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android developer

Seattle, WA
October 21, 2021

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Shrey Jain

Sr Mobile Android Developer (* years)



•6 apps published to Play Store.

•Partner with cross-functional teams to define new product requirements, features, and functionality.

•Experience with Kotlin development and Java android development.

•MVVM Architecture with the use of Android Jetpack Components.

•Implemented LiveData with Coroutines.

•Cultivate an environment of excellence, through code design, code reviews.

•Experience in architecting and developing networking and secure applications for Android.

•Have been the single point of contact for all Android-related matters, heavily interfacing with the Product team and Marketing team.

•Experience developing highly efficient Java code and view layouts and the ability to diagnose performance bottleneck.

•Familiarity with the Android tool ecosystem for development, testing, debugging, and performance benchmarking.

•Real world OO design experience and knowledge of design patterns, combined with an ability to convey design information succinctly using suitable tools (UML, BPMN).

•Have developed and helped grow an effective engineering organization at all levels.

•Tied mobile client applications to critical server-side APIs.

•Experience developing rich application UI’s.

•Strong understanding of server-side software, scalability, performance, and reliability.

•Experience with TDD/BDD and agile methodologies.

•Experience with embedded local storage solutions such as SQLite.

•Considerable experience debugging and profiling Android applications.

•Maintain high unit test coverage and continuous integration principles.

•Great understanding of Unit and Functional testing.

•Proficient with multiple IDEs tailored for Android Development (Android Studio, Eclipse).

•Adapts to new technology such as Smart Watches, Chromecast, and Smart TV devices.

•Experienced with 5.0 (Material design, ART), 6.0 (Runtime permissions, Standby mode). Currently previewing changes in Android N, like multi-window support and the drag and drop behavior.

•Worked in multicultural environments with local and remote teams in Agile environments.

•Configured and initialized multiple cloud integration services including Parse, Firebase and Google Cloud Messaging.

•Believer of the Google’s best practices targeted to mobile environments: use of networking, memory management, battery status, responsive and intuitive design, managing multiple screen sizes, identifying app installations, internationalization.

•Used Android frameworks and APIs to efficiently load data and update databases: Loaders, AsyncTaskLoader and SyncAdapters.

•Experienced in event-driven libraries like Square’s Otto.

•Adept in using public online version Control platforms such as SVN and GitHub.

•Utilized Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities to transfer information through different services, characteristics, and profiles.

Technical Skills

•Programming Languages: Kotlin, Java.

•Architecture and Design Patterns: Singleton, MVP, REST, MVVP (Model, View, ViewModel), Dependency Injection (DI), Model-View-Controller (MVC).

•Integrated Development Environments (IDE)/Frameworks: Bluetooth, Android Studio, Eclipse, Android Annotations, Robotium test framework, Espresso test framework, Dagger2, SpongyCastle cipher suites, Jenkins, JUnit unit testing, Visual Studio App Center.

•Project Development Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall

•Android Software Development Tools and Libraries: Mockito, Firebase Crashlytics crash reporter, SDK, Hugo, Sketch design, Parceler code generation, GitLab lifecycle tool, RESTful application programming interface (API), Android DozeView, Mixpanel business analytics, LeakCanary memory leak detection, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) low-power wireless communication technology, JetPack, RxJava, MPAndroidC charting framework, ChromeCast streaming media, HART communicator protocol, Otto event bus, Caligraphy custom font, EventBus, Volley HTTP, OkHTTP, GSON, Retrofit data serialization conversion, Apollo Android, SonarQube bug detection, UrbanAirship push notifications, Gradle build automation.

•Databases/Languages: MySQL, SQLite, Room, Firebase DB, GraphQL.

•User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) Design: Figma.

•Continuous Integration Platforms: CircleCI.

•Version Control: Jira, Git, GitHub.

•Multimedia: ExoPlayer, Videoplayer, Android VideoView, Anvato Android SDK.

Android Development Work

Providence DIG - Senior Android App Developer

Seattle, WA

April 2021 – Present

•Worked on existing applications Providence and Swedish Health Connect to improve their performance and increase number of users by integrating MyChart Sign In into their Apps using MyChart credentials.

•Performed development work in alignment with an Agile project management methodology with the practice of Scrums and Sprints.

