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Jefferson, MD, 21755
August 12, 2020

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Douglas Sedon

**** *** ****

Jefferson, MD *****

Tel: 301-***-****


Summary - Senior Project/Program Manager:

I am interested in a position that allows for stability, growth and challenge. I have 30+ years of experience in design, construction, facilities management, commissioning and project close-out. My experience has also included more than 5 years of direct technical procurement and materials sourcing. This included driving international cross boarder logistics for management of procurement, engineering, design and construction on a

$115M US Embassy project in Riga, Latvia. As a Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR), much of the remaining experience included oversight of procurement activities, as well as planning, design and construction/facilities management activities.

This work also included space planning/move management, major MEP infrastructure and data/telecommunications/fire alarm infrastructure upgrades, and solar power installations. Much of this experience has been for Federal or Public clients; work has included Lab/Hospital (2+ years at Georgetown U Hospital, plus 16 years at the NIH), Public Schools, Hotels, Universities and US Embassies. I have had anywhere from 1 to 15 direct reports, and 1 to 3 dozen indirect reports. My varied experience and interests would make me a welcome addition to any team. My Strengths are a keen intellect and strong ethical integrity. My intellect allows me to become proficient in new areas in extremely short order, and to develop innovative solutions to perplexing problems. My integrity is such that all my professional associates know that I can be trusted - that my word is good, and that they will receive honest accurate information in any situation.

While the majority of my experience is in architecture, engineering and construction, my skill set and intellect would allow for a smooth transition to management in other areas. I would also be interested in a manufacturing or IT environment. I also had a Secret security clearance, (presently inactive), from the US Department of State, and I can be cleared to a Top Secret/SCI level if required.

I have an excellent work ethic, a great eye for detail, and I have the highest integrity regarding fairness in the workplace - with my peers, subordinates, superiors, and clients and vendors. My eye for detail and my ability to analyze complex design, construction and space utilization issues has enabled me to save my clients and my employers millions of dollars.

Employment History:




Coordination of all procurement activities for major WMATA renovation projects. Coordinate annual advanced procurement planning with the annual department operating and capital budget.

Coordinate with WMATA Office of Procurement and Materials (PRMT) in establishing criteria and standards for procurement of supplies and services. Conducts cost/benefit analysis and performs new product and new vendor evaluations. Serve as a member of all contract technical review teams. Serve as the contracting officer’s technical representative on selected contracts, monitoring procurements for compliance with contract terms, conditions and specifications.

Perform contract negotiations, contract modifications and contract terminations. Train program managers/directors in making contractual determinations and decisions; provide assistance to others in all procurement and contract actions. Conduct research, and assist in the formulation and implementation of appropriate procurement policies, regulations, practices and procedures. JACOBS ENGINEERING GROUP NOVEMBER 2018 TO AUGUST 2019 SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER


Senior project management of multiple $50+ Million Dollar K12 school renovations and additions, for the Washington DC Department of General Services (DC DGS) Management oversight of 5 project managers, each assigned to a specific school project. Reporting to the DC DGS program manager.

Special focus on pre-construction activities, with work including construction and commissioning.




Responsible for planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning of solar and other sustainable energy projects. Mentor junior project superintendent. Dept of Commerce Confidential level clearance.

- 600 kW Solar Array at US Navy Facility; Quantico, VA

- 5 mW Solar array at NIST; Gaithersburg, MD

CBRE 2015 TO 2017


Project Value - $0.5 Million to $40 Million

Responsible for delivering the full spectrum of services for CBRE's Healthcare Project Management Team.

Services included due diligence, consultant advisory, design review, pre-construction budgeting, estimating, value engineering, construction management, facilities operations, scheduling, owner representation and weekly briefings to the Executive Board.

