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Network Engineer Cisco

Anaheim, CA
November 24, 2020

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Joshua Johnson

Anaheim Ca, *****



CCNP Certified – January 31st 2012 - 2015

CCNA Certified – November 21st 2009 - 2012

Related Activities:

I am a Cisco Designated VIP and winner of the Technical Excellence award twice of the Cisco Learning Network study groups including CCENT, CCNA, CCNP and CCIE and am among the top contributors.

I’m actively studying for CCIE R&S and have studied BGP, MPLS, QoS and ASA extensively outside of my CCNP and CCIE studies.


I am seeking a challenging technical position in a pleasant working environment, which will permit me to continue practicing and expanding my skill set and knowledge base of Cisco Network Engineering. I have a never ending drive to learn as much as I can about network engineering; it’s always eating at me. I spend all my free time on my cisco lab studying for CCIE. After getting my CCNP R&S Cert, I studied BGP, MPLS and ASA separately as well. I will never stop striving to be the best at what I do; I love network engineering.

Professional Experience:

November 2013 – May 2014

Network Engineer

Electek / Sasco

Maintained Six Sites over a Sprint MPLS network using BGP

Designed a comprehensive Intersite QoS policy

Designed WAN redundancy for MPLS sites using IPSec between Cisco ASAs and GRE between MPLS edge routers over internet circuits. (GRE was required to be configured between MPLS routers as ASA is not capable of GRE tunneling).

Maintained multiple (over 20) Site to Site VPN sites

Provided Network Engineering Support for all sites, working with Help Desk and the other Network Engineer to solve issues and create solutions

Remote VPN troubleshooting, often users at various sites used local private subnets that interfered with split tunnel routes – recommended to stop using summarized split tunnel routes and use more specific ones.

Analyzed current Internetwork and made extensive recommendations for better security and resiliency.

May 2013 – November 2013

Network Administrator

Tawa Supermarkets Inc.

Implemented QoS traffic shaping to a particular type of backup traffic going from HQ to another large HQ type site that was hogging all the BW… Was able to find end points and port numbers by mirroring a port at the site that was having trouble with BW and capturing, then analyzing using Wireshark. Working with the backup server tech I was able to define traffic shaping as the best option over policing, as policing would end up breaking the established TCP connection.

Mapped entire multi-site internetwork spanning 50 sites in California, Texas, Nevada and New York etc…

Proposed security measures such as using Cisco ACS for central administration of network devices and user accounts for network device login, Authentication, Authorization and Accounting

Segmenting the network (stop using /16s) for multiple security, network and organizational reasons

DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard, ARP Inspection

Upgrading wireless… currently store wireless infrastructure consists of mostly consumer grade APs… need a centralized architecture. Currently installing AirTight wireless in one store and also looking at Meraki.

Created Change Management System / CR templates bad

Troubleshot and fixed multiple issues ranging from Service Provider Issues to Firewall/VPN routing issues.

Worked with the service provider to gather MPLS/VPN routes, as most of the internal infrastructure only had default routing configured, therefore the service provider network had all the important routing and configuration… I was able to obtain the MPLS/VPN routing tables for the Tawa internetwork in order to work with the service provider in the future to add more routes for specific sites.

January 2010 – May2013

Network Analyst II – On site Network Engineer

Unisys Corporation

Reviewed and proposed solutions for one of our sites network, including existing issues and future switch replacement from Enterasys to Cisco.

Teach OJT sessions to our network team for anything from 802.1x, to STP, to BGP and MPLS VPNs.

Designed and implemented an out of band monitoring solution including 355012T switches, 2621xm routers and RSPAN which enables us to SPAN any port at any time in our Irvine site.

Mapped various organizations attached to our access layer as they are using their own switches. After mapping their topology I proposed to replace their switches with one of our 4507-R switches to allow us to give them better network support quickly and efficiently.

Another organization was using their own Cisco switches. I proposed and implemented security, server based authentication and SNMP monitoring to also support them more efficiently with a quick response time.

Mapping of Mission Viejo topology using CDP/STP/and RIB

Designed and configured Irvine Network See attached - “Network Design v7.1.pdf”

For management of the network, designed back-door for the management VLAN so that we wouldn't have to rely on the firewalls.

Designed and configured out-of-band network in Mission Viejo using Raritan RPS and 2610 routers / 3500 switches

Designed and configured out-of-band in Irvine using APCs and 2621xm routers / 355012T switches See attached - “Network Design v7.1.pdf”

Filtered incoming routing updates permitting enterprise routes only, configured gateway of last resort for rest

Duplicate IP took down server, SPANed entire VLAN and sniffed using Wireshark. Found ARP replies from the server IP with two different MAC addresses and shutdown the offending device.

Implemented DHCP Snooping as well as DAI. Due to the environments need for flexibility I implemented DAI as shown in the attached CR “CR_DAI_IRV-CSLAB_JJ.docx.”

221 subnet being advertised as External – Fixed, please see attached “CR_221_EIGRP_External_CSLAD_JJ.docx”

For Mission Viejo to Irvine Move - Took 6509, 4507, and other misc router switches to the Irvine site all myself, on my own time, and set them up.

Achieved Excellence award from Unisys. I was the only one who got a raise out of entire network team based on performance.

Knowledge is power, and I enjoy sharing it with my team, and aiding them in continuing their Cisco education as well. I have designed and configured labs for team members to use remotely to study for a certification test, allowed other to use my Boson ExamSimMax software by remoting into my laptop

I am an active member of Cisco Learning Network and have my own GNS3 Lab at home, which I am currently using Ubuntu Linux on the machine I built myself. The machine is using 3x 4port server NICs with 4 switches connected. I also create labs for my own studies, as well as post them on Cisco Learning Network so that others can benefit from them. See attached CLN pdf documents for CLN postings. Also see bgp_lab.png and bgp_lab.doc as an example of a BGP lab I created for CLN using GNS3. I have also attached the actual GNS3 lab in zip format.

Attention to detail – CRs – Changes and other configurations are always looked over by the entire team to benefit the team in learning, as well as supporting infrastructure.

Dedicated – I love networking, and never complain

Team Player – We all help each other out

Love what you do – Cisco networking is something I do at work, and at home; it's my life.

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