•Co-ordinated with teammates and designed networking calls and architectural designs for integrating MyChart sign-In feature,

•Utilized Slack, Outlook, and Teams to communicate and co-ordinate with team.

•Applied a MVVM Architecture to structure both applications.

•Programming using the Kotlin language.

•Utilized Jackson, Retrofit and RxJava to handle networking part.

•Applied a Chuck HTTP network interceptor to record and observe network calls.

•Integrated and used MyChart SDK to help users log in using MyChart credentials.

•Migrated feature flag features from using Launch Darkly to Kameleoon.

•Integrated Apollo client and used GraphQL queries and schemas to display blogs on dashboard.

•Loaded user profiles and blog content from Apollo.

•Displayed Blogs and other articles using WebViews.

•Developed Blog feature for Android apps using UberFlip

•Programmed and designed Login features and email validation logic.

•Implemented Kameleoon A/B Testing.

•Improved Chat Bot application by displaying more options using pop-up animation.

•Added analytics for multiple screens to observe user behavior on Amplitude.

•Configured apps with User permissions for location after Signing In / Logging In.

•Configured Scroll and Transition animations.

•Implemented deep links and analytics to support marketing requirements.

•Migrated user database from Auth0 to Azure DB.

•Utilized Room, Shared Preferences, and Firebase for Data persistence.

•Tested applications and tasks using Junit, Mockito, and Espresso.

•Developed Dynamic dashboard cards for target sorting based on different user cases for improving user experience and easier usability.

•Implemented Covid-19 Vaccination Booking flow to show Covid screening questions and schedule appointments around user location radius.

•Integrated Biometrics SDK to enable Login using Fingerprint scanners and Face scanners.

•Applied Bitrise to trigger automated testing after pushing changes to development.

•Debugged and fixed access to Bluetooth settings, network connectivity, Wi-Fi Multicast reception, and connect and disconnect from Wi-F.

ESPN Inc. - Senior Android Developer

Bristol, CT

February 2020 - April 2021

•Managed the build creation with a Jenkins instance hosted on a private server.

•Dynatrace SDK implementation to track network performance in the app and identify pain points in the user experience.

•Used Dagger2 for dependency injection.

•Worked with Android developers to design, implement and test new features or refactors.

•Used Kotlin as the main code language for the Android application.

•Implemented newer features in Kotlin as well as migrated some existing Java code into Kotlin.

•Debugged and fixed critical defects reported by customers and in-house testers.

•Improve efficiency and readability of defective code modules through code refactoring and optimization utilizing SOLID principles.

•Implemented ExoPlayer to display in application videos.

•Migrated REST calls from Robospice library to Retrofit2 and RxJava.

•Actively consumed, parsed and created JSONs using GSON and Jackson libraries.

•Developed unit testing, instrumentation testing and automation testing for each new feature using Junit, Mockito, Roboelectric, Powermock, Espresso, Calabash for Android.

•Applied reactive frameworks such as RxJava, RxAndroid, RxBluetooth, and RxKotlin.

•Followed MVVM and MVP architectures utilizing LiveData for MVVM.

•Used Git with GitHub and GitLab servers for source control.

•Worked within the agile team, provide estimated effort and technical input to backlog management, used Jira for task tracking and effort.

•Participated in Agile ceremonies, grooming, retrospective, daily stand up, etc.

•Intense usage of Android SDK components, Activities, Broadcasts, Services, Intents, Job Scheduler, RecyclerView, Custom Views, Constraint Layout, Fragments, Looper, Handlers, Shared Preferences, Room, etc.

•Managed relational and NoSQL databases.

•Implemented Kotlin coroutines on new application features.

•Consumed RESTful services using Retrofit with an OkHTTP client, a GSON converter, and a custom interceptor.

Johnson & Johnson - Android Mobile App Developer

New Brunswick, NJ

September 2018 - February 2020

•Worked with Volley and Retrofit to consume RESTful services.

•Implemented new application features in Kotlin and MVVM architecture using LiveData and Jetpack components in Android.

•Built the UI/UX using material design implementing Fragments and Navigation Drawer.

•Implemented data persistence using Room Database.

•Performed multiple code reviews that helped deliver a cleaner and uniform shared codebase.

•Experience with network programming and consuming third party APIs.

