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Procurement/Material Management/Contract Administration

Waltham, MA
March 26, 2020

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Name: Steven Hall

Location: Waltham, MA

Availability for Interview: 24 hrs. notice

Availability for Start: Immediate


Master of Business Administration from University of New Hampshire

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration from Yale University


Bechtel Certified Supply Chain Supervisor


US Army Transportation Corps SP/5 E-5

Strategic Buying/ Sourcing:

Has over 15 years’ experience in engineering, procurement (material coordination, purchasing, expediting, supplier quality, inventory, warehousing, material management, traffic & logistics, customs, surplus disposal), scheduling and contract administration.

Industry Experience:

Significant experience in Telecommunications, Oil Gas and Chemicals, Industrial, Infrastructure, Power (Nuclear and Fossil) and Mining and Metals projects


Excel in the ability to provide timely delivery of materials and documentation to support project and manufacturing goals and schedules

Spear-headed several improvement programs (Vendor Performance Evaluation and Improvement, paperless office, early use of computer automation)

Operational control of railway, steamship and manufacturing facilities

Applications engineer for proprietary MRP system, interfacing with engineering, procurement and construction

Trained engineering and procurement personnel in the use of the proprietary MRP system

Professional Experience:

Bechtel National, Inc. 1981 – 2018

Bechtel Corporation is an engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company headquartered in Reston, Virginia. It is the largest construction company in the United States and the 11th-largest privately-owned American company in 2018.

PCAPP Project, Pueblo, Colorado (Nov2017-Oct2018)


Expedited Priority 1 materials.

Cleaned up late deliveries, UOS&Ds in warehouse, several lists of outstanding POs

WTP DFLAW Project, Reston, VA (Dec 2015-Nov-2017)

Expediting Specialist

Expedited the more critical and complex POs. Mentored more junior expediters. Served as BPS Superuser for Procurement group.

Participated in Acquisition Strategy meetings and EDR. Provided management reports. Kept Pre-Award Milestone report in line with P6 schedule.

Reviewed MAS, P6 and BPS to ensure that data was uniform.

Reliance J3 O’s & U’s project, Navi Mumbai, India (Mar 2014-Apr 2015)

Expediting Supervisor

Supervised and trained twelve (12) expediters, half of whom were entry level. Chaired engineering coordination meetings.

Attended Kick-off Meetings, tele-conferences, video conferences, face-to-face vendor meetings. Acted on behalf of PPM in his absence.

Australia Pacific LNG - IAC/TAS Project, Batam Island, Indonesia (Aug 2013-Feb2014)

Material Management Lead

Lead MM on two (2) trains of Inlet Air Chillers (40 skids) designed by third party (TAS) for APL. Reviewed Master Material Lists from TAS. Ensured quality and integrity of bucksheet to include inputting of some information.

Together with BPS Coordinator, helped organize and load BPS LAV for pipe spools, skid bases, pipe supports and master skid BOMs.

Started in Houston at TAS and moved after two (2) months to Batam Island Module Yard. Developed air freight candidate lists and shorts list for early skid erection. Responsible for all receiving, storage, issuance and shipping. Staff of 19

Saudi Arabian Bechtel Company - Ras Al Khair Aluminium Smelter, Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia

Senior Expediter (July 2012-May2013)

Continued as expediter for structural steel and pre-cast as well as major POs for materials handling, crucibles, lifting beams and cast house.

Engaged in First Hot Metal critical structural steel deliveries. Provided occasional AEX services in Dammam and Jeddah.

Saudi Arabian Bechtel Company - Ras Al Khair Aluminium Smelter, Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia

Materials Coordination Supervisor II (May 2011111-June2012)

Oversee 55,000 MT of structural steel on USD$4 billion aluminium smelter project. Visits to fabricator premises, weekly coordination conference calls or meetings involving site, fabricator and NDEU Engineering.

