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Data Analyst Software Engineer

Falls Church, VA
August 03, 2020

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Master of Science in Computer Science May 2020

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI. GPA: 3.56 Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology June 2016 GITAM Technological University, Visakhapatnam, India. GPA: 3.79 Numerous self-paced courses in Data Science & Cloud Computing Online platforms like Coursera, Udemy and MIT Open Courseware TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming: Python(Proficient), C, C++, Java, R

• Web: HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Django,React,PHP,Angular

• Database: MySQL, Oracle(Certified), DynamoDB, RDS

• Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Unix

• Cloud, Data Science & Software: Amazon Web Services, Azure, NumPy, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, DOMO, PowerBI, Tableau, Git, Jenkins, JUnit, Selenium, Cucumber, Snowflake EXPERIENCE

• Graduate Research Assistant Eastern Michigan University Sep 2019-Apr 2020

- Developed a PHP based dynamic website that inputs scenario-based responses from end-users and suggests best solutions in an interactive approach with a simulation like environment. Also built multiple admin-level pages.

- Designed numerous interactive features & form validations for best UI experience using JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax.

- Automated aggregation of user details with textual responses and administered a backup database on MySQL.

• Data Analyst Intern B&W Cartridges Company May 2019-Aug 2019

- Pivotal role in architecting an optimal data pipeline implementing a cloud-based data platform solution on AWS.

- Extract, clean and analyze raw driver related data into AWS RDS-MySQL database using Pandas & SQLAlchemy.

- Develop Python based automation scripts to preprocess logistics & driver related data from various SFTP locations to generate & visualize reports on PowerBI for timely insights & thereby better business decisions.

• Software Engineer Accenture Solutions Nov 2016-Jun 2018

- Develop & implement Java based scripts to perform various web functionalities using Selenium framework and automate tasks using Jenkins.

- Designed various test cases and test scripts as well as implement them in automation. Also analyzed bugs and reported the defects on JIRA.


• ECommerce Website Dec 2019

- Developed and web-hosted a dynamic online shopping simulation website on AWS-EC2 instance using PHP & JavaScript for front end design and used MySQL database to perform various related CRUD operations.

• Auto Insurance database model Feb 2019

- Designed an insurance simulation data model and established relationships. Used large scale sample JSON datasets to load data into AWS-DynamoDB tables. Further analyzed data by complex-queries using Python-Pandas.

• Proview Automation Apr 2018

- Developed and implemented various TestNG framework-based scripts to validate the functionality of applications, which involve automation of different scenarios. Also ensure re-usability and maintainability of various test scripts.

- Build various batch scripts/jobs to automate tasks on Jenkins and also analyze any failed scripts. ACHIEVEMENTS

• Zenith Award – Awarded and recognized at Accenture Solutions for dedication and professionalism. Jul 2017 YASHASWI KAVADAPU 734-***-****

2707 Keystone Lane,

Apt 204, Vienna, VA-22180

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