•Monitored and participated in workflow tracking with HP Quality Center.

•Worked with GSON and Jackson library to parse JSON files.

•Use of YouTube to incorporate video playback functionality for trailers.

•Got the design team up to speed with Material design, familiarizing them with some of the design concepts as well as the new widgets and their UI/UX ramifications.

•Use of material design for the User Interface Model View Presenter (MVP).

•Worked with an internal QA team on system, performance, and acceptance testing.

•Supervised the creation of the testing suites developed with Espresso and Mockito.

•Consumed web services to display user history on the user interface.

•Detected new features that could be implemented and did so.

•Always adding value in a multi-cultured environment.

•Conducted weekly SCRUM meetings to set up goals and help developers meet deadlines.

•Added a user configuration setting to persist and switch the network usage.

•Supported multiple screen resolutions implementing different layouts for portrait and landscape.

•Worked with Product Management, Delivery teams and Project Management to translate requirements into tasks for deliverables.

•Implemented the best practices for Android mobile development with their main components: Activities, Services, Content Providers and Broadcast Receivers.

•Followed best practices for coding, security and mobile design.

•Used APIs from different API levels to support backward compatibility.

Citibank - Android Mobile Developer

New York, NY

January 2017 – August 2018

•Interact very closely with both the Product and the Design teams.

•Collaborated with Software Engineers for the design and development of back-end services.

•Kept abreast of industry trends and technologies, being prepared to apply them quickly.

•Designed and implemented Android application to product and UX specification.

•Used Navigation Drawer and Tabs to provide quick and easy navigation.

•Use of GIT for the source control management.

•Ability to independently set tasks and complete work for yourself and your team with limited direction.

•Gathered requirements and generated detailed technical documentation.

•Used Butter Knife library to apply binding in Android views.

•Worked with Android Query library for asynchronous tasks to manipulate UI elements.

•Used the color palette support to extract different resources in different contexts.

•Used Android Studio as IDE and all his capabilities: Build Variants and social media plugins.

•Use of the Gson library to deserialize JSON information.

•Conducted code review implementing Paired Programming including Java, Spring, iOS, SQL, Android.

•Maximized the productivity of our Agile SCRUM methodology by eliminating friction points and roadblocks to productivity.

•Usage of core Android resources like Fragments, Styles, Themes, 9-Patch Images.

•Led multiple teams in every step of the software development lifecycle.

•Recommended and implemented changes to the Architecture of some legacy data structures to better support our primary user cases.

•Design and develop functionality between user’s interaction and delegating it back to the server using RESTful web services and JSON parsing.

•Solid understanding of Android app development life cycle including Google Play and Amazon App Store compliance policies and submissions requirements.

•Translated designs and wireframes into high-quality views and code.

•Developed Unit Test and Stress test cases with JUnit. – Android Developer

Santa Clara, CA

November 2014 – January 2017

•Collaborated with three other Mobile Software Engineers.

•Reviewed other developers code by the use of pull request in Bitbucket.

•Removed deprecated Activities and XML Layouts from the User Onboarding Flow.

•Supported backup location using Google Play Services Location API as an alternative to native Android Location Manager.

•Fixed bugs as assigned in Jira that were raised by the QA team.

•Researched and proposed using Dagger 2 for creating a dependency graph.

•Prototyped new simple Android Studio projects to test out different types of proposed UI designs.

•Replaced findViewById’s with ButterKnife to reduce boilerplate code.

•Wrote Java mode JSON Parsers for the API URL call data.

•Customized Settings View UI using a Preference Activity by adding a custom layout for the provided List View.

•Researched and proposed new Android Architecture Components including Live Data, View Model and Room Persistence Libraries.

•Used Alert Dialogs, Loopers and Handlers to flag error cases.

•Updated Android Mobile App UI for the Terms and Conditions, Fall Detection Acknowledgement screens, and Device Card View.

•Replaced Circular Progress Bar in Firmware screen with Horizontal Progress Bar.

•Unit tested Android Java code using JUnit and Mockito.

•Used fragments for modular User Interface and Navigation Drawer to create a consistent user experience throughout the application.

•Used Firebase Ads SDK to present assets using the RecyclerView providing a seamless user experience.


Binghamton University

MSc Computer Science

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