Detailed tracking of engineering, material, fabrication & shipping progress, including two (2) Chinese sub-fabricators of purlins+girts and Chinese sub-fabricator of built-up beams. Close coordination & meetings with area managers, field engineering, project controls (P6), site construction & erection contractors.

Generation and distribution of reports to management on a weekly basis. Able to get all fabricators to support erection schedules. Two (2) pre-cast suppliers were added Dec 11 which included weekly meetings at their facilities.

Bechtel Power Corporation - FPL EPU Point Beach, Two Rivers, WI (Nov2010-Apr 2011)

Materials Coordination Supervisor II

Attribution of ECs and Tag Numbers to InfoWorks documentation.

Collection of spare parts technical information, including price recommended spare parts lists, from vendors. Shop expediting of critical condensate cooler. Expediting and tracking (including report issuance) of AST materials.

Bechtel Communications – Clearwire, Carlstadt NJ & Woburn MA (Jan2010-Nov2010)

Material Manager / Inventory Specialist

Heavy BPS involvement. Performed warehouse survey for both Carlstadt NJ and Woburn MA warehouses.

Served as defacto Eastern Region market warehouse support until John Mihalcin came on board. Part of BPS start-up with client and training of Boston team. Responsible to client for Boston (Woburn) inventory.

Served 800 site market that included eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Successful launch of 345 sites. Shipped excess inventory to other markets to support their build out. Participated in three corporate-wide inventories. Had reputation as trouble-free market among 45 market buildouts.

Bechtel Power - FP&L Point Beach, Frederick MD (Nov2009-Jan2010)


Supported the outage by initiating and maintaining BPS and Excel reports.

Contacted vendors on critical item deliveries.

Coordinated with jobsite, Engineers and Buyers in Frederick, and Buyers in St. Lucie.

Bechtel Power - Trimble County Unit 2, Bedford, KY (S. Moore)(Apr2009-Nov2009)

Spare Parts Coordinator

Located in client office to assist in identifying and requisitioning operating spare parts for a 750MW $1.2 billion coal-burning power plant addition with super-critical steam generator.

Helped provide refreshed quotations, new RFQs, sourced BOMs, provided tag number attributions, reviewed O&M manuals for compliance with T&Cs.

Bechtel Communications - AT&T Mobility Project, Marlborough, MA (Sep2008-Apr2009)

Material Manager

Relocated to Marlborough, MA office to support ME/NH/MA/RI only for 411 UMTS and 80 New Site Build sites.

Established contract with Graebel (Methuen) in April 08 to warehouse both UMTS material and client surplus material. Upon termination of client work, transferred balance of client surplus inventory to contract designee. Identified, segregated and returned for credit surplus materials resulting from client removal of sites from 2008 build plan.

Able to obtain surplus credit repatriation significantly beyond T&C agreement in blanket PO’s

Bechtel Communications - AT&T Mobility Project, Columbia, MD (Oct2006-Sep2008)

Material Manager

Relocated to Baltimore/DC market office. Handled Balt/DC (753+86 sites), Virginia (80 sites) and Boston (411+80 sites) Established client FA qualification to Jessup warehouse for pass through material.

Instrumental in recovering USD$8 million in invoice payments by rationalizing receiving for client pass through materials. Supported subcontractor assembly of antenna arrays, RET racks and diplexer racks.

Accurately received, stored and shipped multi-million-dollar client–owned inventory. Due to insufficient laydown space, successfully directed just-in-time shipments from vendors to support 2007 build plan, resulting in no material shortages for the winning Small Project Construction Team of the Year 2007.

Minimized surplus at end of 2007 buildout. Moved warehouse to new location in Columbia Jan 2008. Trained new staff in both locations. Re-instituted just-in-time shipments due to laydown space limitations for 2008 build plan. Issued Convenience Checks in support of Site Acquisition. Staff: 1-6

Bechtel Telecommunications - Cingular GSM Services Project, Fair Lawn, NJ (May2005-Oct2006)

Procurement Specialist

Relocated to Northeast Market Regional Office.

