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Engineer Civil Engineering

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
December 27, 2020

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Ashraf Mahmoud Mohamed Zakaria


Mobile:+201********* in Egypt(current location)

Marine /Civil Engineer

Abstract :-

I am a Civil Engineer with 26 years’ experience from 1993 until now in marine engineering works( Constructions) with background in Civil engineering and Geo-Tech.(soil as dredging and reclamation,rock work as breakwater, rock revetment, caissons, foundation as Piling ), steel work and retaining structural:-

Breakwater construction,

Dredging works

Rock revetment

Reclamation,soil improvement

Sea walls,abutments, retaining structures,etc.

Tubular steel piles,Composite concrete piles,Sheet piles, Secant Piled Walls

Experience in quay walls jetties, sea walls, rock abutment,floating marine, subsea pipelines,etc.

experience in quantity surveying

experience in modern surveying

steel work.

pipelines and cables laying.

project management by primavera p6

precast yard with slip forming works for Caissons,Quay wall,Sea walls,etc.

Tender processing,estimating quantity and the cost estimating

Date of Birth: 1969 Age ;50 years

Nationality : Egyptian

Languages Known : English and Arabic

Qualification :Bachelor's Degree B.Sc. in Civil engineering(5 Academic years), graduating in 1993.

=Master degree in Soil and foundation engineering,graduating in 1996(soil, rocks structural, sheet piles,breakwater, quay wall,Abutments, deep foundations as piles,soil improvements,rock and soil tests,etc.)

Additional Qualification / Training / Seminar:

=ASCE Membership 9760426 (American Society of Civil Engineering)

=Engineering Saudi Council Membership 173095.

-I have approve from UAE army force – Coast Guard as a project manager on and off shore with diver marine contractor in construction project in the Port Rashid, Dubai.

- Technical reporting program from the center of supporting Decisions, Egypt.

- Quantity calculation for civil engineers (earth work,etc)

- Diploma in modern SURVEYING engineering (GPS, Total Station and Surveying software)from Egyptian surveying association

- Office program (word-excel-PowerPoint...).

- Non Distractive tests of steel welding joints(welding inspections for pipeline, tubular steel piles, steel sheet piles, steel welding joining)

- Project management by Microsoft project and primavera p6.(time schedule pan/updating/sources/cost)

- Structural analysis by sap.

FromJan.2019until now Italy and Mozambique,

=The employer:Spaim

Position : marine construction engineer

The work items: Rock mounded breakwater,rock revetment,dredging,reclamation,soil improvement,quay walls(gravity caissons type),secant piles wall,floating marines, sheds, jetties, etc.

Role of work :- quality control,reviewing the construction drawing,site inspection and quantities surveying,supervision sub-contractor

FromJan.2018until .2019 Saudi Arabia,

=The employer:Speco 3 contractors

Position :senior marine engineer

The work items: Laying offshore intake pipeline,pump station,dewatering system,desalination plant

Role of work :- quality control,reviewing the construction drawing,site inspection and quantities surveying,supervision sub-contractor

From oct.2016until dec.2017 Saudi Arabia,

=The employer:intertek engineering

Position : marine engineer

The work items: Quay wall,soil improvement (deep vibration, free impact load ),breakwater,secant piles,dredging and reclamation

Role of work :- quality control,reviewing the construction drawing,site inspection and quantities surveying

From2014until sept.2016 Saudi Arabia,

= the employer :- Archen engineering

Representing the client coast guard of interior ministry

Position: Marine engineer

Role of work :

The work items :- design review and construction supervisory of offshore-onshore structures such as gravity wharf, high pile wharf, Rock mounded breakwater,rock revetment,dredging,reclamation,soil improvement,quay walls(gravity caissons type),floating marines, sheds, jetties supporting by piles, etc.

Projects: army Terminal bases

== Work Tasks

design and supervisory of offshore structures such as gravity wharf, high pile wharf, and pump house

Prepare work permits needed for the execution of the site works.

Monitors, Coordinate & Control all daily relate manpower and equipment.

Prepare & Submit Request for Inspection (RFI) of completed works.

Conduct routine inspection of the completed works for quality.

