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Engineer Software

Oakland, CA
May 18, 2020

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Tyler Pritchard Oakland, CA


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● Proficient:JavaScript, React, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js, Express, Python, Flask, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Heroku, AWS (EC2, S3), Azure, Chef, Linux Kernel, HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, Sass, Git

● Exposure:Docker, Django, Ruby, YAML, C, Scheme, AdobeXD, Swift, WatchOS, Kali Linux


TREAD Frontend Developer Live URL Code URL 2020 - Present Mobile application for maintaining situational awareness and enhanced personal safety while walking.

● Constructed cross-platform mobile application using React Native, Redux, MongoDB, and expo to increase development iteration speed and reduce code base size by ~50%.

● Incorporated Google Maps to facilitate real-time device geo-location tracking. Gather Cafe Fullstack Engineer Live URL Code URL 2018 - Present Platform for creating food orders, processing payments, and sending text and email notifications.

● Developed system in JavaScript, React, Python, and PostgreSQL for ordering from a cafe, designed to reduce order time by 75% and staff overhead by 25%.

● Structured dynamic rendering components with React and Redux, decreasing page load times by 30%.

● Wrote 10+ unit tests for client side components in Enzyme and Jest, achieivng 70% test coverage of codebase.

● Created 13+ JavaScript and React component, designed UX/UI using Semantic-UI, CSS3, and Sass to ensure mobile responsive views across 5 major devices.

● Prototyped app deployment to Heroku for testing capable of handing 4,500 platform API requests per hour. Streaming the Cube Frontend Engineer Code URL 2020 React application for viewing, streaming, and creating video streams.

● Refactored front-end codebase inJavaScript ES6, following functional programming best practices to optimize performance by more than 30%.

● Optimized state management using JavaScript and Redux for easier data flow and faster development cycles.

● Modularized views into reusable components with React and ES6 classes, reducing frontend codebase by 25%.

GraphQL Auth Fullstack Engineer Code URL 2019

Database querying application for creating, editing, deleting, and authorizing users.

● Created RESTful API integrated into JavaScript front end to fetch and post authorization requests, minimizing HTTP response times from ~200ms to < 100ms.

● Developed a user database capable of handling 30,000 requests per second using MongoDB and Mongoose.

● Utilized instantaneous resource reloading using Apollo Client's caching system and declarative data fetching.


Vets in Tech Software Engineer, Instructor San Francisco, CA Sep 2019 - Present

● Prepared classrooms of up to 20 military veterans re-entering the workforce, teaching software development using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and Git best practices. TechnoTrainer DevOps Engineer, Instructor Boulder, CO Oct 2019 - Dec 2019

● Educated professional teams from Fortune 500 companies in the use of CLI, version control, Git, Azure Repos, Chef, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, and additional CI/CD tools.

● Deployed multiple Linux servers for testing, development, and production that can scale with demand on top of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) delivering high availability and high performance.

● Deployed to production 10+ configuration management resources utilizing, Docker, Ruby, and YAML. Stripe Assistant Web Development Instructor San Francisco, CA Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

● Provided non-technical Stripe employees with instruction on DOM manipulation and rendering in JavaScript.


University of Arizona, B.A. Political Science and Government

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