Handled Tri-State Special Projects including balance of C9 Growth (860 sites), UMTS Red Polygon (593 sites), C10 UMTS Blue Polygon (547 sites) plus Boston (105 sites), Baltimore/DC (602 sites) and Virginia (183 sites) Transferred Baltimore/DC and Virginia and Boston to others 31Dec05 as workload built up. Instituted 3-day order entry to shipment with RF supplier. Re-acquired Virginia market June06.

Successful in preventing any materials shortages or delays from impacting construction for the Small Project Construction Team of the Year 2005. Used BPS reports to ensure GC compliance with MRR documentation. Issued Convenience Checks in support of Site Acquisition for both Cingular and Modeo projects.

Bechtel Telecommunications & Industrial - Cingular GSM Services Project, Cerritos, CA

Material Manager (Jan2005-Apr2005)

Rolled into combined AWS/Cingular office in Jan05.

Loaded expanded western region (from Denver west) markets into BPS with approval matrices, adding 45 new originators.

Handled Special Projects UMTS materials coordination for the five (5) L.A. market districts. Facilitated the first bulk materials pass-through ordered against Cingular PO. Developed forecast for RF materials jointly with engineering and construction. Able to use forecast for basis of bulk PO for RF materials special purchase to obtain major discount from manufacturer. Identified and helped resolve shortage of ” connectors from manufacturer. Issued Convenience Checks in support of Site Acquisition.

Bechtel Telecommunications & Industrial - Cingular GSM Services Project, Sacramento, CA; Gardena, CA; Santa Ana, CA (Oct2003-Dec2004)

Western Region Material Manager

Managed three (3) markets in California and Nevada. Established offices in Pleasanton, CA (temporary & permanent), Santa Ana, CA (permanent) and San Diego, CA (permanent).

Worked with engineering, project controls (P6) and construction to develop materials forecasts. Utilized and enhanced Engineered Materials Tracker to ensure release of design and fabrication that supported construction requirements.

Issued Convenience Checks to support Site Acquisition. Trained new individual in BPS, Engineered Materials Tracker and ePM. Staff: 1

Bechtel Telecommunications & Industrial - Cingular GSM Services Project, San Antonio, TX

Material Manager (May2003-July2003)

Managed two (2) markets, allowing previous MM to support the first direct hire Telecoms. Cleared large MRR backlog.

In addition to activity outlined below: Worked closely with client warehouse issuance of bar-coded asset materials.

Visited GC Houston warehouse to unscramble RF material broken pallets identification.

Bechtel Telecommunications & Industrial - Cingular GSM Services Project, Frederick, MD, Rocky Hill, CT, Marlborough, MA & Syracuse, NY (Apr-2002-May2003)

Material Manager

Project provided 3G overlay for 16,500 cell sites within CONUS.

Acting Regional Procurement Manager (Northeast) for 3 weeks.

Created first draft of Project Procurement Procedure and Procurement Execution Plan for region. Managed three (3) markets, eventually four (4) (only MM to do so) covering all New England plus, for several months, Syracuse, NY. (741 cell sites in New England) Trained construction, engineering and office personnel in WebMR use.

Provided WebMR creation guidance, approval and forwarding to central procurement, tracking of purchases, MRR creation, coordination of client provided materials, ensured proper material flow and availability to support construction, visited supplier manufacturing and warehousing facilities, aggressively prevented surplus materials.

Expedited rapid processing and approval of requisitioning documentation. Responsible to JIT operation in delivery of material to General Contractors.

BINFRA - South New Jersey Light Rail Transit, Moorestown, NJ (Sep2001-Mar2002)

BPS Coordinator/Buyer

Provided BPS training, coordination, system upgrading, specialized reports for project with heavy WebMR use.

Also served as blanket PO and hot purchases specialist.

Bechtel Industrial - Motorola MOS-17/BAT-3, Tianjin, P.R.C. (Sep2000-Aug2001)

Expediting/Material Coordination Manager

Project re-organized, split into three (3) areas, material coordination activity established with material coordinators for each area.