Ensure all activities (Rebar, Form, Concrete, Heavy lifting, Steel structure, Etc.) are carried out in accordance with the drawings, specifications, method statement, contracts, etc.

Prepare daily progress report of the project.

Check interface items with the other contractor and coordinate each other.

Check all issued drawings and make a composite drawing to discover drawing error in advance.

Ensure Safety awareness in the work place & in the vicinity all the time.

Takes over-all technical, administrative and Financial responsibility for the project on site.

Sets objectives and prepares programs and schedules of work for construction supervision Organizes the supervision activities on site and manages staff.

Manages site supervision performance and seeks improvements in coordination with head office .

knowledgeable of the details of the contact documents ( Contract conditions, specifications, BOQ, geotechnical and other reports, drawings…).

Ensuring that preparatory engineering works including setting out for alignment and elevation are performed accurately prior to the Contractor’s work.

Liaises and coordinates with the head office, the client,the contractor and other concerned government agencies . Ensures that the contractor maintains a good planning system and that the work program is well phased .

Directs the supervision activities to ensure that the permanent works are carried out to correct line and level and that the materials and workmanship conform to specifications and intervenes to solve problems and resolve obstacles.

Carries out a daily check of the contractor’s Daily Report that shows the planned activities and rejects or accepts the Contractor’s request for work approval. Materials, shop drawings and samples shall be reviewed for approval within two weeks of submittal.

Reviews and approves monthly certificate ensuring that quantities included are correct.

-Meeting(Quality meeting(weekly), time schedule and cost meeting(monthly), client meeting,etc)

From2012until 2014 Saudi Arabia,

= the employer :-AECOM middle east

Project 1

-The Client: Saudi Global Port, King Abdul Aziz Port at Dammam

Position : construction manager marine work

Project :-SR 600 million ($160 million) for Quay wall600m-long with an alongside depth of 16m and 450,000 square meters of onshore facilities., Dredging by Hopper Dredger, Suction Dredger –and Grab Dredger, Revising of Existing Breakwater, Reclamation& Ground Improvement with dynamic compaction by vibro-prop., and free impact load to improve the quay rock foundation, Rock revetment and Rock Armor


Project2 position:

Position :construction manager Marine work

-The Client Aromco Saudi Arabia

-Project dredging, reclamation,oil terminal, cargo terminal(gravity caissons type), breakwater and rock revetment, floating jetties,concrete jetties supported by composite tubular steel piles, etc.

==Roles of the work

• Actively manage and report on the status of the construction schedule and budget. Monitor the contract progress and make recommendation to client for contractor payments.

• Support the program controls leadership team to establish schedule control, cost control, change management, risk management, and reporting tools.

• Work to build a cooperative partnership between client, contractors, and all stakeholders to ensure timely resolution of project issues and the overall success of the project.

• Ensure performance of the work in strict accordance with the drawings, plans and specification.

• Maintain a diary of the day work activities, issues, and meeting details etc.

• Coordinate with the Contractor’s construction manager in charge of the work on a frequent basis to ensure that no issues are encountered.

• Coordinate with the discipline inspectors and diver to ensure that the relevant sections of works are managed, supervised and inspected.

• Review and comment appropriately to Requests for Information (RFIs) as received from the Contractor.

• Review and comment appropriately to Request of Inspection Notices (RINs) as received from the Contractor.

• Perform sampling, testing, record keeping, and reporting in accordance with;

• Project Plans and Specifications;

• Material testing manuals and standard methods for sampling and testing.

• Report any failing or borderline test results

• Coordinate with the Inspector (s) in charge of the work to confirm approval of the work for testing and discuss any areas of concern.

• Coordinate with the Contractor on work priorities and schedules.

• Report any failure of the Contractor to conform to drawings, plans and specifications and to provide good workmanship.

• Follow up non-conformance reports and confirm remedial actions are carried out.

• Liaise with the quantity surveyor for the measurement of completed works.

• Liaise with the design office engineer(s) when necessary/required.

• Review and comment appropriately to shop drawings received from the Contractor.

• Ensure that the works are being constructed to the latest construction and shop drawings.

• Ensure that works are compliant with the Contractor’s HSE plan at all times.