Service sectors included Acute Care, Ambulatory Care, Medical Office Buildings, Laboratory, Pharmaceuticals, Long Term Care, and associated MEP infrastructure. Primary responsibility was at MedStar's Georgetown University Hospital. WMATA 2012 TO 2015


Design/Construction project research, evaluation and contract negotiations across all areas of WMATA's transportation infrastructure projects.

- Certified Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

- Transit QA/QC Training Class - Rutgers University/WMATA AICI-SPECIAL PROJECTS 2008 TO 2011



- I was responsible for design, procurement and construction coordination of a United States Embassy construction project in Riga, Latvia. I went to the project site to head up project close-out. I had a Federal Secret clearance classification, needed for this project.


- I successfully resolved a potentially project-ending internal re-organization involving our procurement procedures with sensitive classified security-related issues. I was the only person, both in our own organization, and with the Client (the US State Department), that was able to come up with a solution that would not financially burden the entire State Department Embassy building program, and cripple our own company. The State Department has since adopted this procedure for its entire Embassy building program.

- I developed a time-extension strategy & proposal, allowing AICI-SP to achieve a favorable one year schedule adjustment against State Department delay claims.

- I coordinated compromised BAS system security issues for our Latvia, Malta and Romania Embassy projects.

- While on site, I resolved a complex AHU system error that allowed AICI-SP to complete the project on time, and save over $100k in re-work. MCKISSACK & MCKISSACK 2000 TO 2008


Project Value: $1 Million to >$150 Million


- From 4/2003 to 9/2008, I coordinated a 150+ million dollar project involving the renovation and interface of the NIH’s main 2+ million sf hospital/lab building with a new 1 million sf hospital addition. Work included major MEP infrastructure replacement and a new data center; all work taking place while existing operations had to remain functional.

- From 9/2000 to 3/2003, as acting COTR (Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative), I developed and ran a facilities assessment coordination program for the NIH AAALAC group, developing a priority of funding and project schedule for critical-needs projects.


- I set up and ran a program with all the appropriate stakeholders to assess the needs of a 2 million sf research hospital/lab facility to function efficiently and safely, with a

$150M maintenance program. This program determined what projects were pursued over the next 5 years.

- On a $20 million hospital loading dock project, I designed a fix to a complicated engineering problem that even our engineering consultants were unable to design, which allowed for installation of a JCAHO required cartwash system.

- On a $75 million major 2 million sf lab/hospital electrical retrofit, I coordinated locating a new electrical bus-duct path, installed from a remote electrical vault into this occupied facility. Cost of renovations for tenant relocation alone exceeded $15 million.

- On a $75 million major 2 million sf lab/hospital electrical retrofit, I saved the Owner

$3 million by careful pricing review of a vendor’s proposal on the electrical switchgear. The Owner agreed to contract the work with a new vendor.

- On the complete HVAC retrofit of a 15 story building, I led the effort to determine the most efficient method of replacing the supply/exhaust fans; my innovative plan reduced the cost from >$15 million to <$10 million, and reduced the time from 36 months to 24 months.

ANADAC 1997 TO 2000


Project Value: $0.5 million to $50 million


- I coordinated a complicated fire alarm retrofit project in a 3 million sf hospital/lab facility at the NIH.

- I coordinated other lab/office renovation projects at the NIH. Accomplishments:

- I mentored a new NIH COTR, who had no prior NIH experience.

- Due to my ethics and integrity, I was able to jump-start the Fire Alarm Project which was at a complete administrative standstill, due to prior Client mismanagement before I took over the project, as acting COTR.

- I coordinated a survey study and redesign for the Fire Alarm Project - due to prior poor engineering design, the original alarm audibility was not code compliant. BROWN & ROOT SERVICES CORP. 1994 TO 1997


Project Value: $200,000 to $2 million


- I had full contractor project management responsibility for 15 to 40 ongoing office and laboratory renovation projects at the NIH. This included preparing bid packages for subcontractors, estimating and negotiating change orders, providing and monitoring construction schedules using computerized scheduling software, reviewing shop drawings, insuring subcontractor compliance with the contract, subcontractor pay requisition approval, coordinating all Government/Contractor activities, and ensuring proper project close out. Accomplishments:

- I was responsible for Brown & Root’s first-ever successful design/build project at the NIH.