Aggressive facilitating and tracking of procurement activities, critical items reports, and daily coordination conference calls with Houston support office. Staff-3

Bechtel Industrial - Motorola MOS-17/BAT-3, Tianjin, P.R.C. May2000-Aug 2000)

Senior Project Field Procurement Manager

Provided purchasing, customs clearance, transport, and warehousing for two (2) micro-electronics projects total value $385,000,000.

Included multiple warehouse locations both on and off site with full PTS coverage. Helped develop Material Acquisition Plan (MAP), establish Activity Cycle Times and Vendor Lead Times, and handcrafted a PTS Milestone Report tracking two (2) document control activities, Bechtel USA support engineering and non-Bechtel Engineer of Record events as well as standard procurement activities. Staff-17

Bechtel Bina Malaysia Sdn Bhd, MPAG Kuala Lumpur (Aug1999-Apr 2000)

Expediting/Material Coordination Manager

Provided expediting and material coordination supervision for MPAG projects in the AsiaPacific region. Served as Expediting and Material Coordination Functional Manager for Southeast Asia and North Asia.

Provided training in PTS for all personnel in Singapore and Malaysia. Coordinated with jobsites and project offices (incl P6).

Developed work processes. Promoted PTS LookAhead use on piping bulks to monitor supply, identify shorts, expedite priority items and control pipe spool shop fabrication. Developed manhours and lead times for projects (P6) and proposals, manpower chart and loading curve, and lead times for annual regional survey. Provided specific, personal jobsite support to PTS and material coordination at BPC project for 3-month period. Staff-9

Bechtel International, Inc., MPAG Singapore (Mar1999-July1999)

Expediting Manager

Provided expediting supervision for MPAG projects in the AsiaPacific region. Served as Expediting Functional Manager for Southeast Asia and North Asia. Provided training in PTS for Expediting, T+L and jobsite personnel. Coordinated with jobsite (P6) and project offices. Developed work processes. Promoted PTS LookAhead on piping bulks to monitor supply, identify shorts, expedite priority items. Also showed field how to use LookAhead to control shop pipe fabrication. Developed manhours for projects and statistics as needed (incl P6). Staff-9

Bechtel Australia Ltd - Texas Utilities Underground Gas Storage, Melbourne, Australia

Expediting Manager (Dec 1998-Mar1999)

Provided expediting supervision for fast-track gas processing plant. Ran active milestone report to expedite engineering requisitioning. Instituted PTS LookAhead for pipe fabrication. Staff-1

Bechtel Industrial - Motorola MOS-17+BAT-3, Tianjin, P.R.C. (Jan1998-Dec1998)

Project Field Procurement Manager

Provided purchasing, customs clearance, transport, and warehousing for two (2) micro-electronics projects total value $230,000,000. Included multiple warehouse location both on and off site with full PTS coverage.

Instituted full PTS utilization and trained all field staff to achieve complete automation of FMR and PO generation plus full PTS inventory management. Routinely received containers on jobsite 3 days after ship arrival in port. Instituted electronic transfer of FMRs to USA purchase to SFO. Served as client-designated Y2K coordinator for client-based review and compliance program. Staff-12

Bechtel Power - Samalayuca II, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (Sep1997-Dec1997)

Procurement Representative

Provided procurement support for 3-unit combined cycle power plant expansion to existing 2-unit thermal plant.

Issued and tracked 26 major equipment spare parts POs plus TSCs. Provided manuals and training for staff, including contract formulation.

Bechtel National - Lucent Bechtel Alliance Sprint Spectrum, PCS, NH/Maine, MTA, Portsmouth, NH

Senior Project Materials Supervisor (June1996-May1997)

Provided purchasing, expediting, and warehousing material management for 67 cell sites served out of two warehouses.

Put entire operation on PTS using no manual paperwork plus provided purchasing for Boston MTA. Heavily engaged in module 2 engineering material take-off per cell site.

