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Android developer

Menlo Park, CA
95$ Hour
October 15, 2020

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* ***** *.*. – Software Development

Experience developing Android apps in versions of Android including Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat, Nougat, and Oreo.

Portfolio of published Android apps, enterprise, and customer-facing for notable, high profile companies – apps with high traffic.

Experience developing mobile applications throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). Participated in all the phases including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the application, Unit testing and Production support, using Agile Scrum.

Skilled in Android development using Android SDK, frameworks, Java and Android Studio or Eclipse.

Experience in Messaging, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity with Android devices with Android CTS.

Experience on JavaScript and PHP client-server side development.

Experience with third-party APIs and web services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Player and Surface View.

Experienced integrating Android mobile apps with web services using Retrofit, Volley, AsyncTask, OkHTTP and JSON, GSON, REST.

Experience on every stage of application development right from collecting requirements, providing guidelines for design, creating application architecture, and implementation that includes various stages in development, QA, code signing and releasing to Market.

Worked with an internal QA team on system, performance, and acceptance testing.

Expert with IntelliJ, Eclipse, SQLite in Android development.

Proficient on User Interface (UI) in android, having good knowledge on customizing UI components.

Knowledgeable of development life cycle and Google App Store policies and submissions requirements.

Used Android frameworks and APIs to efficiently load data and update databases: Loaders, AsyncTaskLoader and SyncAdapters.

Led various teams from early steps in the requirement gathering process to the designing of final builds.

Experience working on-site and off-site teams and management of remote teams.

Experience with dependency injection with Dagger 1, Dagger 2, Butter Knife.

Strong understanding of Android framework, best practices, and design patterns.

Proficient in using SVN and GIT code version control tools, as well as GUIs such as SourceTree, and BitBucket.

Experience with modern scripting languages (Python, Ruby, etc.).

Good knowledge in UML standards for preparing Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Activity Diagrams.

Experience with mobile Wallet and various payment processing integrations.

Proactive self-learner who adapts to new technologies, such as Smart Watches, Chromecast, and Smart TV devices.

Worked in small and large agile teams to design, prototype, and build our product offering and tools.

Skilled in Maya 2016, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects design and content creation.

Passionate about best UI/UX best practices implementing fragments, diverse layouts, animations, Material Design, Compound Views and Custom Views.

Use of various IDEs including Eclipse Galileo, Eclipse Helios, Eclipse Indigo, and Eclipse Juno ADT

Experience in the implementation of Android mobile applications with RxJava, Firebase, Retrofit and Bluetooth for modern applications using IoT and learning.

Experience in architecting and developing networking and secure applications for Android; working with video, static content, and advertising.

Experience in building multithreaded applications using Threads, Handlers, Asynctask, Retrofit, and RxJava

Technical Skills

Programming: Java, C#, PL/ SQL, SQL, MySQL

Scripting: jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Firebase DB, PostgreSQL

IDE/Dev:, Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ

Design Standards: Material Design

Design Patterns: MVP, MVC, MVVM

Project Tools/Methods: TDD, JIRA, Continuous Integration, Kanban

Operating Systems: Windows, Android OS Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, Oreo

Version Control: Git, GitHub, SVN, Bitbucket, SourceTree, GitLab

Integration/Content Service: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, GSON, Retrofit

Threading: Loopers, Loaders, AsyncTask, Intent Service, RxJava

Android Tools: Schematic, Smart TV,, Certificate Pinning, MonkeyRunner, Bluetooth Low Energy, ExoPlayer, SyncAdapters, Volley, IcePick, Circle-CI, Samsung SDK, Glide, VidEffects, JUnit, Ion, GSON, ORMLite, Push Notifications, Kickflip, SpongyCastle, Parse, Flurry, Twitter, FloatingActionButton,, Espresso, Fresco, Moshi, Jenkins, UIAutomator, Parceler, Dependency Injection, EventBus,, Dagger, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, Material Dialogs, RxCache, Retrofit, Marshmallow, Loaders, Jitpack, JobScheduler, ParallaxPager, XmlPullParser, Google Cloud Messaging, LeakCanary

Professional Experience

June 2019 – Present

Senior Android Developer

E-Trade Financial Corporation.

Menlo Park, CA

E-Trade’s App

E-Trade redesigned their app and built it from the ground up, using Kotlin and MVVM architecture pattern with JetPack Architecture Components.

Used Kotlin and MVVM to implement app from ground up.

Performed large refactors of existing code base for improved maintainability.

Performed code reviews of both senior and junior team members.

Participated in grooming and task estimation meetings.

Participated in team "DOJO" meetings to discuss architectural and design decisions and participate in team wide code reviews.

Used Retrofit for making API calls and GSon for parsing JSON responses.

Used both ProxyMan and Charles for monitoring network calls.

Used RXKotlin for asynchronous tasks. Later migrated from RXKotlin to coroutines.

Used Espresso and JUnit for creating unit tests and end-to-end UI tests.

Used Leak Canary for monitoring and debugging of memory leaks.

Used Crashlytics to monitor and track down and fix productive app crashes.

Used localytics for analytic tracking and improved User Experience.

Implemented AppsFlyer SDK for tracking user actions across the app.

Used navigation component to control user movement across the app.

Used Dagger 2 for dependency injection for module decoupling and easier testing.

Implemented deep links for use with Android's app actions.

Used JavaScript Interface for interacting with WebViews.

Implemented the CameraX framework for scanning barcodes.

Maintained internal documentation with confluence for architecture patterns, team roles and device ownership.

