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Senior iOS Developer

Atlanta, GA
July 29, 2021

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Marcus Washington

Senior iOS Developer

Phone – 404-***-****

E-mail –

iOS Development Experience: 9+ years. iOS Apps Published: 6


Skilled hands-on iOS mobile app developer with expertise with Swift development with versions Swift 1 – Swift 5, and with Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks.

Work well collaborative with team members and other members of the organization.

Excellent communication skills: verbal and written, and able to document apps, and projects as well as facilitate code reviews and mentor developers.

Experience with all aspects of product development lifecycle.

Experience working with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics and Core Text.

Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services.

Experience with third-party libraries and APIs in iOS mobile app development.

Native Enterprise iOS Development Experience (Objective-C and Swift).

Experience with SwiftUI.

RESTful API and SOAP web services experience – consumption.

Experience with MVC frameworks and OO patterns in iOS.

Experience with layouts that handle phone and tablet resolutions.

Experience with iOS performance profilers such as instruments, allocations, and time.

Use of Apple Push Notification in iOS mobile app development.

Hands-on iOS Mobile app development experience using Xcode.

Accessing and modifying data using web services and JSON.

Experience with continuous builds and Git and SVN source control using SourceTree, BitBucket and GitHub.

Investigating and debugging issues on iOS mobile platforms.

Experience with Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, iOS versions, debugging tools, memory management, multi-threading techniques, UI design.

Used to working in an Agile Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment and following strong quality processes.

Design and development of high quality, scalable and efficient solutions on schedule with available resources.

Experience developing commercial and enterprise iPhone/iPad applications.

Extensive knowledge of Keychain, TouchID, NSOperations, NSOperationsQueue, Push Notification, Local Notification, APNS, RESTful APIs, etc.

Technology Skillset


Xcode, Objective-C, Swift 2, 3, 4, 5, UIKit, SwiftUI, Interface Builder, Storyboards, XIBs, Foundation, URLSession, Codable, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), Operation Queues, CoreData, UserDefaults, FileManager, Apple Push Notifications, XCTest, Object Orientated Programming (OOP), Protocol Orientated Programming (POP)

3rd Party/Non-native

CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager (SPM), Alamofire, Texture/AsyncDisplayKit, AsyncSwift, GoogleMaps, Kingfisher, Moya, SDWebImage, SwiftCharts


Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, JIRA, Stand-up, SonarCube, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Business-Driven Development (BDD), Unit Testing, Red Green Refactor, Confluence, Model View Presenter (MVP), Model ViewModel (MVMM), Façade, Builder, Observer, Dependency Injection (DI), Sketch, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), Jenkins, Buddybuild, CircleCI, Source Control, GitHub, GitLab, GitHub Desktop

Work Experience

August 2019–Current

Senior iOS Mobile Developer Cox Automotive/vAuto Atlanta, GA

Stockwave is the latest innovation from vAuto for Wholesale Vehicle Acquisition. The Stockwave application works for all existing vAuto clients that have a current AuctionGenius subscription or sign up for a new Stockwave subscription.

Working in an Agile Scrum environment with daily scrums and bi-weekly sprints.

Working with 5 other iOS developers and 4 service developers.

Developing the iOS mobile app using iOS 11-12 in Swift 4-5 using Xcode 9-10.

Applying MVVM architectural design pattern with KVO, Singleton, and Swift in Xcode IDE.

Facilitating back-end asynchronous communications with RxSwift, Alamofire and Codeable for parsing.

Implemented Swift's new Result type for handling network responses and asynchronous tasks. Used URLSession to make the network calls.

Parsed out models, with Swift Codable protocol.

Implemented RxSwift to handle two-way binding

Used accounts framework and Keychain for user accounts, with Core Data for data persistence.

Used navigation table and table view with compound views in the UI built on SwiftUI.

Utilizing Grand Central Dispatch to facilitate multithreading and manage concurrency issues.

Using a Git code repository with SourceTree GUI for version control and a Jenkins CI server for continuous integration.

Managing GitHub repository creating branches doing merges, pull requests, and releases.

Customizing UIElements, UIActionsheet, UIAlertView, UITableView, UICollectionView, and UIScrollView to build user interface.

Utilizing classes such as UIViews and UITableViews for user interface.

Developing UI with Cocoa Touch framework on UI-Kit.

Implementing Dependency Injection for the database helper instance to the action objects.

Establishing continuous integration using Jenkins and Test-Driven Development methodology, along with Unit Testing and Scenario Testing using the tools like Charles Proxy, HockeyApp, and TestFlight.

Utilizing Jira for user epics and stories, task assignment, and issue tracking.

Applying Atlassian Confluence for documenting app development.

July 2018–August 2019

Sr. iOS Software Engineer Citrix ShareFile Raleigh, NC

The Citrix ShareFile app is an enterprise file manager that offers secure data sharing, file storage, customizable usage and settings between different devices and accounts, and more tools that allow companies to collaborate more easily and get their work done from any device at anytime, anywhere.

Worked with an Agile iOS team of 10 people. Collaborated with an Android team of 6 people.

Worked with an offshore team with weekly meetings.

Participated in daily scrum meetings and weekly sprint planning sessions with the developer team.

Partook of twice-weekly meetings, planning, and review sessions with the automation team.

Programmed main application in Objective-C using MVVM architectural pattern.

Programmed 40+ new UI test cases in Swift using Xcode.

Worked with the UI via XIB files.

Built iOS Storyboards and established IBOutlet and IBActions.

Progammed UI with SwiftUI.

Implemented BluePill for running automation tests in parallel by using multiple simulators.

Implemented Keychain Sharing to share sensitive data between libraries supported by different teams.

Utilized Atlassian Jira to track issues and assign tasks.

Used Bitbucket as the Git code repository with SourceTree Git client.

