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New York, NY
June 14, 2021

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8+ years’ experience

* **** *********


Conducted business and technical Knowledge Transfer sessions for new recruits.

Experience with Android JetPack components such as Room, LiveView and LiveData.

Conducted interviews and contributed to the continuous grow the engineering team.

Experience with RxJava, RxAndroid and other Reactive-X.

Configured and initialized multiple cloud integration services including Parse, Firebase and Google Cloud Messaging on Android apps.

Considerable experience debugging and profiling Android applications.

Continuously research, test, and implement new techniques, Android frameworks, and utilities.

Created screens that followed Material Design and UX guidelines.

Use of Continuous Integration Servers (Travis, Jenkins, Circle-CI).

Created various views included custom and compound to generate a better final User Interface (UI/UX) and improved the retention.

Creation of unit and integration testing suites developed with Mockito and Espresso for use in Android development.

Cultivate an environment of excellence, through code design, code reviews.

Designed a way to access web data in a modular way, parsing from JSON with GSON, Jackson and the native JSONObject and JSONArray classes.

Designed the schema for and deployed SQL and MySQL servers.

Designed various applications using optimal architectural design patterns (Model View Controller, Model View Presenter, Model View ViewModel).

Adapts easily to new technologies such as Smart Watches, Chromecast, and Smart TV devices.

Used Android frameworks and APIs to efficiently load data and update databases: Loaders, AsyncTaskLoader and SyncAdapters.

Utilized Espresso, JUnit, Mockito and simulated design patterns to test and develop applications.

Work effectively with UI designers and implement according to Android style guidelines.

Work with other departments to achieve cross-functional goals to satisfy customer expectations. Mentor less experienced team members on technical matters.


Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin, SQL, python, C++

Threading: Loopers, Loaders, AsyncTask, Intent Service, RxJava

Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Firebase DB, MongoDB

IDE/Dev: Eclipse, Android Studio, Firebase, NetBeans, IntelliJ

Design Standards: Material Design

Design Patterns: MVP, MVC, MVVM

Development Tools: TDD, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Trello, Jenkins, Travis, Hudson, Bitrise,io

Web Dev: jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit


Version Control: Git, SVN, BitBucket, GitHub, Tower

Android and Third-Party: Certificate Pinning, RxJava, MonkeyRunner, Bluetooth Low Energy, ExoPlayer, SyncAdapters, Volley, IcePick, Circle-CI, Samsung SDK, Glide, VidEffects, JUnit, Ion, GSON, ORMLite, Push Notifications, Kickflip, SpongyCastle, Parse, Flurry, Twitter, FloatingActionButton,, Espresso, Fresco, Moshi, Jenkins, UIautomator, Parceler, Dependency Injection, EventBus,, Dagger, Crashlytics, MixPanel, Material Dialogs, RxCache, Retrofit, Marshmallow, Loaders, Jitpack, JobScheduler, ParallaxPager, XmlPullParser, Google Cloud Messaging, LeakCanary


Scripps Network LLC

Senior Android Mobile Architect/Engineer

June 2019 - Present

New York, NY

HGTV GO – Watch with TV Subscription:

Watch HGTV keeps users connected with favorite HGTV shows live and on demand. Users can watch live streaming TV or HGTV programming. Updated daily with full TV episodes, clips, and original content.

Worked with the Mobile Product Management team to define the new product features

Developed and tested the app using Android Studio

Used MVVM architecture for new modules and migrated old modules from MVP

Migrated code from Java to Kotlin

Used Kotlin Coroutines for asynchronous calls and also other features of Kotlin like null safety, smart cast etc

Rewired the app to handle the new Android 6 Marshmallow permissions model

Reskinned the entire app implementing the Material Design specification

Integrated multimedia material and live streaming video, decoding, and playback

Handled web services calls for information and content data retrieval with Retrofit

Added a user configuration setting to persist and switch the network usage

Improved the bit rate over network changes with the Connectivity Manager

Added support for Chromecast for sending video and music to the TV

Improved the Video browser and audio player performance multithreading

Improved the Playlist manager by replacing the old ListViews by RecyclerView

Conducted project plan reviews and resolved conflicts between times and tasks

Implemented support for Android Wear as media remote control for the app

Organized developers and assigned milestones and track project development

Built the application to support multiple screen sizes, phones, tablets and TV Sticks