From2011 until 2012UnitedArab Emirates,

= the employer :-Diver-Marine contractors England company classification for the marine off and on shore

Position :Project manager

Project :- Coast guard of Rashid Port Bur-Dubai –United Arab Emirates, The total Amount 30 Million AED

-The Client: Coast Guard of Port Rashid, Dubai

The project items:-

- Jetty of Travel lift Length 42m supported by 52 tubular piles 24 meters depth

and diameter 75cm,

-148meters Anchor Sheet piles jetty (main sheet pile depth18 meters and Anchor sheet piles 16meters depth with tie rods 21meters every 3.5 m )

-Floating marine

-Two Sheds Steel structure with 45m length one 14meter width other 11m width,

-Shore protection, Reclamation,soil compaction improving, dredging and Role of work:

-inspection of steel sheet piles, concrete piles and cofferdams,etc.

-inspection of the Mooring, berthing, layout, construction work and alignment its

-inspection of the Dredging plan

- reviewing of the design and the Materials specifications

- Inspection of construction Travel lift and renew the boat syncrolift

- Inspection of pile-supported

--Project management including: supervision the sub-contracts, work update Time Schedule, Qs and claim work for subcontractors and the client,monthly report, method statements,Meeting,workshop drawings,communication with the client etc.

• Establish start-up and commissioning plans and identify associated resources as necessary.

From 2010 To 2011 Abu Dhabi,UAE

Employer Leader Marine contractors (Chinese contractor)

Positions: section marine engineer

Project : Emirates Palace(Coastal side)

Project: Construction the sea walls :L-sections with corner casinos, rock groyne f section with precast units,slip way and rock revetments

included temporary Sheet piles, dewatering system by deep wells, rocks, dredging and reclamation work

The role of work :-

- Inspection of embankment bulkhead

- Inspection Reclamation/ land filling

-inspection of Rock revetments

-inspection of shore protection.

-inspection of Rubble mound, breaks waters and - Rocks' layers work

-inspection of rock materials and rock layers

-inspection of the pre-cast units while laying in location of the break water

-inspection of laying rock layers by barge in the bed sea

- inspect the Survey drawing, sea walls,temporary dewatering systems and all scope of marine civil structural in the work zone .

-dredging work, Reclamation and included inspection soil reports and surveying works and leveling work

- Co-ordinates between client, subcontractors and main contracting to achieve the requirement of quality as the procedures and the documents of the project

- Co-ordinates the different branches of activities in the site

- Cycle document co-ordinate

From.2009 to 2010


= the employer :-Hamza Group/multinational England company, classification for the maritime and geotechnical

Designation : assistant project manager

Job Profile :

-Construction of Quay block wall,inspection of the arm structure and associated structures

and inspection of the pipe racks and bridges

- Earth work Reclamation& Ground Improvement with dynamic compaction by vibro-prop., and free impact load to improve the quay rock foundation

-Reviewing the lab. Reports (Soil tests, earth work and soil structural)

-Reviewing the survey, drawing and reports of it in the site and in the office work

-Progress reports daily and monthly reports

-Inspect the all the civil work in the site

- Co-ordinates between client, subcontractors and main contracting to achieve the requirement of quality as the procedures and the documents of the project

- Co-ordinates the different branches of activities in the site

- Cycle document co-ordinate

The role of work:

- Review contractor's submissions

- Provide all necessary on site direction and issue site instructions

- Supervise site inspection staff

- Check measure of work done

- Observe site safety practices

- Monitor the quality of materials and workmanships

- Report back when and as necessary to the Resident Engineer

- Record and display progress versus program

- Prepare progress report

- Ensure correctness and completeness of as built drawings

- Construction marine included cofferdams, dewatering, pile foundation, pipe racks and gravity p.c. wall berth work as fellow:-

Project -1

Project Name : Cargo berth 400 m in Domait port, Egypt

Scope of Work : Construction by gravity P.C. wall berth works.

The Client : Domait Port

Project -2

Project Name : pipe racks in Al Ahmadi port Kuwait

Client : Kuwait oil company and Al-Ahmadiport

Scope of Work : Pipe rack. (Steel structural with piles).and shore protection

Fromfeb.2008toDEC.2008 In UAE, Abu Dhabi.