- I successfully completed over 100 laboratory bay renovations.

- As one of six project managers, my billing monthly rate was consistently >40% of Brown & Root’s total monthly billing.



Project Value: $8 Million


- I coordinated a $4.5 million state-of-the-art patient-care-unit for bone marrow transplant patients, including related support laboratories, offices, kitchen and pharmacy in the Clinical Center (Bldg. 10) at the NIH. Accomplishments:

- I successfully managed completion of an extremely difficult, technically complex project within extreme time constraints.

- I coordinated the designs of two separate A/E consultants.

- I redesigned several areas of the project that had been originally designed by an outside A/E consultant.



Project Value: $1 Million


I was responsible for the coordination of a $1 million dollar housing project, which included both renovation and new construction.

I had full administrative responsibility: Shop drawing review, pay requisition approval, assurance of contractor compliance with plans and specs, running of progress meetings, reviewing change orders, and ensuring final project acceptance and turnover to the owner.

As the liaison between the owner, architect, contractor, CT Department of Housing, and the City of Bristol Licensing Office, I facilitated the completion of this project on time, under budget, and to the owner's satisfaction.




I had full procurement responsibilities for this 45-person firm. I procured materials in amounts up to $3-5 Million. This included shipping/receiving, import/export, and management of three employees.

I designed and implemented an MRP JIT ("just in time") excel-based computerized purchasing/accounting/inventory system, which doubled vehicle production capability, while reducing man-hours required.

Major Projects included:

- Inventory control and QA for Aston-Martin Group-3 racing engine-building program; a

$3 Million/year project.

- Production/Inventory control of Callaway Cars aerobody vehicle kit; a $5 Million/year project.

- R & D materials sourcing for Avanti, Aston-Martin, and Chevrolet projects. MPC & ASSOCIATES 03/1988 TO 09/1989


Project Value: $23 Million


On-Site coordination of a $23 million multi-phased project at the University of Hartford, which included apartment housing, cafeteria dining facilities, infrastructure, and coordination with an on-going indoor sports/basketball arena project. I had full administrative responsibility: Shop drawing review, pay requisition approval, assurance of contractor compliance with plans and specs, running of progress meetings, reviewing change orders, and ensuring final project acceptance and turnover to the owner.

As liaison between the owner, architect, contractor, and the City of Hartford, I facilitated the completion of this project early, under budget, and to the owner's satisfaction. GRIMM & PARKER ARCHITECTS 11/1986 TO 03/1988


Project Value: $1 Million to $20 Million


I provided on-site and in-office design/construction services for this architectural firm. I had full responsibility representing the architects, on multiple projects, including permit processing, shop drawing review, pay requisition approval, assurance of contractor compliance with plans and specs, running progress meetings, reviewing and negotiating change orders, and ensuring final project acceptance and turnover to the owner. Projects included hotels, hi-rise apartments, public schools, and renovations, valued from $1 million to $20 million.

GMR LIMITED 02/1983 TO 11/1986


Project Value: $2 Million to $10 Million


- Provide on-site and in-office design/drafting/construction services for this A/E firm.

- Architect/Job Captain for $2 million mixed-use office/industrial project.

- Structural Engineer/Job Captain for commercial projects from $2 million to $10 million.

- Architectural/Engineering on-site inspections of in-house and outside projects.

- Engineering design/calculations.

- Shop drawing coordination and review.

CARLSON TESTING, INC. 01/1982 TO 11/1982



Full-Range construction inspection and testing including:

- Post-tensioned steel inspection

- Reinforcing steel inspection

- Soil/backfill compaction and bearing capacity

- Concrete and asphalt testing/inspection

- Batch-plant inspection and testing

- Structural Steel inspection

- Soil borings and analysis

- Water-table elevations inspection and analysis

- All laboratory-related testing for the above

- Training new employees.

