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Physician Assistant

Miami, FL
April 21, 2020

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Rebecca A. Howell



*4+ years of neuroscience research experience with focus on synaptic evaluations and protein concentrations; 6 years total of lab work

*1+ years of Genetics/Developmental Biology research working with proteins, PRISM, immunofluorescence, neurological disorders, and brain dysfunction; Alzheimer's; Dementia

A forward thinking, effective problem-solver who offers progressive leadership; fund raising and grant writing for small local organizations; strategic planning and execution; program development; program evaluation; non-profit budget planning; speech preparation and public speaking; and is an active community involvement leader, including assistance to veterans and disabled citizens as well as mentoring at-risk youth; possesses an enthusiastic commitment to health and nutrition; able to articulate, administer, and execute the mission and goals of an institution in order to enhance its standards and its reputation of commitment. Special interests: Molecular nutrition and the genetic component attached, sports health science, neuroscience and surgery.


Life University, Marietta, Georgia June 2015- May 2017

Masters in Science- Nutrition and Sport Science

University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke, NC Jan. 2012- May 2015 Masters in Arts- Physical and Health Education

Sports Administration Track

University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke, NC Aug. 2007– August 2011

BS in Biology-Molecular Biology

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina May 2003-August 2005

Lifelong Education Program-special education certificate

Wake Technical College May 2000-August 2000

Real Estate Licensure

H.L. Bourgeois High, Gray, LA August 1996-May 2000

High School Diploma

Currently applying to medical schools, 2017

Graduate Associate Positions

Veterans Medical Center, Headquarters, Decatur, GA 2016

Research Associate

PI: Dr. Joseph Nocera, Co-Investigators: Bruce Crosson, PhD (Co-PI), Ron Shorr, MD

Project Title

Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Training in Older Adults

Government Research Protocol Trained: "current-active"


Under: Joe R. Nocera, PhD

> 0001 Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Training in Older Adults [H]

> 0002 A Phase 2 study of the Safety, Efficacy, and Pharmacodynamics of RTA 408 in the Treatment of Friedreich's Ataxia

Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI), Atlanta, Georgia 2016

PI: Dr. Eric Schumacher, Volunteer

EEG protocol design and planning for condition specific cases; BioSemi EEG.

MINDLAB, Emory University 2016

PI: Dr. Shella Keilholz, Volunteer

SPM pipeline preprocessing and MRI data analysis, primarily MATLAB (beginner). Electrode creation from scratch.

Carrick Brain Centers 2015

Student Intern

Studied a variety of testing for clinically relevant neruological disorders ranging from Parkinson’s, Autism, TBI, neurological ‘ticks’, Alzheimers, dementia, seizures, concussions, etc.

Clinical applications in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders; Reaction time testing; Saccadic and pursuit eye movements; trained on VNG testing;

Manipulation as movement disorders treatments;

Vestibular Ocular Responses to Angular and Translational Movements;

Cerebellar based treatments; Neostriatal based treatments; Frontal lobe based treatments; Parietal lobe based treatments; Occipital lobe based treatments; Substantia Nigra based treatments; Mesencephalic based treatments; Pontine based treatments; Medullary based treatments; Spinal Cord based treatments

Chiropractic-BioPhysics, Non-Profit Researcher 2014

Orthopedic modeling, Brainwave activity measured through EEG

CBP® research consists of studies on a variety of CBP® technique related topics including:

1.Spine modeling studies evaluating ideal and average human alignment variables,

2.Spine biomechanics studies analyzing loads, stress, and strains,

3.Posture modeling studies,

4.Reliability of measurements and evaluation of patients (x-ray, posture),

5.Validity of the measurements and evaluation of patients,

6.Randomized trials evaluating technique outcomes

7.Non-randomized trials evaluating technique outcomes,

8.Case series studies evaluating technique outcomes,

9.Case studies evaluating technique outcomes, 10. Literature reviews and professional commentaries.

Graduate Assistant Science Education Researcher 2012-2013

Science Education Graduate Assistant-assisted professors in researching educational grants and programs for the University of North Carolina at Pembroke; position involved assisting in teaching/tutoring undergraduate biology courses, working on research publications, and program evaluation; initiated the National Student Teachers Association (NSTA) on campus and obtained information on grants, open teaching positions across the nation, and updated newsletters for future teachers graduating with their master’s degrees in Science Education.

Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 2012

Position included planning of athletic training regimens, clinical assessments and nutritional needs for athletes, teaching proper kinesiology and biomechanics of physical fitness, exercise testing and prescription, and maintenance of athletic weight rooms; developed quality exercise routines, worked with athletes on a one-on-one basis to ensure that the athlete received adequate attention and training for optimum performance, worked with multiple players/teams and designed drills to better prepare them for upcoming athletic meets; taught athletes how to remain safe during workouts and game time and demonstrated the proper techniques that maximize safety in exercise and actual games. Collegiate teams (D2) worked with: soccer, track, tennis, and cross country. Total of 400 hours of work over 16 weeks.

Graduate Assistant Grants Office 2011 Research grants available on national databases for differing professor’s projects campus wide. Administrative duties including filing of financial documentation concerning NSF, NIH, and State grants, receiving/responding to emails from grant providing foundations, and reporting/writing suggestions for existing grants with advising faculty.

Research Presentations

UNC Pembroke Graduate Research Poster Session (PURC)

Analyzing the Effects of Neurostimulation Coupled with Dynamic Exercise By Utilizing Electromyogram (EMG) Readings (PI)

The 13th Annual Neuroscience Symposium, National Institutes of Health Fellowship

Symposium Winner, Wooten Award

Rebecca A. Howell1, Meagan LWisniewski1, Dennis J Hoover2, Yuliya Sumskaya2, Jeanie

Hwang1, Kishore Viswanathan3, Dennis Wright3, and Ben A. Bahr. Development of NonPeptidyl Lysosomal Modulators for the Treatment of Frontotemporal Dementia. 13th Annual Neuroscience Symposium (2011). Abstract

North Carolina Biotechnology Center Fellowship

Research Triangle Park Raleigh, NC

PI: Dr. Ben A. Bahr

Title of research: Assessing novel lysosomal modulators in transgenic models of frontotemporal dementia

Student Fellows are required to:

•Work a minimum of 400 hours on their research;

•Present a paper or poster at an appropriate professional confe;

•Attend a regional, state, or national meeting on the business aspects of biotechnology.

•TFEB transcription factor testing

UNCP Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) Fellow

National Institutes of Health Bethseda, Maryland

Mentor: Dr. Ben A. Bahr

Howell Rebecca, Wisniewski Meagan, Hwang Jenny, Viswanathan Kishore, Butler David,

Charalambides A, Wright Dennis, and Bahr Ben

Using hippocampal slice model to investigate lysosomal modulators as therapeutics for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

National Institutes of Health Bethseda, Maryland

PI: Dr. Ben A. Bahr

Howell Rebecca, Wisniewski Meagan, Hwang Jenny, Viswanathan Kishore, Butler David,

Charalambides A, Wright Dennis, and Bahr Ben

Development of Non-peptidyl Lysosomal Modulators to Treat Age Related

Neurodegenerative Disorders

ACSM member 2016

Atlanta Veterans Association Medical Center, Government Research Trained


Research Associate, Center for Visual and NeuroCognitive


Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, Research Associate


Graduate Student Lab Associate, MINDLAB, Emory


Student Council Clinic Committee


President Student Veterans of America, Life U Chapter


BrainModes International Conference, Atlanta Georgia


Carrick Brain Center

Cadwell EEG Certification, Atlanta, GA



Interactive Metronome Certification, Atlanta, GA

NCAS (NC Academy of Science) coordinator



UNCP Graduate Poster Presentation


Local Arrangements Committee/ Local Foods


RISE selection committee member UNCP


President Student Veterans of America, UNCP Chapter


Brody School of Medicine SNMA Chapter’s 4th Premedical Conference 2012

H-PREP* participant at Campbell University 2012

13th Annual Neuroscience Symposium presenter/winner 2011

ABRCMS attendee 2011

PURC* science conference presenter, Category: neuroscience 2011

*H-PREP---Healthcare Professionals Readiness & Enrichment Program (HPREP) at Campbell.

Campbell University is interested in developing diverse leaders in the health care professions. HPREP is a four-day interdisciplinary, preparatory, and professional development program for prospective students interested in the following areas:


•Osteopathic Medicine

•Physical Therapy

•Physician Assistant

•Pharmaceutical Sciences

•Clinical Research

•Public Health

*PURC--- Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity Center

The Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity (PURC) Center of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke stimulates, supports and promotes inquiry, discovery and creativity in scholarship and the arts through mentored research experiences with faculty and other regional, national and international scholars and professionals. The Center facilitates and coordinates preparation in research skills necessary for professional fields and graduate study.