== the employer :-Gl group (germination lloyd gl industrial oil and gas)

Project: - construction Habbshan’s oil pipeline, Laying Oil pipeline to El-Fogera’s port

Client Epic Consultant ILF engineering

Designation : Senior marine engineer

From Feb2007 - jan2004

= the employer :-Al-Hashmy engineering (Consulting Engineering)/Dubai, UAE

Designation : senior engineer

Work Experience

Project Name : Responsible for design and the review of offshore structure design schemes and on-site technical clarification of various types of wharf structures, revetments, floating docks, pump houses, etc.

Type of work : concrete and steel inspection,Sheet piles-Concrete piles-Cofferdams-raft foundation as a pile caps-settlement / bearing analysis and soil stability

Job Profile :

-Inspect Excavation, dewatering, foundation, backfilling, surveying, concreting, steels,

-Stability of soil and soil protection

-protection /improving soil

- Construction and design Sheet Piles and cofferdam

-construction concrete piles and cofferdams

-Side protection

-Slope stability

From 1998to2004

= the employer :-El-Hussan groups, Saudi Arabia

Designation: Senior Marine engineer

Job Profile :

- Marine Renew Jeddah port the work included earth work, Dredging,,, concrete and shore protection

Job Profile :

-Construction marine

-Management Labors and equipments in the site

-inspect the work before, during and after the work included inspection lab reports and field tests

-Daily, monthly reports

-update the schedule times of the activities

-Achieving the required quality in the site

-Review the drawing, the procedures and specification of the project

-Review the quantity of materials and approve it with the QS engineer in the site


Project Name :Renew Jeddah port the work included earth work, Dredging, concrete and shore protection by break waters

Client: Jeddah port

-the work included earth work, Dredging, backfilling, compaction, concrete and shore protection by break waters

=The project included:-

1-Harbour and Berth Alignment

2- Inspect the dredging depth of navigation and Side slopes

3- Directing signals for navigation purposes

4-jetty length 150m and depth 12m with driven piles

5-mound breakwater for protection the harbor

6-pouring concrete under water

7-Roads in the harbor

8-steel and concrete structural in the marine

9-reviewing the Geotechnical work as inspect the soil reports check the report of side stability – and Inspect the deep foundation and side protection

10-Sea wall Break water

=Roles of work:

-inspect the work before, during and after the work included inspection lab reports and field tests for soil, steel, concrete and asphalt

-Daily, monthly reports

-update the schedule times of the activities

-Achieving the required quality in the site

-Review the drawing, the procedures and specification of the project

-Review the quantity of materials and approve it with the QS engineer in the site

=Scope of work

-survey and assessment

- Bollard, Cleats and fender systems

- Crane girder and piling strengthening

- Embankment bulkhead

•inspect Dredging/excavation

• inspect Reclamation/ land filling

• inspect Block walls

• inspect Rock revetments,

Services for marine and earthworks

• inspect the Bathymetric and topographic surveys

•inspect Environmental impact assessment

•inspect Conceptual and detailed drawing

-shore protection, Rubble mound, break waters

- berth alignment

-directing signals for navigation

-Earth work includes (-dredging activities and reclamation of artificial islands,-Review dredging plans and disposal of spoil

-Offshore structures, marine and concrete structural (under water concreting, sheet piling, cofferdams, deep foundation,)

From 1997 to 1998

With construction company Al-Qahtany contractor

Position:Site marine engineer

Project -

Project Name : Construction floating berths in Yanbu Albahr city with rock revetment

Client : Saudi Kingdom Maritime Force

Scope of Work : rock work abutment,revetment,tubular steel piles and the floating berth .

From Dec.1993 - Dec.1997

= the employer :-Hassan Alam Sons/Egypt Contractors and classification company for construction /,Egypt

Article I.Designation : Site Marine Civil Engineer


Project Name : Water intake 3 pipes and shore protection

Client : Idfo city, Aswan government in Egypt

Scope of Work : Water intake (3 pipes)


Project Name : - Reclamation/ breakwater

Client : Bin sina group North Coast in Egypt

Scope of Work : Reclamation and breakwater


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