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ios developer

New York, NY
90$ Hour
December 24, 2020

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Conner Maddalozzo


Senior Mobile iOS Developer

Objective-C, Swift, SwiftUI, Storyboards • CoreData • CoreLocation • MapKit • XIB • Autolayout • Size Classes

• JSON • Localization • CocoaPods • Data Persistence • Authentication • XCTest • Key Chain • Core Location MVC • Size Classes • XIB • Notification Center SCRUM • Delegation • Agile • Jira • Jenkins • MVVM • FLUX • MVC • GCD • UIKit • Programmatic UI Development • User defaults • RESTapi • Java • Firebase • PostgreSQL • MongoDB • GraphQL • Apple Push Notification • Reachability • Result Type (API) • Codable • Generics • Decorators • Singleton • Observer • Builder • Facade • Adapter • Delegate •

●Five years of experience in Mobile App development, deploying apps for iOS devices using Xcode working with Objective-C, Swift (1-5)

●5 iOS Applications published in the App Store

●Development experience with Architecture patterns like MVVM, MVC, Flux and VIPeR.

●Fluent with design patterns (ex: Protocols, Delegation, Observable/binding, Decorator, Singletons)

●Expert in implementing native approach API solutions like URLSession, Datatask and using Codable to Encode and Decode objects into SWIFT structs to interact with RESTful API

●Strong with implementing persistent solutions working with UserDefaults, CoreData, Keychain, SQLite as well as cloud persistent solutions like CloudKit, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and much more.

●Strong implementation skills in multithreading solutions like using Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and customizations using NSOperations.

●Experience in Native iOS Development (Objective-C, Swift) and working with common approaches to elegant UX like with Stack views, Autolayout and Size classes

●Skilled at contributing to or leading Sprint Planning meetings, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint backlogs and daily Scrums.

●Continuous integration with jenkins for automated testing, in order to properly cycle from dev to QA to production.

●TDD using the XCTest framework for iOS to ensure clean code, and stable agile sprints.

EXPERIENCE, New York NY - Senior iOS Developer


Worked remotely with 9 other developers in New York and offshore to add in UI/UX features and push monthly updates to the app in the store. Undertook the task of creating a new way of browsing new columns to add to a particular Board.

●Worked in MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design architecture, design pattern concepts like delegation, protocols, notifications and categories.

●Created the “Column Center”, a browse screen containing TableViews and Collection Views of column cards so that managers can add custom column types to track progress of their employees in a variety of forms

●Refactored existing code to support iOS 10+, transitioned remaining Swift 3-4 code to Swift 5.0, condensing code to enhance performance and to improve maintenance of codebase.

●Improved user experience with numerous UI changes, at the request of our UI/UX team for iPhone X screens.

●Participated in daily scrum to discuss the progress in sprints, attend sprint review meetings where stories status is discussed and based on which necessary steps are taken.

Warner Bros Media - Adult Swim, Atlanta GA - Senior iOS Developer

MARCH 2018 - AUGUST 2019

Team size of 4 maintaining and working on all the code for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV applications. Designed better UX updates to make them easier to navigate, and spend less time searching for content to watch.

●Extensively used Objective C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch frameworks like UIKit, SwiftLint, and CoreData. and Refactored the code from Swift 3.0 to Swift 4.2 to take advantage of improvements in iOS development.

●Handled Security by implementing sha256 Encryption and CSRF tokens to, https requests, and Keychain to store secure information and login session timeout.

●Created safe login sessions with Comcast, DirecTV, and AT&T

●Used Firebase analytics tool to track day-to-day user interaction with our iOS app and also used Crashlytics to keep track of any crashes.

●Implemented Push Notification configuration using Firebase and Push Certificate and with help of UIApplication notification delegate methods to let users know if their order is ready for pick up.

●Improved user experience (UI/UX) with numerous UI changes, as per aesthetics provided by the design team using XIBs, Storyboards and AutoLayout constraints.

●Used UITableView to display shows, seasons and episodes, with a collection view banner for 24/7 streams to watch.

●Wrote a multitude of unit tests in the XCTest framework to validate the business logic in the application and ensure no issues/bugs were introduced.

●Tested and resolved issues with various features and functionality throughout the app using Instruments and other debugging tools such as NSLog statements, crash logs, LLDB statements, breakpoints etc.

Flipboard, Palo Alto CA - Senior iOS Developer

JUNE 2017 - MONTH 2018

Flipboard is a news discovery app that delivers news to you based on your preferences. Scroll through the infinite scroll news discovery feed to find the latest news. I advocated the use of programmatic UI creation to the team while at this company. Worked with a team of 4 developers, 2 of them Junior which I helped mentor while delivering new product features of the flipboard app.

●Mentored 2 junior developers in pair programming sessions to introduce them to the code base

●Lead Ad placement including banner and full screen ads placed in the Flipboard news feed using Google’s AdMob framework

●Utilized Jenkins for continuous integration and testing in iOS

● Developed 3 different visualization approaches to the work order date segregated by timeframes

●Integrated third party libraries to iOS projects, using Cocoa Pods

●Implemented Push Notification configuration using Firebase and Push Certificate and with help of UIApplication notification delegate methods to let users know if their order is ready for pick up.

●Developed code to tie different view for portrait and landscape orientation

●REST APIs were used for back-end service calls.

Medium, San Francisco CA - Mobile iOS Engineer

FEBRUARY 2016 - JUNE 2017

Medium is a newsfeed app to help independent authors publish articles on a platform. This platform is great for everyone because of their tier of free to view articles per month policy with a unlimited subscription plan for more serious readers. I helped integrate new advertisements and their placements in the UI, as well as polishing.

●Worked on localization and internationalization of the apps.

●Measured, worked on and improved stability of the app, and scrolling ease.

●Worked on the collection view of article genres and transitions between table views of articles

●Developed using TDD testing approach using frameworks such as Quick and Nimble.

●Resolved memory leaks by using the Allocations and Memory Leaks instruments.

●Worked with current Advertisement layouts and implemented a full screen ad that came up every couple articles that resulted in a 10% Ad Revenue increase

●Jira was used company wide to monitor agile sprints and task delegations.

●Utilized Jenkins for continuous integration and testing in iOS

AllRecipes, Seattle WA - Mobile iOS Developer

JUNE 2015 - JANUARY 2016

Worked on the “dinner spinner”, a way of selecting random dinner based on meal type, protein source and cook time. I also worked on the and the collection view of scrolling recipes.

Worked with the iOS development team to build this app from the ground up with Objective-C and release it in the app store. We created an app natively in iOS that interacted well with the upload service. Worked after launch to make continual improvement and planned implementations.

●Used Git extensively as versioning tool for the iOS mobile apps development team.

●Worked on RESTful web services technologies to support the iOS mobile app.

●Worked in Agile environment with active scrum participation.

●Utilized MVC design pattern for modular and scalable development in iOS mobile apps.

●Responsible for requirements gathering, designing, coding, and APIs

●Worked with various design patterns such as factory, Facade, Adapter, Delegations

●Created a framework for reusable components that can be applied to iOS applications developed throughout the organization.

●Developed code to tie different view for portrait and landscape orientation ·

●Developed 3 different visualization approaches to the work order date segregated by timeframes


Oregon State University, Corvallis OR - BS in Computer Science

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