Achievements/ Other Notations:

- Washington Area Council of Engineering Labs (WACEL) certified structural inspector

- US Government Department of State Secret clearance designation (Inactive)

- WMATA Certified Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR)

- Red Cross CPR/AED Certification

- OSHA 10 Certification

- EM-385 - 40 Hour - OSHA/USACE

- US Government Department of Commerce Public Trust Clearance Education:

Lewis & Clark College of Law, Portland OR Major: Law (1st year completed) U of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI Degree: BGS

Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C. High School Diploma PROJECT LIST


- $4 Million new 600kW Solar Parking Canopy for Quantico VA Navy Facility

- $11 Million new 5mW Solar Ground-Mount array for NIST; Gaithersburg, MD CBRE/GEORGETOWN U HOSPITAL - SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER - 03/2015 - 07/2017

- $4 Million new AHU install, to serve two separate PCU's and a Pharmacy Lab

- $1 Million new Parking Lot Equipment/Data System install for the GUH campus

- $3 Million renovation of the Neonatal ICU and support AHU, with NICU relocation during renovation (6 month design compressed to 2 months, and 6 month construction compressed to 10 weeks.)

- $1 Million off-campus relocation of the Health Information Management department

- $2 Million parking garage renovations, including new sprinkler system, fire alarm system, emergency generator, lighting system replacement and structural repairs

- $6 Million phased renovation of the 6th Floor Orthopedics PCU - 34 patient rooms and all support areas WMATA CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER/CONTRACTS NEGOTIATOR - 06/2012 - 03/2015

- $275 Million Red Line Rehab Project - Construction contract admin & Change Order negotiations AICI-SPECIAL PROJECTS - PROCUREMENT, ENGINEERING DESIGN MGR - 12/2008 - 07/2011

- $115 Million, Design, procurement, construction coordination and one year on-site closeout of a United States Embassy construction project in Riga, Latvia. MCKISSACK AND MCKISSACK - SR. PROJECT MGR (CONTRACT COTR) - 09/2000 - 09/2008

- $150 Million, Complete MEP retrofit of 3 Million sf hospital/lab research facility

- $10 Million, Office/lab relocation in support of $150 Million complete MEP retrofit

- $10 Million, HVAC replacement for animal lab facility

- $15 Million, Main Hospital loading dock renovation project

- $20 Million, Data Center replacement

- $20 Million, HVAC replacement study for clinic/lab research facility

- $5 Million/year animal lab facility upgrade project ANADAC - SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER (CONTRACT COTR) - 03/1997 - 09/2000

- $20 Million, Complete Fire Alarm retrofit of 3 Million sf hospital/lab research facility (Including training new NIH COTR assigned to the project)

- $10 Million, Office suite renovation

- $2 Million $5 Million, Miscellaneous lab office renovations BROWN AND ROOT SERVICES CORP - PROJECT MGR (CONSTRUCTION) - 11/1994 - 03/1997

- $2000 - $2 Million, lab/office renovations - 15 to 40 projects simultaneously. Over 100 labs renovated, including BSL 1, 2, 3; & $2M MRI installation.


- $8 Million, Bone Marrow Transplant PCU, with lab/office/kitchen/pharmacy facilities. THE BRISTOL EMERGENCY SHELTER - PM/CLERK OF THE WORKS - 10/1990 - 09/1991

- $1 Million, Renovation of residential housing


- $5 Million, Aston Martin Group C racing program

- $5 Million, Callaway Corvette engine/bodykit program

- $3 Million, R and D program for Avanti, Aston Martin and Chevrolet MPC AND ASSOCIATES - PROJECT MANAGER (OWNER’S REP) - 03/1988 - 09/1989

- $23 Million, New apartment housing/major site infrastructure upgrades/new cafeteria; coordination w/ongoing sports arena project.