Ensured backward compatibility with the latest compatibility libraries available

Incorporated push notification with Mixpanel for sending messages to the users

Used Jira for defect tracking and, project planning, and task assignment

Worked with Dagger 2 for dependency injection to develop clean, maintainable code

Participated on the set-up procedure for the Hudson server for continuous integration

Integrated Localytics for app statistics and mobile analytics

WeWork Companies Inc

Senior Android Developer

December 2017 – June 2019

New York, NY


WeWork is a Forbes listed company that provides office workspace and community access to entrepreneurs. The WeWork Android Mobile Application allows WeWork members to book conference rooms, register guests, see what is happening in the community and much more.

Developed and tested the app using Android Studio

Enhanced the app for heavy data load processing using services and AsyncTask combined with AsyncTaskExecutor

Used the Picasso library for intensive image rendering on ListView

Migrated architecture from MVP to MVVM

Migrated code from Java to Kotlin

Took advantage of Kotlin null safety and extension functions

Created extensive caching of both images (lazy-load) and data (object data from network as SQLite tables)

Designed and implement peer-to-peer messaging via the Pusher libraries

Google maps and location services to find services where users are currently located

Developed a look and feel that mimicked the iOS version of the app following the Google Material Design guidelines

Implemented Custom and Compound View to match the UI/UX specifications

Integrated activity and fragment-based navigation to adapt to portrait and landscape orientations to better use the screen state adapting to phones and tablets

Added animated transitions when calling other activities to improve the user experience

Used Kotlin Coroutines for asynchronous tasks

Used Observables and other RxJava operators

Used JSON in RESTful services to extend the application response capabilities

Implemented several design patterns such as MVP, Singleton, Observer, Builder, Façade

Created and maintained technical documentation for this application

Sped up the build process with Jenkins continuous integration tool

Integrated Crashlytics to analyze the behavior of the users

Created several compound views to match the UI provided by the UI team

Layout user interface maintained efficiently through Fragments

Implemented custom/compound views for displaying queried data

RESTful data consumption using Retrofit with a GSON converter, and a custom interceptor

Used Google GSON to parse JSON files

Tracked incident reports with JIRA

Collaborated with the product team to identify, prioritize, and document detailed product requirements

Followed TDD/BDD and Agile methodologies throughout the project

Used JIRA for project planning and bug tracking

Constantly perform and manage code reviews

Led a team of Android Java programmers

Made use of communication between standard data between apps over network requests using Retrofit

Able to develop efficient and maintainable code with the right balance between solving the problem at hand and not over-engineering your solution

Worked with the UI/UX team for the new app skin redesign

Implemented Google Analytics for app analytics proposes

Connected the app to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Tested the mobile app in various emulators to support multiple Android devices

American Express

Android Developer

March 2016 - December 2017

New York, NY


Access your American Express® account from virtually anywhere with the Amex® Mobile app. Take advantage of what your U.S. Personal, Small Business, and Corporate accounts have to offer: track spending and rewards, find offers, pay your bill, and enjoy features only available in the app.

Ensure software created and released conforms to quality requirements by accurately writing and executing test plans

Transitioned the code base form Eclipse to Android Studio for development environment

MVP architecture was used

Used Bluetooth low energy and Leak Canary to solve mobile networking performance issues

Implemented a Navigation Drawer for quick access to different activities and a better User Experience

Created custom animation to improve the user experience following the material design principles

Added value encryption in SharedPreferences using AES 128 with the Secure-preferences Library

Created instances of SyncAdapter, Content Providers, and Loaders to update the User Interface on every data change on the server side

Actively participated in choosing the technologies to use

Implementation of different user interface components such as ListView, WebView, ImageView, TextView to display the data for the application

Used Android Device Monitor for monitoring CPU load, heap size, and memory usage

Used Parcelable to serialize Java objects from Activity to Activity

Handled Fragment data retention to ensure data integrity on screen rotation with the onSaveInstanceState and onRestoreInstanceState methods