Utilized Jenkins for continuous integration and quality control, and evaluated Jenkins’ reports from the daily scheduled job.

Performed Regression testing for new devices such as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to detect potential issues.

Applied logging and analytics tools like Fabric and Google Analytics.

Used Crashlytics to detect bugs in production releases.

Used TestFlight for beta distribution within the team.

Used Crashlytics Beta for alpha distribution with the team members.

Worked with qTest for the management of the tests.

Used Charles Proxy as the debugging tool.

February 2017–July 2018

iOS Mobile App Developer State Farm Bloomington, IL

iOS for State Farm mobile app has a lot of integrated features added such as managing insurance and banking accounts, requesting roadside assistance, filing and tracking claims, viewing auto insurance ID card and adding it to Apple Wallet, and paying with Apple Pay. Users can set custom reminders and notifications, ask Siri to view your insurance card, your claims, or find nearby ATMs. Login with Touch ID, Face ID, or a PIN. Send a text message to the agent.

Worked with an iOS Agile dev team consisting of a PM, an iOS architect, 3 senior devs, and 1 backend senior dev.

Worked within an Agile development environment using the Scrum methodology and attended daily leadership meetings and bi-weekly sprint planning meetings, and brought development strategies to the table for feature implementations.

Attended meetings for requirements with project owners and reviewed project goals and prototypes.

Applied architectural and design pattern MVP.

Programmed the iOS mobile app in Xcode with Objective-C.

Created Custom Views to enhance the UI experience using Storyboards and XIBs, with Auto Layout Constraints for dynamic layout.

Used Core Data for data persistency.

Worked with Atlassian stack for team tools including JIRA and SourceTree for requirements, issues, and bug tracking.

Used Git as the code repository with SourceTree GUI for versioning to manage commits and changes.

Utilized HockeyApp for crash analysis and solving issues.

Bugs resolved using a combination of NSLog, LLDB statements, Breakpoints, Instruments, and Crash Logs.

March 2015–February 2017

iOS Developer Harry Norman Realty Atlanta, GA

The Harry Norman Realty iOS app features a powerful search filter that lets users search for houses by address, city, zip, MLS#, bedrooms, baths, and more. The iOS mobile app features a favorites listing linked to the user’s Harry Norman account that can be accessed on mobile or on web. Push notifications send users an email alert when any changes that occur to favorites listed.

Worked on the iOS app in Xcode iDE and developed entirely in Objective-C with native iOS libraries and frameworks.

Collaborated with offshore teams.

Recommended and executed plans to improve development tools and processes.

Designed and implemented custom interactive controls using native iOS to solve complex interface usability issues.

Led working groups to develop migration strategies and prepare standard operating procedures.

Coordinated with QA testers for end-to-end unit testing and post-production testing.

Documented and maintained documentation on various client projects.

Wrote web services to interface with the iOS Mobile App. All web services are RESTful and use Open Authentication to implement a secure environment.

Implemented asynchronous network session classes using the native iOS NSURLSession collection of classes to consume data provided from RESTful services in JSON and XML.

Used CoreData for data persistence by storing relational data offline.

Develop dynamic configuration to switch between web service calls.

March 2013–March 2015

IOS DEVELOPER GasBuddy by GasBuddy Organization Inc Brooklyn Park, MN

Save money, save time. Fuel your journey with a community of 60 million+ users. GasBuddy is the world’s largest community-based fuel app, using information provided by users to find the cheapest gas near you!

Worked with Core Data to store information on the users’ favorite gas stations.

Integrated with social network APIs to connect and share app content via user’s social network.

Enhanced mapping functionality and UI using MapKit, CoreLocation, and MKAnnotations.

Refactored UI elements using Storyboards, with Auto Layout constraints to conform to the new iOS7 design standards.

Utilized RESTful web services using AFNetworking and parsed JSON responses with NSJSONSerialization to pull down the latest information

Refactored code to support Apple changes in iOS 8.

Participated in daily Agile/SCRUM meetings to review task status, identify roadblocks, and tasks taken to resolve said blocks to ensure a smooth development process.

Developed code in Objective-C.

February 2012-March 2013

iOS Developer Point Inside Inc. Bellevue, WA

Point Inside, the creator of Store Mode, has transformed the shopping experience by enabling retailers to engage proactively with customers through their smartphones at every point along the purchase path. Mobile apps driven by the award-winning Point Inside platform have seen increased sales, customer satisfaction, loyalty from initial research, product discovery, the creation of shopping lists, and in-store activities. Customers receive greater value and have a much more enjoyable shopping experience. Retailers and advertisers gain greater insights into their customers and understand where, when and what to present, significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs.

Assisted in the app design, development and implementation using iPhone SDK, Xcode, interface builder with XIBs, Objective-C, and instruments for performance tuning/optimization.

Implemented MapView using the MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks.

Consumed Web Services on the iPhone to communicate with the MediaWiki API using the NSURLRequest and NSURLConnection objects natively; POCs where made for using ASIHTTP.

Created project and application architecture deliverables consistent with architecture principles, standards, methodologies, and best practices; namely allowing for maintainability and scalability.

Parsed XML responses using the SAX NSXMLParser and NSXMLParserDelegate.

Parsed JSON responses using the SBJSON framework.

Enabled data scrolling using UIScrollPane and UITextView.

Assisted the Agile dev team with technical analysis and evaluation of new technologies, vendors, products, and product enhancements with a focus on end-user functionality and an eye for highly usable user-interface design.

Assisted in defining technical evaluation criteria for product and technology selection and determining technical approaches to ensure all architectural solutions result in a coherent systems design.

Implemented audio playback using the AVAudioPlayer from the AVFoundation framework.


Bachelors - Computer Engineering Technology - Kennesaw State University

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