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Pharmacy Pharmacist

Al Dafna, Qatar
September 19, 2021

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Nationality: Jordanian

Place and date of birth: 16/2/1977 (IRBID)

Sex: Female

Social status: Married

Religion: Islam

Language: Arabic (mother) English (writing and speaking) Profession: Pharmacist in-charge in different pharmacy. Address: Doha-Qatar

Al markhia

village .

Villa R85.

Mobile number: 009**-********




An intelligent and will present with solid qualifications skill-set, capable of working without supervision and willing to assume additional responsibility. A committed team player with leadership ability, who uses high standards of communications, ability to establish positive interpersonal relationship. Quick and willing to assimilate and apply new work procedure. A skill problem solver who takes an objective overview and generates viable solutions. Education &Qualification:

1- General secondary Certificate (AL EMAN Secondary School) DOHA-QATAR 1995.

2- Bachelor degree of Pharmaceutical Science.

From Jordan university of science and technology (JORDAN2001) EXPERIENCES:

Senior Pharmacist in Hamad Medical Corporation (Doha-Qatar) for 17 years.

1 year rotation between Outpatient, IV admixture and Discharge pharmacy.

6 years in inpatient pharmacy as in-charge assistant pharmacist.

6 years in FBJ kidney center as In-charge pharmacist.

4 years in outpatient Pharmacy as a deputy Supervisor in Ground floor

(Qatari Pharmacy). In addition to that IM covering all pharmacist in charge position in case of their absent for any reason.


Supervise directly the employees or in absence of area supervisor.

Decision maker and resolving problems in the assigned area.

Teamwork: collaborate with others shows a commitment to big picture achievement.

Returned Medications.

Expired Medications.

Daily Inventory in addition to the annual inventory then sends by time sheet format to the supervisors.

Make inspection monthly for the nursing unit AND for pharmacy medications.

Check The E-CART Medication Monthly.

Daily follow up for high value medications.

Request Non-Formulary Medication.

Study research medication.

Achievement Annual Report.

Arrange Pharmacist Duty Schedule Monthly.

Check all Overtime Sheet Monthly For Staff.

Clean Room Commissioning.

Patient counseling.

Solve all patients Problem.

Contacting with store team to make medication request to the pharmacy by computer system.

Review pharmacy stock, expiry date, repacking and damaged medications.

Re-arrange all shelves in the pharmacy to create large space for medicine.

Stock Adjustment Required.

Management on internal audit matters.

Pharmacy board (daily follow up).

Help in medication dispensing to patient.

Follow up with IC and QM team in FBJKC.

Making ova report for the medication errors using rl solution.

Checking the damaged narcotic medication and write the report.

Make all Engineering Request By ORACLE System.

Management of faxes, telephone and email from the nurse unit, medication room and physicians.

Training the volunteers and new staff.

Participate in Event Like World Kidney Day


* Ensures that drugs are stored and dispensed properly.

* Reviews patient medication history before dispensing prescriptions.

* Monitors patients total drug therapy for effectiveness, toxicities, allergic Reactions and drug interactions.

*Uses standard techniques in compounding sterile and extemporaneous Preparations.

The Procedure:

Starting from receiving prescriptions and reversing it and enter the prescription in computer because all medication which I prepared in the pharmacy must be labeled by (patient name, file number,medication name, route, doses, frequency and route of administration.) And a Prescription shall be reviewed for appropriateness of the following:

-Therapeutic Duplication.

-Real or potential allergies or sensitivities.

-Interactions between the medication and other medications or food.


-Patients weight (for weight-based medication).

*In addition preparing IV injection in IV room, that is ready to be use at the units. Feedback from all clinics and sup specialists. This process should be documented through computer.


*Ensures that drugs are stored and dispensed properly.

*Reviews patient medication history before dispensing prescriptions.

*Ensures that records for administered narcotics and controlled drugs are kept correctly.


*Communicates with nurses and physicians concerning medication errors.

*Reviews patient’s medication administration reports and reconciles it with Patient drug profile periodically.

*Cover 24 hours on call duties, evening and night shifts, weekends and Holidays shifts.


1. Improvement capability course from (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) IHI

2. Patient safety course from IHI

3. Person and family centered care from IHI

4. Leadership from IHI

5. BLS course (Basic Life Support).

6. PLS pediatric life support course

7. Infection Prevention and Control Course from IHeed 8. Environmental Safety Course from IHeed

9. Fire Safety Course from IHeed

10. Human Subjects Research Course from IHeed

11. Major Incidents Course from IHeed

12. Training in women hospital (Hamad Medical Corporation.) 13. Training in private pharmacy in Jordan 1440 hours: A.)Retta Pharmacy.

B.)Arrabela Pharmacy.

C.)Adnan Pharmacy.

D.)Tupaishat Pharmacy.


1. Skillful and professional in Microsoft office ( word excel, PowerPoint)

2. Very good dealing with computer using Cerner System. 3. Manage everything in pharmacy as missing medication dealing with store, high speed in checking prescription in addition to very accurate and concentrate and very high speed in enter prescriptions in computer without any failure or problems.

4. Manage fax, telephone and waiting prescription

together without any delay.

5. Driving license.


DR.Mohd Nasef

Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor at

HGH. PHONE:009**********

DR: Mohd Ibrahim


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