Experience with Android SDK versions 5 and above

Used the color palette support to extract different resources in different contexts

Consumed web services to display user history on the user interface using RxJava

Tested the latest changes, correct the bugs using debugging

Used an SQLite database to generate local caching service and faster rendering

Connected the app to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Used JSON in RESTful services to extend the application response capabilities

Monitored and participated in workflow tracking (Jira) and documentation (Confluence) so that these scalable industrialized processes facilitate business growth

Effectively communicate coding solutions and articulate the reasons for your decisions

Paragon Marketing Inc.

Android Application Developer

April 2014 - March 2016

Lenexa, KS

Halal Kitchens:*******

Halal kitchen system routes orders directly to partner restaurants chosen by user. Customer can order from menus of a list of restaurants. Restaurants offer incentives on the app. The app sends an SMS confirmation and ETA.

Passion for mobile user experience and design

Used the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) for debugging and testing

Stored data of the task bonuses in SQLite

Implemented early versions of the Floating Action Button with the usage of third-party libraries

Guide decisions on architecture and technical strategy

Used Retrofit to handle the API consumption with a Jackson built-in converter

Used Android Studio and latest SDK app development

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

Utilized a Tabs and Navigation Drawers to switch quickly between application Activities and


Experience with network programming and consuming third-party APIs

Used XZing to read the information from various QR codes to access the vehicle information

Led a team of 3 Java programmers for Android development

Development of quality code using cutting-edge techniques, tools, and utilities

Used Material Design to adapt the User interface

Created custom views and animations for visually appealing UI/UX

Applied Picasso to download images and show them in the UI

Created custom animations to improve the user experience

Effectively used Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, SQLite, and preferences

Integrated dependency injection with Dagger and Butter Knife

Added selectors and animation effects on UI/UX elements to enhance the User Experience

Participated in all stages of software development including defining product vision, gathering requirements, software system design, coding, testing, release, and support


Junior Mobile App Developer

January 2013 - April 2014

Atlanta, GA

UPS Mobile:

You’re busy, so let UPS help you easily manage shipments, track packages, find UPS locations, and much more with the UPS Mobile app. Track: find and follow your deliveries in transit, update your delivery location or change your delivery date, get delivery alerts to know when your package will arrive. Ship: estimate shipping costs and delivery times, take package dimensions with our in-app measurement tool, create a shipment and get shipping labels. Find the nearest UPS location to pack, send, or collect your shipments.

Architected the back-end solution and joined in the technology selection process

Worked with an Agile Scrum /iterative development methodology

Assisted the team lead with requirements, documentation, task management and scheduling meetings

Utilized Eclipse IDE to implement the application in Java and automating testing with Robotium

Implemented Continuous Integration with Jenkins, using Git with BitBucket for code repository/version control

Managed the build creation with a Jenkins instance hosted on a private server

Wrote Javadoc for documenting the different modules, hardware & software features

Performed regular code reviews to ensure overall code quality and adherence to company coding standards and industry best practices

Created custom views to present data as it was needed

Integrated Flurry for mobile analytics

Helped the company to make the transition from traditional to Test Driven Development

Implemented UI/UX look-and-feel in the app, applying styles and themes following the new Google Material Design guidelines

Created multiple Content Providers with a native approach to handling UI asynchronous updates

Liaison with the project team and delivering projects as per scheduled milestones

Most of the screens/level use OpenGL ES instead of activities to allow fluid animation

Solid background in OOP and knowledge of software design patterns/best practices

Setup proper interactions of the front-end design and implementation with backend servers

Refactored un-optimized pieces of code to guarantee maximization in the use of resources

Utilized AsyncTask to connect to a remote server to retrieve user information

Made use of Activities and Activities for Result and RecyclerViews to get a better performance of the application

Use of Implicit and Explicit Intents

Introduced the Google Maps API integration with the application

Developed graphic interface and UI for some activities.

Worked with asynchronous requests to the server with Volley library

Added Push Notification features with Urban Airship




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