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Technologist Medical

Weslaco, TX
$34.00 per hour or $35.00 per exam I have mal-prat
October 17, 2020

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Eduardo Elizondo

*** * **** ** *

Weslaco, TX ***99

Cell phone #956-***-****

Fax/Home #956-***-****


I am register radiologic technologist board certified with the Texas Medical Board and also register with the A.R.R.T. qualified to perform ultrasounds off all areas of the body, Cat-Scans, M.R.I.s and radiography exams.


May 15, 2020. I started working prn contract work with lower valley imaging charging ultrasounds per exam. I will perform their mobile 2-d echoes and perform ultrasounds in several of there ten clinics that they run. Monday through Saturday. They were not billing correctly and now I wasn’t getting pay neither were they. I had to stopped working in August 08, 2020. I worked with Mr. Ricardo Mendez P.A. and Doctor J. M. Garcia the owners. I would give them the preliminary reports, typed reports and transferred the ultrasound images to a designated computer in each clinic.

July 2010 to the end of February 2020. I started working in Raymondville family clinic and Brownsville in Doctors’ clinics for 9 years performing ultrasounds as a self employ contract performing ultrasounds per exam, producing the preliminary reports, typing the reports and transferring the studies to a designated computer. Since the COVI pandemic there was just not enough work. Many clinics decided to see patients tel-marketing.

July 2009 to July 2010. I worked in Bicentennial imaging center performing ultrasounds, Cat-scan, G.E. 64 slicers, performing regular Cat-scans and learned to performed C.T.A. of the heart coronary arteries and extremities, MRI G.E. 1.5 tesla and x-rays 8 to 4:30 PM Monday to Fridays.

July 2009 to July 2010. I worked every other weekends at the Harlingen Heart Hospital as a self employ contract ultrasound technologist for $35.00 per exam. Those weekends I started Fridays at 5:00 PM straight to Sunday 7:00 A.M. It was none stop. Then Mondays I would go to work at bicentennial imaging center.

June 16, 2008 to June 2009. I worked in Lower Valley Imaging Center, Brownsville, TX as vascular, echo, general ultrasounds, and Cat-Scan technologist 9 am to 6 pm Mon

Thru. Friday.

May 2008 to June 05 2008. I took a travel ultrasound assignment to Sixta Alaska.

2002 to May 6, 2008 Masters’ Clinic, McAllen, TX. I worked in the evening and weekends performing vascular Doppler, ABIs’, segmental pressures and 2-d echo cardiograms.

2004 May to June 2006. I worked with Dr. Duran OB/GYN part-time in the morning three days out of the week performing pelvic and OB ultrasounds charging per exam.

2001 December till December 2016. I will cover for Robert, a co-worker, the days he would take vacation to work with Dr. Martinez at the womens’ clinic of south texas to performed ob/gyn ultrasounds in the afternoons.

2002 to February 2008. McAllen Advance imaging, McAllen, TX. Full time vascular, ob/gyn and general ultrasound technologist. Robert was part of the team and we will cover each other when we needed days to cover another clinic. I also perform radiography, M.R.Is and Cat-Scans.

2001 to 2002 Valley Baptist Harlingen, TX.

Ultrasound technologist 3-11 shift performing vascular, general and ob/gyn ultrasounds.

1998 to 2001 Knapp Medical Center, Weslaco, TX.

Supervisor ultrasound technologist.

1998 to 2000 McAllen Heart Hospital, McAllen, TX.

Part-time vascular ultrasound technologist. Luis Deleon a co-worker we would cover each other when we needed to perform ultrasounds at other Doctors’ clinics.

1995 to 1998 Knapp Medical Center, Weslaco, TX.

Full time ultrasound technologist preformed general, vascular and ob/gyn ultrasounds.

1995 Edinburgh Hospital, Edinburgh, TX.

Radiographer, ultrasound and cat-scan prn.

1993 to 1995 McAllen Medical Center McAllen, TX.

Full-time Radiography and prn ultrasound plus cat-scan.

June 1992 to December 1993 Starr County Memorial Hospital, Rio Grande City, TX..

Full-time radiologic technologist weekends trauma, fluoroscope and ultrasound.

1990 to 1992 Mercy Regional Hospital, Laredo, TX.

Full-time radiologic technologist evening 11pm to 7am performing trauma x-rays and part-time ultrasounds.

1989 to 1990 Student radiologic technologist in Laredo Doctors’ Hospital and Mercy Regional Medical Center. I rotated through ultrasound, radiation therapy, radiography and cat scan.


High School Diploma, Roma, TX.

Associate Degree in Applied Science Laredo, TX.

Short two-weeks training in Abdominal, Ob/gyn and vascular

In Houston TX (1995).

Short one week training in Methodist Hospital in Houston Texas in

Vascular ultrasound. (1995).


Luis Deleon ARRT, RVS, RCS 956-***-****

Eloy Sanez ARRT, MRI 956-***-****.

Roberto Gonzalez Supervisor ARRT, RDMS, RVT 956-***-****.

Dr Farolan Radiologist 956-***-****.

Insured with HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization

Purchasing Group)

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