- Two $20 Million Hi-rise apartments

- Two $20 Million Elementary school

- $35 Million, High school

- $20 Million, Hotel

- $10 Million, Garden apartments renovation


- $5 to $20 Million; Design, drafting and construction administration of various commercial office projects References


Jorge Estevez, Parsons Program Manager; WMATA Contract (Client Supervisor) 281-***-****

Dr. Jayashree Ramasethu (Client/End-User Customer) Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Division of Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Medical Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Associate Program Director, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program 202-***-****

Eric Livingston, NIH Program Manager (Now at NOAA) (Client Supervisor) 301-***-**** x159

Howard Drogin, NIH Project Officer (Client Supervisor) 301-***-****


John McCann; Legatus 6 LLC, Owner (My direct Supervisor) 301-***-****

Martin J. Reddy; AIA (Consultant)

Martin Reddy Architects/Array Architects


Bill Hebert; CBRE, Project Director (My Direct Supervisor) 214-***-****

Sara Collins; Hitt Contracting, VP - Healthcare (Vendor) 703-***-****

John Bergin, AICI-SP, Project Mgr. (Colleague); McKissack & McKissack, Project Exec.



George Morcos, AICI-SP; Operations Manager (My Direct Supervisor) 703-***-**** x711

Berat Ratkoceri, AICI-SP/AICI; Project Engineer (Direct Report)


Michel Bekheet, AICI-SP; Procurement Engineer/Design Manager (Colleague) 571-***-****

James Perkowski, WMATA; Project Manager (My Direct Supervisor) 202-***-****

August 04, 2020

Re: Doug Sedon recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known and worked with Doug since September 2019 when he joined our Project Management Team on the WMATA Station Platform Reconstruction Program. I managed the Parsons Staff Augmentation contract with WMATA providing having responsibilities for providing Project, Construction and Design Management personnel for the reconstruction of 20 commuter rail stations throughout the DC metropolitan area.

Due to Doug’s construction knowledge and experience he was brought on to assist with the evaluation, assessment and negotiations of contract change orders. He is detailed oriented and maintains meticulous records of the work in progress. I could always count on him to have read and digested the official agreements and abide by them. His advice on contractual matters have been extremely valuable to the program.

Doug’s technical knowledge has also been beneficial to WMATA. He regularly interacted with the construction team and office personnel offering valuable advice on developing processes to increase our work efficiencies and helping others with tasks outside of his responsibilities while still performing his tasks.

Doug would always be the first in the office and by the time others arrived he would greet them with a smile and fresh pot of coffee. I highly recommend Doug for a position within the construction management industry where his technical, contractual knowledge and motivation would be of value. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you need additional information. Jorge L. Estevez R.A.

Program Director

Parsons Transportation Group

Cell: 281-***-****

03 August 2020

RE: D ouglas Sedon – Construction Management Services To Whom it May Concern:

Under a Project Management/Construction Management task with Parsons Transportation Group, Mr. Douglas Sedon from Cube Root, Inc. was selected by WMATA to provide Change Management Services for FQ18117 – Station Rehabilitation Program, Phase One, a comprehensive overhaul of six (6) metro stations south of Ronald Regan Washington National Airport during the summer of 2019. Mr. Douglas Sedon was involved in assisting WMATA with the Potential Change Orders (PCOs) that derived during the course of construction and followed through negotiations in months that followed.