Electronic generation, approval, and transmittal to Frederick of FMR’s for blanket order release. Heavily engaged in resolution of tower-related problems with tower fabricators. Set up custom site-specific coax cable cutting program with cable manufacturer.

Bechtel National - Lucent Bechtel Alliance Sprint Spectrum, PCS (Apr1996-June1996)

Contracts Specialist

Searched for qualified construction subcontractors for multiple MTA’s.

Evaluated subcontractors and their bids, provided clarification during all stages of qualification and bidding process.

Ras Tanura Project – SFEU, Cece Langs (Feb 1996-Mar1996)

Project Expediter

Provided expediting services for this project on an interim emergency basis.

Bechtel International, Inc. - Sonatrach GL1-Z Renovation (Aug 1993-Nov1995)

Project (Honorable Mention; Construction Project of the Year)

Project PTS Coordinator

Responsible for installation, start-up, and operation of project PTS from scratch, beginning with single stand-alone PC (Compaq 386/120MG Hard Drive).

Expanded system to 20 node LAN (1GIG). Instituted major use of all available PTS modules, including intensive use of material control (Module 2) in field engineering to control subcontractor pipe fabrication, control of remote inventory, and use of look-ahead reports. Worked with London PTS support to develop shop/field flag to split individual LCATS ISO take-off.

Worked with site AT support and L.A. and London PTS support to initiate electronic file transfer of extract data to jobsite. Worked with field engineering and London/L.A. PTS support to successfully generate FMR’s electronically in field engineering and send them electronically via extract file transfer to London and L.A. for purchase. Developed multitude of specialized reports for project users including client. Trained expat and local personnel, both Bechtel and client, in effective use of PTS. Responsible for warehouse in absence of warehouse supervisor. Selected by Materials Engineer to stand in for him during 5-week PTO.

International Bechtel, Inc. - Major Projects - Task Force No. 1, Kuwait (Sep1992-Oct-1992)

Project Controls Specialist

Responsible for study, analysis and recommendations for enhancement of material control, procurement and contracts work processes for client’s operations.

International Bechtel, Inc. - Al-Tameer Project, Jebel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E. (Nov-1991-Aug1992)

Traffic Supervisor and Warehouse Supervisor

Responsible for receiving cargo and preparation of load list, manifest, and all customs documentation for dedicated weekly charter vessel from Jebel Ali to Kuwait. (Total of fifty [50] voyages).

Ensured timely departure of vessel on schedule with no cargo left behind and zero-defect documentation. Staff - 4.

International Bechtel, Inc. - Al-Awda Project, Dubai, U.A.E. (May1991-Oct1991)

Material Coordinator

Head PTS-based Coordinator for material coordination group.

Responsible for tracking FMR from login to shipment to jobsite on over 3,000 purchase orders representing over $125,000,000 value.

Developed system allowing single coordinator to roll over 1,500 orders every two (2) weeks including vendor expediting contact and receiving and traffic input. Responsible for order close out and critical list(s) maintenance and reporting plus routine jobsite requested expediting and tracking.

Bechtel Canada, Ltd. - Kemano Completion Project, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (June1990-May1991)

Contracts Administration

Responsible for administration of $53,000,000 design, supply and install contract for turbines, generators and ancillary equipment. Recovered three (3) months slippage in supply schedule.

Also responsible for expediting transmission line tower steel, turbine inlet valves, switchyard components, transformers, etc. Total value $38,000,000. Staff - 1.

Sam Hall/Poles-Piling, Thornton, NH (Oct 1987-May 1990)

Operations Chief - Pole Peeling Mill

Operations Manager for Forest Products Mill producing utility poles (to ANSI and CSA) and marine piling (to ASTM) as well as other non-spec roundwood products. Staff - 1.

Responsible for all scaling and grading, production, material control, mill yard sales, invoicing and construction. Partial involvement in transport coordination and material acquisition.

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