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Engineer Software

San Jose, CA
October 15, 2020

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Murali Tummala, Software Engineer Sr.

Senior Software Engineer with experience in large enterprises and startups. Proven ability to produce high quality work in rapid development cycles. Established skills in cloud technologies and object-oriented programming with applications on Microsoft platforms. Specialist in .NET Framework 4.7 including ASP.NET, MVC, C#, VB, WCF, LINQ, XSLT, IIS, SQL Server, MySQL. A versatile worker with experience in newer technologies like ASP.NET Web API, AJAX, jQuery, RESTful and XML web services as well as traditional applications for airline, finance and medical industries.

Work Experience

Software Engineer Sr.

Lead Web


Alaska Airlines, Guest Comms

Worked in an Agile environment collaborated with cross project teams of engineers and product stakeholders.

Discovered Layer7 API Gateways, old fashioned APIMs in all external/internal services, replaced with new APIM Gateways and subscription keys, tested and re-deployed.

Identified all the templates, prepared sample JSON payloads, enhanced Service-MessagingAPI integrate with Responsys RESTful APIs, improved time confirmations to reach guests.

Revamped Customer Notifications to reach out thousands of guests each day to send notifications in the form of email, text and phone calls which create smooth travel experience.

Pursued Test-driven Development (TDD) process turned the requirements into test cases so that the tests pass.

Collaborated with DB operations and provided SQL scripts for deployment.

Used CI/CD pipeline for delivering code more frequently, reliably and Git for tracking changes.

Worked with other teams of engineers in e-commerce to adopt legacy batch applications to manage and support.

Visual Studio 2019 IDE, .Net Core, C#, SQL Server, java script, CSS, HTML, Azure and Git.

Virgin America

Engaged In when merging the company with Alaska Airlines worked with e-commerce team to migrate the applications.

Developed Push Notifications batch job consuming Air Ship RESTful APIs to send flight notifications to guests.

Engaged In migrating some of the .Net tier Web services to Java to support mobile app and rewriting the web site in responsive design. Improved performance of booking process, refined logging to better assist if issues raised.

01/18 – to date

Burlingame, CA

02/11 – 12/17

Burlingame, CA

Web App


Web App


Rebuilt Guest Care Console (GCC) front line agents to use to serve guests in scenarios of Cancellations IROPs and to manage Loyalty.

Enhanced Confirmation Letter batch process integrating with Responsys APIs. Improved the performance of the batch to support on the day of sale.

Refined FIDS job by integrating with FLIFO Web Service.

Restructured VX, Elevate Web Services with Sabre APIs to improve online reservations.

Facilitated code reviews, collaborated with systems team for deployments for .Net tier applications.

Visual Studio 2015 IDE, C#, VB.NET, MySQL, LINQ, TFS, JAVA & Git.

Visa – Technology Development

VPA(VSDC Personalization Assistant) provides a way for Visa issuer (or agent) implementing a chip program to determine the personalization settings for its Visa Smart Debit/Credit smart cards prior to issuance.

Enhanced the application to bring it to next level. Improved performance of the pages.

Generated reports as xml files with digital signature, text files, worked on admin tools to manage CVM types, listing, Region contacts, Client user/organization customization.

Implemented Archive/Delete functionality for Inactive profiles.

Prepared SQL scripts to Create/Modify tables, stored procedures, involved in Unit testing, Regression testing. Supported both .Net & Asp versions of the application.

Used Visual SourceSafe as version control.

Involved in Integration, testing and post production support.

Visual Studio 2008 IDE, C#, VB.NET, MS SQL 2008, XML, java script, vbscript, CSS, HTML and XHTML

HP – End-user Services

Console process to identify zero based quota site collections in SharePoint server, assign the next available quota template by calling the web service.

Console process to identify junk site collections in SharePoint server, send notifications to the owners/managers to take immediate action to update site collection or send final notification prior to lock and soft delete the site collection using the SharePoint object model.

Visual Studio 2008 IDE, C#, VB.NET, MS SQL 2008, LINQ, WCF, MS-SharePoint 3.0, 2007, Windows Server 2003 (Admin), Visual Source Safe.

04/10 – 02/11

Foster City, CA

07/09 – 02/10

Palo Alto, CA

Web App Engineer

Web App Engineer

Mindjet LLC.


Implemented Mindjet Connect with Denali APIs to connect to Mind manger, which manages workspaces.

Replaced text based editor on UI with HTML based Cute Editor, implemented date picked calendar.

Migrated back-end services to C#. Prepared SQL scripts and written the reusable code.

Created XML web service to provide all the owner and user information to the client.

Implemented datamigration windows based application and notification console process to send notifications to the owners.

.Net engineer in a 6-member team to build a popular consumer-oriented website.

Used Visual SourceSafe as version control.

Involved in Unit testing, White box testing, Regression testing & UAT testing.

Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0(C#, ASP.Net, VB.NET), MS SQL 2005, SQL, IIS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, CVS.

Participated in Team meetings to collect the requirements.

Touched all levels of code in an n-tier MVC architecture including front-end UI, mid-tier logic, and database.

Involved in Agile development process.

Migrated old HTML web architecture to a fully AJAX-based application using JSON and open source .NET AJAX libraries.

Built intranet content management application to manage internet videos, images, and other media to television shows and interest categories.

Created XMLTV web service for phone, PDA, PVR, and other external applications to access MeeVee data.

Used Visual SourceSafe for version control.

Involved in Unit testing, Regression testing, UAT testing and supported post production releases.

Visual Studio 2003, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, AJAX, JSON, Oracle 10g, SQL, IIS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, VSS

7/07 – 06/09

San Francisco,CA

8/05 – 6/07

Burlingame, CA

Consultant Web App Engineer


3/04 - 8/05

Bay Area, CA

Key team member transforming a legacy internal process into an enterprise level web-based application for project management.

Designed, developed, enhanced, and maintained key features for prioritization criteria.

Worked on Web forms using Server-side controls Hyperlink, List box, RadioButtonList, and Data Grid.

Developed views, models, stored procedures, and reporting using internal libraries, .Net, and Crystal Reports.

Used Tortoise Sub Version for version control.

Asp.Net, VB.NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript, IIS, SQL Server 2000.

Web App


St. Jude Medical

Cardiac Rhythm Management Division

8/01 – 2/04

Worked on multiple projects including web-based application and desktop Windows GUI software.

Wrote web-based application to aggregate and analyze defibrillator data from research labs around the country.

Built desktop application for heavy load testing and intensive batch processing.

ASP, VB, JavaScript, ADO.Net, HTML, SQL Server, TSQL, C++, LabVIEW, TestEditor, Oracle

Software Engineer

Providian Financial

11/97 – 6/01

Wrote desktop application for attorney cost tracking using VB and Crystal Reports

Wrote a data mining application to find potential new customers and perform automated processes to send those individuals marketing materials.

Gathered business requirements for an application related to Title and Flood information for home loans. Wrote desktop application using VB, ActiveX, Sybase, and ADO.


Certified Advanced .NET Framework Prog. Using C#, HOTT

Certified MVC Programming Using C#, HOTT

Osmania Univesity

M.S., Computer Applications


Nagarjuna University

B.S., Computer Science


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