Mr. Sedon had the experience and in-depth knowledge when comes to WMATA’s Change Order procedures and he was able to determine merit, analyze contractor cost proposals, review in-house Independent Cost Estimates, and generate Pre-Negotiation Positions (PNP) for the PCOs, of which, enabled the Authority to establish the minimum and maximum dollar value for the respective “change work” to the contract. Mr. Douglas Sedon also participated in negotiation meetings that were conducted with the contractor and he was able to get the contractor proposed costs reduced by demonstrating and justifying WMATA’s PNP position. In a few change orders, Mr. Sedon was able to reduce and negotiate the proposed costs by one-third. Mr. Sedon also prepared the respective final modification packages that involved extensive technical writing that explains the overall negotiation to WMATA’s Procurement Division for fund allocation. Mr. Sedon was able to provide the necessary paperwork for the change orders within a reasonable time frame and it helped greatly in completing the overall contract work on time and within the allotted budget. In addition to Change Management work, Mr. Sedon also helped the Project Office with interpretation of Contract Clauses and assisting WMATA when developing contract scope/language for other station rehabilitation contracts to follow. Mr. Sedon also exhibits a bit of humor in the work environment and gets along well with others.

I would recommend Mr. Sedon for any organization that seek reliable Project/Cost Management work. You may contact me if you require any additional information. Sincerely,

Digitally signed by Roshan

Fernando E020771 WMATA

E020771 WMATA Date: 2020.08.06 11:20:47


Roshan Fernando

Assistant Project Manager

Office of Infrastructure Renewal Programs

cell: 202-***-****

Roshan Fernando

Letter of Recommendation - Doug Sedon

As program manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and previously the National Institutes of Health, with responsibility for leadership of capital programs involving planning, design, construction and renovation of world class research facilities, it is my pleasure to provide my highest recommendation for Doug Sedon.

Doug served as a contract project manager for many of my most challenging programs at the National Institutes of Health in the Clinical Center Complex - a four million sf gross medical research facility. These included critical renovation projects of greater than $50 million dollars in value to revitalize the Complex. In my years of working with Doug he has proven himself to be an excellent manager. He expertly coordinated the many competing demands placed upon him by our projects and scores of scientist clients. He has good technical skills and is tenacious in the pursuit of quality of product and excellence of service to clients. Doug demonstrated great dedication and commitment to our team's mission, and he engenders this same dedication from those who work with him.

Doug's abilities have gained him the trust and respect of all who have worked with him at the NIH and his advice is sought by many. He was a proven asset to my team and department. His many successes and abilities demonstrate that he is ready and able to accept new challenges and responsibilities.


Eric E. Livingston

Program Manager

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

1305 East West Highway

Silver Spring, MD 20910


October 10, 2008

To Whom It May Concern.

I work at the National Institutes of Health as a project officer. I have worked with Doug Sedon since 2002, we have worked on construction projects of differing types such as: Telecommunication / distribution room, replacement of air handling units (AHU) where a separate set of Units had to be installed to keep the animal housing areas operational, to comply with AAALAC requirements while we removed and replaced the main building AHU, And various other construction projects.

Doug wrote statements of work, constructed project cost estimates, provided project quality control inspections, and provided coordination between maintenance personnel, contractors and the building occupants.

I feel that I can truly recommend Doug Sedon for any project management position for which he may apply.

Please do not hesitate to call if there any questions. Howard Drogin

Project Officer


Building 13, room 210

9000 Rockville Pike

Bethesda Md. 20892

Work Phone 301-***-****

October 10, 2008

To Whom It May Concern.

I am a Project Officer at the National Institutes of Health and for many years have worked with Doug Sedon on a variety of construction projects. The projects have ranged from complete laboratory, office, and patient care unit renovations to major mechanical and electrical infrastructure replacements.

Doug is a conscientious, hardworking, and very capable project manager. He is very detail oriented and this is an additional asset in the projects that he has managed in the Building 10 Clinical Center Hospital. He knows how to manage major projects in a hospital environment while maintaining adherence to JCAHO, ILSM, and CRA requirements.

I can heartily recommend Doug for any project management position where you have need.

If you have any questions or need further elucidation, please do not hesitate to call. Nathan Adams

Project Officer


Building 13, Room 210

9000 Rockville Pike,

Bethesda, MD 20892

Phone: 301-***-****

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