Awards and Honors:

Founder/President of Student Veterans of America, SVA Life U chapter

Life University Student Research Scholarship

HAWK athletic assistantship scholarship, UNC Pembroke

Chapter 35 Federal Full-ride Undergraduate Scholarship, UNC Pembroke

Ms. North Carolina Fitness 2007

Founder/President of Student Veterans of America, Nationally recognized, UNCP chapter

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society (TriBeta)

Distinguished Alumni Award, Student Veterans Association, UNC Pembroke Chapter

Founder of the National Student Teachers Association (NSTA) UNCP Chapter

*RISE Fellowship $9,880 Awarded Organization: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Description: RISE (R25) is a developmental program that seeks to increase the capacity of students underrepresented in the biomedical sciences to complete Ph.D. degrees in scientific fields. The program provides grants to institutions with a commitment and history of developing students from populations underrepresented in biomedical sciences as defined by the National Science Foundation. Applicant institutions must award the baccalaureate, master's or doctoral degree in biomedical science fields.

*NCBC Fellowship, $5,000 Awarded Organization: North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Young scientists can tap NC Biotech's Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowships – $5,000 awards to support research experiences for science and engineering majors. These awards each summer give university students an opportunity to try bench science, and their university or company mentors get a new perspective.

*13th Annual Neuroscience Symposium, $1000 Awarded Organization: Wooten Lab, East Carolina University

The Wooten Laboratory strives to support multidisciplinary basic and translational research to impact our understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. The Wooten Laboratory provides seed grants to support Brody School of Medicine faculty members for projects with new ideas in neurodegenerative disease research. The Wooten Laboratory participates in the community awareness of neurodegenerative diseases.

*SVA Distinguished Alumni Award Organization: Student Veterans of America

Description: Honoring the achievements and service of members of the Brave Nation is extremely important to the UNC Pembroke Alumni Association. The most public way in which we honor our alumni is at our Alumni Awards Banquet during Homecoming. The success of this program and the quality of our award winners depends upon the letters and nominations that alumni like you send recommending fellow Braves for our Awards. Here is the process for choosing the annual recipients of the Outstanding Alumnus/a, Distinguished Service and Young Alumnus Awards.

*Life University Research Scholarship: $8,050

*Graduate Research Education Scholarship: $5,950

*Full ride Chapter 35 scholarship, full undergraduate scholarship: $35,000

Relevant Course Work

Principles of Biology & Lab

Microbiology & Lab

Gen Zoology & Lab

Human A&P I &II & Lab

Normal Radiology I &


Skeletal Radiology

Principles of Genetics

Organic Chemistry I & Lab


Strength and Conditioning, CSCS

Research in Biology

Cell Biology & Lab






Animal physiology


ACSM guidelines


Upper and lower extremities


Calculus w/Apps

Gen. Chemistry I & II & Lab

Biochemistry & Lab

Research Strategies

Quantitative Analysis

Research Methodologies




Research Skills

Hippocampal dissection

Slice culture preparation

Enzyme activity assays

Western blotting

Pure Culture Techniques

Specimen staining

Antibody optimization instruments

Antibody preparation

Microtome trained and proficient

Grant research for

Office of Sponsored

Research and Grants

(UNC Pembroke office)

MyoMotion trained

MATLAB training




Tissue harvesting

Tissue feeding/sterile

Aseptic transfer


Leica Bond Max trained

Macroscope trained

SPM preprocessing, MRI data

Animal behavior trained

Animal Behavior testing and graphing using computer


Spectrophotometer use

Ph Meter use

Streak Plate Techniques

Compound Microscope

Cell culture techniques

Cell viability assays

Transcription assays

Slide prepping

Slide staining

Transcription Factor Assaying

Luminometer trained

Animal injections trained

Cadwell EZII EEG System

VNG trained

PowerPlate trained, operator


Dr. Ben A. Bahr, William C. Friday Distinguished Professor 910-***-****

Dr. Bob Poage, NIH RISE Director, UNCP 910-***-****

Dr. Tom Siskron, MD 318-***-****

Mr. Aubrey Swett, USMC 910-***-****

Dr. Cathy Faust 770-***-****

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