September 2018 – May 2019

Senior Android Developer

Macy’s, Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Macy’s App

Created a new dynamic homepage that consumes a JSON response from an API to display various media types (media types being things like images, videos, slideshows, carousels). The homepage is created by designers and sent to us to consume. Basically, the designers choose what to display and we render it.

Created custom views to display assorted home page content

Used Picasso to load images

Worked in an agile team with 2 week iterations with 4 android/iOS developers, 2 QA engineers, and 2 designers

Took over leadership of the android team while official team lead was on vacation (for 6 weeeks)

Participated in planning and create stories

Took primary responsibility for coordinating/managing our offshore developer

Aided offshore/iOS team in understanding project requirements and providing guidance/documentation

Participated in code reviews

Coordinated/communicated design specifications with UX team

Used repository pattern to handle data retrieval

Created mappers to transform json response models into domain models, and domain models into view models

Used recycler view to display various elements on the new home page

Coordinated integration of our project into in-progress complete app rewrite

Helped formulate team policy for use of KDocs/JDocs for in code documentation

Helped create project documentation

Used confluence to centralize project resources, assets, and documentation

Used moshi to parse dynamic json responses

Used dagger for DI

Used retrofit to make API calls

Used MVVM architecture pattern

Used Kotlin

Coordinated with QE to implement an effective automation strategy

Used Test Driven Development practices (where applicable) to ensure proper code integrity

April 2017 – September 2018

Senior Android Developer

Delta Air Lines

Atlanta, GA

Fly Delta

Used Android Studio as the primary IDE to develop, test and deploy the Android application.

Used Bitbucket to manage Git repositories and versioning control.

Revised and updated the Android application by reviewing the code base and refactoring code to make it more maintainable and efficient.

Migrated the Android application from MVC to MVP architectural pattern.

Used design patterns: MVP, Factory, Singleton, and Decorator.

Tracked and fixed memory leaks using Leak Canary.

Implemented automated testing with Espresso.

Transitioned the app basis to RxJava and Retrofit for back-end integration.

Used Zxing for scanning to provide various user features in airport.

Implemented various third-party technologies to optimize the app functionality including, Firebase Cloud Messaging, SQLite, Glide, Shared Preferences, MixPanel, EventBus, RxJava

Feb2016 – April 2017

Senior Android Developer


Woonsocket, RI

CVS Specialty

Managed Android team code review sessions to ensure high quality (reusable, simple, well-documented) code

Participated in conception, design, implementation and was responsible for ensuring that guidelines were followed for getting app approval and submitting the app to the Android app store

Triggered events in the physical device using Local Broadcast Receivers.

The project team used Agile/Scrum and did two-week sprints and daily scrums.

Improved the Android bit rate over network changes with the Connectivity Manager

Implemented Fragment retention for the asynchronous operations

Implemented Firebase analytic libraries in Android to track user behavior and crashes

Implemented Android MVP design pattern; setting up all the interfaces and the decoupling of the classes

Implemented secure data encryption using an SQLCipher instance

Implemented Otto library for decoupling different parts of the Android application

Used different schedulers to subscribe RxJava observables executing asynchronous work.

Relied on Git for version and source control.

Consumed RESTful services through Retrofit to communicate with web services and replaced old third-party libraries versions with more modern and attractive ones.

Jan 2015 -Feb 2016

Android Developer


Philadelphia, PA

Xfinity TV Remote

Used Android Studio IDE as the development tool on the Android team.

Implemented Android Data Binding in place of Dagger dependency injection.

Stored data of the task bonuses in SQLite on the Android app

Included Retrofit to make asynchronous HTTP requests in an anonymous callback.

Attended daily Scrum meetings to keep track of issues, tasks and Android app development progress

Implemented MVP Android design patterns considering mobile application design and development constraints to user interfaced and memory management

Installed Facebook and Twitter API functions into the Android app, enabling users to post live status updates and tweets

Optimized animations for Material Design to ensure a superior user experience

Participated in requirement gathering process to gain an understanding of user specifics

Implementation of various user interface components such as WebView, ListView, ImageView, and TextView to display the data for the Android application

Kept abreast of Android industry trends and technologies

Android app performance tuning and crash reporting

Tied the client-side app to the critical server-side APIs

Implemented Intent Services to run tasks in the background in separate threads

March 2014 - Jan 2015

Android Developer

TD Bank, N.A.

Omaha, NE

TD Ameritrade Mobile

Used Implicit and Explicit Intents.

Included a Navigational Drawer in the Android app interface

Used and implemented GCM for Android notifications (Status Bar Notifications).

Implemented OAuth and authentication tokens.

Used Git as the source control management tool

Set up proper interactions of the front-end design and implementation with backend servers

Used the Parcelable interface to serialize objects before transferring them to other activities

Enhanced the requests for large content display on the app

Designed tweaks to the look and feel using Android Material Design

Involved in the full lifecycle development process from product definition

Implemented automated testing with Robolectric for Android and worked closely with the testing team

Consumed RESTful services, as well as serializing the returned code into POJOs via the GSON library for the Android app

Used Activities, Services, and intents in the Android application

Created and maintained technical documentation for the Android application

Used Intents & Intent Filters to initiate activities and pass information between Activities and Fragments.

Created the content provider logic to load the information with an Observer Pattern in the UI thread using Loaders in Android

Implemented entire feature using Fragments and Custom Views.

Weekly Android team meetings to present the status of the project; demo the updates, get feedback and update requirements.


University of Portland, Portland, OR

Bachelor of Computer Science


Cisco CNA certificate

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