJSONSerialization, Objective-C, Swift, Git, Cocoapods, Jenkins, CoreLocation, MapKit, Keychain


Southern New Hampshire University

Masters in Information Technology Manchester, New Hampshire

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Bachelors in General Studies (Administration) Omaha, Nebraska


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